More Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Footage Than An Anime Episode

By Spencer . August 9, 2011 . 2:40am

Capcom shared over thirty minutes of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City footage where you pick one of six Umbrella Security Service operatives and… gun down Leon? That’s one of the choices players get to make in Slant Six’s game as you cover up Umbrella’s mess and shoot zombies. Here’s a run down of the six characters you can choose.



A Veteran of the Cold War, former spy, Vladimir ‘Spectre’ Bodrovski was from Umbrella’s European Wing for unknown reasons. The premier surveillance expert of the USS. He was transferred to Wolfpack when the upper echelon of Umbrella management realized his skills could greatly benefit them.



Vector’s file remains largely confidential. His true identity hidden, training at Rockfort Island he developed lethal martial art ability and elite skill for reconnaissance. As a covert operative, his achievements in the field are only matched by his former master, Hunk.



Michaela ‘Bertha’ Schneider finds pleasure in pain. A disciplined former soldier and devotee to medicine led her to join Umbrella shortly after an unsuccessful return to civilian life. She eagerly joined Wolfpack after they assured her anesthetic is a luxury and not a priority.


Four Eyes

Developing an unhealthy obsession with science at a young age. Christine ‘Four Eyes’ Yamata specializes in virology. She is so deeply focused on her work, that she has little interest in anything else, including the feelings or lives of other human beings. Studious and detailed, she always wants to know more about a given situation.



Hector ‘Beltway’ Hivers is an elite demolition expert that was discharged from the Army Corps of Engineers. Not much is known about the incident other than the addition of Beltway’s prosthetic leg. His dedication to his craft is beyond question, while his joy for blowing things up is always visible.



A former French special forces op, Karena ‘Lupo’ Lesproux specializes in weaponry. Lured by money, Lupo joined umbrella and leads Wolfpack. Her knowledge in the field makes her highly trusted by her team. She looks out for them, like a wolf looks out for her cubs, which made the team affectionately call her ‘wolf mother.’


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  • Sho Atlus

    This RE is nothing like RE i’m okay with this sense it’s just a spin off.

    The first video Remedies me of prototype when the big crazy monsters attack you.

  • mor13ty

    Gameplay videos are really great and the characters looks interesting. I think my favourite would be Spectre- a russian veteran of cold war, former spy- Vladimir Bodrovski, that’s sounds really awesome!

  • It may not be the resident evil everybody know and love but it a step to somthing more fun where you can kill zombies and fight of other soliders trying to stop you they may hate it but this is awsome.

  • Ben Tan

    Socom : Zombie edition

    • Socom: US Zombie Seals

      Wait that sounds horrifying.

  • danemc95

    So, a third person Left For Dead?
    Kinda…? Could be fun, I guess…

  • SirRichard

    Each description smacks of “I’M TOTALLY MORE EVIL THAN THE OTHERS PICK ME”, to be honest.

    Though, it looks like an alright spin-off, probably a blast with friends.

  • PrinceHeir

    definitely not the RE i know :(

    and why the hell is leon’s voiced different at 6:26 of the 2nd video???

    come really screwed the RE series.

    different Jill voice(again) and Leon, story seems to go nowhere. 

    no clear direction watsoever, hopefully Revelations would bring back what made the series special.

  • godmars

    Hold on, so the Raccoon zombie incident was suppose to be an “accident” and yet Umbrella was actively dropping bio-weapons into the city? 

    • Exkaiser

      You didn’t expect this of Umbrella?

      • godmars

        A company that sends in double agents on a supposed rescue mission willing to assassinate their own team or nukes the city where there was a zombie outbreak to cover it up? Guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

        Still, considering the cost of creating all those facilities across the city, apparently staging the outbreak to test your bio-weapons, hiring mercs to better prove said bio-weapons, blatantly just dumping more bio-weapons to prove those then arranging to drop a nuke on top of that mess to clean it up while scampering to collect any useful data for which to use on the next batch of bio-weapons – if I were on the stockholders board I would certainly start a vote of non confidence on the CEO.

        By way of at least twenty pounds of C4 under his chair of course; who knows what strain of T-virus the bastard is on.      

    • kupomogli

      A better question would be.  Why are they going to send a team of special operatives to kill off the survivors, but still drop bio weapons into the city.  Makes no sense at all other than “here’s some different monsters and we can’t think of any other way to get them in the game.”

  • I’m iffy of this. Capcom needs to win my faith back.

  • game looks kinda promising, hope for a demo

  • I’m sorry to all of those liking what they saw in this game thus far but…As a huge Resident Evil fan, I can’t see anything about this title that I like. At all. The more I see it, the more I dislike it.

