Final Fantasy Type-0 Japanese Demo Guide

By Laura . August 12, 2011 . 5:34pm

This is a rough guide for everyone that tried (or wants to try) the Japanese Final Fantasy Type-0 demo and found that the language barrier was getting in the way. It provides menu translations/features and a brief overview of each character. Please don’t reproduce it anywhere else without our permission!


The demo for Final Fantasy Type-0 starts off with rather heartrending cutscene that is better off seen rather than described. Somehow, within a minute, they managed to get me to like a character before taking him off the screen for good.


When the controls are finally turned over to you, you’ll find yourself in control of Rem at the Suzaku magic academy . There isn’t much to explore, but the area is pretty and convincing, with students walking, talking or chilling nearby on a park bench. There’s a fire bird atop a fountain, wings spread wide. There are roads leading to the left and right, but they’re not open yet. Across, there’s an enormous building that, no matter how you rotate the camera, you can’t see its top half.


Since that’s the only place to go, let’s go through the door by talking to the moogle with a blue icon over his (its?) head. Select the first option, and enter. Something to keep in mind: Blue icons indicate anything ranging from area changes to item shops, or people you have to talk to. Red icons indicate quests and missions.


Inside the salon, there are several things to do. First, let’s go into the practice battle. Talking to the moogle in the center of the room with a red icon over its head nets you a small menu. The options are as follows:

Practice Battle
Mission One


Choosing the topmost option takes you to a simple multi-part battle that breaks down the various aspects of the Type-0 battle system. Type-0 controls are fairly complicated, reminiscent of Gods Eater Burst. The D-pad controls the camera, and the analog stick is used to move around. There are four moves, one assigned to each button. In general, the Triangle button is a melee attack, the X button is a defensive move (either guarding or a Cure spell), and the Circle and Square button are either abilities or magic spells. Guarding eats at the Ability Gauge (located on the right, above the spells), while Cure spells take MP to cast.


Abilities use the Ability Gauge (which you can see under the character portrait to the left) and it’s refilled when you attack an enemy with a melee move, whereas magic spells use MP. The longer you hold the spell button (i.e., the longer you choose to incant the spell), the stronger the spell will be. HP can be recovered by standing still or by “sheathing” your weapon with L+R. Doing the latter causes the HP to rise dramatically, but you have to wait a moment to draw your weapons again.


However, MP doesn’t recover automatically. In the demo, there are only four ways to do so. The first is using an item, the second is using the Healing Circle, and the third is to collect Phantoma. The last is only available to one character, Ace, and will be mentioned later.



Phantoma are collected from defeated monsters. Just approach a monster and, if you’re close enough, when you press the R button, the monster’s body will start floating and a cursor will appear. Once the cursor rotates and “snaps” into place, you can press any of the command buttons except X, and the monster’s body will explode into red wisps and you’ll get your Phantoma. Each Phantoma is categorized by color, which corresponds to the type of spell they can upgrade. For example, Red Phantoma upgrades Fire spells, and Blue Phantoma upgrades Blizzard spells. You can’t upgrade spells in the demo, though, so just collect them for fun.



In addition to these moves, it’s also possible to dodge attacks by using the analog stick and X, and to target an enemy using R. The R-button is a bit tricky to handle. A simple tap swings the camera behind the character. Holding it locks on to an enemy. However, if you move too much, the lock is undone. Also, if, when you lock-on, you see the cursor turn red, you can attack for a critical hit, accompanied by a very satisfying flash of the screen signaling the death of the monster.


You can also press the Start button to open the main menu. From there, you’ll get a series of menus. You can switch between menus with the L and R buttons. The different submenus (lined up on top) are as follows:

Information    Item    Members    System    Control    Explanation


The Information screen differs in and out of battle. The different options under that submenu are:

(out of battle)
Pause Game
(only out of battle)
Practice (only out of battle, not available during demo)
Return to Title Screen


(in battle)
Pause Game
Quit Mission
Return to Title


A press of the R button brings you to the Item screen. This has its own set of sub-categories:

Items    Weapons    Accessories    Phantoma    Chocobo


Most of those don’t lead anywhere, seeing as you can’t get a chocobo or new weapons. If you select the Item category, you get this handy menu:



If you want to use an item, you have to go through this menu without pausing the battle and without the option to dodge. Equipping an item allows you to assign it to the Select button, which you can use immediately during battle without going through this whole process. You can only assign single items though.


