New Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 Trailer Has Prinny, Cave, And Falcom

By Spencer . August 9, 2011 . 8:20pm

Falcom-chan who was revealed last night is in the latest Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 trailer. She joins Cave, a mascot for the shooter company of the same name. Gust has the ability to channel legendary Atelier series characters and 5pb can use the telephone range from Steins;Gate. This trailer also shows Rom using her healing ability (yes, you can recover HP with skills now) and NISA’s Justice Knife attack.



Takahashi Meijin and his speedy trigger fingers are going to be in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 too? I wonder what kind of heroic cameo he’s going to make…

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  • I just know NIS is going to take all my money! :o

    • HarryHodd

      Me too

  • Rarutos

    Hmm, I wonder if they replaced all of the dialogue scene portraits with the 3D models rather than the illustrations… I really hope not, the illustrated portraits were really nice, and I’m so used to them in GUST and IF games that it’d seem weird without them!

    • DanteJones

      That’s what it looks like, hmm..

    • Guest

      Dont tell me you also liked the blacked out sillouette NPC’s and dull inability to travel and explore worlds like a normal RPG? And who’s to say it can’t have both like the Altelier series does?

      Perhaps they also realized 3D models animate easier and more fluid than motion portrait…

      • DanteJones

        Huh? He didn’t say anything about traveling, and I think he meant the animated 2D portraits whenever a character would speak, sans the random NPCs. 

        • Guest

          I realize now.

          Anyways, it doesn’t look that much different imo. Only now there’s a better chance for them to be more ‘animated’ when they converse.

          • DanteJones

            Yeah definitely, it’s kinda hard to see the quality in a video like this, but I hope the 3D models look good. :)

  • Kibbitz

    Urgh, will try again later. Video buffering is ridiculously slow for me right now. Based on content, will I likely be missing anything so far if I haven’t played the first game and have no intention on doing so?

  • WOOT! Can’t wait! Cave looks awesome ^_^

  • Barrit

    Damn, this game is coming along very very nicely! The attacks look so awesome! I hope we get to see more cut scene footage soon!

  • I only saw Nepgear and UI’s attacks because the video is buffering very slowly, but it is looking very good! I have my money prepared already.

  • Healing skill?! i’m sold (well i didn’t mind the healing in the 1st one but it was stupid) but yeah they really worked on improving the sequel

  • DanteJones

    Oh man, leave it to Nisa to have a ridiculous over-the-top attack, haha. Cave and Falcom are looking awesome as well!

  • This game looks to improve a lot if compared to the original.
    If they can make exploring better, it will be great.

    Now please, may the next Neptunia mk2 news be the confirmation of localization. Please.

  • godmars

    Just as long as I don’t have to whale on a casual encounter for ten minutes plus with my best attacks and combos, they can have my money. 

    • In that case, prepare your checkbook sir! For…for whoever you’re paying.

  • Learii

    i love it lol

  • AndyFe

    Damn the more I see of this game, the more I want this now. I don’t have a doubt that it’ll be brought over here NIS have been good to localizing. Also Nisa’s attack was awesome.

  • Genjo

    THAT trailer was beyond awesome it’s DAY one  MUST BUY! =D

  • ragnarok989

    Falcom…Damn, I can’t unsee her as a Adol + Estelle lovechild…

  • DanteJones

    Just had this thought while watching the trailer again, but does anyone else think Black Rock Shooter would fit pretty well as a playable character in this? Man that’d be sick.

    • Guest

      Also Dark Schneider of Bastard!!

      yes that was kinda random..

      • mikanko

        Compile Hearts next RPG series will feature a variety of (insert name here)-chans based off of 80s heavy metal bands.  Book it!

      • Whatever Lucien loves, I love as well.

  • fuzaco

    I’m kinda disappointed with Falcom. NIS looks much better.

  • AzureNova

    This is going to be so much fun to play, and the characters and content of MK-II look amazing. Just waiting for a localization date so I can pre-order now lol. So excited for this! Take my money! >_<

  • Audio doesnt sounds well on the vid D:, maybe it was just me tho.

    Omg lots of steins;gate<3 what a shame with the dialogue 3D models, reminds me to rune factory oceans… i definitely prefer 2D in these kind of games

    • I like them using the models; it gives a much wider range of emotion through movement. I think it’ll make more sense when people sit and see it in action. Now they just gotta look into a little AA tech to smooth some o’ them jags for whatever their next effort is!

      • Yeah, at least im not againts it, and it didnt looked bad, but i definitely prefer 2D models when it comes to anime based games xD.

        I kind of always remember though, what one of the devs of Rune Factory Ocean said when it came to people asking about 3D models, “its a lot easier to do than 2D potraits”… So i sometimes get mixed feelings when i see this kind of thing, anyway, this is what we are getting and at least it looks fine, since i got the 1st one, of course ill get this one too :D

    • Honestly their 2D art is neat and all, but that MotionPortrait stuff they use isn’t worth the big gaps loading up the images between expressions.  I’d be more fond of them if they worked more like Disgaea’s and just settled on still images or animated it properly, but honestly I think the 3D models will achieve exactly what they’ve been after since TU anyway.  We lose some hand-drawn stuff, but overall I think it’ll help the game have one, full, coherent art style, which this seems to be doing a better job of than Mk.1 and it’s plethora of stolen TU set pieces and monsters…

      But time will tell I guess. :o

  • EusisLandale

    So, having watched this, I have to ask; Do IF and Compa really still not have special attacks, or are they just not going to show them to us? >_>

    • Don”t know about Compa but IF do use Hiro’s Makaishou Gouen in 1:42

      • EusisLandale

        Ah. Wasn’t really sure what was going on there. Don’t know the attack, and I can’t read any of that in the slightest. Just figured I’d ask since it’d be kind of depressing to see the two of them not get any special attacks again.
        On the subject of special attacks though, did Nepgear and Uni’s special attacks toward the start of the video seem very much like a Data Drain to anyone else?

