Growlanser: Wayfarer Of Time Opening Video Is A Blast From The Past

By Spencer . April 27, 2012 . 3:28pm

Atlus USA released the opening video for Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, but if you’ve been following the game it should be pretty familiar. This is the same video Atlus Japan shared when they were promoting the enhanced port last year. It looks like Atlus USA is keeping the original theme song. Working Designs selected a new song for Growlanser Generations, a compilation of Growlanser II and Growlanser III, made for the PS2.


Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time and its 40+ endings will come out in English in July.

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  • The wait was so long and finally we have another Growlanser in english. To be honest, it was a dream for me to see Growlanser IV in english someday ;_;

    • rurifan

       Except they castrated it by removing the voices entirely.  Despicable.

      •  Better than nothing.

        • rurifan

          I’ve played this game 5 times.  Releasing it with the excellent voices *cut out* is such a crime that I wish they’d opted for nothing.  If they can’t do it right, leave it for a better company to release properly in the future…

          • brian yep

            You really think Atlus would license out one of their games like this to someone else?
            Sure they did it for WD, but only with A LOT of convincing from Victor Ireland.
            And we may have never gotten a third port of this game anyway.
            Learn to be grateful for Atlus risking their paychecks to do this game.

          • icecoffemix

            @rurifan:disqus Dude, I’d like to live in your perfect world.

          • icecoffemix

            Oh wow it’s nice to hear that. Now don’t mind the rest of us who don’t read moon enjoying the game even in castrated form.

          • supbro34

            Clearly, Atlus is committing a crime by listening to their fans’ requests. 

            Oh there are no voices? How utterly horrible. What would we ever do without them? Because everybody has played this game at least once, I’m sure. 

            Truly, somebody else should localize this, maybe for my grandchildren to play so they can enjoy the voices. 

          • Dave De Vetter

             How is a game “castrated” because Japanese voices are cut out?   There’s no way this game could ever be profitable if they spent the enormous amount of money it would take to compensate the voice actors.   Also, since I don’t understand Japanese so I don’t see how having voices I can’t understand (without reading the text) adds to the game.   I’m just glad I get to play this game in English and I don’t have to spend 80 bucks for an imported copy. 

          • Ladius

             This kind of extremism is rather senseless, though. If you have already played the game five times chances are you didn’t need an English release in the first place. For those who need it, though, having an undub localization is infinitely better than having nothing, not to mention those who dislike Japanese dubs in their localized games.

            Also, what other company? Do you really think there was anyone waiting to pick this game up, even if it wasn’t already in Atlus USA’s sphere thanks to Career Soft’s position? Moreover, do you think this magnanimous publisher who doesn’t even exist would have been ready to pay a hefty licensing price for the original dub, risking to lose money on a niche release such as this?

            And what future? It’s 2012, it could be already too late for niche PSP games, how long should they have waited? It’s very unlikely G4 will ever receive another remake.

            I think we should try to be realistic and to understand why we can’t already get all that we want. Atlus USA did a major step in the road of returning to its niche fans with Growlanser 4 OR and Gungnir, to boycott them simply because they couldn’t justify the VA licensing costs is unjust.

      •  Not “entirely”. The animated scenes will still have the voice work last I checked.

      • Hraesvelgr

        And I will still continue to say that no voice acting is superior to voice acting, especially in more “old school” games like this.

        Plus, you know, they actually have several valid reasons for cutting almost all of the voice acting, but I’m sure some people won’t be satisfied even if they know and understand the reasons for it.

        • Eilanzer

          NO WAY!!! Growlanser series have the most amazing voice acting in a jrpg! the game lose about 50% of the magic without it…But…It´s better than nothing like “Hiryuu” say…

        • Ladius

          Consider that even the first Growlanser game back on PS1 had a ton of voiceovers, they’re quite a big deal in the context of this series.

          That said, I fully agree that thinking Atlus USA could license the (probably extremely pricey) Japanese dub for such a low key western release is somewhat naive, and I’m absolutely happy we’re getting it in any form.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Well, I know the series has always had lots of voice work, but I still prefer no voice acting, particularly because bad voice acting can hurt the game, but no voice acting takes away very little.

