As Expected, The Next Atelier Game Is Not Set In Arland

By Spencer . August 8, 2011 . 10:31pm

atelierA piece of a Dengeki PlayStation interview with Atelier series lead Yoshito Okamura leaked out. Okamura confirmed the next Atelier title will not be set in Arland.


Not a big surprise since Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland 3 was the final game in the Arland trilogy. Okamura says, but that doesn’t not mean the door on Arland is closed forever and he will consider how to respond to expectations from fans.


The next Atelier games is in development and Okamura says before long they’ll be able to show it to the public. Before that, Atelier Totori: The Advenurer of Arland will journey overseas. NIS America will release the second game on September 27.

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  • Guest

    Im thinking about skipping the first game and just waiting for the 2nd. I hear too many complaints about the 1st one…

    • Yeah. Not that it’s too bad; the art is nice, characters are fun and scenes are funny to watch. But it could have been much better.

  • PrinceHeir

    new Atelier??

    hmm could be interesting ^^

  • I hope it’s more along the lines of the Atelier Iris and Mana Khemia installments, I like classic style Atelier but I liked the newer ones more.

    • Wasn’t a huge fan of Iris but It’d be great if they could return to the MK series sometime soon. Whilst I don’t think MK2 was as good as the first I think there’s still a lot to be done with the series.

      • SolidusSnake

        Mana Khemia 3 would be awesome.

        • DanteJones

          One of the character endings almost hinted at a Mana Khemia 3, though I could have been reading too much into it. xD

          • which ending was it?

          • DanteJones

            The one with Raze and Yun, the kind of “a few years later” sort of deal.

    • mikanko

      I would disagree here.  Atelier Iris, while charming in its own right, doesn’t really feel as unique from other jrpgs as the classic Atelier games do.  This new trilogy went back to that and seems to have capitalized and been a more successful trilogy from what I understand.  As many small jrpg devs seem to belly up in this current generation, I think they should stick with what continues to be successful and sets them apart from others.

      I guess ideally I’d like Gust’s flagship games with Atelier in the title to stay that way, but some new Mana Khemia’esque titles would be welcome.  Especially in the cases like the Tonelico series, where they got outside publisher help, I’d like to see them freely tinker with other jrpg formulas.

      • I hope for some tweaks to the formula though. For one, they really should do something about the huge time consumptions in synthesis and travel. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to take a whole day to make just a pie… Or in Rorona, you lose predetermined days to go to a certain section of a dungeon, even if you’re going in from an adjacent area; what, does Rorona go back to the entrance every time?

        Personally, I’d like an hour-based system instead of day-based; even better if it also goes as detailed as quarter-hours (15 min.). That way, you’ll have much more time to explore, synthesize and befriend people. If anything was hindering Atelier Rorona, it’s the strict time limit.

        • mikanko

          From most accounts Totori is a smoother experience, but I’ve yet to play it so I’ll wait and see.  I agree there’s room for improvement in their current formula, I just think deviating from what sets Atelier games apart from other jrpgs would be a mistake.

          • Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I want Gust to succeed more through what they’re doing now, you know. And for that, they’d have to streamline some of their concepts. They don’t need to change into something different.

            An overall story that actually build up to something could be good too. But then again, an Atelier game’s story is more or less a slice-of-life comedy.

    • SeventhEvening

      I’d rather them do stuff like Iris or MK in a different series. Ar Tonelico was similar to Iris except better in almost every conceivable way. Mana Khemia was a nice compromise, but got a bit heavy handed at times. I like how relaxing Atelier games are. I don’t want to sacrifice that. If I want things to get darker or challenging, I’ll go play an SMT game.

      Fortunately, I doubt they’ll go back to things like Iris. Arland has been considerably more profitable for them. 

  • DanteJones

    I’d love another Mana Khemia game, but I’m also just as excited for another Atelier one too. 

    I haven’t played Rorona in a while, but Arland is the name of the world the games take place in right? Not the city/continent they are on? If so, that’d be awesome if some of the Arland characters pulled a Pamela to show up in future titles or something.

    • I heard she’s a DLC party member in Meruru, if that counts.

    • SeventhEvening

      Arland is the kingdom they take place in. All the Atelier games take place in the same world with the exception of the Iris and Mana-Khemia games. Characters sometimes pop-up in other titles (Like Lise appears in Atelier Annie) so it isn’t unheard of. Pamela shows up the most though…

  • mikanko

    Hoping they keep with their development on PS3 using the engine they use for Meruru. 

  • Ravage27

    As long as they follow what they started with the Arland series, it’s all good. I’ve absolute trust in Gust!

    • I would also hope for more art from Kishida Mel. The man seriously makes the best artwork for the series by far.

      • Ravage27

        oh yes, Kishida Mel’s art is a must! That man’s a genius! ^ ^ 

  • Guest

    At this point Gust can take my wallet. No questions asked.

  • Jin

    Mana Khemia 3? :D
    I hope next game has a male character as the main character.

  • Whatever they do, I hope we see the return of the green fairies.

  • Hope they go for a more storyline/combat oriented approach like Atelier Iris or MK this time.

  • Nooooo! I miss Arland.

  • Learii

    so this is the fnal Atelier huh? =(

    • Not by a long shot, it’s just the final atelier game taking place in Arland. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to see Pamela in the newer games too.

  • Nooo! I miss Arland already </3
    "that doesn’t not mean the door on Arland is closed forever and he will consider how to respond to expectations from fans."
    Maybe we might get another game in Arland later on. Just not now.I guess it could be like. A spin-off of sorts.

    I hope Kishida Mel keeps doing the art for the games.
    He's my inspiration. That man is a genius. 

  • AzureNova

    Long Live Arland!!! I will miss thee!!! >_<

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