Another R button press brings you to party members, but there’s no real reason to come to this screen. You can reorganize the order your party members or reserve party are listed in, but you can’t actually change your party with this menu. Pressing the Triangle button toggles between screens for each character’s equipment and abilities.


The System submenu has three options:

Key Configuration


The first leads to the following options regarding a battle feature that I’ll explain later. For now, feel free to ignore it and move on:


The information below these options displays your default online information for the demo. You can ignore it. The second sub-menu, Key Configuration, leads to button changes:

Finally, the third submenu, Configuration, leads to sound controls and other options:


Phew. The last submenu, Control Explanations, is just that. This screen changes depending on if you’re in battle or not. This is a good time to mention summons Also, as a last-resort attack — or just when you want a big powerhouse on the field – you can summon a monster by holding Triangle and Circle simultaneously. During the practice battle, only ice-skating Shiva is available, but you can select to use Golem during the missions. The summons also have four attacks available, but they’re only present for a set period of time (I believe it’s 30 seconds) and summoning them causes your current character’s HP to fall to 0. I’m not a big fan of the summons, but I’ve also heard that they’re one of the only way (or maybe just the easiest) to take on the harder demo missions.


The save point is the place to go to save and load data. There are also options to change equipment and to upgrade magic (at the Altocrystarium), but they’re not available yet. You can poke around and see what they’re about, but you can’t change anything. With the magic, you can use Phantoma to upgrade a spell’s power, range (make it more powerful for longer distances), speed, incantation time, and MP cost. Judging by how high your spell’s levels are, it’s possible that during the actual game, the spells will be weaker and slower.


From top down, the save crystal menu translates as:

Change Controlling Character
Edit Reserve Party
Character Growth


It’s also possible to use the AP you earned in battle to upgrade certain skills (and you can do so in the demo as well!) in the Character Growth menu. You can also change parties and characters at the save point. All in all, the practice is simple battles with only a few monsters, but I used the opportunity to break in all of the different characters. The order of the characters I use is that presented in the game, not in order of importance to the story.


You can change characters simply by going to the first option in the save crystal menu and choosing the character you want. Below is a brief overview of the characters. Note that T, C, S and X stand for Triangle, Circle, Square and X, respectively. While these are the default spells assigned to each character, you can change them. One example of a spell not mentioned in the list is a defensive wall spell that both we and one of our readers noticed on Ace.


Rem (Daggers):

T: Dagger

C: Fire RF (rifle)

S: Thunder SHG (shotgun)

X: Cure


Since Rem was the default character, I used her first. One of the more magic-oriented characters, she’s a relatively fast attacker with her dagger and has the ability to cure herself, which is always handy. However, I find her magic — Missile-style Fire and Shotgun-style Thunder — to be pretty weak. At first glance, she’s probably one of those characters that level up well. I’m going to hope for her potential, but I didn’t use her at all in the demo.


Nine (Spear):

T: Spear

C: Jump

S: Fire RF (rifle)

X: Defend


Nine uses a lance and can jump into a powerful attack that is quite handy against bosses and enemies that are some distance away. He also has a fire spell that is pretty quick. I found him to be one of my favorites simply because he was more heavy-hitting, but he wasn’t too slow. He’s saved me a few times because his more powerful special attack uses AP, which can be regenerated, and because he can guard.


Queen (Sword):

T: Long Sword

C: Cross Judge

S: Blizzard ROK (rocket)

X: Cure


Queen has a rapier and attacks in a straight line, unlike some other characters such as Rem or Ace, so actually aiming with her is trickier.  However, what I really like about her are her magic spells, as she’s the only character as of yet with a Rocket-style magic.  She also has an odd ability called Cross Judge, which creates a cross-shaped energy beam that revolves slowly around Queen.  This beam absorbs HP from any enemy and heals any allies that step within it.  In theory, it’s cool, although it moves too slowly to be useful and unfortunately Queen isn’t invulnerable while using the attack (hah, if only).