            Either way, I just hope the people that complain about the lack of voice acting will still buy it. I’m sure Atlus is taking a pretty big risk by releasing it as they are already.

          • Ladius

            Oh, I fully agree with you. I clamored so much for a Growlanser 4 OR localization that I will probably end up buying at least two copies just to show them my support. I won’t let the lack of dub stop me from enjoying a great game :P

          • brian yep

            I’m not quite disagreeing with you, but it seems weird to me that Atlus Japan owns these games and Career Soft (iirc) so one would probably think it’d cost little if anything to keep those original voices.

          • Dave De Vetter

             All the voice actors would have to receive additional compensation for their work to be included in a new market. It’s in their contracts.  And since many of the actors in this game are sort of celebrities in Japan it would be a lot.  An Atlus staff on the forums basically suggested they’d have to sell the game for $60 if they kept the Japanese voices.  Honestly since I don’t understand Japanese, I don’t really miss voices I can’t understand without reading the text anyway. 

          • Ladius

            In Japan, it’s fairly common to have recording studios hold the rights of voiceovers, with companies licensing them only for the first use in the Japanese market. Those studios can be really hard to deal with, too: in the visual novel scene, where sales are often sub 2k, Mangagamer couldn’t afford to license Kara no Shoujo and Koihime Musou’s voiceovers (KM’s situation has been solved, thankfully), and in the first case said that the dub license would be many times more than the sum required to license the game itself.

            This model seems to apply to all of Atlus USA’s releases, and could be one of the reasons why we never got a dual audio SMTPersonaGrowlanser game in the west.

      • Ladius

        There’s nothing despicable, really. Growlanser 4 and 1 have gigantic scripts and a lot (and I really mean that) of voiceovers, and with the usual licensing model adopted by Atlus they would probably need to relicense them for a release outside of Japan.

        If you consider how many copies a niche PSP jrpg can hope to sell in the US in 2012 it’s already a miracle we’re getting this game (even translating the script has probably been a daunting size), we couldn’t really ask Atlus to risk losing money by buying that license or funding a gigantic English dub effort.

      •  Normally I would complain a lot, but I was so desesperate to have this game in english that I have no objection in their choice.

  • Herok

    If I have no prior knowledge of this series will I be able to play this game?

    • In any part of the series, it’s typically not necessary to play the game before it.  It helps with some of the continuity in a few cases but it’s still a game that you can jump in and play.

      • Herok


    • Ladius

      The first three Growlanser games are connected (2 is a direct sequel of 1, while 3 is set centuries before both), and 5 as 6 are likewise directly connected, but 4 is completely stand alone :)

      • icecoffemix

        I see Raimy though, a parallel character, cameo or just lazy design? :p

        •  She was an extra character in ps2, you had to use your Growlanser III data. In the psp version you can select her normally. Given that Rimy didn’t have a personal ending in the 3rd game I think they just add her here because of that.  The games are not connected, she is more like a cameo.

          This growlanser you can chose 4 fairies and you can develop romantic relationship with them and even get special endings. Part of the 40 ending that this game have.

        • You can have like 3 (or was it 4 o-o, to lazy to re-watch the video, spammed it like x10000 times when it was announced in japan xD) different fairies here, the fairy you get changes depending on some questions you are asked.

          But the fairies here arent exactly fairies, they are homunculus, so you just create your homunculus, as you might guess, this isnt the same Raimy that was with the MC in GW3

  • I was wondering if I’d hear something about this.  Not too curious about the other G title, honestly.  Although it’s nice we’re getting both, I’m more interested in this.

  • ShadowWolf

    GAAAAH! J POP! IT BURNS! so……overused………so………..generic sounding…..

    • Ladius

      An entire musical genre? : Of course we have a lot of j-pop animevideogame songs, but I don’t really think we should hold that against this game, or this song.

