Take A Trip To Fortune Street

By Spencer . August 10, 2011 . 4:07pm

fortunes1The stars from Dragon Quest and the Mario series are meeting in the board game world of Fortune Street. This Monopoly style game has players purchase property, invest in stocks, and play slime racing mini-games. Whoever has the most money wins.


Fortune Street, the first English Itadaki Street game, is being developed by Square Enix and localized at Nintendo. Even though Nintendo publishes Dragon Quest games, titles like Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 were localized by Square Enix. When I saw Fortune Street a few weeks ago, a Nintendo rep mentioned the game will have lots of Dragon Quest references for fans to pick up on.


This Wii game has online play and two rule sets. Beginners can pick easy, which simplifies Fortune Street, and then graduate to standard rules. Fortune Street is slated for release later this year.


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  • Nice! I am interested in this game, I know a lot of people grew tired of minigames compilations, but there’s just one more title I’m dying to get, and that one is Mario and Sonic at the Olympics London 2012, why? one simple reason: PRINCESS PEACH IN A LEOTARD, but then again I will get this game as well because I enjoy Mario Party and Dragon Quest.

  • Time to get ready to dust off the good ole Wii for yet another party game! Im just baffled really why they chose this game to release this year when it will be going up against a Mario Party.

    • Yeah, I see more people buying Mario Party 9 just for brand name recognition. This game looks fun, though. Monopoly is a good time-waster. :)

      • i dunno how long average game length for this title is… but that’s what i like about Mario Party titles. mini-games are quick crazy fun, and the overall round  doesn’t take too long as well. so in an hour or two of play time, you can have a bunch of well played rounds already. and believe me, it gets even better and crazier with booze. ^_^ i’ve tried. XD

        • The games in Itadaki Street (Fortune Street) can last pretty long, if you set the right difficulty level and money goal requirement. If you feel like a shorter game, just make the AI competitors stupid and set a low money goal, if possible.

          I’d say if you’re against human opponents who know what they’re doing, you could probably do two matches in an hour.  Maybe more, if one person is particularly savvy and ruthless. :P

  • I can’t believe NOA is localizing this game – something no one wants – and is barely hyping it. Meanwhile, 3 years ago, they announced Monado at e3; a western game conference. Why would they show what would become Xenoblade to American and Canadian gamers and then NOT localize it? For stuff like this? Random, weird games that aren’t going to sell, or do a very good job fill in the massive void in software releases? This is just like when they “threw us a bone” with Glory of Heracles; a series no one has heard of before, or cared about since.


    •  … I want it. The Itadaki Street series is really fun and I’m glad Nintendo is taking a chance on it. I’d have preferred the DS game. (I imported Itadaki Street DS back when it first came out and loved it. I still pop it in from time to time. And Itadaki Street Portable with the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy characters is good as well.

      You may want to give it a try when it comes out. Maybe rent it. You may be surprised. I mean, the series has been around in Japan since 1991.

    • theworldofnoboundries

      Well u should just be happy that we are still getting some game for the dying Wii.

       I hope this trend will keep going on and Nintendo will give us more games.

      • Well with that attitude we might as well be glad Ninty is continuing to publish games like Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident instead of other more compelling titles.

  • mannn this is a day one for me!

  • Barrylocke89

    I know Mario Party’s going to get more love, but I’m more excited about this one. And it has wi-fi, so if my friends decide they don’t want to play (a very real possibility), at least the internet will have my back.

  • Oni123

    Can’t wait ^^b i hope they port the final fantasy ones over to.

  • *Adds to wish list*

    Never thought this series would make it stateside.

  • MarkMario

    Will be getting this along with Mario Party.

  • Though I wish I could have tried a portable version (cheaper), there’s know way a self-respecting DQ/Nintendo fan could NOT buy this.

    Here’s hoping for 39.99………..

  • I’ve been wanting to play a translated Itadaki Street and the day finally comes, although it’s only for Wii ;__; Sad for me, but I’m sure people will enjoy it.
    *boots up Birth By Sleep’s Command Board*

    • Code

      Can relate T3T” I’ve waited for a long time too, I’m kind of disappointed though that it isn’t Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Itadaki Street Special; it had such a good cast omo;; But at least this is something.

      • It has Mario in it……………………………………………………………. I guess? Ah well, make do with the best that you have

        • Code

          Well I do like Mario characters, and Nintendo characters opo; but part of the appeal of Itadaki Street was it having a FF-cast opo; Aw well better something then nothing owo;

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