Steady Snake, Keep That Nintendo 3DS Steady

By Spencer . August 17, 2011 . 4:04pm

00018Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D uses the Nintendo 3DS cameras for camouflage. The gyroscopic sensors? Those turn on when you’re standing on a suspension bridge. Players have to tilt the Nintendo 3DS to keep the bridge and Snake from swaying. Those are two of the new features Konami added to Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.


While we have a few new screenshots, Konami didn’t send us a release date for the 3DS version. The title is slated for release sometime next year.


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  • XypherCode

    cool graphic upgrade :D

  • Arcm

    I hope they use it for aiming as well like Ocarina of Time did with the bow and slingshot. It made all those shooting mini-games a lot easier.

  • I hope it has additional features than those two. Im still evaluating and waiting to see if the 3DS version is more definitive than the version that offers high fidelity High definitive graphics.

    In terms of the screenshots, they look rather ugly. There goes those murky and out of touch wall textures. Snake appears to be cutting into the thing that he is taking cover behind, and the textures also appear kind of blurry as well. His outfit, even, cuts into itself. I dont understand why the textures go out of focus literally 2cm beyond his character model. Specifically, the incline in the final image is terrible. I cant tell if thats supposed to be mud, rocks, or a toddler launching baby food at a canvas in disgust. Ultimately, the biggest crime is how blocky his fingers are in that nasty looking “water”. They could have utilized particle effects to add shimmer to the water, looking at it, it looks so bland and dead. Jungles are supposed to be vibrant and lush with faun and flora with cool refreshing water. Unless Im looking too into these images, I do not get the sense that it is even an immersive game.

    I do not understand why it cant be polished. With the processing power at 360/PS3 levels, the game could look much better than this.

    • SolidusSnake

      I agree, these graphics look really bad, I guess they’ll look better on the 3DS’s tiny screen like Shuga Suenaga said but still … I really hope we can get some nice screenshots of the PS3 MGS remakes or better yet a nice comparison video like the folks who did the God of War PSP to PS3 conversion posted. If the PS3 version looks anything like the God of War conversions it will be a no-brainer, plus you get Sons of Liberty and Peace Walker which are also fantastic games.

      Edit: ok, there’s another post with some HD screenshots and they look a lot better than this. I’d definitely get the HD vesion Tuna, in fact I will be getting it and I can’t wait for Sons of Liberty HD!

    • The 3DS is about as powerfull as a normal PSP so why should the graphics be better than on the original PS2?

      • no its more powerful  than the psp and far more capable  so it should look better and at one point it did now it seems like the game is a lazy rush job 

  • FalconAX

    Oh my….that doesn’t look good.
    i’m not sure if this even looks better than Peace Walker.
    I’ll wait and see

  • fanoultimate

    So, looks like this is another “avoid using the 3d effect” game… Looks like 3rd party companies aren’t that fond of the 3d

    • Suicunesol

      What makes you say that? Just because it uses the gyroscope at some point?

  • xflame10

    are the graphics in this game getting worse and worse everytime they show new screens or vids?
    I mean… this is crazy.

    • Theres something called resolution man, search for it in google

    • sadly yes compare the original naked sample video to the screen shots we have gotten since then  latest 

  • PrinceHeir

    ahh MGS3. probably the best game in my book :)

    finished the game 4-5 times Snake Eater only, finished Subsistence 3-4 times.

    played the hell out of Snake vs Monkey, too bad i don’t think the version of that game is in here.

    i also wonder if they are gonna keep that mode in the HD collection version. at least on the PS3(Ape Escape is a Sony property)

    • You know that’s something I asked Konami before, but couldn’t get a response about it. :( We’ll keep trying!

  • SetzerGabbiani

    It really looks like they kept the PS2 textures and only updated a few assets.  This is a far cry from the ‘ground up’ demo they displayed at E3 last year.

  • Sorta seems redundant now that the HD port is coming to PS3/360; i.e. how a game like this should be played; not portable.

    • Wow, that post right now seems redundant…

  • Sorta seems redundant now what with the HD port of the series. Games like this shouldn’t be portable anyhow; they’re meant to be played on a big screen.

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