God Eater And Resonance Of Fate Characters Are In Project X Zone

By Spencer . April 24, 2012 . 7:59pm

imageFamitsu showed screenshots of more characters in Project X Zone, an upcoming 3DS strategy RPG with Namco Bandai, Sega, and Capcom characters.


Namco Bandai

Alisa Amiella & Soma Schicksal from Gods Eater Burst



Frank West from Dead Rising & Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers



Zephyr and Leanne from Resonance of Fate.

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  • Zonic505

    Can’t wait to see footage of these characters, especially Frank (hopin’ he’s as weapon savvy like in UMvC3).

  • Guest

    Vashyron > Zephyr 

    This is pretty much fact

    • Nyandroid

      I completely agree. Im disappointed.
      Though I AM happy to see Resonance of Fate characters in the first place. :)

      • They worked as a threesome… D:
        Sad they’d leave just one out.

        • Göran Isacson

          Agreed- I can only hope that Vashyron is still in there SOMEWHERE.

    • cj_iwakura

       I agree, but Zephyr and Leanne are practically inseparable, so… still, I’d rather have Vash.


    • His fallen enemies and forgotten lovers outnumber the stars in the sky!

      Such a badass boast….

  • Spirit Macardi

    Zephyr and Leanne add a bit more appeal for me. I really liked Resonance of Fate, so being able to see them again is pretty cool. Especially knowing they can fight alongside Dante.

    Namco though, you’re still missing Klonoa. Unless you have a brand new game for the series currently in development, him not being in this title would be absolutely unforgivable. Guntz would be nice as well, but I’d be perfectly content with just the floppy-eared kitty.

  • Kitestwinblades

    ( °∀°) YES, AGAIN! 
    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… they add Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity characters! I knew Sega HAD it, I just didn’t believe they would ACTUALLY add it. But hey if you add space channel 5 and the original cast of Namco’s .hack, the possibilities really start to show. This is perfect because they juggle enemies around all the time with fancy gunplay XD

    They should have included Vashyron as well but they seem to pefer pairs for Project X Zone. I cant wait to see how Zephyr and Leanne/Reanbell look as sprites :3

  • I am more interesed in Hsien-ko x Frank west, such a pair.

    • ShadowWolf

       yep, a Sentient, non human eating zombie, paired with a guy who has killed thousands of the buggers, it will indeed be interesting.

  • ShadowWolf

     i was kinda hoping for Frank West……i don’t know why.

    can we get Ryu and Peco from BoF3?

    •  Heck no. Ryu and Teepo. :D

      • ShadowWolf

         you dare mock the almighty onion?

        • Wanting a favorite character who’s playability was short lived requires me to mock the almighty onion, I’m afraid.

          • ShadowWolf

            touche good sir.

      • Göran Isacson

        Child or adult, then? because if the game is about characters fighting together… one of those options might be a little bit tricky.

        •  Adult. This is a crossover game. The story will do anything to make two adversaries join forces no matter what.

    • epy

      Don’t know about Peco but Ryu and Nina would be great (BoF3 or 4 rendition if possible). If a Breath of Fire VI is close to impossible, I would hope Capcom at least acknowledges the series exists.

  • SilverSven

    This update doesn’t really reveal much. We knew most of them from the chromosomes.

  • Frank in Project X Zone ?

    He’s covered wars, you know ?

    Also, nive one for the characters of RoF. Hopefully Sega will make a second and develop better the overall story.

  • KotaroInugami

    So basically this would be a liscensing nightmare in America? I have little hope for this one. Infinite want. Little hope…

    • ShadowWolf

       not really, the character are, from what i’ve seen, owned by the 3 companies, all who release games in the West, they’d simply have to agree to release it here.

      • KotaroInugami

        3 companies in Japan. Wouldn’t it be a bit more complicated than that? Speaking only of America, Sakura Wars is licensed by Red Entertainment. (Or NIS America. I forget.) Atlus has Super Robot Wars. We never got Valkyria Chronicles 3 so do we have the License for them? I’m just saying, if it was so easy, why didn’t we get Namco X Capcom?

        • Guest

           we didnt get NxC because “the old school video game characters from Japan were too obscure for the West blah blah”

  • KotaroInugami
    • AzureNova

      Epic Indeed

  • Nitraion

    Leanne? they used US version name 
    could it be ???

