Neptunia V Has A Different CPU In Charge Of Planeptune

By Spencer . April 24, 2012 . 12:02pm

neptuniav3Neptunia is whisked away to the 80s in Neptunia V and in this parallel world she is not in charge of Planeptune. Dengeki PlayStation revealed a new character called Pururoot (but basically looks like Neptunia) is.


Kana Hanazawa who plays Sophie in Tales of Graces f is Pururoot’s voice actress. Instead of Purple Heart, Iris Heart guards Planeptune.


Just like previous Neptunia titles, event scenes will use 2D portrait art with breathing animations and blinking eyes so they appear more lifelike. Compile Heart says this feature, dubbed the Active Animation System, will be enhanced for Neptunia V.


Neptunia V is slated for a summer release on PlayStation 3.

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  • The Neptunia games remain a very welcome series to me. Sorely needed in the industry as the industry is turning out these days. :) If there are scans of Iris Heart, I hope someone posts them.

    • rebecasunao

      Can you tell me why do you think a game like Neptunia is needed? Just curious.

      • Well, the main reason is because Neptunia is the first series to really try out the personified game consoles and game industry thing. But in terms of what I was saying regarding how the industry is turning out, it seems like every Japanese company that’s been around since the 90s is ruining their IPs. They load their IPs up with awful gimmicks, remove major characters and themes for no reason or just flat out butcher them for misguided notions of appealing to what’s currently popular. Too many IPs have been or are currently being ripped to shreds by their company owners just because the people in charge want to make a few extra bucks in the short term.

        Neptunia, on the other hand, is the kind of game where there’s clearly a lot of love, care and respect for what they’re making. Do they have gimmicks? Yes, but the gimmicks fit what they’re doing, and they’re used genuinely. In other words, Neptunia isn’t made solely as part of a greed-fueled money-making scheme, it’s made with the goal of making a game that’s actually good and worth buying and playing.

        • If Neptunia games are what you define as genuine, earnest works not intended as cash-grabs but actually worth the price, I’d like to ask you what you consider to be the polar opposite – sleazy, exploitative pandering. Because calling that a genuine effort is a massive slap in the face to other much better titles that sold at the same price; and some of those titles were even humble enough to not charge 180$ for a Limited Edition with a thin artbook, soundtrack and a card deck.

          • EusisLandale

             $180? Really? I think you’re blaming the wrong people if you’re seeing that as the price. Pretty sure it was only around $65.

          • It wasn’t directly called “Limited Edition”; this is the one I was talking about – probably the Premium set. I called it an LE only because I couldn’t find any other special bundle in between.

            It’s entirely possible that the prices have been increased by resellers, but premium sets still sell for well over 110$ at the least, going by the price range on NISA store. I’ll be generous and assume that the Premium set is sold for 100$. Mk2’s MSRP is 50$; letting aside the game’s worth for a moment, what exactly is in the rest of the package that is worth at least the same as the game itself?

          • @DrakosAmatras:disqus I suppose reseller are selling it at an insane price due to it not being in production any more. Still $180 is expensive for what you get with the premium set.

      • can u tell me why animes needed? think about what ur saying before u post it. anybody  can say the same thing about stuff u like. why do u like or need that anime u watch in ur display?? my point is dont ask stupid questions

  • OverlordZetta

    While I appreciate the forethought in that since our Nep is from another world, this one’s Planeptune would need a Goddess, I hope we get more than just this one to replace Nep – they went and put a date on this, but thus far it hasn’t meant much with an XBOX and PS1 Goddess representing consoles totally outside that date.

    Come on, step up CH!

    • Ladius

      Vert could very well represent Microsoft’s MSX, and CH has already said Noire isn’t a CPU in Neptunia V, so they could still try to be accurate (even if I suspect that isn’t their main concern).

      • EusisLandale

        Noire may not be a CPU in this one, but judging by the game’s site she still has a Black Heart form, so either she’s going to become one at some point or they might not be limiting transformations to just the CPUs this time.

        • Ladius

          Yeah, I imagine they had to consider both historical accuracy (by removing her from CPU-tier) and the possibility of fans storming their offices (by ensuring she still has a CPU form) :P I’m still curious to see how they’re going to treat the period they have chosen for this game.

  • Randgriz
    • Nep’s expression says it all.  Daaaaaaamn

    • Darkrise

      OH MY GAH! I’m loving the character already! (●^o^●)

      • yet u know nothing about the character that makes  alot of sense -_- i cant stand when people like things and know nothing about it. go out and actully get general intel on what u action like before claiming u love a character making this game look not worth playing

    • Looks like they abandoned the 3D models for dialogue, and gone back to the regular style… I liked it

    • xavier axol

      looking at those pictures, suddenly i’m caming down with watermelon cravings. oohhh! and those buns are to die for (wish i could have a lick, i mean a bite)

      • yet another over obsessed fan boy that has no life. dont make theses beautiful games look bad buy ur fanboyism

    • MrKappa

      Scan says her name is Pururut? And she turns into Iris Heart?
      I don’t wanna be unfair since there is no info but by design alone she is looking to be the best goddess.
      It is not even the right moment but this is the only picture to describe how I feel right now.

    • If that’s the new goddess I can definitely see Kana Hanazawa with her. 
      Now I’m wondering what bumps her off…?

    • Bra, panties and garters, plus a dominatrix hat… They’re not even trying to be subtle anymore.

    • Draculoid

       Thank you very much for the scans sir! I’m really digging this direction, the protagonist looks to be of a very appropriate age while still being incredibly appealing.

