Tales Of Xillia Swimwear Coming As DLC After September Launch

By Spencer . August 16, 2011 . 7:10pm

imageFollowing in the footsteps of Tales of Graces f, Tales of Xillia will have a downloadable wardrobe. The game will have Star Diver, school uniforms, and swimwear. Dengeki PlayStation shared a picture of the cast in beach clothes, which will be sold separately as downloadable content.


Tales of Xillia comes out September 9. (Isn’t it too cold to go to the beach then?

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  • leadintea

    Sexy butler in the house <3

    • And here I thought such a thing couldn’t be possible… I saw what you did there, Namdai.

  • What? September 9th is still summer, so as long as it comes out by the 23rd, it should still be warm enough for the beach.

    Jute looks pretty epic. Want please.

    • Guest

      stop saying epic. He’s not going anywhere epic. He’s going to the beach

      • Dude, he is so epic in the outfit, and himself, that he makes anywhere he goes epic, including, the beach.

  • HUH? Does that mean that we won’t get swimsuits during in game events ala hot spring scene?

    ;__; But Tank Top Lover Yuri and Aquatic Ape Guy…

    EDIT: Okay, I’m probably jumping to conclusions. Beach outfits are different from hot spring outfits, right?

    • Yes they are but not much and yeah can’t wait for it also.

    • I remember unlocking swimwear in Vesperia through in-game events, at least for PS3. Haven’t played Graces f far enough to see if it’s the case, but according to FAQs, they can be unlocked through events too, yet there’s still DLC to unlock them. I hope Xillia’s are just optional unlocks as well.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    All of September is still damn hot over here so going to the beach is totally fine.
    I dunno about Japan though.

  • KotaroInugami

    This game… is the biggest tease ever… DAMN YOU NAMCO BANDAI! ANNOUNCE IT ALREADY!

  • puchinri

    Alvin and Milla are just oozing fanservice. oddly enough, Alvin is oozing it more than she is… But I most certainly am not complaining.

  • Sooo….still no word on a US release, huh? But we’re getting Tales of Graces and Tales of the Abyss 3D (I think), so that’s okay. But Xillia easily looks the best out of the 3, so I hope we get this one too, eventually. 

  • Elemiel

     Alvin looks like he’s working it for the camera, not that I’m complaining. <3

  • DLC??? Funny how I can pop my abyss disc for ps2 and bam i have the swimsuit costumes in the DISC. Anyway, give me Graces F release date already dammit. 

    • SalomeHarras

      You’re comparing two different times in game entertainment history (which like all forms of entertainment mediums, ages much faster than other things).  I remember when a game cost me $120 to buy, that is completely irrelevant to anything today however.

      • What does comparing two different times have ANYTHING to do with this? The fact that developers were able to finish games with ALL content in it like for example Symphonia 1 on TWO GC disk means nothing was hold back. Nobody would hold content back at risk of having to release the game out again like jokes about Super Symphonia or Ultimate Super Symphonia 1, etc. These days gamers are just getting royally abused.

        • SalomeHarras

          Your statement was laughably contradictory.  You’re stating that comparing two different times is irrelevant, and yet, you are stating that two different times is relevant.  

          Re-read what you’re actually saying and come back when you have formulated a meaningful argument.  

  • Darkrise

    How did I not see this coming. =/ They look alright though.

  • lunier

    Still find it weird when companies announce DLCs before the game is released

    • SalomeHarras

      It makes sense from a business point of view.  The most amount of consumers will play the game when it’s initially released (which is when the most amount of consumers also happen to purchase said game).  For whatever reason, not everyone completes x game, or even desires to complete x game, so by withholding DLC marketing/release, you lose potential purchases, which can be used to recoup development costs, or to maximize profit.

      This kind of DLC in particular is especially lucrative because it requires minimal investment and (usually) generates excellent returns.  Something like additional quests or whatnot requires far more resources (and time) and presents a much higher risk.

  • Pay money for getting new wardrobe clothing? Why did Failco do this? And why have so many companies started doing this?

    It´s irritating to say the least. But apparently it´s a sound busniessplan since the DLC you have to pay for seems only to increase.

    But at least it is good on the eyes. Or might it be because they have to pay copyright fees to be able to give us the “opportunity” to use another set of clothes that remind of famous anime shows?

    • Xerain

      I woudl say costumes are the ideal DLC item, because there is a huge market for it, yet the impact on actual gameplay for people who do not wish to buy them is minimal.

      • That was a point I hadn´t thought about. A big valid point for this type of DLC.

        Still. I´m old and when I grew up this type of thing was free and added directly to the game :p I loved the extra scene in Tales of the Abyss when you got the swimsuit attires for the cast.

        For Xillia it seems I´ll have to purchase DLC to get the attire and not get a funny scene leading up to them getting the new clothing.

