CyberConnect2’s Kage On Creating Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

By Spencer . March 23, 2012 . 6:13pm


We sat down with Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2, to talk about making Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. The latest game in the Storm series includes characters from the original Naruto arc and Shippuden storyline. In this interview, Matsuyama discusses the roster, awakenings, and why the epic boss battles from Storm 2 aren’t in generations.


What characters from the Naruto universe did you want to add, but couldn’t fit into Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations as playable characters?


Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2: I was able to add pretty much all of the characters I wanted to in Generations, but there have been requests from fans about the Sound Four that I wasn’t able to put in so I’m taking those requests into consideration.


Have you thought about adding DLC characters to the roster?


While had DLC support characters, right now, as playable characters we haven’t been thinking too much about it. I don’t think there will be any plans for this in the future either.


Which character is your favorite to play with?


Usually, Itachi. We tried to recreate Itachi as close as possible to the manga itself. I like how he warps around the battlefield, which we did to keep him true to the series.




You know I’ve been playing Generations online and it feels like the awakenings are overpowered. Sasuke, for example, has so much range when he has Susanoo.


Point well taken, but the way I balanced the characters is to make their pre and post awakening moves are more balanced. Danzo is very strong after he activates his awakening, but before he is a technical character and a little harder to use. I tried to balance out the characters that way so that balance is tied to a player’s skill.


It feels like you took more fighting game mechanics and implemented them in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations with canceling and the replacement jutsu meter. For the next game, how else do you want to make it more technical?


We just released Generations in North America and we’re always open to user feedback. Fans can submit suggestions through our website. The more input we can get from players, the more we can use these suggestions for the next title.




Generations ends right before the Shinobi World War, which I guess will be a major part of the next game. Why didn’t you add any fights from that saga?


I want to make sure each saga is concluded before we work with that storyline. We don’t want to create an ending that isn’t part of the anime or manga itself and to that we have to follow the pace of the series.


Is CyberConnect2 interested in making original stories again like how in Ultimate Ninja 4 fills in what happened during Naruto’s training?


Definitely. We always want to stay true to the main arc, so we’re not going to change it, but creating sub stories is something we want to continue to look into.


And what character would you want to focus on?


Hmm… we usually choose from fan requests. Since it’s based on what they want to see give us feedback!


You know, I was surprised Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations didn’t have big boss battles like in Storm 2. Did the CyberConnect2 team get tired of making those kinds of fights after making Asura’s Wrath?


That’s not quite the case! [Laughs.] We wanted to make Generations more like a fighting game so we took out the epic boss battles. But, yeah like you said the guys that created the boss battles for Storm 2 were working on Asura’s Wrath.




You made a Musou style game and a fighting game series, but what type of game would you want to create?


We want to continue to challenge ourselves, but we have been able to make everything we wanted to create up until this point. I think in order to showcase the characters fighting games are probably the best fit.


For Generations, I wanted to add more technical gameplay and I’m satisfied I got a chance to do that. Hmm… what would I create next. I think it would be gameplay more focused on the drama and story.


How is the marathon training going?


[Laughs.] I’m starting to train a little bit, but I’ve been really busy with work.


Yeah, you’re doing a lot with .hack too these days too. What’s going on with The World?


The .hack games are only coming out in Japan now. If you want to the games to come over ask Namco Bandai Games America on Facebook! Let them see there are .hack fans in North America that want to play the games. If there are enough requests for North America for an English release we might be able to bring them over. There isn’t much I can tell you now about .hack, but you’ll hear news soon.


Since CyberConnect2 and Ganbarion (developers of the One Piece games) are both part of the Game Factory’s Friendship and you both work with Namco Bandai… have you thought about creating a One Piece and Naruto crossover?


[Laughs.] We have thought about it, but because of corporate issues it’s difficult to make, so at this point we don’t have any plans for this.


Have you ever thought about working with Level-5 on Naruto then since they’re part of the GFF too.


[Laughs.] No, even if we were going to make a [Naruto] RPG we would do it ourselves.


Yeah, that’s true you guys have experience with .hack and Solatorobo. Now that Solatorobo finally came out all around the world, what do you have to say to all the fans of your 10 year project?


As you said, it’s finally out all around the world. In North America, it hasn’t been selling as well. My message to the North American fans hopefully more of you guys can buy the game from Xseed who are distributing the title. We want it to get bigger! I want to make a sequel, but it doesn’t seem like it is very popular right now.

  • i want to play as Madara, the real one

  • i fell like a gd title for the nxt naruto storm game is  NARUTO: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 3 
    (the 4th ninja war)

  • i want storm generations to have all the naruto characters in the naruo series put i want the story mode to be really short i want it to be where yhu can beat it in 1 day

  • i wish they would make the new naruto game were yhu can have everybody in the naruto seriesand dont have characters that can only be used as support and i want the story mode to be short to where yhu can beat it in 1 day i want it to be

  • ChrisCrises

    Will you guys be making Madara Uchiha as a playable character with same outfit he had when he was fighting the First Hokage on the next naruto game

  • Dyran

    First and foremost I’d like to thank cyber connect2 for their EPIC work in Storm, Storm 2 and Generations. And with the release of storm 3, I’m pretty sure all fans around the globe are more than excited to see the evolution of the game. Needles to say, the Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm franchise has been, if not, the best manga game made. 