Ace (Cards):

T: Card

C: Deck Open

S: Fire MIS2 (Missile 2)

X: Cure


Ace is a personal favorite, although he took some getting used to. He attacks extremely quickly with his cards and, when his weapons are out, his “dodging” becomes “teleportation,” which is just cool to see. One of his special attacks is a Missile-style fire attack, but it’s the other that is really interesting (and also
hard to use).


The O attack is “Deck Open,” which changes your melee attack — Triangle – so that it has another effect. For example, press it once, your Triangle button no longer activates a melee attack using cards. The effect is decided randomly, as far as I can tell. Thus far, I’ve seen a magic attack (Burst), HP Charge (which heals your HP), and MP Charge (likewise, for MP). There are also different degrees, such as MP Charge, MP Hi-Charge, and MP Mega-Charge.


There are probably other options I haven’t seen yet. And then, when you choose Deck Open again, you get another randomly chosen effect. Think of “Deck Open” as a one-slot slot machine. This can be done up to four times in the demo.


Sice (Scythe):

T: Scythe

C: Dark Nebula

S: Thunder MIS (missile)

X: Cure


Sice uses, appropriately, a scythe, and is another favorite. Like Ace, she’s fairly fast for a hard-hitter and she has a long range of attack. In addition, she has a long-distance ability, Dark Nebula. While she’s not particularly special (other than her weapon of choice!), she’s pretty easy to use. I used her to beat the first mission.



T: Handgun

C: Powered Bullet

S: Blizzard BOM (Bomb)

X: Defend


King is one of the two long-range attackers with his handguns. Unlike the others, he has to reload his guns every 12 shots. His magic and ability, though, are powerful (although they also bring their respective gauges down like nothing else) and he’s also the only current user of a Bomb-style magic.



T: Bolt Rapier

C: Spin Drive

S: Thunder SHG (shotgun)

X: Cure


Machina is the last character on the roster. He wields two swords and is surprisingly slow. He hits hard, but his magic spell is fairly weak. His ability, Spin Drive, is strong, but hard to aim. I haven’t used him a lot, mostly because I tend to get shot in the face before I can finish my attack.


Other than the practice battle, you can access a basic item shop and a quest from the Salon. In addition, after you finish the first (real) mission, there’s a girl with a yellow exclamation point over her head. Something will happen if you give her 5000 gil. Since I’m a broke miser and don’t have that much cash, I can’t find out what she has, unfortunately.


Aside from that, it’s on to the first mission, which brings you head to head with Byakko soldiers and their wonderful monsters. Among them is a very familiar Behemoth. The missions are straightforward (defeat X enemies, run forward, defeat more), although sometimes special events happen that require you to take different actions. You can always cancel the mission midway. If you do so, you keep the EXP you’ve earned. However, if you’re completely wiped out (this includes everyone in the reserve party too; you can always switch in your party while you’re KO’d), you lose everything and start at the last save point. There are save crystals in the missions too, so you may not be starting at the very beginning, in that case.


Once you’ve accepted your mission and have arrived on-site, the first thing you do is organize your party. First, you have to assign your Mission Members. These are the people that you can choose both your reserve party and your current party members from. In the demo, you can use everyone available, but in the full game, apparently there are only a limited number of slots. The game then asks whether you wish to change equipment. This is a moot point. There’s nothing to change it with.


After that, the game asks whether you want a summon beast or something else. Seeing as how that “something else” isn’t available in the demo, let’s go with the summon. You then get to choose your summon beast. Every character shares the same summon, or rather, the “God of War” that will watch over you. You can choose between Golem or Shiva, although the screen implies that they have different forms or variations in the main game.


Next, the first character you choose will be the one you’ll be controlling initially. After that, it’s your other two main party members. Think of your player character as A. Your two other main members are B and C. Everyone else you choose are reserve members to replace your fallen members with.


Once you’re done with this, you have one more option to choose. This menu is as follows:

Users (not available in demo)
Backup from Magic Academy


The game asks whether you would like to play with “intrusions.” Without intrusions, the game will play as you’d expect. You’ll fight with your normal party, you can switch amongst your party, and you can swap your party with reserve members.


