Disgaea 3 Return Returns With Over 100 Screenshots

By Spencer . August 18, 2011 . 2:08am

dis3ret146Eager to show off their PlayStation Vita launch title, Nippon Ichi sent out a Prinny-splosion of Disgaea 3 Return screenshots.


This version includes all of the PlayStation 3 downloadable content – 29 save icons, 49 songs, item world command attack mode, classroom command attack, item world survival attack, the Raspberyl chapters, and 26 downloadable characters.


dis3ret100 dis3ret101 dis3ret102 dis3ret103 dis3ret104 dis3ret105 dis3ret106 dis3ret112 dis3ret113 dis3ret114 dis3ret115 dis3ret107 dis3ret108 dis3ret109 dis3ret110 dis3ret111 dis3ret117 dis3ret118 dis3ret116 dis3ret121 dis3ret122 dis3ret119 dis3ret124 dis3ret125 dis3ret123 dis3ret120


Event scenes have enhanced character portraits with animated busts to make the characters appears as if they are breathing.


dis3ret138 dis3ret139 dis3ret140 dis3ret141 dis3ret147 dis3ret148 dis3ret149 dis3ret150 dis3ret142 dis3ret143 dis3ret144 dis3ret145 


Disgaea 3 Return also has four brand new scenarios and two extra characters. Read about Ruchiru and Stella Grossular here.


 dis3ret151 dis3ret152 dis3ret153


Tera tier spells are new for Disgaea 3 Return too.


dis3ret154 dis3ret155 dis3ret157 dis3ret156 dis3ret158


Disgaea 3 Return will be a PlayStation Vita launch title in Japan. The game will cost 6,090 yen ($80) for a retail copy or 5,000 yen ($65) for a digital download.


dis3ret10 dis3ret11 dis3ret12 dis3ret13 dis3ret14 dis3ret15 dis3ret16 dis3ret17 dis3ret18 dis3ret19 dis3ret20 dis3ret21 dis3ret22 dis3ret23 dis3ret24 dis3ret1 dis3ret2 dis3ret3 dis3ret4 dis3ret5 dis3ret6 dis3ret7 dis3ret8 dis3ret9 dis3ret42 dis3ret43 dis3ret44 dis3ret45 dis3ret25 dis3ret26 dis3ret27 dis3ret28 dis3ret29 dis3ret30 dis3ret31 dis3ret32 dis3ret33 dis3ret34 dis3ret35 dis3ret36 dis3ret37 dis3ret38 dis3ret39 dis3ret40 dis3ret41 dis3ret59 dis3ret60 dis3ret61 dis3ret62 dis3ret63 dis3ret64 dis3ret46 dis3ret47 dis3ret48 dis3ret49 dis3ret50 dis3ret51 dis3ret52 dis3ret53 dis3ret54 dis3ret55 dis3ret56 dis3ret57 dis3ret58 dis3ret67 dis3ret68 dis3ret69 dis3ret70 dis3ret71 dis3ret72 dis3ret73 dis3ret74 dis3ret75 dis3ret76 dis3ret77 dis3ret78 dis3ret79 dis3ret80 dis3ret81 dis3ret82 dis3ret65 dis3ret66 dis3ret89 dis3ret90 dis3ret91 dis3ret92 dis3ret93 dis3ret94 dis3ret95 dis3ret96 dis3ret97 dis3ret98 dis3ret99 dis3ret84 dis3ret85 dis3ret86 dis3ret87 dis3ret88 dis3ret126 dis3ret127 dis3ret128 dis3ret129 dis3ret130 dis3ret131 dis3ret132 dis3ret133 dis3ret134 dis3ret135 dis3ret136 dis3ret137 dis3ret159 dis3ret160 dis3ret161 dis3ret162 dis3ret164 dis3ret165dis3ret163

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  • I want disgaea old class to be back like scout, and other missing class..

  • Disgaea 4 NEEDS to follow, along with its map editor and all the other cool stuff they put in.

  • elsalvadorps

    and I’m kinda happy I missed out on the PS3’s version because the Vita’s has so much waiting for me

    edit:nvrmind about the question

    • Thomas Maloney

      It’s $20 now, I’d pick it up anyway.

  • Guest

    I’m not a graphics whore or anything but after having seen Disgaea 4’s glorious HD sprites those screens look kinda meh.

    Luckily one probably won’t even notice the low resolution that much on a handheld screen.

  • Oh glorious. I love the final image, my precious Salvatore, and Master Bigster! Mao and Almaz! This time, I will definitely try harder to get the precious Platinum trophy. Oh and there is Prinny Kurtis, I didnt know non Prinny kurtis was available. Oh and Adell. Wow all these characters will make my fighting team really only include named characters.

  • Thomas Maloney

    good to know that we have living puppets dishing out Tera Star.

  • Just take my money!

  • leadintea

    Damage formula, NIS. FIX IT!!

  • skyblaze

    amazing, i can’t wait to get it… (i might end up importing it out of sheer impatience XD)

    also, i hope with the tons and tons of extra characters they add a better way of navigating through them… am i the only one who started getting lost when trying to find someone after 40+ recruits? -__-

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