Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Lightning Episode & Wacky Moogle Costumes

By Spencer . April 27, 2012 . 1:02am

xiii2lightning2 xiii2lightning3

In May, Square Enix will release Requiem of the Goddess a downloadable Final Fantasy XIII-2 storyline where Lightning fights Caius. Square Enix made new paradigms just for Lightning’s one on one battle such as Blast Wizard and the special attack Aeroga Blast. There are new quick time events or Synchro Drives made for the fight.


Caius has new spells like Ultima and if you win a throne will appear before Lightning.

xiii2lightning8 xiii2lightning9 xiii2lightning1 xiii2lightning4 xiii2lightning5 xiii2lightning6 xiii2lightning7 xiii2lightning10 xiii2lightning11 xiii2lightning12 xiii2lightning13


Moogle costumes are coming in May too and Square Enix will release sixteen of them in one DLC pack. You get Stylish Mog, Woof Mog, Pirate Mog, Imp Mog, and Kitty Mog.xiii2lightning18

xiii2lightning19 xiii2lightning20 xiii2lightning21 xiii2lightning22 xiii2lightning23


Serah will also be able to wear a White Mage outfit and Noel can get a Black Mage outfit if you purchase these costumes from PSN or XBLA.

xiii2lightning14 xiii2lightning15 xiii2lightning16 xiii2lightning17

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  • CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  • Dantis

    That’s the first costume I’ve seen for Serah that I don’t actively dislike.

  • Sorry but nothing is going to look better on noel than ezio’s outfit, the white mage threads look good though.

    • Aoshi00

      The Ezio costume was good, but in too many cutscenes his eyes were all covered up by the hood, so it was hard to see his eyes and expression (and his flowign hair lol) in some emotional scenes..

      • amagidyne

         I’m not seeing the problem.

        • Aoshi00

          When I was playing the dying world segment, I couldn’t see Noel’s face and couldn’t change his costume since he was out of my party. I had to temporarily delete the Ezio dlc to see him in his default costume, I wanted to see his whole face and eye expression during those cutscenes :) would’ve been nice if the hood part could be customized.. I didn’t want to just see his mouth

  • Nitraion

    I was just wondering FF XIII-2 has lightning as box art….
    but then she is not MC more like DLC char now…
    that just weird just saying….
    The screen shots looks great though..
    I waiting SE making GOTY for this game

    • Herok

       Its all what region your from others had box art with both light and serah.

  • Panda Moogle, Where’s Waldo/Wally Moogle and Pirate Moogle~! Snap! I’m loving this.

  • RmanX1000

    The screen doesnt take my money…………?

    (Im such a low life sucker ~____~)

  • LOL. The “Black Mage” costume is blue…great job SE!

  • SuperSailorV


    But why are all of FFXIII-2’s DLC trophy/achievement-less?

    • Aoshi00

      I know.. I was expecting new trophy/achievement for the Sazh episode at least.. and defeating or collecting the new chars/monsters are quite a feat too, would’ve been nice to show up as addt’l trophy/cheevos..

  • sooo how much the DLC cost us?

  • LOVING ALL this DLC! Hope SE releases some more story related stuff. …Serah Birthday Suite DLC ..and Aya 3rd Birthday costume DLC.

  • ShadowWolf

    Noel is missing the Hat………that makes his entire face become engulfed in shadow.

    Serah’s White Mage Costume………..looks about right.

  • heartless141

    white mage need the hood up =[ and noel’s isn’t any closer

  • Masengan

    Pirate Mog looks too cute hehe.

  • icecoffemix

    Sorry but that Lighting one look gaudy and overdesigned to me, even for SE.

  • Herok

    Seeing as they are making 16 mog costumes for one price I would buy them if thought I dont buy costumes

    • Aoshi00

      That’s a relief, when I heard so many as 16, I was hoping it would be sold together, since the costumes are so small :)  Panda doesn’t look as cute as I thought though.. nice to have so much variation..

  • Look at her HP.
    She is the true goddess <3

  • Chiupon

    I hope that Lightning scenario isn’t just a battle.
    Otherwise we really are getting FF13-3. 

    • SeventhEvening

      The last article said it was more than just a battle. Should be a whole new chapter.

  • AzureNova

    Serah’s White Mage outfit is magical =P

  • theoriginaled

    wow that white mage outfit is hella classy. Nice to see its not all fanservice and rumps hanging out over there at SE.

    and does Lightnings sword-gun-thing have a bayonet on it? Yo dawg, I heard you like swords so I put a sword on your sword so you can sword while youre swording.

    • Nyandroid

      “I heard you like swords so I put a sword on your sword so you can sword while youre swording” Fighter would be in heaven.

  • Angeru_Lito

    Well at least those outfits fit more than I don’t know Shepard’s N7 armor!, but that one was kinda funny , I don’t know who would be into buying outfits for the moogle but if you went down that road already there’s nothing that can save you.

  • Black Mage outfit isn’t complete without the hat and yellow eyes.

  • Göran Isacson

    Gotta admit, the Black Mage outfit is hella stylish. White Mage would look way better if not for the random kneepad and armored shoes, though.

