BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Location Test Gives Us Early Look At Relius Clover

By Spencer . August 11, 2011 . 5:01pm

Arc System Works is preparing an arcade update for BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, which is being tested in select Japanese arcades. Thanks to a fan who kindly recorded this video and Alvin for sending us a tip we have an over the shoulder look at Relius Clover. The way this video was shot makes it feel like were in an actual arcade.

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  • Rarutos

    Really glad to see that he doesn’t play too much like his son at all! I was hoping they wouldn’t make him and Carl too similar if he were to be playable. :)

    • mikanko

      One of the coolest things about BB is everyone has a different drive, and playstyles are all quite varied.  I would have been pretty surprised if Relius had been a lot like Carl.

      • I wasn’t worried about redundancy for a moment; ArcSys tried to build up all play-styles to be different from the get-go. I was just wondering how they’re gonna make things different for two similar styles. From the looks of it, Relius seems a bit easier to use than Carr Carl.

  • Daniel13789

    Hello other main character!

  • My favorite NPC just might be my favorite playable character below Platinum. He’s looking very nice and I love his cape animation.

  • MrRobbyM

    I think I found a new favorite.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Is that a new stage or am I just very forgetful?

  • Now just give us Jubei and I’ll guarantee a day one purchase! :D 

  • AJ

    He fights like a stand user.  We needed one of those in this game, since every character references 20 things according to the blazblue wiki.  :S

  • He’s either Blazblue’s Konoha or Liesolotte.

  • Code

    Awesome, Relius’ play style looks pretty different from Carl >w< Although I'm waiting for Jubei and Kokonoe announcement T3T;

    • mikanko

      We can hope.  Considering the extensive balance changes that seem to be coming with this update, I am hoping for a deja vu from the previous year with 3 more dlc characters spaced out over a handful of months. 

      Balance changes are too early to really say much, Mu and Plat getting buffs Makoto and Noel getting nerfs etc.  Kinda just expected stuffs that’s way too early to really speculate on. It’ll definitely be a major patch should it hit consoles though.

      • Code

        I’ve been really digging the CS2 balance patch in general, so I’m hoping they continue to maintain this feel even if they do change up character balance itself. I’m especially hoping to see Jubei and Kokonoe playable omo; Feels like I’ve waited long enough for playable Jubei specifically omo;; 

        As far as release I kind of don’t wanna wait another whole year just for 3 characters again T3T’ I’d really like to see BB3 hit with characters already packed in but honestly not a big deal to me either way >o> I’d be okay with another console patch, or a whole new disc whatever could happen soonest >w<; 

        • mikanko

          In a recent interview with with Harada, the Tekken producer, he was asked why Tekken games take a full 1-2 years to hit console, and why he kept the focus on arcades unlike Capcom’s more console focused SF4.  The simple truth was the networking costs Namco charges arcade operators, and the sales of the cabinets, was more profitable than console releases.  This is why we might not see Tekken Tag 2 on console till 2013.

          BB is pretty popular in arcades too, and they have an online setup they’re using with their machines now as well. If anything I guess we’re lucky we’re getting these console updates so soon.  BB isn’t quite as big as Tekken at arcades all across Asia, so maybe it’s not a super valid comparison. I just think it might play into why they keep updating if they keep getting paid networking fees for the use of their arcade cabinets.  I was pretty surprised they seem to be focusing on adding to CS2 rather than releasing the third game, but I imagine it comes down to what’s the easiest form of revenue.

          Wouldn’t mind another disc release too, especially since the current build of CS2 in arcades lets you select all the CT backgrounds and stuff, it feels like the console ver. is being patched up the wazoo but still lagging behind.  Hopefully they can get around to doing both.

          • Code

            All-in-all the gameplay itself is the main thing for me; but doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to more story line too, I always found BB’s story line really fun owo; I just feel like continuously adding on to CS2 is going to delay BB3 story more and more~! But when it comes down to it, if doing DLC characters works best for them, go for it. I’ve waited since CT for Jubei, I can wait a little longer >w<' 

            I wasn't thinking too much on how arcade dynamics play into all this, but it seems like it's potentially a factor, especially with ASW since they aren't Namco-sized opo; So those profits probably help out a lot. I originally figured the reason for going with DLC characters released might have to do with ASW concerns over market saturation with disc releases. But the role networking in arcades plays might be a bigger factor, especially since arcades are basically the pipeline for the console releases.

            It'd be nice though to see console content releases follow a little tighter to the arcade releases those if that is the case T3T; Also reminds me I'd kill for a fresh music pack opo;

          • mikanko

            Yeah, I don’t really think there’s a huge concern with disc releases over saturating things.  GG kept getting disc releases as the arcade updates kept coming, and it remained one of the only prolific fighting game series for those handful of years.  ASW always goes with arcade first in their releases since GG days so I would guess it’s their first concern, with consoles playing 2nd fiddle. 

