Sly Cooper, inFamous Studio Is Now Part Of Sony

By Spencer . August 2, 2011 . 1:19am

image Sony owns the Sly Cooper and inFamous intellectual properties. Now, they own Bellevue based Sucker Punch Productions too.


"Sucker Punch Productions is one of the most highly acclaimed development studios in the industry and we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the company for over 12 years. We are delighted to officially welcome them to the SCE family," Shuhei Yoshida, president, SCE WWS said in a press release. Sucker Punch Productions will be the sixteenth studio inside Sony Computer Entertainment.


When Sucker Punch Productions first opened they created Rocket: Robot on Wheels which Ubisoft released worldwide. After their Nintendo 64 title, Sucker Punch stuck with Sony and developed three Sly Cooper titles. However, Sucker Punch Productions is not working on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Sanzaru Games is creating that PlayStation 3 title.

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  • OverlordFuka

    0_0 I didn’t know Sucker Punch wasn’t doing the new Sly game…
    Uh oh…
    Well, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until Thieves in Time gets released, I guess.

  • Didn’t know those guys were based in Bellevue o_O  so much good stuff in bellevue!

  • Mister_Nep

    Oh wow. Sucker Punch has always been so synonymous to Sony that I’m surprised this just barely happened.

  • Khaled Ghamdi

    good job sony

  • TempestTwin

    This is good, Sucker Punch belong with sony. I absolutely love the Sly cooper and infamous titles, and I cannot wait for Thieves in time, it is looking great.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Good move by Sony.

  • Truly another award winning company joining the flanks of the world renown Sony WorldWide Entertainment Studios, I think it shows Sony dedication to having a wide portfolio of games that appeal to core gamers. inFAMOUS2 was awesome. 

  • SirRichard

    Makes sense, really, they’ve only proven time and again that they’re pretty good at what they do. If nothing else, they only get better with each game.

  • urbanscholar

    Ok… surely I wasn’t the only that thought they were already a Sony only studio? I thought they were since the ps2 days.

    • Mister_Nep

      Yeah I thought the same thing.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    So are their games considered second-party titles now or first-party?

    • SlashZaku

      What do you mean?  Sony has owned the IPs of the games they’ve worked on (Sly, inFAMOUS) so the IPs themselves were 1st party, but the studio working on them was 2nd party.  With SP now being 1st party, nothing really changes.  The games are still 1st party, just now that the studio will be 1st party.

  • malek86

    I prefer when companies stay indipendent, but since they were already developing exclusively for Sony, I guess it’s ok.

  • Anyone else think its funny that Japanese people play western games as well? IDK, just seeing the kanji under the infamous logo makes me laugh. 


  • MCoelho

    Dude, that Infamous cover is awesome.

  • SlashZaku

    Sony should be pretty much set with Vita and PS4 development in the future, as far as 1st party/exclusive content goes.  SCEJ seems to be the only branch not really expanding though (but I think that’s more reliant on small scale partnerships and helping those studios out to make games; not to mentione, SCEJ seems more focused on PSP and PSN titles which should make them right at home on Vita).

    Wonder who they’ll eye next.  thatgamecompany would probably be a nice addition (think Journey is their last contracted game) and I keep seeing that Quantic Dream is contracted for 2 more exclusives so I’m guessing their name would be in the hat if those 2 games (if that deal is true) turn out as successful as Heavy Rain.

    • PrinceHeir


      m still baffled at sony for purchasing too many western studios. i mean yes it’s good to strengthen their IP’s on the west but what about japan? i mean they only have Japan Studios(Team ICO and Ape Escape series as well as Siren, Patapon and Locoroco) and Polyphony Digital(Gran Turismo series) and that’s it. 

      yet in the west they have Naughty Dog, SCE Santa Monica Studio, Zipper Interactive, Media Molecule, and Guerrilla Games. and others that port their games on the PSP. 

      not to mention the budget they spend on their western studios is soo much compared to their japanese part(only Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo and soon to be The Last Guardian have bigger budget titles) 

      though im glad sony purchased Sucker Punch(seems they are made to each other) but Sony should not left their main studios to dust. 

      what about a deal wtih Mistwalker(since they made a deal with Microsoft and Nintendo) with the same budget as Killzone 2(that game cost too much yet the game was okay) 

      i want a Lost Odyssey like game with proper budget, using the PS3 capabilities and proper advertising. 

      though i read sakaguichi has some bad blood with sony so that deal might not come true :( 

      come on sony you have the money, start spending those on your other studios :P

      • SlashZaku

        They really should partner up with Level-5 some more, specifically with some of their older IPs that are in the vault (Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, Jeanne D’arc) and yes, Mistwalker would also be a nice venture.  They could probably do some joint ventures with some of the Japanese publishers to combine some talent or get certain projects off the ground that the main publisher isn’t too sure about backing, if they really want to amp up their Japanese output.  Sony and SEGA seem to have a good relationship and I kind of wish Sony chipped in for the Valkyria Chronicles franchise.  Give it some decent marketing in the West, let the SEGA team have some of the 1st party/2nd party benefits/tech to build into their engine, etc..  If Polyphony isn’t doing anything with Omega Boost, call up Platinum Games and see if they can do something with it.

