Yorda Successfully Rescued, But This Time In HD

By Spencer . August 12, 2011 . 5:01pm


Fans of Ico may remember this scene. It’s when Ico, the horned boy players control, gazes with wonder at the mysterious Yorda who is trapped in a cage.


I started playing Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection with Ico since its the first game from what’s now known as Team Ico. Bluepoint Games, the team behind God of War Collection and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, was hired to remaster these two titles. Since Ico was developed for standard TVs, I would imagine their biggest challenge was filling the screen. Compared to the action-oriented Shadow of the Colossus, Ico is an atmospheric game where the focus is on exploring and escaping a castle. The scale of the spiraling staircase Ico runs up before rescuing Yorda feels larger since the game has been extended to fit high-definition TVs. While the game’s graphics have been enhanced, Ico on PlayStation 3 uses the same models so don’t expect a dramatic change.


Team Ico’s games use an unorthodox control scheme where triangle, for example, is jump. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection let players remap buttons in the option screen. That’s one of the things I did before releasing Yorda from her cage.



Now free, it’s Ico’s job to protect Yorda. There isn’t much combat in the game, but Ico does obtain a few weapons starting with a stick he uses to fend of shadows. The core of Ico is escorting Yorda who isn’t as agile as Ico. You have to pull her up ledges and create paths to guide Yorda out of the castle. The two characters need each other because only Yorda can open certain doors. So, don’t think you can leave Yorda behind. The two characters can take a break at bench, Ico’s version of a save point. Loading times are most noticeable here, but the game moves smoother between areas.


Ico and Shadows of the Collection comes out on September 27 in North America. In Japan, these titles will be released as separate games.

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  • Well there is a typo in the text description of this article as well as in the first line of the second paragraph.

    Anyway, the images make the game appear dim.

    • I often find typos in articles on Siliconera. I don’t want to waste my time pointing them out though. 

      • I couldnt help but noticing it since it was on the main page as well. I wish they would improve or get two eyes to read over articles, the typos are quite elementary. Or maybe I just read too indepthly and get into these good articles.

        • As long as it’s nothing glaring I don’t mind the typos at all. We all make mistakes, i’m glad the articles are at least legible.  

        • I don’t give the Siliconera writers flak for spelling/grammatical errors ’cause, unlike Kotaku, they’re not owned and operated by a larger company where that sort of thing shouldn’t be tolerated (also Siliconera does good with games journalism).

  • This game its too sexy for its own good

  • I still can’t believe that the Japanese version has ICO (which is a very small in size and a very short to finish) on one Blu-Ray Disk!
    What’s the point of that? More money?

    • Guest

      I would say it’s about giving each game the recognition it deserves.

    • Zanasea

      Who cares about the size and length of games when they are as beautiful and poignant as ICO? Why the obsession with money?

  • Aoshi00

    Would really like to get the Jpn LE for the artbook (I don’t mind the US combo cover at all), but just too expensive compared to the US ver..  I will definitely start w/ Ico as well, been too long since I’ve last played it..  Actually playing a stage from Catherine totally reminded me of Ico :)

  • Importworthy of first class.
    Definitely playing the american release.
    That’s why i love my regioncode-free PS3

  • Hinataharem

    September 27th, huh?

    This would make for a good birthday present to myself.

  • Really looking forward to this, especially to see if this edition includes that saber beam-esque sword and the other features not included in the original U.S. release.

  • I am iffy on HD remasters, but this will be the first HD remaster I’d buy.  If only for having the features cut from the US version will leave me satisfied.

  • PrinceHeir

    yeah customizable buttons :D

    haven’t seen that for awhile :P

    can’t wait for this. Day 1 along with MGS Collection and ZOE Collection

  • Setsu Oh

    fugly sexist game is still fugly and sexist in hd…

    i still can’t understand why people enjoy so much dragging a lobotomized
    girl all through the game….was that a research project on how far can
    videogames anger players?

    has the game producer ever though about if we didn’t give a scud about
    the not devellopped (did we ever even saw her when she was alive? if i
    don’t know her how am i to relate to the guy and try to save her?did he
    watch the original gundam? learn from the masters!) girlfriend of the
    hero, how pointless it would be to go and hunt colossuses who are
    basically big giraffes(minding their own business, peaceful leaves eater

    the reason why vagrant story’s hero lost his powers is by far and way better introduced an incentive to play. although it doesn’t have the same use….

    i know i sound harsh, but aside from overrating and underrating games
    there are games that downright keep some players from being interested
    in playing them. for one reason or another.

    i’m still curious about the last guadrian and will hunt reviews of it in
    search for  if it is as i fear just another ‘free willy’ interactive
    game. with ‘oh my! it dies at the end!’ kind of moment;….and me :
    ‘come on we all saw it coming!gimme back my 20bucks!’

    i dont understand why they don’t rework the whole thing and add better
    textures not just do the work of an emulator. you don’t think those
    games (mgs collection, ico collection, and resident evil hopefully
    okami) deserve the same kind of attention tomb raider anniversary ps3
    got? i’m not talking state of the art txtures here, just something that
    doesnt make us feel like we are paying each time a ps2
    retrocompatibility card or something. well i dont buy them and they
    sell….i guess i’m the only one thinking like that then;….*goes back to it’s corner, still hugging the honey
    jar, the chin low and a bit depressed*

  • Icon

    Of course I’m getting this. I love the games, I love Team ICO… and I love trophies!

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