            Joybox, one of the best “anime” game arcades recently closed down in Japan, one that focused on titles like AH and Melty.  So it is a market that’s slowly dying out everywhere.  I guess it’s hard to say how long that focus will last.  BB’s arcade popularity is still in the top 5 most games played I think, so they have some time left.

  • Ben Tan

    he looks and plays a bit like “DIO”


    • jugun

      my thoughts exactly dude 

      • Ben Tan

        arc system works should get the license to make a reboot of JoJo bizzare adventure.

        • jugun

          Word I but I would like them to get Jotaro’s gramps story in there too,his battles were epic,and maybe Golden Experience…..,but yeah Relius is a boss,I’m gonna lmao if in BB3 when Carl and Relius fight and he’s like so sorry  son “drops Ignis” WRRRRRRRRRRY They clash in air,Ada and Ignis are going ORAORAORA and UDADADADADA and Relius goes like ZA WARUDO,and Hazama comes out of nowhere laughing,throwing knives,Ada can still move blocks the knives,and then Ignis drops the Calderon on Carl,and It blows,Relius begins to leave then he freezes,”can’t move…….who” I stopped time….. !!!! Hakumen in his astral pose stops the attack,he yells AKUMESTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah that would be awesome   

  • He and all the DLC characters better be in the vita version. Ignous is quite aggressive compared to ada. From another screenshot,On the menu , there seems to be space for more DLC, i wonder if we will see Jubei, Kokonoe, Phantom, imperator,etc.

    • I believe he was already comfirmed for the vita version, not sure about the rest tho.

  • Darkrise

    Ignis can JUMP!

    • Naa that is some A class flight patterns :P

  • I’m FAIRLY certain that you aren’t allowed to take pictures or video at location test things, especially for the tournaments. At least that’s what the signs said for the Border Break location test thing I walked in on last year. Nothing gets a geisen’s attention like a black guy with a hiking backpack, I guess.

    • mikanko

      Yes, any video is banned there.  Ninjas do come from Japan though so sneaky vids will leak out here and there, but not many.

      Loc test changes are all super premature anyways, so some of the stuff that’s floating in as changes may not make the final build of CS2+.

      One thing of note is Relius takes up a corner of the inner circle of the character select next to Mu.  It looks like there are clearly spaces for 2 more possible characters there.

      • AnimeRemix

        Jubei and Kokonoe, here we come~! =D

        • Ben Tan

          it would rock if kokonoe is a “stand” user like relius and carl

          • Mister_Nep

            I’ve always envisioned Kokone as something like Robo-ky. Well a less comical version of Robo-Ky. With the power of science she can do all kinds of wacky things. Like proper herself in the air a bit longer with a jet backpack that pops out of nowhere. Or smash in a person’s face with a multi-mechanical arm attack that pops out of nowhere. Or maybe pull out a dimensional beam out of nowhere for a distortion.

            I’ve always figured her science would be key to her fighting style.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            I’ve always thought Kokone would actually be more like Tronne, where she builds herself a big Tager-like mech or something and only uses her magical powers for her distortion.

  • I figured they were going to save him for the next BlazBlue installation. Looks like I was wrong. Relius seems to be a that plays like anyone from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Ignus acts as his stand, called out when he needs her, as opposed to “Caruru” and Ada being constantly on the field. I’m interested to know if Ignus also comes with a gauge for him appearances on the battlefield.

    • jugun

      another vid shows she does have a gauge,its more like Valk’s wolf gauge,but god does she do damage 

  • Meh, I’m not impressed by Relius. Of course I would have been more impressed if he were able to beat that Hakumen. >_<

  • Göran Isacson

    Not surprised that Relius plays differently than Carl- he IS after all a grown man, and CAN fight on his own. He doesn’t need a puppet to kick-ass, it’s just cooler that way.

    Jokes aside, my impressions of his power is a combination of Carl’s remote-control of puppets with Venom from Guilty Gear’s shadow symbiote powers, if that makes any sense. They have to limit his puppet somehow though, unless he’s just going to be “like Carl but way more powerful because he can actually fight”.

  • cmurph666

    Needs more Jubei.

  • fanoultimate

    Only one video, and Relius is looking way better than Carl the whiny b*tch

  • PrinceHeir

    woah is this a new arcade cabinet??

    never seen a blue one before(mostly are red like in Tekken 6 and SSFIV)

    will wait for the version that includes all DLC as well as story and Clover ^^

  • RagnaXBL

    Balance Patch for console version plz?

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