Wonderland Is Like The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Blue’s Golden Saucer

By Spencer . August 12, 2011 . 4:03pm

imageThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue has an amusement park to play in. Lloyd can visit Wonderland in Michelam. The rabbit on the right is the park’s mascot.


Falcom created a couple of events just for Wonderland. Players can talk to a fortune teller who tells you about Lloyd’s relationship with other characters and ride a Ferris Wheel in Sunshine Mall. You can choose who you want to sit with for the Ferris Wheel event. There’s also a Haunted Coaster mini-game where you "shoot" monsters on the ride. Get a high score and you could earn a prize. Michelam also has a beach area called Lakeside Beach where Lloyd and the other characters go swimming.


image image image


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue comes out on September 29 and it’s poised to be one of Falcom’s biggest releases. The Falcom Twitter account says initial orders from retailers surpassed 200,000 units.

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  • SuigetsuHiramura

    For a second, I almost thought this was a Harvest Moon game XD

  • godmars

    Now if only Falcom would do a PS3/360 game. So long as they can do a decent job. Could even be in SD.

    • Ladius

      Making an home console game as rich as any LoH title would be extremely daunting, and I don’t think they want to produce something sub-par that would tarnish their great reputation.

      I’m absolutely fine with their current graphics, it’s completely appropriate for this kind of jrpg and it means that Falcom has the time to focalize on plot, characters, explorations and gameplay rather than sacrificing them in order to have a much-reduced hd game.
      The great sales of the LoH franchise on PSP show that their business model is sound, and that quality still does matter.

      On the other hand, I imagine making an hd Ys or Zwei title would be more feasible.

      • mikanko

        I’d personally like to see Xseed continue to explore the idea of getting some of Falcom’s PC releases up on Steam.  Since it’s something they’ve said they looked at maybe there’s good logistics coming into play stopping it from happening.  Still, If it could happen I know it’s something they’d get my moneys on pretty instantly.  With their PC games already kinda like existing and fully functional, it’d seem like an easier task than PSN/XBLA ports. 

        • YES.
          If Falcom’s backlog is put on Steam I’d buy them ASAP.

        • Ladius

          I agree 100% with Falcom games on Steam, and I fear this is the only way we can realistically hope to see Trails 3 and ZeroAo (provided Ao gets a PC port, of course) in English. In an interview XSeed said that Falcom is currently too busy to explore localized PC versions of their games, let’s hope they’re able to handle it in the near future.

      • Guest

        A console game doesn’t have to be extreme HD. PS2 games looked great for their time and some even now. I still play both Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure beat em ups from PS2. Those graphics fit. Then you have Persona 3 & 4.

        • Ladius

          You can’t compare Persona games and LoHs though, they are on a completely different scale.

          In Persona 34 you have little towns and some really repetitive dungeons (not bashing on them at all, but explorations really weren’t their focus), while Gagharv and Trails games have extremely vast worlds to explore and some of the biggest cities in recent JRPG memory, and those are key points in their game design since travel and exploration are extremely important in any LoH game (aside from Trails 3). It would be quite daunting to develop an hd game as vast as Trails in the Sky (and Zero and Ao reportedly are even bigger!), even with low budget graphics, especially for a small company such as Falcom.

          That said, I love the Grandia-like presentation of the Trails games and I think it works very well for this kind of game even in this day and age, for me it has a timeless appeal that more advanced products lack.

    • Guest

      No ir should be full size cel shaded 3D models

  • neo_firenze

    I don’t think I can handle the suspense… I’m probably gonna have to break down and import Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki, and struggle through the Japanese language with my subpar skills and any translation guides I can get my hands on.  I don’t normally do that for RPGs, but I NEED to play these games. 

    Of course, I’d still be buying any Xseed English localizations on day 1 though :)

    Speaking of which… news on Trails in the Sky volume 2 would be nice!

    • Ladius

      Really, I would like to hear a word about the localization process, even if its release is still far on the horizon.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Lloyd is damn cool!
    To think there’s still so long till I can play his first game… ;_;

  • i luv you xseed, but if you can kindly speed up with the translation :X
    your lovely fanbase is only waiting with a spread out wallet, yours for the taking :P

    • fanoultimate

      Well, Trails in the sky SC is daaaaaammnn long (2 UMD long) and after that comes Trails in the sky the 3rd, AND THEN, trails in the sky zero no kiseki… AAAND THEN…. this game.
      Is a really long wait for fans and a long work for xseed, so let’s be patient (or learn japanese)

      • Guest

        HARRI AAP

  • fanoultimate

    eheheh, i like that kind of events

  • This is already more than just a nod at FF7.
    But I actually hope it has even more similarities. 
    (and for the heck of it, have one of those Kancho arcade machines)

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