Red Sun Gamer Episode 7 – Xenoblade Chronicles, The Final Episode

By Red Sun Gamer . August 7, 2011 . 1:00pm

All good things must end. Get out your plastic oversized Monado sword, box of Kleenex and tune in for Red Sun Gamer’s final episode in their 5-part series of Xenoblade Chronicles. After much dedicated effort and unwavering perseverance, the journey out of the calve area of is finally over! Konichiwa kneecap!


Steve and Martin resume play from where they left off in the last episode, in the caves, overrun by evil web-slinging arachnids that are probably only interested in one thing–sucking brains out of heads.


In this video we showcase Shulk’s elegant climbing technique, how to capitalize on Shulk’s visions to turn the tide of battle, random Master Chief bubble shields, and the unleashing a chain attack on a Shelob-class spider.


After savoring victory, what better way to wrap up the video but with some celebratory daredevil cliff-diving. Stick around until the end of the video to feast your eyes on the menacing wide-shot of Kishin, eternally locked in his battle stance with Kyoshin, ominously overlooking Shulk and Rain’s position at Kyoshin’s kneecap. This game is huge!


We are also happy to announce that Steve and Martin are rearing to kick-off their next video series in the near future so keep an eye out for more to come.


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  • I’ll say it again, Xenoblade and Last story will come to America, but as HD versions to have some games ready for the WiiU’s Debut, Nintendo will hold a lot of these games we die to play and give them minor upgrades and release them as launch titles in hopes of having software ready.  But they seriously need to ditch that name because people would believe that the wiiu it’s just the tablet controller upgrade.

    • godmars

      Would like to say you’re not wrong, but I really can’t see Nintendo doing something like that for 2nd and 3rd party releases that didn’t sell that well and has been put out in other regions before besides. And then getting those devs to then go back and add Wii U interactivity, make it a tacked on feature as well upscale them to HD on top of that? All that’s just too much to expect.    

      • Think about it, gamers over here have already showed interest in them. it wouldn’t be that expensive to make them in HD and probably  with limited wiiu interactivity.

        • godmars

          That’s the thing: Nintendo [b]isn’t[/b] going to be looking for limited Wii U interactivity. There’s also going to be a lot of Wii owners that will likely groan at the though of having to buy a whole new console to play games that they could be playing now. Games that they literally have begged to play.

          What you’re talking about is exploitation, not response to fan request.    

          • lol, remember we are talking about Nintendo, the kingsof remakes, and remember Zelda Twilight princess, that’s all lol. 

          • godmars

            But “King of Remakes” only applies to game that they know sell. It also only applies to their own stuff.

          • LynxAmali

            You do know that Twilight Princess was originally planned to be both for the Gamecube and Wii? They came out at the same time. That’s not a remake.

      • kylehyde

        Maybe you are right about that is hard to imagine nintendo porting those games to the Wii-U, however, technological reason would not be a limitant. Nintendo has characterized for make the architecture of their new hardware compatible with the ones on their previous hardware, that make a lot easy to port or remake projects on the previous hardware to the new one. Also Xenoblade and Last Story are not released yet in Europe, so still is to early to see if the western audience is not interested on those games.

    • idrawrobots

      Even if people initially thing that the WiiU is just a tablet, they will learn. “Hey what’s this new controller?” “Actually it’s a whole new system.”
      Some people thought the Xbox could play 360 games and the PS2 could play PS3 games. It must happen every generation.

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