Dark Souls’ Ten Classes Captured On Digital Parchment And Screenshots

By Spencer . August 17, 2011 . 4:00am


Namco Bandai shared a clearer look at the ten classes in Dark Souls. Here’s a look at each of them.


Warrior – a fearless warrior and weapon expert with high strength, and dexterity.



Knight – a low-ranking knight with high HP and solid armor that is not easily toppled.



Wanderer – an aimless wanderer with high dexterity that wields a scimitar.



Thief -  a guilt-ridden thief who deals high critical hits and has a Master Key.



Bandit – a savage bandit with high strength and wields a battle axe.



Hunter – a bow-wielding hunter who can handle close-range combat, but is vulnerable to magic.



Sorcerer – casts soul sorceries and from the Dragon School.



Pyromancer – casts fire spells and wields a hand axe.



Cleric – casts healing miracles and wields a mace.



Deprived – unclothed and starts the game with a club and old plank shield.



Ah, the poor deprived class with only a loincloth for armor. Dark Souls lets player customize their character’s face and body type. New characters don’t start the game empty handed. In addition to basic weapons, players get to pick a present.



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  • So Who’s going to be a Bad enough Dude to play as Deprived?  I won’t 8D…maybe

    • I’ve started Demon’s Souls with a Barbarian, so maybe I’ll take the challenge. But this game seems much harder, I think I’ll end up using a Bandit. 

    • Kaoro

      I can’t even bring myself to play Demon Souls because I’m so intimidated (and nothing was explained — why are some stats symbols?). So… no…

      • Exkaiser

        It’s all in the manual!

      • KyoyaHibari

        Lol read the manual, and even the game tells you as well, lol that shouldn’t keep you from playing a revolutionary experience.

  • Sword_X

    Thief it is.

  • AJ

    I chose thief when I briefly played the first one at a friend’s house.  When, or if, I get this I might choose Thief again.

    If not, then I’ll play Wanderer for sure.  Either of those two.

  • leadintea


    Anyone else strain their eyes to read that parchment without realizing the text was already typed below?

    • Exkaiser

      If you click “View Image” on the image’s page, it opens it up in full, where the text isn’t so hard to read.

  • A pyromancer… In a world full of undead, that’d be a good class to start with, if fire is as useful as it was in Demon’s Souls.

  • Glad to see the cleric is still there. Umbasa.

  • andref

    tie between pyromancer (abnormal love of fire users) and wanderer. if I use pyromancer I’ll probably get addicted to fire and use mostly fire spells in skyrim

    • Guest

      You’re gonna make your character look like Ash Crimson or Kyo Kusanagi?

  • capristrider

    Knight class for me and if I feel in a “Conan the Barbarian” mood then its the deprived class for another character build

  • Exkaiser

    Wanderer’s good. I like Wanderer.

  • mikanko

    I will play whichever class makes the early goings of the game easier for me, similar as Royal did in the last one.

    This is a game where a cheap mindset can definitely be rewarded in glorious ways.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Wait… Where’s the Black Knight class? Was that only for the E3 demo or something?
    [EDIT: Yeah, it seems it was exclusive to the E3 demo. I am disappoint.]

    I’m in love with the Pyromancer, but I’m not really a magic user… Then there’s the Thief who has a master key, which should prove extremely useful; that’s the only interesting thing about him, though. I guess that leaves the Wanderer and the Knight.

    Really digging the character designs and the higher level of detail in the clothing/armors.

  • badmoogle

    I have a soft spot for badass looking armor.

  • IceRomancer

    Definitely gonna be a wanderer or a thief! High crits or a high dexterity? dagger or scimitar? Awww I can’t wait for this :)

  • AzureNova

    Warrior or Knight for me. Kicking ass and taking names sounds good to me.

  • hitosura22

    when i was reading the class description i heard the guy from Deadliest Warrior read them lmfao. you know. the guy who says about the ppl and there weapons and stuff haha. ahh im weird :P

  • MrRobbyM

    Loincloth all day, everyday.


    • LOL, and they use spells, long range weapons and like high mobility?… right?

      • Well it worked pretty well for Arthur in the G&G games.

    • mikanko

      Russian Viggo Mortensen in Dark Souls confirmed!

  • Guest

    hah ugly character model face creation confirmed

  • Warrior all the way.

  • Thief, thief, thief, thief. I’m going the steal the bones off that skeleton.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Can’t wait, looking pretty sharp, except for the faces, they kind look worse. I’m feeling Warrior, Wander, Knight & Sorcerer.

  • Deprived FTW!

  • Learii


  • PrinceHeir

    gonna be a Knight or Wanderer for sure :)

  • Ben Tan

    we should get a trophy for finishing the game from the start with a deprived

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