European Store Reveals Animated Series And Batman Beyond Skins For Arkham City

By Ishaan . August 1, 2011 . 9:38am

Gamestop and Best Buy aren’t the only stores offering pre-order DLC for Batman: Arkham City. European store, Mighty Ape, are offering a very interesting DLC bonus, too: three additional skins for Batman from Batman Beyond, the upcoming Earth One graphic novel and Batman: The Animated Series, discovered by an Arkham City forum user.


So far, no other store has announced these skins as a pre-order bonus, but traditionally, pre-order DLC of this sort tends to eventually be released as paid downloadable content.


Note: If you click over to Mighty Ape, note that the prices mentioned there are in New Zealand dollars, not American dollars.

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  • Beyond and Animated skins scare me.

    No seriously look at animated batman’s eyes. Its peering into your soul with the heat of a thousand…uhh, bats.

    • Guest

      Animated doesn’t seem to fit within this game universe. Looks out of place.

    • Especially Beyond’s. Animated is much better to look at, and actually looks like a 3D rendition of its original material. Beyond should have done that too.

  • Don’t know how are they gonna pull the Animated Series one off. BUT I WANT TO SEE IT! lol

  • pgover

    That’s… actually pretty awesome. Always was a fan of the Batman 90s show and Batman Beyond.

  • mikanko

    If they could only re-skin the entire game to match Batman the animated series….

    • Exkaiser

      They already have the right Joker voice to go with it, too…

      • Aoshi00

        But too bad Arleen Sorkin won’t be back as Harley (I guess Tara Strong is ok…) and they don’t have Andrienne Barbeau as Catwoman either..

        Anyway, love the Animated Series skin.. I’ve been watching the 4th
        season over the weekend.. the design was different from the first 3 seasons but the animation was really good..

        Hopefully we would get these DLCs too, would be great if Amazon has it… otherwise it might never be sold on PSN or Live marketplace later..

  • Mmmmm… I miss Batman Beyond.  Used to love the crap out of that show.

    • You should read the new Batman Beyond monthly.

      It’s pretty awesome.

    • It was my favourite of all the DCU shows, too. Interesting fact! Batman Beyond was initially inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :P

      • Wowwhat?  Really?  That’s honestly hard to believe.  I don’t see the connection.

        Though, I do still remember the splicing episode, which fell along those lines.

        • The higher-ups at Warner Bros. looked at Batman: TAS and liked what the show was, but they wanted a new take on Batman that would appeal to a wider audience, including younger kids and girls. They’d actually wanted to do this with the original show as well, which is why Robin and Batgirl were both introduced.

          Anyway, Buffy was popular at the time, so they kept using it as an example of the kind of gender-wide appeal they wanted from a new Batman. They very specifically wanted it set in the future to make it “cooler” and a more 21st century style than the noir style of the old show. Basically, a “neo Batman” type thing, which initially their creative team wasn’t keen on doing at all.

          They also intended for it to be a way more kid-friendly show than the original series, but the Buffy reference ended up sticking in the creative team’s mind, since the management was so big on it, and they started to think about it, since they wanted to try and do it themselves, rather than have WB give the show to someone else. 

          After that, when the creative guys had the first concept meeting for Batman Beyond, they finalized the basic concept for the show at that very first meeting, including how the first episode would start with a recap of Bruce having his heart attack and having to give up being Batman, and turning into this cynical old grouch. All that led the way for the rest of the show. :p

  • godmars

    While I’m not happy that this is another case of exclusive DLC, I see the Animated Series skin as a bit pointless and taking away from gameplay. If every other character doesn’t get a similar styled skin as well.

    • Exkaiser

      how does a skin take away from gameplay..?

      • I think he means it’s distracting from the over all experience.

        • Exkaiser


          I mean, just imagine a giant, cartoony Batman with soulless eyes swooping out of the night and breaking the jaws of your pals.

  • Guest

    Even if the animated series ver. looks out of place it still looks good. The Beyond ver. just looks wrong. His head is too big and hes way too buff.