      • ShadowWolf

        if you’ve seen my JRPG collection, you would know J-Pop doesn’t stop me from buying JRPGs, i just hate it (i am a fan of classical rock for instance, such as AC/DC and Aerosmith…… see the contrast)

        i mean, every once in a while they will find a few songs that don’t bother me, or that i even like somewhat (the Shin Megami Tensei games (Persona in particular) are really good at finding J-Pop songs that i sometimes actually enjoy) (Kingdom Heart’s choices aren’t bad either)

        but its just………most J-Pop songs are so generic and sound so much alike contributed to the fact i hate most of them anyway………it annoys me greatly.

        i personally would have preferred the changed the Opening’s song, but i won’t let my personal bias get in the way of others’ enjoyment.

        • Ladius

          Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of tastes, I was simply taken aback by the
          way you phrased it :) I’m not that big of a j-pop fan either even though I
          definitely don’t hate that genre, but I understand your position about
          having more genres represented in op songs. 

          Ironically, my favorite Career Soft opening is probably Langrisser 5’s (even if I
          imagine I’m alone in that preference XD) exactly because it’s fairly different
          from the norm, so I guess I can kinda see your point.

    •  It sound like a typical anime show wich I like a lot ;D sometimes…

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      You could always mute it and play your own music over it, that’s what I did.

      • Hraesvelgr

        You don’t even have to watch the games opening at all, so it seems like a pretty trivial complaint – and I say this as someone that’s really not a fan of pop music in general.

        • Crimson_Cloud

          It’s rather generic nowadays to complain about the most trivial thing which shouldn’t effect weather or not you should pick the game.  ^^

          Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this game. I promised to buy two copies to Atlus so deal is a deal.

    • icecoffemix

      Even though I like some Jpop singers (and Vocaloid), this one is very generic sounding I agree.

  • This will be epic, this game is GIANT

  • I love the character design, very oldschool.
    I’ll give Atlus my money.

    • thebanditking

      That would be the work of the amazingly talented Satoshi Urushihara. The best thing is thats just how he draws, its his trade mark look/design.

      • I thought so,

        Though to be honest I’ve only seen his H work.

        To name it I think it  was “Another Lady Innocent” or something like that

        • KuroiKen

          I think most have seen it, and it was originally called something like…eeeh…like…Front Innocent or something.

          But his art is godly. He draws H-artbooks on games he illustrated as well, btw(Growlanser series included).

        • thebanditking

           lol yeah like many great Japanese (or other) artists hes drawn his share of porn. A lot of artists get started that way before they gain enough notoriety to do their own work. Kohota Hirano (Hellsing) is one that comes to mind as does Shirow Masamune.

  • Hours

    I’m so happy we are getting this game in English. I’m really hoping it does well. Then maybe we can get a PSN release of the first Growlanser, and then all we’d still need in the US is VI.

  • Everything’s shiny and only my wallet hurts.

  • Infinity replay-ability…. i’m prepared for 300+ hours.

    • KuroiKen

      it’s much more than 300+ if you want to get everything.
      I personally played japanese version until I got about 6-7 endings I wanted.  That’s about 280-340+ hours(may be around 400 hours, if you’re not really good at the game), depending on how you play.
      Considering game has 42 or more endings, getting them all might take…well…eternity?
      Still, it’s a great game. The best strategic RPG on PSP, probably.
      Also, great story, characters and art(hell, I’d give so much money to have more Urushihara Satoshi art in mah games), choices and all.

      • icecoffemix

        Do each ending differ significantly or at least not a few line difference like Growlanser 3 was? 

        Also how is the gameplay, compared to Growlanser III and V?

        • KuroiKen

          Well, the gameplay doesn’t really differ from GLIII, except movement doesn’t happen directly on the map, it’s just movement between locations as it should usually be in JRPG, though…the locations might be quite big, if not say FREAKING WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BIG IS THAT!

          The endings are themselves pretty different, though might lead to the exactly same global events outcome. Though, there’s at least 3 different possible outcomes of the global events.
          But you know what? I only cared about character endings, because for me it’s all about characters.