If you choose to play with intrusions, there are two kinds. The Users option, which is basically other online people, is not available in the tutorial. The Back-up from Magic Academy option means that, during the mission, random characters (in the form of shadowy silhouettes) will will pop in during battles to aid you every now and then. There’s a couple of important points to keep in mind about these shadows:


1. These people are usually much stronger than you at this point in the game.


2. They’re controlled by an AI. When they pop into battle, they will replace either B or C (or both). They also tend to disappear at random. Once they disappear, you will have to pull B and C back out. I’ll explain how to do this in a second.


3. Turning on the Backup from Magic Academy option is effectively like adding a few super-strong, extra (albeit unreliable) members to your existing roster, which consists of A (you), B and C (two mains), and reserve members. The shadows are not reserve members. Those are only used when someone in your party dies.


Onto the mission itself. The save crystal menu works the same as always, and you can use this opportunity to make any last-minute changes to your party using the first option. It will bring you to a familiar screen.


You can switch members in the party during battle, using sub-commands. When you hold the L button, an indicator with the D-pad will appear. Pressing the left button (while holding L) will cause you to automatically shift to the next character (B and C) you chose as a party member. This change occurs instantaneously and the next character takes the place of the old one, so you don’t have to re-orient yourself to a new character’s position.


The Up button brings you to the reserve party menu, where you can choose, using the D-pad, which members you want to bring into your current party. The only time you’ll be using this is if one of your party is KO’d, if you are KO’d, or if one of the backup shadow members (if you chose that option) leaves. So if shadow members replace B and C, and then disappear, hold L and press up to pull them back out from the reserve menu.


The down button is marked S.O. I’m not sure what that stands for, but if you press it, you are given an option. Basically, S.O. are different “events” or “quests” that you can accept in the middle of battle. If you complete a certain task within a set time limit, you get an item. If you don’t…your current character dies. At least you have reserve members to choose from, right?! These events vary depending on where you activate them. For example, you may have to “survive with no party members for 3 minutes” or “don’t get damaged for 1 minute.” You obtain S.O. by playing through the mission. Once you’ve gotten one once, you can activate it when you replay the mission.


As you already know, the demo missions get progressively harder, and the last is “impossible.” I won’t detail how to fight the missions, though I will say that the first one relies on excellent dodging technique. There’s not much to do besides watch the occasional cutscene, listen to your current party members banter in the background (yes, the dialogue will change depending on who’s in your party) as you run towards your next destination, find sparkly items on the ground, and kill, kill, kill.


It’s pretty hard to sight-see while battling, but the environments are always extremely detailed. Byakko is home to soaring skyscrapers and scrap metal, while Seiryuu is covered in blue ice. I’m not sure of the context of the battles, but the animosity between the nations is clear. Nine and King go out of their way to demonstrate the difference between their and a Byakko soldier’s point of view in one of the cutscenes.


After you’ve completed Mission 1, two other moogles pop up that you can talk to for missions 2 and 3. The final moogle that lets you access the “impossible” mission turns up after you’ve beaten these three missions.


We hope you enjoyed reading our quick guide and found the feature useful!

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  • axelfire250

    Thought I’d help expand the guide a bit with summer outfit locations.

    Ace – Clear mission 3
    Deuce – In the first map of mission 1, the gates will open and 2 soldiers will come out. Kill the leader ONLY (one with red arrow) then talk to other soldier for a card key to open up the two cars.
    Trey – Talk to Aki twice (blonde girl at school entrance)
    Cater – Clear mission 1
    Cinque – Talk to girl by the tree in town, then talk to kids who come up to her. The girl will run off, so talk to her again, then go to entrance and talk to the hooded person at the entrance (pick 2nd option), then talk to girl again (pick 2nd option).
    Sice  – Collect 10 red phantoma for lady in salon.
    Seven – Clear mission 2
    Eight – In last map of mission 3, the gates will open and 3 robots will appear. Kill the leader ONLY (one with red arrow) then talk to the remaining robot for a card key for a shack nearby.
    Nine – Bought from merchant in town (last item).
    Jack – Give 5000 gil to girl in salon.
    Queen – Clear mission 4 aka mission impossible
    King – In the beginning of mission 4 a Suzaku soldier will approach you then collapse examine them.
    Machina – Complete training/practice mission.
    Rem – In the last map of mission 2 you will get an S.O. telling you to kill 10 zombies. Complete it.

