Half-Minute Hero Second X Kagura Collaboration Is A Sexy Flash Game

By Spencer . August 2, 2011 . 11:15pm

imageAs promised by producer Kenichiro Takaki, there is a Senran Kagura: Portrait of the Girls and Half-Minute Hero Second collaboration. However, you won’t see any pixels bursting out in his PSP game!


The collaboration is for a flash game where Princess Yushia, one of the playable characters in Half-Minute Hero Second, fights a demon lord. You play as the demo lord and if you click fast enough you can damage Yushia’s… clothes. The game gives you thirty seconds per round. Win and you’ll get a sexy wallpaper as a reward. You can play the mini-game here.


Kagura artist Nan Yaegashi drew the artwork for Princess Yushia for the collaborative flash game.




Half-Minute Hero Second comes out on PSP this Thursday.

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  • *clicks minigame link*

  • RagnaXBL

    gonna play this now!

  • DanteJones

    My mouse is now broken. Totally worth it.

    It’s pretty cool to see developers get together like this, even if it’s just for a flash game. 

    • blah blah

      I think this is just one team that worked on both games.

  • That was worth playing solely to get to hear the awesome Motoi Sakuraba music at the end.  Sounds too much like Baten Kaitos music to NOT be him.

    • Sakuraba was indeed one of the many composers for the first game’s soundtrack, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed on again for the sequel.
      Off the top of my head, he did the music for the intro movie, the track used in the last few Princess 30 levels, and the even-more awesome music for Hero 300.

      • Belenger

        Haha  I was thinking that too, the “sakuraba like music” then.. no.. it has to be, allright pumped to go play some more resonance of fate now.. a year later but totally worth it.

  • RagnaXBL

    I can’t beat the game, NOoooooo

  • shuratan

    My right hand is sore now….d-don’t mistaken me, I just played that mini-game 3 times in a row thats all!!

    • Guest

      yeah right

  • Agh, so hard to get that bikini off.

  • someone upload pic and post link.

  • RagnaXBL

    Yes i beat it !
    if you can’t beat it you can DL the wallpaper here lol



      • RagnaXBL

        if you have a mousepad on a laptop its much easier, at first i tried with a mouse on my pc but it was damm near impossible lol

        • I’m.. I’m thinking of cheating with a tablet and see if I can poke a lot faster than I can tap.

          Yes, that’s what I said.

          • Room201

            It actually does work with a tablet! I gave up with my mouse and moved on to my tablet to beat it on my 7th try with the tablet haha

        • I cheated with my mouse ’cause I have software for it that allows me to make macros or scripts for it, hehe.  Managed to beat all three parts with about 12 seconds left on each.

    • While your efforts will never be forgotten… I don’t think I’d be using that wallpaper anywhere soon. At least, not in places where I’d like to keep my dignity.

      God, when they say “crossing with Kagura”, they mean it.

  • Suicunesol

    Defeated by the bikini multiple times…

    Must recooperate…

    Will try again when life energy is restored…

  • Xerain

    Time for AutoMouseClicker.

  • Azuku

    YES! I have succeeded. Must be all that training I’ve been doing…

    None of these wallpapers are my monitor’s resolution. Oh well, time for more training.

    • RagnaXBL

      what kind of training are you talking about 0_0

      • Azuku

        Every day I work myself to exhaustion furiously pumping, causing myself all kinds of blisters, hoping that I’ll get some liquid to expel forth. I work at it for hours upon hours. The feeling of release you get when you finally accomplish that is amazing.

        Master tells me: “After you have filled one thousand buckets with water from that rusty old water pump, you will finally be ready to become a ninja”.

  • blah blah

    What does that L and R thingy do?
    Bleh, it looks like I need to cheat.

  • glemtvapen

    My damnable, slowass laptop kept on lagging on me on the bikini part, but perseverance (powered by pervertedness) overcame my handicap.

    It was well worth it.


  • looking forward half min hero 2nd but this is……………

  • ow my hand…

    In all seriousness, damn is this hard.  I’m gonna give this another shot later.

    • Historiata


  • Crimson_Cloud

    I can’t believe I’m going through so much work to see half-naked wallpaper… my poor mouse….
    Can’t get past the bra and panties lol

    Guess my ero-power is not burning strong enough. Should try later…

    EDIT: Ah, the smell of victory. Risky wallpaper indeed…

  • I won,but had to rest my hand on an ice pack after trying so many bloody times.
    I’m pretty sure I now have the wrist power to throw people like Steven Seagal.
    This should be used as a Aikido warm up…
    Anyone know what the heck happens in the game?
    That is quite a bit of text.

  • Historiata

    Feeling amazing after all that hard work, who else here finds themselves
    subconsciously awaiting the overseas release (they cared nothing for

    EDIT: I love how this article skyrocketed up the popular section in just 12 hours.

    • For everyone who already broke their index fingers playing fair… Sorry!

  • MarkMario

    Even when I tried my tablet I couldn’t get past the bikini.
    So sad.

  • With a touch pad you are basically using Hokuto Shinken. Good thing her head doesn’t explode.
    I assume its the suntan lotion bottle that does.

  • AzureNova

    Boobies. That is all. lol

  • Belenger

    Did it on the first try, man all that Jubeat training finally payed off.
    Takahashi Meijin would be proud!

  • I like the wallpaper…but I’d prefer if it was the main girl from senran kagura in that pose. 

  • Daniel13789

    Yea! Did it with my touch-pad! Now my arm is dead…

  • draasia

    By the power of the pervert within me, this wallpaper shall be mine! >: D

    *5 tries later* (huff huff) I did it! (huff) A well appriciated victory! (huff) My Inner Pervert needs some rest…

    *Takes a look at my winning* O.O …REST OVER!

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