    The enhancement in game play we experienced from storm to storm 2 was awesome, and the leap from Storm 2 to Generations, which added: chakra dash (that was used to cancel or extend a combo), and the substitution gauge was really a mind blower because it made the game alot faster and pushed the gamer to have faster reflexes in battle. But I felt that Generations lost a bit of the intensity in it’s fights that storm 2 had because it made the substitution jutsu/dodging to easy by just tapping the L2 button at any given time and cancelled R2 turning it into BLOCK only. And once your Substitution gauge is empty after using it 4 times, you can only watch your death, as you pray the gauge fills back up quickly which in my opinion limits you, so basically you’re not in control of it.

    My suggestion to Cyber Connect2 for Storm 3, to have all lovers of the Game speak in tounges,lol, is to keep all that was added in Generations and put bak the use of R2 as substitution jutsu/dodging, by tapping it just before the moment of impact which uses the CHAKRA GAUGE and to LIMIT the SUBSTITUTION GAUGE L2 to use up to 3 times once full incase of emergency ex: when there’s no chakra left, those moments when you just can’t seem to dodge a combo that’s being done to you, or when someone tries to do a special from behind. Simply put, L2 becomes the “substitution gauge incase of emergency” which doesnt use up chakra and R2 becomes the “normal substitution JUTSU” which uses chakra.

    I think with this suggestion the fights will go beyond any fans expectations and will bring an even greater intensity to the battle. BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Snyder

    When playing Naruto Ninja storm games I like playing out the story from mind in free battle, The characters that I would like to play as are Jirobo, kidomaru, tayuya, and Sakon/ Ukon, I think them characters somewhat plays a big role since they are the ones that defeated the leaf ninja characters. Also some other characters I like to play as are, Dosu, kin and Zaku since they were characters that proved to be tough oppenents to the leaf during the chunin exams. I also would love to play as Anko, Raiga/Ranmaru, Sora and Kurenai. All the playable characters from Ninja storm generations, I like both the young characters and their older versions and all the rest of them i like.

    It would also be great to play as tobi not only as the funny version but also to play as him in more of a serious version too instead of having it as an awakening since he became more serious after telling the truth to Sasuke about Itachi. Also it be cool if all the akatsuki members had an ulternative costume being undead since Kabuto had brought them back to life from the series.  Also if Raiga was a playable character His two costumes can be with or without ranmaru on his back and each costume would have their own ultimate jutsu and awakening. All the other alternate costumes or versions I like.

    For Awakenings It be really cool if there was an awakening that would turn the whole battefield into fog making it a little bit more challenging to fight, maybe this awakening would be good for Zabuza. I Like the awakening for Lee but also It be nice to have that awakening and plus to have another awakening to choose from wich would be the drunken master Lee. I think that it be nice if the player can choose alternate awaknings for some characters. If Jirobo, Kidomaru, Tayuya, and Sakon/Ukon had an awakening I think their cursemark stage for that would be awesome.  Also during the awakening stage it would be nice to have different ninjutsu and also beable to use a different Ultimatjutsu, The ultimatjutsu would only deal a certain amount of damage to the opponent though so the match wouldn’t be able to end too quickly. All the other awakenings I like.

    Lastly It be great to be able to use summonings, they’d only last for a certain amount of time like the awakenings or maybe it can be used instead of an awakening and can only be use once for a match and for picky players they could turn that part on or off for free battle and this probably wont be used for online battle unless its a custom battle. How it be like like is when a summon is being used like Naruto uses the Toad chief and the toad cheif would appear on the back ground and would use his water bullet justsu and hit random parts of the field, the ability wouldn’t be used in a fast repeated pace but would only be used every 3 seconds aiming at the oppenent. For Tsunade’s Summon would be her Giant slug that will realease a few small slugs on the battlefeild that can be used to only Heal Tsunade. It be nice if a few characters had healing abilities for ninjutsu like Sakura, Tsunade and Ino this ability would only heal a small amount of health.

    With all this stuff In a Naruto game I think it would make it Complete and Perfect. 

  • I love the Naruto series, but a game they should really invest in is a Naruto game with graphics and mechanics like Assassins Creed. Adding a Naruto theme to an Assassin Creed gameplay would change the whole face of Naruto. Of course many things will have to be changed or tweaked but it would be dynamic. Imagine playing Sasuke’s story, or maybe a creatable character with genes of other players? But unlocking the powers of sharingan one by one, seeing the difference of the power, and being able to take on high ranking missions. It would be awesome to become a rouge ninja and go into a village and try to assassinate a kage and having ninja hunt you down. I beleive it is possible, and if it is taken seriously, Naruto series would blow up and take over.

  • I love the .hack serious I bought all of them and played them and am still re-beating them also I bought extras so that they won’t get scratched and if they do there’s another copy. Plus naruto generations is amazing it’s the best naurto games i’ve played yet and again i own and played and beaten all of them and will keep doing that i love your games but I would like to ask if tobi with rinnegan will come and as well as madara and hokage naruto like in storm 2 (hokage naruto). I would love to see madara and rinnegan tobi (obito) i also read the manga lol I love your games XD

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