    *Edit forgot to add in Machina and Rem

    • danemc95

      Wow, this demo is certainly getting a lot of attention and support, ya hear that Square? Now hurry up and begin localization!
      Thanks for the guide guys, helps a lot. And can we all agree that Nine is the most powerful character so far?

      • IceRomancer

        Personally I thought king and machina were really powerful. King because of his range + kill sight is just amazing! And machina because of high attack stat :3

        But nine is pretty beastly too! Especially that jump attack <3

        • danemc95

          Agreed, Machina and King have some serious power, but Nines speed and long, powerful combos make him the best IMO. (Plus, he has the highest health too)

    • Ren

      Just a quick correction, her name is Deuce, not Deus. Deus is the masculine form of the word God in my mother language and in latin too.

      • axelfire250

        lol my bad thanks for the correction.

    • 128bitigor

      Can you outfit those characters in those uniforms?Or is it just a small thing people just want to collect for the completion sake? 

      • malek86

        Not in the demo, but apparently they can be transfered and used in the full game.

        Of course, you’d need the import version… but I’m seriously thinking about that.

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  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    One thing that I saw was that Ace has a “Wall” spell of some sort. Pretty much like a physical wall that will take damage then break after too many hits.

    All in all, if this is what the final version of the game will turn out to be, SE has redeemed themselves in spades! (For handhelds at least; I’ll wait to see if Versus and XIII-2 can bring their console glory back.)

  • DanteJones

    Thanks for this! I got a bit into the demo but I think I need to grind a bit for mission 4 I think it was? Also: Sice is definitely my favorite so far, she’s awesome!

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Great guide!

    Is it okay to link to it in forums?

  • I am extremely addicted to this demo. It’s soo fun! 

    • Shinji Kazuya

      Yup! Everything is awsome! The graphics, the story, the characters, the gameplay, THE MUSIC!

      • I haven’t noticed the music really, and that’s usually the first thing I notice about a game.  Doesn’t stop the game from being fun though (reminds me a lot of Phantasy Star Portable 2).

        • Music just reminds me too much of Crisis Core.

          • Shinji Kazuya

            It’s the same composer, Takeharu Ishimoto.
            The music of the area where Bahamut shows up reminds me of Wandering on a Sunny Afternoon from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack.

            If Takeharu Ishimoto is the composer, the music will be epic of course. :p

            Would be awsome if he joined with Yoko Shimomura to do Versus XIII music!

          • Reminded me of The Price of Freedom, only Type-0’s version.

          • badmoogle

            Yeah same here.Which is a good thing since i liked the majority of CC’s ost.

        • Shinji Kazuya

          I keep listening to the music at the PARTY ORGANIZATION screen! I like it a lot!

          • I’ll have to pay attention next time I load up the demo then.

          • I’d have to agree. The only music that I noticed was when I was in the Saloon, and that’s FF’s theme :( Probably it’ll get better in the full ver? It is a demo after all.

  • I beat the demo so many times, but it never get boring :)

    Ace and Sice FTW!

  • I LOVE the backup members.  They’ve actually been more help to me, especially since they outright replace the party members I’ve brought (they didn’t even die).  Also, I was getting Phantoma as King and restoring his MP.  And I love how critical hits work, they can make short work of powerful enemies.

    • urbanscholar

      At first I was like ok I hit you a couple of times and ?! what the deuce?! that was fast!

    • Exkaiser

      Personally, I hated them, since they kept replacing party members when I wanted to switch out to them.

      • I think I liked it from a gameplay standpoint.  If they didn’t replace party members, it would be even better…

  • Square Enix… Fix the camera of this game!! 

    • It hav problems, cause is the same demo they used months ago.
      They never fix anything

    • Tabata stated on Twitter yesterday-ish that he is going to fix the camera and tweak phantoma

    • Exkaiser

      What’s wrong with it? Worked just fine for me, except one time when I tried to summon Golem indoors, but that was just a bad idea on my part.

      • SerendipityX

        The camera needs to be tweaked a little. A couple times I found my self dizzy from the way it spins while you fight and try to lock onto enemies.

  • d19xx

    This and BBS are proof that Squeenix can still make great games.

    • Guest

      Hey I liked Crisis Core and DQ IX & DQM Battle Road Victory….Dissidia 1 & 2

      • kupomogli

        I agree on all the above, even DQ9 though it’s my third least favorite in the series.