        • Xerain

          Or they could include the Scene and charge more…

    • SalomeHarras

      It’s optional, I don’t see what your problem is?  If a consumer wants to make this purchase for whatever reason, why does it affect you?  It’s not like a lot of R&D was put into this, thus denying resources into more important aspects of the game.

      • It´s optional yes. But for the older Tales of games some of the attire were free to gain with special scenes and then there were hilarious skits following the usage of some of the clothing.

        I remember almost ending up on the floor laughing like hell when I played Tales of the Abyss and all of the girls complained at how cold it was to run around in a swimsuit. Or how distracting Tear´s suit was…

        • SalomeHarras

          This is a common misconception that people have.  Nothing is free, the only difference here is that the costs associated with the development of that “skit” and costumes were already included in the price of the game, and in the case of Xillia (and all current Tales games for that matter), are kept separate from the costs of the main game.

          The better point would have been, “could they have sacrificed something else in the main game to put this back in?”  Whether that’s the development of something else (minor that is), or a cut into their profit margin, is something we will never know because that information is internal, but from a business perspective, I agree with this decision and it’s not something that hurts the consumer in a meaningful way.  

          • Oh please. Tales of Graces F has swimsuits in them as a part as a hilarious sidequests and so does Vesperia and the older one’s. THESE SHOULD BE IN THE GAME (talking about the swimsuit titles specifically) It’s a TRADITION to have these in the game.

          • SalomeHarras

            If ANYTHING should be a “tradition” in Tales games, it should be Fujishima doing the art, and Sakuraba doing the music, but guess what, they weren’t involved in all of the flagship Tales titles (and that’s a good thing).  

          • Nothing is free yes. But comparing the older games with the current ones in price tag these new games are more expensive/same price but don´t have all the content that the older ones had.

            They have still developed these items and I don´t think that it could have costed that much time/money to get access to them either and I don´t even think that they exclude these items from the code itself. So I assume that what we are doing as we buy this DLC is to get access to unlockable stuff. Stuff that is done and programmed into the game but we have to pay to get an accesskey to it.

            Which is a shitty thing to do.

            Comparing to older Tales games this type of costume and skit were “free” in comparison to Xillia as we didn´t have to pay extra for it to get access. All we needed were the right time and place to see the usual extra part and then be rewarded with a new costume.

            I don´t agree on this type of descision as it irritates me to see a company like NamcoBandai that should be able to give this stuff to it´s fans from the get go. What will it be next? Having to buy chapters for the game so we can see the ending?

            The game itself has the chapters and everything on disc. But we have to pay extra to unlock it?

          • SalomeHarras

            Your argument is flawed on a fundamental level.  There are two things, and two things only, that dictate the price of a product on the market:  cost and profit margin.  If a game is more expensive now (not taking into account inflation), then either the costs have gone up (which they have), or the profit margin was increased (which is also entirely possible, but something the public will never have full information on as that is internal).  

            I do not dispute that this particular DLC probably did not require a lot of resources to make.  I also do no dispute that this DLC probably has a rather large profit margin.  From a business perspective, I agree with their decisions as it does not affect the actual experience or gameplay at all, and are totally optional.  

            Now, what you bring up later on is a valid argument, which can not be proven/disproven at this time (so it can only go so far).  If the costumes were already FULLY programmed into the game, and all we are buying is a passkey to unlock that data, then ok, I can agree that this is an ethically questionable decision on their end, even from a business perspective.  Since this can not be proven at this time, it’s pointless to speculate about this now however, but it can be looked at again when the game is actually released and the disc, data mined.

            Your later, well, “paranoia” on the other hand is completely absurd.  What you’re comparing is something that has zero effect on gameplay and experience, to something that has a fundamental effect on gameplay and experience.  This in no way sets a precedent for something like that to happen, but if for some reason it does, the consumer has the right to show Namco-Bandai that they don’t agree with it via their wallet, which is honestly the only message that corporate cares about at the highest levels.  

          • SalomeHarras: It is hard to make an argument out of preferences for how a game should be played.

            I look forward to seeing skits and extra short stories and as a result getting a different custome/title. Having to buy the costume without getting a skit in how they aquire the costume sucks. But that is my preference of how the game should play out. It isn´t an argument in who is right/wrong or anything like that.

            For me it does indeed affect the actual gameplay since I´ll be missing on a skit that I won´t be able to see since it´s a DLC costume only. If I can get a skit and the costume then I´m happy.

            This type of DLC has a huge profit margin. I don´t disagree with you on that. Loads and loads of people will buy the DLC for these costumes and have loads of fun with the characters running around dressed like that.

            It can´t be proven as you say. We will have to wait and see.

            Except for these points I agree with you. Profit making is what the companies have to strive after and DLC like this can be a very good income for them with little to no resources. It´s a high profit low risk thing to do. And companies loves that :)

            We just simply watch this segment with different eyes. Which is a good thing as it would be boring if all people thought the same.

