Square Enix USA’s Business Development Director Teases Two Projects

By Spencer . July 31, 2011 . 11:42pm

imageDave Hoffman, Square Enix USA executive producer and director of business development, spearheaded Supreme Commander 2 and helped the publisher acquire the Dungeon Siege intellectual property. What’s he up to now?


According to his Twitter, "two new things. Well, one is ‘sort of’ new." Hoffman tweeted an additional clue, "Hints? I’m walking a fine line here. One of them is what you would expect and the other is not…" Announcements for both projects "should be coming soon."


Sort of new? Maybe Dungeon Siege III downloadable content? Other than pre-order bonuses we haven’t seen much of that yet. I suppose that’s something we’d would expect too.


Whatever the other project is it may not be related to Square Enix Japan. One of Hoffman’s roles is been complimenting what Square Enix is already doing in Japan. (Read more about that in this Siliconera interview.) Well… that’s unless he’s playing mind games with us because we would expect a Western announcement and something related to Japan would be unexpected!


A tip of the hat to Josh R. for the e-mail. Thanks!

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  • We know square enix’s working in three games for Nintendo 3DS, Heroes of Ruin, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts DDD.

    Maybe we’ll have news of these games? Or it’ll be new announcements? only time will tell, unfortunately. =

    • Well one of those hasnt been announced for the west at least. I hope the other is a new game.

  • Just give me quality games that I will remember for years.

    I still remember FFIX, FFTatics, TWEWY as some of my favorites games of all time. Time to do some more SE.

  • badmoogle

    Square has lost the ability to tease me a long time ago.
    Their fans are tired of “teases” and announcements of announcements that end up being mobile games …how about focusing on speeding up their production rate and bringing the quality the Squaresoft name was once synonymous with?

    Talk less,do more.

  • bVork

    I’d like to see another Western-oriented game. Neither of the two games he spearheaded impressed me, but maybe the third time is the charm. His heart is in the right place, at any rate.

  • So… am I to assume that one of them is “Final Fantasy”, Square?

  • SolNeko

    Could be a new Legacy Of Kain game ^_^ was really dissapointed with how the last one ended.

  • I see they have the Gex series, can I have another one of those?

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    “One of them is what you would expect…..” Final Fantasy title for sure.

  • kroufonz

    I hope “One of them is what you would expect” is referring to type-0 western release

    ……….or maybe VP3 (there is quite of people expecting it)

  • Supcom 3 please.

  • I am guessing at least one announcement will be the announcement of a game previously not announced for US release. Hopefully Type-0? Just my guess.

  • I know It wont happen anytime soon, but…..Another Parasite Eve game?

  • New Final Fantasy Tactics game? Ivalice game? Yes, bloody please.

  • Don’t really wanna get my hopes up, I *highly* doubt this could be related to a possible Tokyo based SE announcement.

    Whatever it turns out to be, I just hope it’s something great that many gamers can enjoy (even if it turns out not to be my cup of tea).

  • I don’t think either Dungeon Siege III or SupCom2 paid off much for Square. So I’m not getting my hopes up. I was more interested in Square Enix’s LA sci fi western, “Project Dropship” than the prospect of them just partnering with independent studios to be honest. I wish Square still had a US Studio… :(

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