          Also, I really pity you guys, who will play it without voices outside movies. Localizers are doing a horrible thing, really. The voices in the japanese version are so great that it’s hard to find a game or an anime with characters voiced so well. Good thing I bought the japanese version and have nothing to worry. 安心安心…

          • icecoffemix

            By character ending, do you mean whom the MC end up with or their own individual ending?

          • KuroiKen

            I don’t get the hard stuff like how it’s different, but I meant both. The MC does “end up” with that particular character througout the story(at least in case of endings I got, can’t say about all, actually), but the ending is only one(no multiple endings at time, I mean, like in some other games), so I guess it can be called their “own individual ending”.
            I’m bad at explaining something, so you will have to see for yourself. But either way, no matter how it is, the game is worth buying and playing(I’d also say it’s worth knowing japanese for).

          • icecoffemix

            Ah I mean beside MC ending, where the game show you how other character doing. But thanks for explaining that, much appreciated.

          • Jok Jokoko

             Gonna have to wait for the undub then.

          • KuroiKen

            Well, that would be pretty hard, because I heard Atlus USA is going to just remove the voices from the game/game’s script, so restoring them would be hard(like it is in Phantasy Star Portable 2, which never got undubbed because of that). Only if some really good undubber will take it as a project…
            The thing is also that PSportable 2 has little voice work(well, much more than in english version, but still much less than Growlanser games), and it couldn’t be undubbed. Can’t even imagine how much work it’s gonna be to restore cut-out voices for GLIV, because there is a TONN of voices in the game.

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            Who cares about the voice acting, people should be grateful the game is being released in the first place.

          • Ladius

            I agree, as much as I love the Growlanser voice acting licensing it would have probably made this localization economically unfeasible. It’s a fantastic game in a fantastic series, and that’s enough to make me truly grateful to Atlus USA for giving it a shot despite its niche status and PSP’s dwindling market.

          • KuroiKen

            Because of people like you, localizations become more and more terrible. Translations are getting worse and worse, and only companies dedicated to it would leave japanese voice-track or voice acting at all.
            Well, doesn’t really matter to me, because I play the original, yet again, I hear many complaints of others who can’t. If you don’t stop thinking like “Oh, at least it’s being released over here”, you will get localizations like on PS2(like the first Sengoku Basara) in the near future again.
            You(and many others, regrettably) get game castrated, and you buy it like obedient dog just because you MIGHT have not gotten it at all, and because of this happens the degradation of the localizing system, because of which I had to learn japanese to play games normally.

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            What a bunch of nonsense, I am all for quality localizations (which was one of the reasons hey I was always on Ignition’s case since they seemed incapable of producing anything of quality), but to imply that excluding the voice acting leads to a “castrated” game is complete ignorance.

            Voice acting has no effect on the quality of localization (take for example Muramasa which retained the japanese VA but still had a subpar localization). Do you have any examples that excluding the VA leads to horrible localizations and translations or are you just pulling that out of the air, because the majority of your argument does you no favors other then painting you as a snob who believes he’s superior simply because you played the game in it’s “original” form.

            Despite your petty complaints many others including myself will still purchase Atlus’ release of this game because we know that they will release a quality product even if they had to remove a good chunk of voice acting for most likely financial reasons.

          • What an ass…

      • I have Atlus Growlanser V Collector’s Edition(that artbook is godly) and G2-3.Oh god,good old times in 2007-2008~.
        Many people says that G4 is the most interesting game in the series~.
        p.s. and you can play G4 after a shortlong break and discover a new route,awesome.
        I love how Growlanser let players choose the Heroine.II,III and V was very good,though II has only Map-point movements( ,but still great game.

        • I liked GW 5, especially because they took out something i didn’t liked much from the first games, the fact that there is like a base of operations, and you have to go back from time to time to advance on the char’s main story.

