Next Shining Series Game Is Shining Blade?

By Spencer . August 16, 2011 . 6:15pm


Sega manages to come up with a new Shining title for Japan almost every year. Shining Hearts, a traditional RPG where players collected hearts, came out for PSP in 2010.


Perhaps, Shining Blade is the next game in the series? Sega filed a trademark for the potential title in Japan. Hmm… I wonder what genre this will be. Since a weapon is part of the title I’m going to guess action RPG.

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  • Rarutos

    Fascinating… It’s too bad we never got Shining Hearts. I was really interested in that one. Probably import sometime eventually…

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Who cares Shining Whatitis….as long as Taka-san draws the girls.

  • Raiyu

    I’m guessing we’ll never see this outside of Japan either. :(

  • I’m still upset that we never got Shining Force Feather. That game looked genuinely promising and I wanted it so much. Boo :(

  • AJ

    So the rumor about Shining Blade was true.  Maybe the rumor about Bayonetta 2 and the fact that it will come with a CGI movie is true too.  If anything, I’m hoping the CGI movie isn’t just a compilation of cutscenes, like some of the releases on Japan.

  • godmars


    PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys set aside your differences! Tell MS and Sony you want more than Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3!

    We want Xilla!
    We want Lost Odyssey 2!
    We want Legend of Dragoon 2!


    Tell MS and Sony and Sega will – hopefully – get the message.

    • Ryos

      Uh, the problem isn’t Sony and Microsoft, the problem is Sega isn’t releasing the series here because…well, Sega’d rather put out Sonic game #315357.

      • godmars

        That’s why instead of making an online petition everytime there’s one game we want, there should just be one petition, one statement, with at least a million signatures w/gamer tags that say the undersigned want to see more support in the JRPG genera. Not 100k, but literal millions.

        Of course given what the internet actually is such will never happen. If it does game companies likely still wont listen – especially if sales fail to live up to expectations – but then it could at least be said that it happened.  

    • PrinceHeir

      did somebody said Lost Odyssey 2 and Legend of Dragoon 2????

      oh god please!!

  • I see you put EXA as the picture. I LOVED Exa. TomaxCyrille FTW!!

  • joesz


    I  turned into an Edward Cullen fangirl for moments then reverted back into a guy again.

  • Will we actually be getting this one? We totally missed out on Shining Wind and Shining Hearts. >_<

  • I would like to get into the #Shining series, but a lot of fans are winding up singing “I Don’t Want to Wait” by Paula Cole, since they’ve been waiting for a new Shining game for at least 2 gaming generations already.

    • EusisLandale

      Not really sure how it’s been two generations of waiting. More like just a few games of waiting, and realizing that after Sega got their act together on the games they also felt like just not sharing that with ALL of their fans, only the ones in japan or importers.

  • solbalmung

    I hope that this one will be a tactical RPG like the Force series, the ones released in the Sega Saturn were such master pieces….

  • I would like to see a strategy game revival for the Shining Series. If they wanna incorporate action, they should rip off Archon and have real-time battles every time a square or hex is contested. Because their last round of Action-RPGs were pretty monotonous and forgettable (Shining Force EXA for PS2 and whatnot).

    I hope it still comes out for HD consoles though. Maybe collaborate with Obsidian? Their Dungeon Siege III tech would look great, especially if it had character designs from the Japanese artists over at Sega. A game like that would look better than Shining Cross (which I’m still pissed never got ported to PS3 and XB360).

  • Darkrise

    Actually, it COULD be this one.

    If it actually is, then it’s going to be one interesting Shining game that I would import. Check out the article for details.

    • EusisLandale

      That sounds really nice actually. Pity that even if it were real, we’d pretty much HAVE to import it given Sega’s recent track record with the series.

      • Darkrise

        At this point, I HOPE it’s real, it just sounds so awesome. Yeah, importing is the only way to go, plus, if this is psp, then that’s pretty much impossible to localize for Sega. Valkyria Chronicles 3…

    • AzureNova

      These characters have been on the net for ages, me knowing being a 4chaner and all and they have PVCs of some of the girls, so Darkrise is probably correct and the images are most likely real.

  • superdry

    A new Shining game would be nice, but what I would love to see is SEGA bringing over all three episodes of Shining Force III to PSN or XBLA or even both to the US.

    Alas, wishful thinking at it’s best. 

  • Souji Tendou

    I sincerely hope it’s an Action RPG, because I like Shining Tears & Wind. Don’t forget Taka~sensei as the character designer please.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Damn, another one will probably pass by. I’m still recovering for not getting Shinning Hearts localized.

  • mikanko

    If it’s another PSP game it seems there’s no chance we’ll see it localized.  Let’s hope it’s for Vita.

    At least some of us have Tony’s new comike80 doujin already en route to our homes to look forward to!

    … wait did I say that out loud?

  • AzureNova

    I just hope its for the PS3

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