Five Hokages, One Naruto Fighting Game

By Spencer . January 16, 2012 . 5:09pm

First Hokage vs. Sarutobi and the Monkey King. The Second vs. Minato’s rasengan. You can set up those fights in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. CyberConnect2’s upcoming fighting game has all five hokages available as playable characters. Minato is unique since he’s in the game twice as the Fourth Hokage and a younger teacher from the Kakashi Gaiden arc.


The First Hokage

chara_other_hsrm_cap05 chara_other_hsrm_cap04 chara_other_hsrm_cap03 chara_other_hsrm_cap02 chara_other_hsrm_cap01

The Second Hokage

chara_other_tbrm_cap01 chara_other_tbrm_cap05 chara_other_tbrm_cap04 chara_other_tbrm_cap03 chara_other_tbrm_cap02

The Third Hokage

chara_shounen_hrzn_cap01 chara_shounen_hrzn_cap05 chara_shounen_hrzn_cap04 chara_shounen_hrzn_cap03 chara_shounen_hrzn_cap02

Minato (Kakashi Gaiden arc version)

chara_minato_cap01 chara_minato_cap05 chara_minato_cap04 chara_minato_cap03 chara_minato_cap02

Minato (the Fourth Hokage version)

chara_other_mnt_cap01 chara_other_mnt_cap05 chara_other_mnt_cap04 chara_other_mnt_cap03 chara_other_mnt_cap02


chara_konoha_tnd_cap01 chara_konoha_tnd_cap05 chara_konoha_tnd_cap04 chara_konoha_tnd_cap03 chara_konoha_tnd_cap02

Shizune (support character only)



chara_konoha_jry_cap01 chara_konoha_jry_cap05 chara_konoha_jry_cap04 chara_konoha_jry_cap03 chara_konoha_jry_cap02


chara_oto_orcm_cap01 chara_oto_orcm_cap05 chara_oto_orcm_cap04 chara_oto_orcm_cap03 chara_oto_orcm_cap02


chara_oto_kbt_cap01 chara_oto_kbt_cap05 chara_oto_kbt_cap04 chara_oto_kbt_cap03 chara_oto_kbt_cap02

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