Heavy Rain, Edited For Teen Rating, Ready For European Re-release

By Spencer . August 5, 2011 . 1:01pm

It appears Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is preparing to re-release Heavy Rain again. We discovered Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée rated by PEGI, the European ratings board. What’s interesting about Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée is it’s rated PEGI 16 instead of PEGI 18 (that’s like a PAL "M").




Edits haven’t been detailed, but going by the content indicators it looks like the level of violence has been toned down in Edition Modifiée. Re-releasing an adult rated game with edits is a curious strategy. Is there really a large market between 16 and 18 that didn’t get Heavy Rain already or is Quantic Dream’s next game targeting a lower age group and SCEE wants to familiarize players with the genre?

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  • I guess after scoring 2lmn unit sales you might as well do this just for the sake of. The game was innovative in what it set out to do so more people to play it the better.

    • A very good game but truthfully not innovative. To be honest the more people that play it, the more overrated it will become. I don’t mean to troll, or be negative. As I said, I bought and enjoyed it, but at the end of the day it is very disheartening that anytime Heavy Rain comes up most people laud it as being innovative.

      Again I mean no disrespect, I just very much disagree.

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      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Well, I disagree with your disagreement. I think it’s very innovative. However, I’m willing to listen to your reasons for why it isn’t.

        • Well the easiest way to put it is, “What do you find innovative”. I’ve heard a number of different reasons, many of them I know are untrue, because I’ve played a lot of shenmue*, others i know are untrue because I played FMV games in the late 90s.

          *(I also want to add HR is nothing like Shenmue. They share very little. While HR is linear, focused and even shallow, Shenmue is very open and deep. While Shenmue has QTEs they are not the primary mode of input like in HR. In Shenmue you can go where you want, when you want and the entire world continued to just keep turning, but in HR you move from scenario to scenario without much choice. So in the end they’re incredibly different games, and even in terms of how they were developed Shenmue and their impact on games after them they’re so incredibly different)

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Never played Shenmue, so it was innovative to me. I kept hearing how boring that game was from the friends who had Dreamcasts.

          • Depends on how you play it. Its a game that very easy to get overwhelmed by, but its pretty easy to keep the action moving if you pay attention. Without a doubt the most ambitious and innovative pair of games ever made.

            That aside, Heavy Rain is still in essence the same concept as Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace. As I said before there were FMV games that had sections where you follow prompts and had “investigatory” sections.

            There are also games that take so many elements from other games and combine them to make something fresh and new. Sadly this again isn’t one of those examples. While I enjoyed the game I enjoy games like Phantasmagoria and the Ripper which really have the same concepts but were done years ago.

            Yes it may be new to you, and to a new audience, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I don’t fault you because you didn’t know, but now that I’ve told you that these experiences exist and came before Heavy Rain its up to you to find the things that are truly innovative and appreciate them for that.

            I’ve been in your shoes plenty of times, I was too young and missed practically all of the NES’ life. However as I got older I was shown the NES games that came before my favorite SNES classics and I went back, played and loved em for what they did. Even utterly broken games like Castlevania 2 lol.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Heavy Rain may use a couple elements of Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair, but it is hardly the main gameplay focus. If anything Heavy Rain reminds me of a game like Snatcher or King’s Quest. The innovation was in taking all the different elements from different places and combining them in a way that hadn’t been done before, as well as immersing you into the story in a way that few games do. I mean, Resident Evil 4’s QTE’s were, in essence, the same thing as a game of Space Ace, but you wouldn’t compare the whole game to them.

            One of the things I really liked about Heavy Rain’s controls was how well they managed to simulate how difficult or easy the given task of the character was. When Ethan has to move his way through the electrified barbed wire, I loved the gymnastics I had to do with my fingers to do it. It got you into the story in a way that a simple push of the analog stick wouldn’t have, because, as Ethan struggled, so did you.
            To me, that was the main point of its innovation. Even in RE4’s QTE’s, you never felt like you were controlling Leon. You never felt like you were struggling when you fought Krauser. It was all about watching the screen and pressing things quick enough. In Heavy Rain, the QTE’s actually felt like they mattered. 