    My money is on Revelations.

    • Eric Chan

      As long as Capcom doesn’t outsource their mainline RE titles, I think the franchise will be fine. 

      • This is both a reply to mor13ty and Eric Chan:

        Well, I understand that this is a spin off, but I am actually afraid that Capcom is simply trying to transform the main franchise into…this. Take a look at Resident Evil 4, and 5. This is the next step in the ladder the game is climbing! :/

    • mor13ty

      Well, this game is just a spin-off, the whole idea of the game isn’t suppossed to be a serious Resident Evil. It’s the game from the RE universe and that’s all…

    • Trust when i say you will be dissapointed by revelations by the fact this is the third time a game in the resident evil series your on a boat again(limited enviroment kinda stale worn out idea)and the fact is while they are trying to go back to the survival horror theme the monsters look terrible they look like something stripped directly from silent hill but with socks for mouths,that right there ruined it for me the monsters looked so lame you wondered how or why their even there,and so far i only seen that monster in all the previews so it seems theres not a wide variety although since your on a boat theresreason theres not gonna be many,again nice idea to return resident evil to its roots but very bad materials

  • Göran Isacson

    Man, I just do not know what to think about this game. On the one hand, playing as a team of villains in a zombie-infested city SOUNDS like a cool concept on paper, as does the team-based gameplay… but why did they have to affix it to Resident Evil? not gonna judge until I’ve played it, but from what I’ve seen so far it might have been a better game had it no connections to a well-beloved series a lot of people already have very strong ties to.

  • kupomogli

    It has great graphics, but I can’t say the game looks like it’s any fun.

  • Not interested and never will.  If i want this type of game, i’ll play Tom Clancy’s  Rainbow Six.  If i want Horror i’ll play Resident Evil OOOOOWAIT :l

  • DanteJones

    A game about Umbrella mercenaries and they don’t have Hunk? I am disappoint.

    • Even thinking of it as being in an alternate universe/timeline/whatever, remember that Hunk was deployed with a different team to recover the G-Virus. Wolf Pack’s mission here is simply elimination of hostiles. 

      It makes sense that we wouldn’t see Hunk, unless it were part of a minigame (or DLC knowing Capcom) to let us play the mission to recover the G-Virus.

      • DanteJones

        Yeah, I was hoping since they’re changing a few things around (especially the part where you can kill Leon: what?) that they would just add him to the roster, and keep the team getting the G-Virus to regular grunts or something. But you’re right, they might add that mission later, or hopefully add more characters to play as. Knowing Capcom though it’s not gonna be free. ;/

  • Never mind asking whats resident evil about that, first I have to ask whats supposed to be good about it. Looks very generic plain and boring. They cancelled mega man legends 3, and this piece of trash is still in development. Oh well, Crapcom is already on the revenge list, this latest travesty changes nothing.

  • eilegz

    really need a lot of polish so far its not looking as a good TPS neither maybe they should copy gears or uncharted, the animation and mobility looks so bad and the shooting mechanics looks and plays dated

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    … This is just Socom with zombies. I felt almost none of that Resident Evil vibe at all. No fear, no panic, no urgency. Just “shoot what ever moves” type of game… Please, please go back to the drawing board with this, Capcom. You’re wasting your time and money by releasing this one if that’s how it will turn out.

  • HA HA HA HA a zombie driving a truck XD

    this game is all over the place and not in a good way

    clare looks tasty

    why did leon run away like a dork

    this game has multiplayer it will sell a ton even if it sucks

    resident evil 4 and code veronica in hd will have to do for now

  • mikanko

    This game looks like such a mess. 2 million copies expected to sell, eh?

  • The yandere or the kuudere? Huu huu huu. It’s so hard to choose. :3

  • If I want horror that’ll scare me i’ll play Re 1-3. Re4 was & still is the best. But if I want to be scared shitless like no one’s business. I play DEAD SPACE & DEAD SPACE 2.

  • Blacksofa

    The only way Capcom will make money with the Resident Evil franchise is with a reboot of Outbreak. :

  • You know since the creators of socom are making this game and not capcom this is actually sadly the reason the game might turn out good,i havnt played a good resident evil game since code veronica and resident evil 4(hey it might not of had zombies but it was still scary and fun)the game is basically unfortuantly to compete with call of duty and more importantly left 4 dead which means if the game sells well we might expect to see more zombies in the future and more types of these games since unfortuantly everyone knows shooters sell for sure

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