        Stuff like that would probably work out great for their SCEJ part (but the whole joint thing is if the other publishers are willing to play ball).  As for Sakaguichi, I think his problem was with Ken if I recall, not Sony specifically (could be wrong).

        • badmoogle

          You are right about Sakaguchi although i don’t remember what exactly his problem with Kutaragi was.

          • PrinceHeir

            something about the PS3 not being develop friendly with the developers and all

          • SlashZaku

            Isn’t that a non-issue for him though?  Looking at Wiki, it says Mistwalker is a ‘co-developer’, who focuses on the story (including characters, mechanics, etc. I assume), music and generally oversees a game while another studio does the actual development/coding.  So if Sony were to contract him, I’d assume he’d just come up with the concept, music, and oversee it while SCEJ assigns a studio under him to actually develop it.

        • PrinceHeir

          i hear ya T___T

          Jeanne D’ Arc is amazing, i want another one of that :)

          i still want my Valkyria Chronicles 3, Virtua Fighter 5 FS(console edition) as well as Shenmue III.

          i want my Sakaguichi game T___T

          • SlashZaku

            I’ll probably start playing Jeanne D’arc again.  I’d love a spiritual successor in the same vain as it (with obvious improvements/expansions to the gameplay) but set in a different era and based on a different historical character.  Maybe something Egyptian, Norse, Feudal Japan, Greek/Roman, Celtic, etc..  Maybe even something Pirate themed or set during/around the American Revolution?  Anyways, Level-5/Sony have a lot to work with as far as the property/base concept/mechanics go and the Vita would be a great place to return to the IP.

            I’d kill for Valkyria Chronicles 3 (and even Namco bringing over some of the Gundam strategy games).  VF5FS needs to happen though.  With the resurgence of fighters, I don’t know what SEGA is waiting for. 

          • PrinceHeir

            what’s the hold up Sega??? it’s the only major fighting game that hasn’t landed on consoles(besides Melty Blood)

      • badmoogle

        This is probably because in Japan they never felt “threatened” by MS which had an almost inexistent appearance for most of this gen.They already have many partnerships with studios like Level 5,From Software and others,and lets not forget the support they receive for the PSP.
        Nintendo aimed at different target groups this gen with their home console so their main battle was with MS and it is fought in the west which is a bigger market than the currently shrinking Japanese one.

        I’d also wish they acquired some Japanese studios to strengthen their portfolio,but at least for now they don’t have to.Personally if i could choose one studio,i’d choose From Software who are currently on the rise.I think their games really fit quite well with Sony’s portfolio and fanbase more than any other console.

        • PrinceHeir

          From Software looks nice, though i don’t think From Software is willing to go exclusive since they enjoy releasing games multiplatform(Armored Core for example)

          Level 5 does have a strong relationship with sony and even square enix so that’s a plus.

          oh well i just hope japanese can still make games with all the budget rising and all

          • Why do you mention Level 5? Its been over 4 years since theyve expanded beyond Sony, they are in a state where they even established overseas office and have been developing and am developing games for next generation hardware, I do not think they need to be owned by Sony at this point in time. From Software, too multiplatform.

            I think there are just not that many well known developers in JPN left, that are even available to be bought out by SCEWWS…

          • PrinceHeir

            lol what??? 

            i only said i’m glad that Level 5 has a strong relationship with Sony. and yes i already know Level 5 is expanded their studios to overseas.

            oh well as long as the games are good fine by me.

          • badmoogle

            Yeah i know that From Software joining Sony belongs in the realm of fantasy.:pIt is just wishful thinking since i believe that both parties would’ve benefited quite much from the acqusition.At the very least SCEJ would’ve raised their production rates dramatically thanks to FS.;)

    • DarkWaterClone

      I agree the PS4 & Vita should have great games & companies working on them.

      I also want to see Sony go after Japanese game companies. Because many of the games I am looking forward to come from Japan.

      I am not sure if it would happen but I think Nippon Ichi Software would be a good choice. Almost all their games are on the PS systems. So that would be a smart pick. It would also allow NISA to get more money to bring out more games. Other good ones would be Game Arts, Falcom, From Software & if possible Level 5.

      I also would like to see SCEJ make a sequel to Legend of Dragoon, Beyond the Beyond, Tomba, Folklore, Wild Arms, Aconcagua, Elemental Gearbolt, Vib Ribbon & Alundra. The last Alundra game did not count.

      I do agree a Mistwalker game would be pretty neat. I really enjoyed Blue Dragon & a game like that could be cool on the Vita.

      It is great another person wants Omega Boost. Such a wonderful mech game & it had cool FMV effects. I think it would be cool to see OB2 with FMV. That would be neat to see.

      That being said great move on Sony & Sucker Punch. Now Sony just needs Japanese developers next.

  • godmars

    Surprised this didn’t happen during the PS2 days.

  • Ravage27

     Should have done this years ago :)

    But good for Sony, Sucker Punch are fantastic devs!

  • thebanditking

    Very smart buy these guys are extremely talented, I was shocked when they did not pick them up last gen but better late then never. Sony’s first party is becoming quite the powerhouse.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Sweet, MS can’t jack these 2 :D, love Suckerpunch and both series, looking forward for more and a true Demon’s Souls sequel from Sony.

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