    • That’s supposed to be Bruce in the Batman Beyond suit. I think the only time you see him wearing it is in the first episode, and he does look a lot more muscular than Terry. 

      But yeah, it does look a little too detailed. I kinda wish they’d used the same Animated Series style for it, since that’s where Beyond originated.

      • Exkaiser

        I think it looks kinda cool being as detailed as the rest of Arkham, though perhaps an animated style like the TAS one would have been better overall.

        • I’m guessing they went with the more detailed style because that’s what the new Batman Beyond comic series is using.

  • So there doing batman cartoonic skin alright I think I perfer the classic

  • Natat

    Ooooh dat The Animated Series’ costume… do want.

    • neocatzon

      Robin need that one too~

  • Xeahnort

    I want skins for Batman/Robin from the 60’s Tv Show.

  • hush404

    Gahh! Me wants!

  • They should have the Batman from the 1960’s TV show (even voiced by Adam West)

    • puchinri

      That would be hilarious. And classic.

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, Adam West would be quite funny, he’s on Family Guy as the mayor a lot now..

  • TAS Batman is so mine can’t wait but it appears to be only in Europe so far hopefully US gets it.

  • puchinri

    What!? ;A;
    Batman TAS! I want itttt! I would get the game, just for that skin.

    • Exkaiser

      Well, you should probably get the game anyways, if the first Arkham was any indication.

      Best Superhero game of all time.

      • puchinri

        I’m waiting for a WW game before I pick up a superhero game. 
        But honestly, the Arkham stuff has too much ‘grimdark’ and gritty going on for me, and I’m nitpicky as a fan, so I think I’d like it, but not really care for it.

        I’d definitely get it to use the TAS skin, but otherwise, I wouldn’t even glance at it in a store.

        • Exkaiser

          But Batman was always the gritty, grimdark hero…

          But, well, if you’re the kind to let that keep you from a game, don’t let me stop you (start you?). It’s your tastes and money.

          • puchinri

            Not necessarily. I’m not saying he’s never been dark or anything before, because frankly, he and most heroes tend to be at some point (oh, DC).
            But to me, it feels more like Miller (just without some of the in-your-face heaviness of it) than what Morrison or Didio would write (and I don’ even like Morrison’s actual writing).

            It has been recommended before and I’ve taken note, but I’m very much so a character and story (or environment) person more than gameplay, so even if the game plays awesome and what not, if I just can’t get into the atmosphere of it, I won’t enjoy it.

            But like I said, waiting for some Wondy games~. Once DC gets some sense and bothers to get some stuff proposed to WB, maybe they can bamf stuff and I can enjoy those at least (because there’s at least five different genres  alone they could go with there). Then again, in the meantime, I do want to play the Brave and the Bold game.

          • Exkaiser

            If it is Miller-esque, it’s more Year One than Dark Knight Returns or All-Star. And even then, not really.

            But, well, he was grimdark back in 1940, and he got back to being grimdark in the 70’s and he hasn’t really stopped being so since. He typically keeps his nose out of “grimderp” territory, though.

          • puchinri

            I think in general, it leans more towards a style and such that Miller would employ than the same atmosphere that most everyone else would use.

            I need to go back and check what stories were when (for the ones I know anyway), but I don’t know, I feel that he has had his grimdark times in-between, but for the most part, he wasn’t this gritty+grimdark (the main thing to me is less that it’s dark and more toward grim and emphasis on gritty).

          • Exkaiser

            The artstyle is pretty gritty, but the story isn’t overly grim. Like I said, it’s not Miller-style grimderp. Paul Dini’s a great Batman writer (at least from what I’ve seen and read by him)- he was one of the head writers for TAS and he also did Mask of the Phantasm.

            Perhaps it’s more gritty than what other artists might use, but some recent stories have been pretty gritty artwise- like Batman Incorporated (from what I recall of the first volume).

            Perhaps give the short Road to Arkham comic a read before you write it off completely? I was going to recommend the Arkham City miniseries going on now, which is written by Dini with art by D’anda, but I figured that would be silly.