  • Ian

    is it okay just to skip the first one? because this looks better :3
    note: i don’t like trinity universe gameplay D: so i skip the first one because trinity gameplay style –“

    • EusisLandale

      FYI, Trinity Universe and Hyperdimension Neptunia didn’t have the same gameplay. A few mechanical similarities perhaps, but they’re quite different.
      From what I’ve seen, despite being a different combat system from the first, mk2 apparently still has the same general similarities.

      • Ian

        :O i see i see maybe i saw some video first & consider to buy it
        atelier totori automatic buy btw :3

        • Xerain

          While it’s a matter of taste…. I found TU’s battle system better than Neptunia. As TU’s has a timer, it’s much harder to fall asleep playing the game, even if it’s not very good.

          I’m not quite sure how to word this, but the most annoying thing about Netpunia is it suffered form a lack of “snap”. The amount of time it took things to happen once input commands made me feel very detached form the game. The amount of time it took the screen to switch between characters talking ruined any sense of comedic timing, etc.

          TU suffered form the same problem, but seemed slightly not as bad. Though Neptunia is probably the better game… as I said, it’s a matter of taste. Neptunia hit my pet peeves in all the wrong places.

          • Neptunia’s battle system is more personalizable, since you structure your own combos, but that also makes it lack TU’s strategy, and it really gives you no reason not to hammer on the skip button.  (Actually, since dungeons are timed in Neptunia, and Guard Breaks ignore animation time, you have all the reason in the world to mash the skip button like there’s no tomorrow.)

            That said, Neptunia doesn’t make me anchor dungeons to be able to enter them whenever I want (which in turn defeats half the point of going into dungeons, that being releasing the gravity core thing), and is a lot easier to pick up and play since the customizable combo tree lets you make a simple attack loop that’s easy to work with and recall, while TU needs one to remember combos for battles to go swimmingly, and overlap them cleverly for maximum impact, which makes it a lot harder to come back to if you take a break from it.

            I think in the end I like TU more, but play Neptunia the most because of my gaming habits.  It’s a less interesting, but far more approachable game.

  • elsalvadorps

    And now…*POOF*

    All your money is gone

  • Darkrise

    As long as there’s healing other than the one depending on chance, then I’m sold. The first one frustrated me since Compa was always the one targetted and dies just because of a 70% chance of being healed… And only 30% heal at that… =/

  • Moe, moe, moe…

  • Wow they really censored up Uni’s CPU costume.

    • EusisLandale

      Could just be different parts equipped, or the costume canvas being put to use to tone it down for the trailers, since alot of the artwork floating around still shows the nearly nude version.

    • Nah, it’s just a different outfit.


      …I'd imagine.

  • Xeahnort

    it’s just me or Neptunia Mk 2 is getting a lot of support from companies ? This game deserves good sales.

  • Dr_Diabolical

    Eh, I preferred the carbon black-ish HUD.

  • Guest

    Wow, this looks much better than their first try.

    That said I will get the first one for completeness’ sake.

  • Croix

    This game cannot be released soon enough. NISA brings new meaning to (or perhaps reminds us of the original meaning of) ‘Prinny Bomb’.

  • “Takahashi Meiji… I wonder what kind of heroic cameo he’s going to make…”
    Baldhead jokes I guess. “HAGE BI-MU!” or something like that. Mash some buttons like crazy to charge.

    Anyway, game looks cute.

  • Thomas Maloney

    I really hope this is going to be better than the first one.
    I’ve been a fan of Compile for well over 15 years.
    I guess it’s because of that, it’s really hard for me to like Compile Heart =(

  • Ravage27

    Falcom-chan is so cute!! :3

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Prinny Jibaku Kantai Ikimassssss!!!

  • Falcom-chan can…talk!

  • Raharu95

    Nisa and compile hearts can have my money.

  • They’ve come a long way since Trinity Universe.  This actually looks like a PS3 game now, instead of a PS2 one with a lot of particles and bloom lighting slapped over it to hide how aged it all looks.

    Neptunia 1 wasn’t too bad about that (the bloom was a bit ridonk in some places), but TU definitely seemed to abuse that method a lot.  I’m not seeing a bunch of recycled enemies and environments this time from the previous games, either, and the new setpieces look really nice.

    Really hoping this keeps looking so good~

  • Kai2591

    Cave looks cool~
    Gust looks so cute~

    and wow, everyone’s joining the fun in this game.

    Btw does anyone know who is the character designer for the Neptunia series?

  • Gust’s special attack was hilarious xD Next week, yes finally next week!

  • Continue with showing more Disgaea characters. It is a really good game. It needs to become more well known, at least known enough to be one of the best RPGs out there.

  • Jin

    I only see girls?
    fan-service game?

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