The Eerie Environments In Silent Hill: Downpour

By Spencer . August 17, 2011 . 6:28pm


After a prison transport barrels off a road, Murphy Pendleton finds himself in the twisted world of Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Downpour takes place in the southeastern region, which hasn’t been featured in a Silent Hill game before.


Speaking of Silent Hill we have an interview coming next week with producer Tomm Hulett that covers Downpour, HD Collection, and maybe something else. Stay tuned!


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  • PrinceHeir

    could be good, will give Konami a chance to redeem itself.

    still after hearing the new Silent Hill 2 VA is a little of :

    haven’t played SH2 yet, but im more frightful about SH3(my favorite)

    seriously Heather’s voice is perfect :P

  • d19xx

    The third pic reminds me of the 1995 film Assassins.

    Btw, why haven’t you guys picked up on the other Silent Hill game on the Vita? They mentioned it has multi player and an isometric view.

  • MrRobbyM

    Hay look, its Sazh.

  • Anyone can make a creepy hallway/Room whatever,  let’s see if they can have that sort of feel like the old games.   

    • Testsubject909

      From the actual gameplay videos I’ve seen. If it’s in Beta… I’ll say no.

      They certainly can make a creepy environment, but they ruin the atmosphere. The chase sequence video you can find on Gametrailers shows promise, but the moment you see the combat sequence, everything falls apart.

      The developers seem to have no idea how to make use of the camera and the wobbling effect of a grapple is far too kiddy and disjointed from the stressful event that it kind of… just inserts a “what the f-, lol” moment in what should otherwise be a “AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” moment…

      Not only that, but they’ve got various other screen effects that they should diminish or outright dump, as well as a very annoying full screen red flash that actually hampers sight and, again, feels very disjointed or rather, cuts you off momentarily from the action which… Doesn’t help a player maintain themselves in a mood or an atmosphere.

      Sound is also a mixed bag and there are various other troubles that I hope they fix. Because to date, all it seems is a promising world with poor gameplay that’ll detract from making it a horror and rather make it an annoyance.

  • More news about a certain book of memories, perhaps?

    Anyway, I’m excited for this. I’m hoping this one has the same kind of atmosphere that the first couple of Silent Hills had. I understand that it’s no longer the same team anymore, but I feel like if they could do a good job of their own rendition – then it’s fine.

    From what I see of some of the environments and some of the music (with the exception of Korn), I think it does a good job of that. The only thing that I worries me about it so far is the combat. From what I remember about that video with Murphy facing two screamers, it looked like a long and dragged out battle. The enemies have ridiculous range, and there seems to be a lot of them. I’m just worried that it’d impede in the atmospheric puzzle solving, and become a tiresome brawler instead.

    Anyway, this is too much said for the little amount of knowledge I really have. But I love this series, and am genuinely caring of it’s welfare. ;__; Silent Hill’s a big boy now, and he can take care of himself.

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