  • I’m severely disappointed by the Panda Moogle DX. The Kitty Moogle and the Pirate Moogle look cute. And Noel.. where’s the hat. >_> I love the White Mage for Serah. I really like the design. It could be the boots thought X3.

    All this reminds me how I still need to the Ezio outfit for Noel and the DLC battles OTL.

    Wallet: *trollface*


  • Dat white mage outfit.

  • I wonder if they are going to add new achievements to the new DLC story, I doubt it knowing the first DLC story didn’t have any :(

  • Guest
  • karasuKumo

    Wow that looks like it’s going to be a tough fight, especially since my usual tactic against Caius was spamming poison and wound -.- .

    Those outfits are pretty cool, Serah looks cute as always ^^.Is Lightning’s scenario based before or after the events of XIII-2?

    • SerendipityX

      Man I hated fighting Cauis, >.> especially end game when you had to fight him for those endings. One-on-one+monster was freakin irritating and kept me on my toes trying to five-star it.

      • karasuKumo

        Same here, the first time you fight him I struggled for a while but then realised how helpful Wound is on him haha. I have most fragments but none of the Paradox endings yet. -.-

  • I hope Requiem of the Goddess isn’t just Lightning vs Caius. Some exploration and walking around Valhalla as Lightning would be nice, not to mention giving Light as much screentime as possible (not just action-wise).

  • I know this has been probably said a million times but, take my money Square Enix!


    I will watch the ending on youtube. This is what happens when square became a CAP”CON” and went on a dlc rampage.  This should of been in the game. I dislike the director a lot. PERSONA 3 ALL THE WAY :D.  


    I am not mad and rage typing, but seriously, this
    should have been in the game. D:

    • Tell me about it! Most of the content in this game was obviously left out on purpose. It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t paying extra for a full package. and 2-3 bucks per costume and bonus battle is ridiculous. 

      • It’s ok if you can’t afford these.

        • Kenay Metcalfe

          Whoa! Witty and rich guy alert who’s totally hitting the nail on the head! *sarcasm 

          • Wow you’re weird! So you’re saying I’m rich because I can afford $3 DLC? Damn boy, god knows what you define poor as. I applaud for your awesome analysis about myself, witty and rich guy?

          • Kalis Konig

            so you don’t know what sarcasm is? That wasn’t the point. Money was never really an issue. It was what the money was going towards. I dont see what you get out of being a dick. I’m weird yet you come out of no where making snide remarks for next to no reason. You go on sarcastically about my so called analysis of you yet you were the one to make baseless claims on rather or not the content was affordable. and yes I’m aware this is old however I am just discovering your levels of stupidity so it is new to me. have a nice one witty rich guy.

          • @facebook-100000341878000:disqus I quickly went through your comment. What you don’t understand is that the majority of people here has a grudge against this game. If they didn’t then they would just go ahead and buy the DLC like they do with games like tales of graces f of vesperia without complaining. In other word what I’m saying is they try to find as much excuses as they can to justify why they don’t like this game without sounding like a prat. Even if they say something like ” 2-3 bucks per costume and bonus battle is ridiculous.”. I’m not judging you as one of those people, for all I know you may have liked this series.

            What you need to accept is that this generation console has access to the internet and storage space which opens a whole lot of options for developer such as downloadable content. You may think that these content should have been in the disc but you need to consider the amount of space and time they had to work with. My argument or what you call baseless claim still stand. The DLC is affordable and it’s well worth the entertainment. The DLC is optional so you don’t have to buy it. If you feel interested enough to play the DLC then go on ahead and buy it but remember this, square enix or any other developer is not pointing a gun at YOU or your family demanding you to buy their content. Before you go replying to my comment again, I’m not only talking about you but everyone else here and that I am out after pressing “post as Kaishou”.Anyway lets talk about my financial issues.

            Although this is my own personal issue, I would like to clarify a few things to those people who analyse me as a rich person like you do. My parent doesn’t work and both me and my brother has to pay more or less the bills. My dad leeches money from both me and my brother to buy junk crap like broken mobile phone and parts to fix them then give it to what I think is his mistress. I hardly care about that. As for my mother, she is barely making any money to spend on herself as she sometime pitches in. Both me and my brother try to avoid that since we would like to give back something to her for raising us all this time. I hardly go out with friends due to all this crap so I have more than enough money to cover my entertainment and other stuff. Also I try to save as much money as I can when buying things. Next time please don’t judge a person’s financial situation based on what they say. If they think it’s affordable, then so be it but don’t go arguing with them and insulting them because they aren’t in your bandwagon. You see how I didn’t insult you?

    • kool_cid414

       The game with no dlc is a full bodied experience that has a lot (in my opinion) in the game and is honestly a good game. the dlc content adds unnecessary but fulfilling content with new bosses,costumes and side stories that only enhance and not make it essential to buy. That’s as much as I can say I love this game find the dlc to be great additions that I’m willing to pay for.

