Catherine Charms Its Way To 78,000 Units In July

By Spencer . August 12, 2011 . 1:31pm


Sales numbers from the NPD differ with the Catherine congratulatory cake, which says the game sold 200,000 units. According to the NPD, the game sold 78,000 units between its launch on July 26 and the end of the month. That puts Catherine 7,000 units away from Mortal Kombat, which was the tenth best selling game in July.


Last week Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus, proclaimed "Catherine can boast the largest launch in the 20-year history of Atlus." Somewhere in the galaxy, Widget is smiling.



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  • The cake lied!

    • kylehyde

      It was the baker he lied to us.

      • Zero_Destiny

        He’s only a small part of a conspiracy. We still have to worry about the Butcher and the Candle Stick Maker! XD

  • Remember NPD does not track all sales 

    • lurkingsalt

      Walmart doesn’t give out there numbers right. But then how many people actually bought it at Walmart?

      • Walmart has Atlus games?  They usually never carry any at mine. =/

        • lurkingsalt

          They were one of the reasons Atlus did the more conservative cover. Haven’t checked my local store but I would think they carried the game.

        • fuzzy_hobo

          Wal-mart does occasionally carry Atlus games. Demon’s Souls the most obvious one of recent years and Divinity II as well. My Wal-mart carries both versions of Catherine and they’re surprisingly selling!

      • AnimeRemix

        I heard that Walmart decided to give out their video game sales now… Think I read about it on GameInformer website before…

      • cj_iwakura

        I did. They were the only place open at 11PM.

      • Walmart is estimated. However this year they are going to start giving videogame sales numbers.

    • They don’t track digital sales, but I believe they track the vast majority of physical sales. And they’re certainly more accurate than VGChartz, which just… guesses. ;)

    • exhume

      Out of curiosity, I wonder how sales to import vendors are tracked? For example, there are a few brick-and-mortar stores here in Australia which are selling* copies of Catherine, I wonder if those count towards the NPD totals or if the retailers are buying them online and then selling them on, or what…

      *were selling them, at least; my local store has been sold out for ages!

      • I imagine those retailers purchased the game from some retailer in the US, so then the sale would be accounted for by that retailer, if they are part of the tracking or just under the estimation algorithm…

  • Super Widget was my first Atlus game.

  • FireCouch

    Price drop in the near future.

    • Aoshi00

      Amazon alrdy has a B1G1 50% off deal w/ Catherine and a handful of other games like Shadows of the Damned… Selection not that great but it’s something.. there’s like Fallout New Vegas, AC Brotherhood, Portal 2, Tomb Raider Trilogy, etc..

      Before I bought mine from for $56.99 w/ a $20 future store credit, so it was like $36.99 and was the best deal, at the time Amazon gave no pre-order credit at all, not even the usual $10 which was disappointing (we’ve been spoiled).. They missed sending me the artbook/soundtrack and further refunded me $10, then I used the same $10 to get it on ebay lol..

      But man, I thought 200,000 units and the campaign really worked.. guess an anime style game is still niche..

  • DanteJones

    That’s… odd. I can’t see either side lying, maybe one just fudged some of the numbers up?

    • 200,000 copies were shipped (i.e. sold to retailers). Gamers bought 78,000 of those copies.

      • DanteJones

        Ahh, so that’s what the cake meant? I thought it meant purchased through retailers, oops.

    • kylehyde

      Probably some malicious baker.

  • Widget’s got a troll face on.

    This a huge difference in numbers. I hope this gets cleared up soon, because I’m curious to see how well Catherine really did.

    • Nothing needs clarification. They launched with 200,000 units and 78K of those units were accounted for. Most likely wont ever know how much it sold until the quarterly or end of the year sales results.

      • Oh I see. I must’ve misunderstood shipped and sold. :P I thought they were the same thing.

  • To them shipped it sold. The solded 200,000 to retailers who now have to sell the games to get their money back. Don’t seem like they will.

  • Exand

    I imported and kind of regretted doing it. As much as I wanted to like it, the game boils down to a rather simplistic puzzle game, albeit with a unique (for video games) story.

    The marketing for this game dare I say drew too much hype for the game. But at least it wasn’t on the level of Naughty Bear. Catherine is still playable, NB was not.

    • Aoshi00

      Why would you regret it?  I imported too and played the heck out of it before the US release.. I regretted importing both PS3 and 360 ver though.. now I got the US PS3 ver (so triple dipping).. otherwise I would’ve gotten my US ver on 360… at least the US ver didn’t have dual track, otherwise importing it would’ve been redundant..definitely appreciate the rebalanced US ver where you could use undo in normal mode, getting gold on normal was way too hard in the Jpn ver..

      Still got stuck in Rapunzel and can’t go beyond puzzle 24… how the heck could people make 64, and then a 2nd round..

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    I’m a bit hesitant in whether I should get this or not.  The story seems very unique and interesting, but puzzle games were never my forte and I heard certain levels are very difficult…

    • PersonaBull

       There’s a Very Easy difficulty you can unlock at the start, so if you’re only interested in the story there are 8 endings you can get with ease.

      • SuigetsuHiramura

        Well that’s cool.  I might consider it after the price drops a tad.

  • I’m actually finding the story very boring. Maybe it’s because of Vincent’s attitude, but the whole thing just seems silly so far. On the other hand, the puzzles are very fun. Simplistic, but very fast paced, and intense gameplay.

    • Which story are you doing? Oddly, I think thats opposite of me. The puzzles felt in the way of the story, however, the story felt like it ended up falling apart…Too mature

      • I’m almost done the 6th day, 3rd puzzle. I don’t know, I expected the story to be “mature” and serious. It deals with some of the older themes, but the story feels kinda underwhelming for me. I must admit though, it IS pretty refreshing to play a game with a story like this, because I don’t think I’ve play any games with the theme of “love and cheating” as the main theme.

        And Vincent feels like an overgrown college student to me. Maybe that was the point, but it sure isn’t making me like him. 

        But some of the lines are damn funny, and Orlando is a pretty cool character though. The gameplay itself, I find plenty of fun.

  • JustaGenericUser

    That’s very disappointing, I really thought it sold 200k. Damn.

  • blah blah

    It is also possible that Atlus meant 200k in first month both regions.
    I think it sold around 150k in Japan?
    That and about 80k rounds down to 200k.

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing :)

    Love my Love is Over Edition :P

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