        However, it also needs to be said that their best games are remakes, and even then they make some major mistakes, such as FFTactics with the lag, and FF1/2 both having the lower visible range in many different areas.  FF4 Complete is, in my opinion, the best remake they’ve made(and who cares that After Years sucks.)  I’d love to see both FF5 and FF6 with a version like this.

  • Haha, funny how I came here looking for a guide and here it is! thanks :3
    What I really wanna know is how I make the “real” characters stay in the battle with me instead of those guests “ghosts”…
    Also, I’m in love with Sice :)

    • IceRomancer

      To prevent the shadowy guest characters from appearing: you get an option right after your done selecting your party and such. It’s the bottom option on the black screen :)

      • oh yeah
        thanks, i never noticed that option until now lol :D

  • I reaally dont like how in the Demo the story in `the missions are all out of place but am glad it`’s not the final version of `the game and so far am loving this game so much!, anyways i translate the demo then put a link here.

    i aready have a link for summer costumes. all 14 showing u what they would look like on your item menu and a guide on the description

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    I’m maining Rem. She is pretty good, her quick attacks make it easy to get criticals, and shotgun thunder makes it even easier since it’s so fast and has a good range (and it’s also very powerful against robots). Her evasion and speed was good enough to make me clear the impossible mission with her without dying.

    • I main eather Rem or Ace but sice is good to. i think Rem weapon base and eva are base on Thief class or Ninja.

      I use sht tunder and bom Ice for near range very good for rem.

      • Maining Sice King and Nine here, sometimes Rem too
        Sice would be perfect if she had a better defense or guard skill :I

        • Toshira Hayashi

           You could always switch out her Cure spell for Wall or Guard in the Equip menu :x

      • malek86

        I usually prefer the slow-but-resistant characters for this kind of games, but in here you can die all too easily, so I prefer to up my chances of survival with good evasion (unlike Monster Hunter, where you are quite durable and monsters are slow, so I can go with the spear as my choice to up my defense even more).

    • I chose Rem, King, and Sice for my party, but never really used Sice and mained as King…

  • evilkaz

    I really hope this demo makes it to the states soon. Because if the demo doesnt then theres no hope for the actually game to come out.

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    Whoa, thanks a lot for this Siliconera. :)

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    Thanks for this.

    I kinda wonder if there’s anyway Square could/would track IPs from people downloading the demo to gauge the obvious level of foreign interest the game is receiving. 

    Seems unlikely, but it’d be something I think they should consider if it’s even possible via PSN servers.

    • There’s no way the game isn’t coming eventually. It’s just a question of whether or not it’ll be on the PSP, given the challenges of that market…

      • They’d port the game to another console just to release it overseas? Not that I mind, quite the contrary, but that would be the first time I heard about something like that.
        Anyway I agree that it eventually will come over, I have yet to see a FF game that didn’t.

        • If they think it’d mean more sales, I wouldn’t object to that action. What’s most important right now is this thing comes to us in English and we’ll be able to cherish that moment. It’d be unfair if they decide to bring it and it gets really crap sales ;__;

        • This game cost a lot of time and money to develop, so yeah, that option probably is under consideration. Who knows what form it’ll eventually come over in, though…

          • SuigetsuHiramura

            Hopefully not just as a PSN download…

      • badmoogle

        I really hope they release it to either the PS3 or Vita because i definitely like my right analogue stick!As it is i must have a third arm to control the camera.

        • SuigetsuHiramura

          I wouldn’t mind it if they made it a launch title for the Vita here in the states.  It would drain my funds pretty quickly, but it would be worth it XD

        • Exkaiser

          The Claw, man, The Claw!

          • mikanko

            I am not a fan of The Claw.  Opposable thumbs are easily my preference with anything that doesn’t have a blast city layout. 

            Raccoons have claws, but are better if given opposable thumbs and index fingers(…err index pads?) as seen in this picture I am reposting from the Clockw0rk topic:


            A raccoon piloting a robot with thumbs is manlier than any man using a claw.  I am fairly certain this logic is irrefutable, or my by proxy upbringing by the world of anime has lied to me.

          • Exkaiser

            That’s no Raccoon- that’s a Rocket Raccoon!