    • Herok

       So what you are telling me is that you would want to wait 6 months just to play one extra fight instead of getting the whole game alot sooner? and btw its not the ending, that was in the actually game, you would know that if you played it.  also when its harmless dlc it doesn’t matter if their is alot I am pretty sure what costumes you have don’t change the game and the monsters in the Arena were for random things that have no places in game. lastly want does persona 3 have to do with anything, heck it hurts your case since basically the answer would be dlc if the game had been for ps3 and not ps2. 


        Let me make myself clearer. This dlc has the ending. I do have the game and when I found out that it was incomplete, I said to myself that I would not buy square games, anymore. Why I said Persona 3? Because that game has a lot more content and Atlus does not rip you off. ;)
        I do not care what you say cause metalheads do not give a hoot what others have to say (notice my name). METAL THE F**K ON. I am not mad towards you, though.

        EDIT: “Harmless dlc”, you said. Square are money hungry mongoloids. They are another Capcom. If I could, I would shove their heads down their urethras.

        • Herok

          What about the game seemed incomplete? there was a conflict(to find lightning and stop caius) and it was resolved in the game (caius wins and lightning turns to crystal after she was found) hense I say there was an ending, also Atlus aren’t saints either they do a good bit of recycling with there games by making everything have has a few different full priced additions with minor changes (Persona 3 and 4 spring to mind immediately). seeing as I have P3 I would honestly say FF 13-2 has more content(before dlc) seeing as Taurus was the only dungeon with the only other thing to do was social links( which were kinda pointless since you don’t need any, just made life easier) also what company doesn’t what to make money? so you really can’t single out square for being money hungry

          • DEATH_METAL_FAN

            I see what you mean.
            To each his own. Final fantasy XIII is terrible to me. XIII-2 is a little better, but nothing more. At least a lot of people agree with a metalhead “Razorfist”.

        • LynxAmali

          “Why I said Persona 3? Because that game has a lot more content and Atlus does not rip you off. ;)”

          Oh god. My sides. You consider releasing re release after re release not ripping you off? At least FXIII-2 is a new game all together.

          And who’s to say they had this done when the game was released? And who’s to say this is the ending?

          Hell, FFXIII-2 had it’s ending.

        • …how is being a metalhead relevant to this discussion?

  • Handsome Luigi ♢

    Im still not fond with the idea of selling chapters via DLC, especially the ones about something so “irrelevant” as, I dunno, the protagonist fighting a major antagonist, totally an “extra” :/

    But Im totally digging these moggle DLC! I’d pick dat pimp moggle on sunglasses!
    Serah and Noel’s mage costumes are sweet too! :D

    • Herok

       you mean former protagonist, since all story noel and serah fights are in game

      • Handsome Luigi ♢

        She appears on the cover and she’s the logo with Caius, it’s impresive how the game lacks on the “full” game what the cover portrays.

        • Herok

          the cover doesn’t portray the full game experience ever its just their to look nice and to grab attention and the logo is based off the first battle in game which they also showed during the reveal trailer before we had any details

          • Handsome Luigi ♢

            Well it should, that’s the idea of a cover.

          • Herok

             Well some people like me just have the logo on white(CE) for the cover, so I am just glad they took their time with this to make something a little different then the main game even if it will cost a little since I don’t have to buy a whole new copy like back in the day.

          • SerendipityX

            In the case FFXIII-2 I think Lightning was put on the cover just to coincide/match XIII’s boxart.

          • Handsome Luigi ♢

            @SerendipityX:disqus  Yeah, I guess so and yet, she’s a major protagonist, a battle this iconic I believe it should be in the game. Well at least that how I feel, guess it’s just my perpective about how DLCs should be distributed.

  • I’m finished with FFXIII since I beat the main storyline so fast and I’m not one for bonus bosses–downloadable or not. Still, I will admit, Stylish Mog is…for lack better words, stylish–AND he looks like he’s from the Matrix.

  • I’m ready for Lightning’s DLC.

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Ugh… I would honestly prefer a XIII-3 before more DLC, lol.


    I’m hoping the Lightning episode won’t be JUST a fight…  :/  

  • AnimusVox

    Maybe it’s just me but Light looks good in that render <33
    That should've been the boxart.

  • The atmosphere that the dlc storyline gives makes me feel so giddy! That lighting on Lightning is just… <3 <3 <3

  • l777l

    Well, at least the coming two years of more DLC for XIII-2 will nicely bridge the time to Versus’s release three years from now. Unless they decide to shatter Versus into pieces and immediately start releasing it, piece by piece. DLC is great, though.

  • Trey Donnelly

    Lightning is so awesome that she even gets her own paradigms. ^_^ I don’t have the game yet, but I’ll try to watch videos of her DLC story on youtube or something.

  • CrimsonalCore

    Lightning is beautiful as always~ and WHOA, THOSE MOOGIES COSTUMES. :D

  • JS

    I thought that the fighting system was meant to be different with the Lightning DLC. It seems they’ve simply renamed the roles. Attack Paladin, Blast Wizard and Defence Knight sound pretty similar to the traditional Com/Rav/Sen roles, especially since those roles are literally Attacker, Blaster and Defender in the Japanese version. However, anything that makes that ending a little less depressing if fine by me.

  • god that moogle costumes are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!i want a moogle in my pocket

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