      I’m sure there will be more than enough “moe” characters to go around so it’s nice to see the poster girl being so voluptuous. Slightly less strange looks from my friends (not that I’m bothered by them :P).

    • She is incredibly delicious. Oh man~

      • dont even know the charater i swear over tarded fanboys/girls is what ruins theses games.

    • EusisLandale

       Found a few more over on Gamefaqs. Noire might not be a goddess this time, but she can still transform.

      • Mr_SP

         Looks like Green Heart and Black Heart get wildly new CPU designs. White and Purple might be different, but Green and Black are quite obvious about it.

        Wait, is Vert even a Goddess? Is she a DOS Goddess now?

        • Those colour schemes are the original Xbox, the PS1, and the SNES.

          • Mr_SP

             So they are… Except for the XBox being 20 years early, here.

        •  They all could be CPU Candidates.

    • ssj2_goku85

      Liking the look for Puroroot and Iris, very much so ^_^.  Also happy to see that the old goddess’s get a cpu form, just a little disappointed they went for a more Uni look for /black heart T_T.  I know this is pre there time as tru cpu goddess’s and so there look should reflect it, but I’m gonna miss my old Black Heart form.

    • AzureNova

      Damn she looks soo badass! I can’t wait for Neptunia V to come out!

      • does look good. im excited for it to. im just anoyyed with all theses fanboys/girls getting a hard on for the new character like ohh im loving this already. its like u dont even know anything about the character excepte for what she looks like and that shes a cpu. lol i swear some people just ruin games like theres no tomorrow. on another note i just imported mugen souls and waiting for the us limited edition excited

    • ShinStar

       I’m a little late, but PRETTY & HAWT!!!!!!

      • n the comments about everything being overly hot and big boobs is really getting anoyying

  • Darkrise

    Please oh PLEASE! Let her be playable. 

    • Look closely at the scans. You can see her in the party in the screenshots.

  • AnimeRemix

    New CPU looks good. I seriously want more info on this epic game! And 2D portrait art again?! Yes! =D I loved the 3D ones in MK2, but I think I enjoy seeing 2D portrait art more~! 

    I can see it now…
    Neptune – *finds Pururoot* Woah… You look just like me…
    Pururoot – *holding her Nep-Nep plushie* Hello… You’re…?

    Neptune – I’m your daughter! Neptune is the name, speed is my game, and–whoops! I’m out of jokes!

  • usagi_san

    Kana Hanazawa… Why? Why did you have to be a part of this game? Now I have a reason to bump this up on my pre-order list. :'(

  • Again, the article says Neptune’s name is Neptunia. >____>

  • it’s just a typo. no big deal.

  • Deathgod881

    Liked the 2nd game gonna be buying this one as well.

  • brian yep

    I thought mk2 had in-game character models instead of those creepy “lifelike” animations.
    Or it looked that way in screenshots.
    So sad, it looked really nice with in-game models.

    • I preferred it with the 2D art, and their changing back implies that most of their fans did.

      (They had a mix in mk2 – all story scenes used 3D models, but most optional scenes had 2D ones)

      • Guest

         To be honest, 2D motion portrait kinda sucks. There’s only a small handful of companies that have pulled it off well; this not really being one of them…

        • MizuMikomi

          Have you not seen it in Agarest Senki Zero? What about Mugen Souls?

          I’ll admit that HDN and Trinity Universe didn’t pull it off that well at all; other than Red and 5pb’s DLC, but those other two games did– and it looks great.

  • This is really soon after the previous… it seems like the quality and effort put into these games could be much higher.

    • EusisLandale

      The last two were released mid August each a year apart, and since they’re saying summer, it’s very likely to be released at roughly the same time as the last two. Given the level of improvement between the first two games, the amount of quality and effort they can provide in that time is actually pretty good.

      • Ladius

        Agreed, Neptunia mk2 was miles above the first game in terms of graphics and actual gameplay. Moreover, we should consider CH isn’t exactly a big budget developer, they could barely afford motion capture thanks to Neptunia 1’s success and, seeing V’s screenshots, they seem to have put to good use the money they made with mk2.

        I imagine having a dungeon crawler structure (no explorable cities, menu-based world map) also helps to concentrate their efforts on character and monster models, animations and dungeon design.

        • Guest

           No explorable cities is a downer

          • EusisLandale

            Hardly. More often than not an explorable city is just a way to waste a couple minutes a visit to get to a shop of some sort, and maybe check out NPCs that say the same thing over and over again. The menu cities give that to you, without the wasted time.

  • kroufonz


  • AzureNova

    The more info I hear about Neptune V, the more I want to play it! =^_^=

  • i….can’t….wait……JUST SHUT UP TAKE MY GOD DAM MONEY

  • Zephyr2010

    I am very much a fan of Pururut and Iris Heart ;)

  • “event scenes will use 2D portrait art with breathing animations and blinking eyes so they appear more lifelike”

    That does it… I’ll be putting this on my preorder list right now….

  • Nitraion

    O_o okay that’s it i will start 2nd first

  • Tôn Thất Thiên Vũ

    So nice~ The 2D portrail art is way better than the 3D model in the second game. Really glad they that they will use the 2D portrail again in this game!

  • Mr_SP

    I may be late to the realisation, but it’s good to see Nepgear is still on board.

  • boundries_san

    It seems, My wallet now exist only for this game lol.^^Pre-order them now.^^

  • Learii

    i hope is come to u.s like the others 2

  • AshCrimsonIIDX

    My money is reaady! I hope it gets announced here soon.

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