      • 128bitigor

        I think we shouldn’t worry about the release in the west – not only it’s SE and this is big Final Fantasy title, they’ve released about 4 or 5 PSP games this year only – and I believe they did quite well. Yasumi Matsuno even mentioned (while he was working at SE) that his Tactics Ogre did well enough for SE to consider a sequel (which probably won’t happen now thanks to their new policy that screwed all the briliant IP and focused on more disappointing FF and DQ games)… 
        It is worrying that they haven’t announced it yet, but I think we have a lot of reasons to remain optimistic. How ironic that would be if FINALly promising Final Fantasy game wasn’t released in the west?

      • mikanko

        Yeah, I’m not really worried about it seeing an English release in some form eventually.  I’m just saying if there’s a huge number of DLs from foreign IPs they might 2nd guess whether there’s a market for it on PSP.

        Then again it was more wishful thinking as I doubt PSN servers would/could be providing them with that information.

    • The PSN servers certainly do provide that information, though whether SE gets to see it or just Sony is unclear.  I know this from bitter experience – I tried to add funds to my US-based PSN account using my US credit card, but was denied because my physical location, tracked using IP address, was in Japan.  (Thanks a lot, Sony!)

      I’d rather see them use this info for a good cause — such as gauging foreign interest in this great game!

      • mikanko

        I kinda figured they could, just unsure if anyone would have access to that info outside of Sony.  The system could also pretty much ignore foreign IPs altogether aside from credit card transactions, because pre-paid $ cards work from foreign IPs no problem etc.

        But yeah.

  • Awesome I got the 13 summer uniforms in the demo just need one more!

  • Syltique

    This guide is fantastic, and you’ve really outdone yourself.  Thank you :) 

  • SE redeemed themselves because they finally gave what the fans wanted, a more traditional FF with turn-based battles, mini-games, airships, towns and a huge open world. Oh wait…

    • Er, Type-0 has everything you listed except for turn-based battles. What’s your point?

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      Type-0’s battle system is more action-based rather than turn-based…

      • SerendipityX

         ^This. I kind of figured they would go in the action based direction especially after playing FFXIII. ^_^

  • Thanks for the guide!

    Type-0 is the most fun I’ve had in Final Fantasy in a long time, and that’s saying a lot! I even like it better than Crisis Core (and that’s high praise!!)! :D

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      I loved Crisis Core and I’m loving Type-0 even more! If this doesn’t come to the states prepare for rabid FF fan riots, lol.

  • Wow, this is a pretty good guide

  • Yu_TheKing

    Thanks alot for this :D Now I know how to stop these intrusions.

  • I’m very impressed. Type-0 has been a odd one for me seeing as I want it but considering the other FF games on the PSP, I debated if it would hold its own. Looks like it can completely and I shouldn’t of doubted it. Really looking forward to it.

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Thanks Siliconera, for the fantastic guide XD

  • Thanks for this. It was informative, and it really cleared some stuff up. Does anyone know how to unlock the Summer uniforms by the way? Is that what the woman gives you for the 5000 gil? I’m dying to know. *_*

  • MarkMario

    It’s a fun game and this guide helps a lot.
    I like Sice and King.

  • PrinceHeir

    very informative :D

    whenever it comes to a new final fantasy, despite alot of haters it’s still getting alot of attention. disappoint them or not :P

  • Fantastic guide :)
    I just started playing it and I made it past the second mission. I haven’t had this much fun playing an FF game since Crisis Core.
    Already I think I’ll be using Machina and Nine the most!

    Also, in the first mission there was some really nice music a bit before you get to the ‘boss’ that caught my ear but it stopped really quickly wahh..I wish there were like samples online or something, I really liked it.

  • “With the newly launched demo for Final Fantasy Type-0 being released several
    days ago, Square Enix has had plenty of feedback on gaming the experience from the players who tried the demo. There have been a bunch of major complaints, mostly pointed out to the poor camera and the Phantoma system. Suprisingly, the games director, Hajime Tabata, has come up and posted a video on the Square Enix Members Twitter where he assures fans that the camera and Phantoma system are being fixed.”

  • SonicRulez

    As soon as this demo comes out in English I will be in love.

  • Finally a good FF game after all the shitty games they went trough!

  • The “Impossible” mission is rather Easy using SHIVA

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