            D’Anda’s art gets the heavily detailed, chunky look of Arkham down quite well.

          • puchinri

            The story itself seems straight-forward enough that it doesn’t look morbidly grim or gritty (thank goodness), but the look and redesigns (and atmosphere) are a turn-off for me. Hehe. Dini actually really pisses me off as a writer, but he does have some okay stuff (like Morrison in that way).

            That’s interesting, you thought the first vol. of Batman Inc. was gritty? Hm. (It wasn’t what I expected art or story-wise to be honest, and hasn’t come off to me as grim or gritty at all so far, but maybe I missed some stuff.)

            I might give it a try, although I find something quite amusing, ironic and… Almost callous about that scan? Lol. (Joker riding in the car while talking to Oracle…)

          • Suicunesol

            You’ve obviously never seen the original, live-action Batman series. :P

          • Exkaiser

            Psh, Adam West Batman from the 60’s.

            I’m talking Bob Kane/Bill Finger Batman from the 40’s.

          • Aww man, I would’ve loved to see that scene from the scan you posted in the game!

  • I wonder if that applies to all characters, at least for TAS lol

    doubt it, but it’s pretty kewl

    • Covnam

      That would be awesome, a complete Batman: TAS make-over for the game (or at least the characters). They could just bring in some music from the series and I’d be a kid again =)

      • Exkaiser

        I think Elfman’s Batman theme should be included in -all- Batman works, myself.

        Even the comic books.

  • robomega0201

    That Animated Series skin is pretty awesome, but the Batman Beyond skin is wayyyyyy too bulky for the character.  Terry McGinnis was lithe, not a hulking muscle-man.

    • Could just be the suit to make him look more buff.
      Still would have preferred the lithe version though.

    • That’s because that ISN’T Terry McGinnis, it’s Bruce Wayne. Don’t forget, Bruce was wearing the beyond suit before Terry put it on.

    • Exkaiser

      You should see the Dark Knight Returns skin, which has Bruce twice as wide and bulky as normal.

      He’s also ancient, which was kind of the point of DKR.

      The 70’s costume is kinda cool, too. Sort of like a version of the TAS suit in style with the rest of AC.

  • mikedo2007

    Question: IS there any chance this can be a DLC for US, we made those show, so we should hvae this too?

    • Aoshi00

      Sometimes store-exclusive DLCs might not be sold later ever.. like I didn’t get Enslaved from Best Buy (got the comic book from Kmart instead), but really wanted the Robot Trip DLC skin.. I thought it would be on Live marketplace but it never turns up… on ebay it’s rare and expensive..  Hopefully Amazon would get something since i’ve arldy pre-ordered from them…


    I was gonna pick this up anyway, naturally — it’s going to be a serious contender for GOTY 2011, after all — but now I’m definitely gonna pre-order too. Batman Beyond FTW!

  • Covnam

    That Batman Beyond costume looks a bit off considering the star was so much slimmer, but that Batman: TAS costume looks awesome.

  • Souji Tendou

    Please, I beg you, can I have The Dark Knight (Movie) skin, I want it soo bad.

    • Exkaiser

      Or how about Batman Incorporated?

      Or 50’s Batman, with the drawn-on eyebrows?

      Or Dick Grayson Batman!

  • I will pay a MILLION DOLLARS to play as The Animated Series Batman.

    The Batman Beyond one is completely wrong though.  Terry McGinnis was thinner.

    • bruce on the first episode wear it too, and about the same look.

  • I like seeing all these costumes popping up. I think that’s 4 so far, but it makes me wonder if there are more to come? Hmm. I do like that Earth One costume, but they’re all pretty cool.

    Think I’ll probably stick with the 1970s Batman preorder costume though, mainly because of the ease of ordering from my own country.

  • BGMcDF

    My money and first born are yours!

  • protofox

    it will be interesting to see all these realistic characters in the city moving about in the story then they meet the 90’s animated batman with a…” wtf…” look on their face.

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