  • SirRichard

    This amuses me, because the original version was rated 15+ by the BBFC here in the UK. Same for Bayonetta and The Saboteur, too…the BBFC isn’t particularly straight on anything that isn’t full of violence, now that I think about it.

  • Selaphiel

    I don’t remember any, quote unquote, “sexual violence” in Heavy Rain… Am I just forgetting something?

    • Elemiel

      Maybe it was when Madison was in that club?


      The strip scene? It’s not exactly sexual violence, but she smacks someone with a lamp afterwards. There’s also a ridiculously awkward sex scene partway through the game. “Press R1 to do what? Uh.. okay.”

      • Selaphiel

         That would make sense.

        Also, I don’t remember a sex scene. Like, at all. Is it optional? lol (I only played through once and got the “best” ending so I was like, w/e, no need to replay)

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          You can play through the game and never get the sex scene. It depends on how you act as Ethan after finding out Madison’s secret.

          • Doesn’t Maddie’s big reveal happen after the sex scene though? I could be wrong. I thought the scene happens depending on if you screw up any of the trials.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            I screwed up one of the trials and it still happened for me. A friend played it over my place and she chose not to forgive Madison, and the scene didn’t happen.

  • Okay? I hope that doesn’t mean that they’re taking out a certain lizard scene and a certain romance in the pants scene.

    Because honestly, this game plays out like any ol’ blockbuster movie – which is how it’s supposed to – and they aren’t censored. Movies like those have the obligatory sex scene, fight scenes and car chases – and very rarely are they R-rated.

    So if teens can handle big Hollywood movies, I think they can handle everything the “mature” version of the game has in store. I hope they don’t dial it down to the point that they take out things that really help convey the atmosphere. I mean, that lizard scene hit me like an emotional cement truck.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Yeah, The Lizard was the exact thing I was thinking of that would be taken out or modified. Also, the naked shower scene

      • Actually, I’d be kind of glad if they took out some of the shower scenes. They were one the scenes that don’t really set any kind of tone for the story and are kind of redundant.

        Though, Ethan showering is kind of arguable though, considering the music set to it was so utterly depressing that it had “crap is going to hit the fan any second now” written all over it.

        EDIT: Okay, I’m off topic. And posting way too much. Can you tell that I love this game to bits?

    • Aoshi00

      I still haven’t finished the US ver yet and only finished the Jpn ver (it has Eng/Jpn).  It actually didn’t dawn on me the Jpn ver was censored before, later my friend was interested in the game and asked me there was nudity right, I was like nah.. then I realized it was Cero D instead of Cero Z (mature), like Nier..  and I saw the US ver video of the Madison in her apartment…

      So I think the European ver. is going to be like the Jpn ver, when Madison was changing and taking a shower and going to the bathroom.. the sex scene btwn Madison and Ethan…

      Was the lizard scene the one cutting the pinky?  There was in the Jpn ver too.. I don’t think the violence was toned down, just the full nudity sex parts, so it didn’t really affect the story or atmosphere, I still felt the pain..  but for Europe, maybe it’s the other way around right, sex is ok but violence is not..

      • Yep. xD I just referred to it as the lizard scene so I wouldn’t spoil anyone. :3 That’s good to know.

  • Press X for a toned down version of Jason

    (I am aware that everyone and their mother already went for the easy Press X for Jason joke, but I had to be a part of it still :3)

  • mikedo2007

    I don’t think this is going to sell well in Europe.  I think the 18+ version is the one people are used to.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    One of the things I love about Heavy Rain is that it’s a game that I can get people who don’t play games to play. Had a friend over, convinced her to play the game for a couple minutes. Eight hours later, she beat it. 

  • Xeahnort

    QD exec 1: Now gentlemen, we want to make Heavy Rain for little kids

    QD exec 2: ummmh, but we need to remove some violent or suggestive scenes

    QD exec 3: Good idea. let’s censor Madison Paige’s tits or Ethan’s ass so the poor little kids won’t be scarred for life!

    I don’t see the point in releasing a censored version.

    • dr000d

      This would be the US version then. Here in Europe we don’t have such a ridiculously massive stick up our butts when it comes to nudity. It’s violence that msotly gets censored over here.

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