Cave Story 3D Will Have Expanded Levels, Maybe A Prinny Item

By Spencer . August 4, 2011 . 12:35pm


Cave Story is available now for PC, WiiWare, and DSiWare. What’s going to make the Nintendo 3DS version slated for release on November 8 standout? That’s the question I asked Jack Niida, producer of Cave Story 3D.


"Feature-wise, at a first glance, there might not seem like a lot," Niida answered. "The graphics changed from 2D, extra stages, new items, hidden NIS characters, but aside from that what makes this game so great is the controls, the feel and the way you play the game is what makes it shine."


The controls and 16-bit feel make Cave Story memorable, but what about fans that memorized the entire game map?


"For the old time fans of Cave Story, there aren’t brand new stages, but what we did for these stages is we expanded it. So, there is more to it than there was before. There are new areas to explore, long time fans will definitely see the difference. Daisuke Amaya spent a long time creating this game and everything has been tweaked to fit the latest console," Niida said.


Prinny and QuoteAnd for NIS America fans, Cave Story 3D will have some a crossover. While Niida wouldn’t name a character he gave us a hint, "You can probably expect our most popular character in there. Aside from that, you might see him as an item, as well." Since we’ve seen a bunch of Prinny concept art, I’m going to guess he’s talking about their peg-legged penguin since he could double as a useful item too.


Unfortunately, Cave Story 3D will not have the original game or DSiWare version as a hidden bonus. "That’s one thing we were talking about too, but the problem was the amount of space on the card size," Niida said. "We sort of squeezed everything in and at this point we don’t have enough space for it."

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  • Juho Vuolo

    Hahaha, if they’re going to add NIS cameos, being able to fight Laharl in the Hell would be awesome.

  • I’m picking this game up since I heard about for since it was announced for WiiWare I believe then I heard about it again on DSiware and now its coming to the 3DS so I will definitely buy it. I’m intrigued.

  • I can totally see Pleinair befriending the mimigas as she had a bunny plush.

  • I wasn’t really too interested in this game at first, but now my interest has been piqued lol

  • haqua

    Use a Prinny to blow up a wall, maybe…? (I actually don’t know if you need to blow up any walls, since I’ve  never got around to playing Cave Story yet…)
    I hope they didn’t change Moonsong. That was my favorite from all of the songs. ;_;

  • Hehe. Cute! I hope the Disgaea series gets more fame.

  • It would be pretty cool if the Nemesis shot Prinnies instead of ducks.

  • I will be sorely disappointed if Quote doesn’t get a Prinny costume. 

  • [18:58] Hiryuu> this isn’t 2005 anymore
    [18:59] Hiryuu> never in a million years would I expect that small homage >_>
    [18:59] Hiryuu> well
    [18:59] Hiryuu> back in ’05 when no one knew about either game

    • Oh wow.  You guys should really do something about the possibility of some mean code injections in this. Had to edit the post because it thought my name was a tag (IRC).

  • Zonic505

    Oh man, I keep forgetting this is coming out. The fact there’s going to be something Prinny-related & levels are going to be longer rekindled my interest in this.

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Hmm should i buy this game or Pilotwing resort 3DS as i never played Cave Story before?

    • Pretty sure that Cave Story is still available in its original format for free on PC. Even if it’s not, you can pick up the not-so-3D-but-still-amazing version from the eShop for $10 or so!
      (In fact, here. Stolen from Maloney’s comment below: )

      Point being for the actual Cave Story experience, you don’t -have- to spend the full $40 at all! Just for 3D and added content. (Plus many are of the opinion that the 3D doesn’t look nearly as good as the original anyway. I for one will reserve my judgement for its release.)

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