    • SilverSven

      No, that’s just Spencer giving the news with names the western crowd will recognize. They used her Japanese name in Famitsu.

      • Nitraion

        aww :(

  • Ronald Bixler

    Off in the distance, towards the east, I can hear the sharp purr of paddle-saw blades.  Sigh… 

  • I’m likin the presentation of this game far more than i did for Heroes Phantasia already.

  • Muffum

    As hopeful as I am that we’ll be seeing this in North America, I’m really doubting it. What makes it even more annoying is that the 3DS isn’t region-free like the DS (which is how I played Jump Ultimate Stars.)

    The combination of Frank and Hsien-Ko sounds especially hilarious, but seeing it will probably entail having to spend the money on a Japanese 3DS. Well, them’s the breaks, I suppose.

  • Any new info related to Resonance of Fate is a huge plus for me!

  • awwww man no Vashryon???????? …… i wanted to see him do that dance again when he saw Cardinal Barbarella LOL best moment of the game, laughed till my stomach started to pain.

    • boundries_san

      Hip Dance to the fullest!!!!

      If only Leanne also had that mountain? *Died due to shots in the head*

      • LOL “All we have is raisins” . *Smack to the head* man that dance was epic, games need more openly perv dances like that

  • Zephyr and Leanne is a win.
    And about Vashyron,maybe he’s a 3-support character for Tri-Attack?
    I can’t imagine them without Tri-Attack.
    /Got my platinum in RoF month ago x( .

  • boundries_san

    RoF!!!! YEAH!!!!

    And God Eater inside the game is also quite cool. Capcom, u should include MH hunter or even MH monster such as Tigrex as a playable char?

    • takopako

      tigrex would be godly…

  • Muggshotter

    God Eater? With my Tekken in there? YES.

    Soma and Alisa in there? With Jin and Xiaoyu? UNFFFFF-

    About time the franchise gets a bit more love, by the way. And yeah, having some Monster Hunter there with God Eater would be an epic cross-over by itself. HYPE?

    • Göran Isacson

      Man, God Eater and Monster Hunter WOULD be pretty awesome… but I don’t know that much about Mon-Hun: do the game even have actual characters you can play as?

      • Muggshotter

         Considering the only character(s) you play as are your own creations… not really. But the monsters could use for some great boss fights and you’ve always got the felynes…

  • jc0111

    Chun-Li & Cammy (SF2)
    Alex & Elena or Yun & Yang (SF3) I WANT SF3 CHARACTERS DAMMIT !
    C.Viper & Abel (SF4)
    Batsu & Kyosuke and Hinata & Daigo (Rival Schools)
    Viewtiful Joe & Sexy Silvia
    Amaterasu & Waka (Okami)
    Nina & Katt (Breath of Fire 2)
    Zack & Wiki

    Jude & Milla (Tales of Xillia)
    Asbel & Sophie, Hubert or Cheria (Tales of Graces)
    ZWEI & Viola (Soul Calibur 5)

    Bayonetta & Jeane
    Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue)
    Vyse and Aika & Fina (Skies of Arcadia)
    Zobio & Zobiko (House of the Dead EX)
    Beat & Gum (Jet Grind Radio)
    Gillius & Tyris (Golden Axe)
    Axel & Blaze (Streets of Rage)
    Sonic & Tails or Blaze

    Do want !

    • I wish for the same! And thank god you did not added Shadow the Hedgehog on that list! Sonic & Tails should be more than enough! And despite what others might say, Blaze The Cat is also acceptable and pretty cool, too.

      Oh, but one other thing: You forgot Ristar.

      • jc0111

        I have forgotten a LOT of characters on all 3 sides :)

        You can’t remember them all :P

  • Oh sweet jesus japan you just have to region lock my 3DS

  • LustEnvy

    WTF Capcom? I’m tired of you ignoring Breath of Fire. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? ANY Ryu, Teepo, Fou Sou Lou, Rei, Katt, Garr, etc. You’re sitting on a friggin’ gold mine of characters, yet you choose to be ignorant of the one RPG series you have that is begging for revival.

    I hate you, Capcom. I HATE you.

    • thebanditking

       Capcom always ignores Breath of Fire, the Capcom versus series would have been a great place to drop in Ryu from BOF but even with the Ultimate release of MVSC3 they once again left the series out. Its a fantastic series, but its not like Capcom pissing a series away is anything new.