            I´ll leave it at this.

          • dundundon

            Go on, keep supporting them, I understand that there are some people out there who don’t mind getting ripped off.

          • SalomeHarras

            If the consumer is getting value out of a purchase, it is not a “rip-off” as you think it is.  If this was an unsuccessful business decision, they wouldn’t be continuing to do it (or they’ll experience the wrath of the shareholders).  

          • Yamaneko22

            Oh God, how naive can you be?:)

          • SalomeHarras

            If you think this is naivety, you clearly have no understanding on how businesses actually function, or any accounting knowledge whatsoever.  You are the one who is clearly naive, and ignorant for that matter.

    • Sync Tempest

      I agree with manga.

      It’s sad that DLC is becoming so abused. Yes, it’s optional. Yes, it’s a legitimate developers decision. But it really takes from the game’s flavour that there are less in game unlockeables that it used to be on past Tales titles, especially for the staple swimwear.

      I wouldn’t care it this was a Soul Calibur game DLC abuse, since the new games will most likely never surpass their last gen predecessors. Same with games like Mass Effect (in comparison to KotOR), Dragon Age (Baldur’s Gate), Prince of Persia (in comparison to the PS2 ones), Splinter Cell, Street Fighter, Blazblue (Guilty Gear), GTA IV, and many, many others.

      However, Tales of Xillia seems like one of the very few times a game from this generation has the potential to surpass all os its predecessors. Its one of the few games that can make me scream NEXT GEN (in comparison to the last gen), and it is currently the game i look forward the most. Therefore, it NEEDS to have everything past Tales games had IN GAME, and even surpass their amount of content, even if it is by a little. AFTER THAT, and only after that, that the developers could even THINK of DLC.

      The problem of DLC is that there is no rule to limit how much is too much. I look back at some favorite games and think about how would they be with DLC. Skies of Arcadia? DELPHINUS AS DLC! Otherwise, no new ship for you. Old sonic games? SUPER SONIC AS DLC! Otherwise, only normal sonic for you. Twisted Metal? OBVIOUSLY, MINION AS DLC! SOUL CALIBUR? Oh wait, i don’t even have to make up something for this one. ;(

      • SalomeHarras

        No, it doesn’t NEED to have anything.  What they NEED to do is create a solid game first, and what is being complained about is TOTALLY OPTIONAL content that DOES NOT AFFECT THE GAMEPLAY OR EXPERIENCE AT ALL.  I have played through every flagship Tales game that has been released in NA (and a few that haven’t), and I have NEVER gotten any of these OPTIONAL costumes, nor did it affect my experience with the game.  

        When they start charging you for the ability to manually control your party members, you can justifiably complain, until then, you are crying over something that is ultimately meaningless even within the context of the game.

  • Wow….will there be any IN GAME costumes!? These swimsuits SHOULD be in the game. It’s almost like a requirement for them to be in the game more than any other costumes. I’m so disappointed and this DLC market is starting to piss me off. -_- I bet the in game title costumes will be even LESS than Tales of Graces (if that is even possible)

  • Whatever. I’m over it. I just won’t buy any DLC costumes now since I was saving money to. Also, it’s wonderful that they increased the amount of attachments they can wear. Will be fun to mix and match.

  • Wiccan1109

    I like them, they’re not even smutty or anything, they look really stylish and tasteful. Graaaah you’re killing me namco!

  • Souji Tendou

    Quote: “Isn’t it too cold to go to the beach then?”

    Good point. BaMco, don’t forget about Winter costumes.

  • Chaheezor

    Seems appropriate, september is still quite hot in Japan.
    I welcome this!

  • origami_samurai

    Hoping this is also a in game costume…..and release date September 9th, I go back to school on the 7th of Spetember T_T 

  • Yamaneko22

    If I am correct, till Xillia swimsuits were always in-game costumes and getting them was part of some funny quest… I don’t like this kind of tradition breaking, Namdai:P

  • AzureNova

    I love all the DLC and content this game is getting, but I want the game to come out as well so I can actually play it >_<

  • wakaki2d

    And yet back in the U.S Bamco refuses to even speak on Tales of Graces. Too busy with lame Pacman remakes and retro junk. Bamco U.S sux.

  • WyattEpp

    Huh, where’s the usual school swimsuit loli character? I’m really confused; this IS a game from Japan of this decade, right? (Tongue firmly in cheek)

    • wrong game.

      • WyattEpp

        I was just joking, but now you’ve got me intrigued… how would this be “right” or “wrong” when that sort of value judgement seems to have not held any real sway in the past decade?  Not trolling; honestly curious.

  • PrinceHeir

    this should unlockables :P

    i remember Xenosaga Ep II and III that completing certain quest unlocks you this outfits. oh well times are now changing “-___-

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