Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Scenario Has A Different Battle With Caius

By Spencer . March 26, 2012 . 8:48pm


Lightning will get her own Final Fantasy XIII-2 scenario and it’s coming in May. Dengeki PlayStation fills in new details like the storyline’s name, Requiem of the Goddess.


Caius Ballad and Lightning will clash in the story, but the fight won’t be like the intro chapter from Final Fantasy XIII-2. This battle will be different, early magazine leaks report.

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  • You’re either an idiot, or, if you by some chance happen to be right, then the makers of the game have no idea how to tell a proper story and Final Fantasy is done with as a franchise. “To Be Continued” NEVER means “in a prequel” or “in side stories”, it means, quite literally in every sense, that the story is not over and that more is going to happen AFTER that point, that there is a continuation coming. Whether that means a DLC ending or Final Fantasy XIII-3, that is anyone’s guess. If it is like you say, then not only do the makers have no sense what “To Be Continued” means, then it also means that gave their fans a huge screwjob. The wise Kevin Smith once said “fiction should have a happy ending, because real life is full of nothing but unhappy endings, and we turn to fiction to get away from that”. Only the most masochistic minds in the world would be “satisfied” with the ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2 as it currently stands. It’s basically the mid-point of Final Fantasy VI without the second half of the game. People don’t want that! The only ending in recent memory that has gotten a worse rap than this one is Mass Effect 3, and both for damn good reasons! What Final Fantasy XIII-2 lacks is what almost every unhappy ending lacks: CLOSURE. And ending like that makes most people say “Well that whole thing was a waste of time.” 100+ hours of Final Fantasy XIII and 30 hours of Final Fantasy XIII-2 become a colossal waste of time, space, and money. If they don’t fix it, that’s the end of the line for Final Fantasy. We’ll still get Final Fantasy Versus XIII, sure, but we’ll never make it to Final Fantasy XV. People will have lost all faith in the series. I know I just about have. My last hope for the series is that there will be a DLC ending or a Final Fantasy XIII-3. Even if it’s a DLC ending, that may kill Final Fantasy anyway. Why the hell should we have to pay extra to get the rest of the game? DLC is going to be the end of video games.

    • Herok

      First here are the definitions of Continuation:
      1: the act or fact of continuing in or the prolongation of a state or activity
      2: resumption after an interruption
      3: something that continues, increases, or adds
      which says nothing about only being able to occur after a point of interruption but that something is being added at some point in a story, which could be before, after, or during the plot like in the upcoming lightning dlc.Second the ending isn’t lacking closure, that would be implying we don’t know why or how the ending happened and if someone to were to play the game to completion they would understand all the details of the ending, and in the case of ME3 some of the hate stems from the fact that promises were made that weren’t fulfilled and people going against established character traits but that is just how I feel.Third unless you have statistical data you can not make generalizations and assumptions about how other people feel about things, for all you know many people could hate happy endings and enjoy the ending to this game but no one will truly know unless someone polls people who have completed the game, until then the best you can do is make guesses about the feelings of other people.Lastly name calling is not needed when trying to have a civil discussion with another person you do not know.

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