      •  If I recall, they said they wouldn’t put Ryu from BoF in because of the confusion to Ryu from SF.

        A stupid response but what do you expect from them?

        • jc0111

          To add Nina ? You know, the OTHER main character of the series ?

          •  I wanted Nina. In fact, I wanted Nina from BoF 1 so we can have a healer in a fighting game. That would have been awesome.

    • 4shiki

      Um, this is not the full roster yet. There’s still time!

    • PoweredByHentai

      No love for BoF2’s Nina?  Love her dark purple wings.

  • thebanditking

    Technically speaking wouldn’t the Resonance of Fate characters be more Tri-Ace then Sega? I know Sega owns the publishing rights but the characters are not really internally developed by them. I would love to see Vyse and Aika (Drachma?) in this as well and just to further troll everyone Ryu from Shenmue should be in this.

    I don’t know why but I am starting to get the feeling that our chances for a western release are improving.

    • SilverSven

      It’s always the publisher who controls the rights, and not the developer. Unless explicitly stated, assume the IP belongs to the publisher.

      • takopako

        perfect excuse for some bayonetta action…

    • “just to further troll everyone Ryo from Shenmue should be in this.”Fixed :3

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Alisa Amiella & Soma Schicksa……………………*head explode* http://youtu.be/oep4mRpmrkQ  I must get this game now…

  • XiaomuArisu

    So….Frank West….I know the joke is old but…He covered wars you know.
    BTW Alisas underboobs ftw

  • As if the game wasn’t amazing enough, it keeps getting better. Resonance of Fate characters? Want ;_;

  • Frank West! Hell yeah

  • takopako

    im just waiting until they reveal characters we KNOW will be there…like sonic (and hopefully tails) <3

  • cj_iwakura

    All I really need is Reiji and Xiaomu, and I import.

    • XiaomuArisu

       Well it would be possible.because this game is almost a sequel to NxC and it wont be the first time ryu and jin meet them.Kosmos even meet them three times,they almost a team.Or they ignore NxC and endless frontier if that happens lets hope for a miracle called endless frontier exceed.

    • AshCrimsonIIDX

       I love Xiaomu! Loved her design. Just seeing her again would bring a smile to my face.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    This is less of a licensing nightmare than any Super Robot Wars game outside of Original Generation.  We’re talking about 3 companies and their subsidiaries and not like a zillion.  I would venture to say that this will see the light of day in the west simply because Namco doesn’t want to see this end up with a fan translation like Namco X Capcom.  It would also be a great opportunity to introduce and familiarize the west with more obscure characters mixed in with staple characters from games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, .hack//, MegaMan, etc.  

    I think this has a really good chance at a western release.  The real road block would be voice over costs.

    Oh, and God Eater/Monster Hunter interaction HAS to happen :)

  • AshCrimsonIIDX

    WubWub Can’t get ooover the Cloooouds! 

    I love God Eater and ROF! Awesome games right there! If anyone is interested in those games, you should try them.

  • Göran Isacson

    Frank West teaming up with Hsien-Ko… it’s the pairing I never knew I needed. I expect a veritable DELUGE of tools and stabbings and crushings now you two- don’t let me down.

    Also- Resonance of Fate! Someone remembers that game exists! HOORAY! :D

    Sad Vashyron isn’t in it though. Maybe he tried to get frisky with Jill and Chris took exception… with his biceps. That can crush boulders. Poor, poor Vashyron…

  • Astralwyrm

    Would really like to see capcom use some bof characters.
    Rei + teepo(bof3) would be the most obvious with the were tiger and dragon combo though i’d really like to see ershin and/or fou lu with Myrr(bof1+3) and/or Yuna(bof4) in opposition.

    Sega has to have sonic in there nuff said….

    As for namco i think they have all the characters i’d like to see in the roster already <3 vesperia.

  •  I wish for Ristar, Alis Landale (Phantasy Star 1), and that guy from Dig Dug (in his NxC form) to get added!

  • Solomon_Kano


  • pockystix

    I’m wanting a Dallas and Rosie team up lol

    if anyone has beaten VC, they’ll get the joke


    Alisa + Kirin Girl vs Vajra + Rajang!

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