          But GW 4 is really, really good, so many story twist awesome characters, the story, all the fairies you can have that change dialogue and the new events for psp ver. that you can save or let someone die

  • thebanditking

    This game looks amazing, and I am so glad its finally getting released! I have all the others (that got localized) and always wanted to play this one, also since its thankfully getting a retail release I may just double dip on a digital copy (depending on how big it is) to play on my Vita instead. As always my main point is that it gets a retail release, which is one of the reasons Atlus is awesome.

  • Big fan of III and V, personally I was hoping they would bring over VI, but this will due. Finally I get to see what all the noise is all about.

  • l777l

    They announced this one as on UMD, correct?

    • MidnightRain

      Yep, it’s already available for preorder on Amazon and Gamestop.

    • Ladius

      It will be released both at retail and on PSN :)

  • Schwer_Muta

    Honestly I was kinda hoping for VI instead. It’s nice to get anything at all, and for the series to get some sort of western exposure after so long… but I really wanted VI.

    • Ladius

      I would love to see G6 localized in order to have the G5-6 storyline completely in English, but it’s fairly obvious no one would (or could) localize a PS2 game in 2012.

      Growlanser 4 itself is getting translated only because of this PSP upgraded port (almost a remake, considering the gigantic amount of extras), and considering it’s the best traditional entry in the series and a stand-alone game that would be easy to appreciate even for newcomers I think Atlus USA did the best they could do in order to make the series relevant again.

      Growlanser 1 would have been a great pick, too, but as much as I love it one should consider it has aged more than 4 in terms of graphics, and its battle systemcustomization is less developed. Also, anyone willing to tackle it can already do so with the translated script, especially considering its menus are really import-friendly.

      •  “I would love to see G6 localized in order to have the G5-6 storyline
        completely in English, but it’s fairly obvious no one would (or could)
        localize a PS2 game in 2012.”

        Vic Ireland.  PS3/PSN.  PS2 classic.

        It -could- happen.

        • Ladius

          I have a lot of respect for Ireland, and I’m really grateful for what he did in the WD days. That said, I would like to point out a few things:

          -In the last five years, Gaijinworks has worked on a single localization (Miami Law), and even that wasn’t completely their work.
          -So far, PS2 classics are simply already translated games put on PSN. No one has even hinted at the possibility of localizing “new” old PS2 games left in Japan. The same could be said for PS1 classics, not to mention we have a ton of already localized games still absent from PSN.
          -Apparently, Ireland would have put Growlanser 23 on PSN, but he hasn’t been able to secure the rights from Atlus (apparently he needs to relicense them for a PSN release). If he isn’t able to get that much leverage from them, ask yourself how could he obtain a whole new license, especially considering Atlus USA has grown a lot since the days WD licensed the first Growlanser games.
          -Growlanser 6 would be welcome by the franchise’s lovers, but it has the same technical flaws of G5, and would likely be bashed for the same reasons.

          Of course that “could” still happen even with this barrage of issues, it’s just as unlikely as it can be. Also, I would avoid treating Ireland as some sort of “localization superhero” ready to save lost franchises, it would only harm him considering he will probably cater to really niche games like the CoH series, at least for some time (of course I hope he can get some juicy games when Gaijinworks is back in shape).

  • cj_iwakura

    I like the song and all, but would subtitles be too much to ask for? Last I checked, the target audience doesn’t speak Japanese. 

    • KuroiKen

      Most likely – no, they won’t sub it. First of all, localization companies rarely sub openings, if they leave them in japanese. You can only hope on some fan sub, but really – does it matter?
      I seriously think there are much more important issues I have with localizations in our time, and with this game in particular, considering I played the original japanese version, and I know japanese. Don’t know why I even care, since I already bought the japanese one, and won’t buy this one ever, but somehow – I do. Probably ’cause I’m a fan of the series, and I can’t stand seeing how localization of my favourite game in the series gets butchered, like having no voices and all the crap they’ll do to it. I seriously wished there would be no localization at all.

      • cj_iwakura

        Well, I haven’t played the JP version, and I’m not bilingual, so I’m happy to get it, period, and you should be glad people get to play it in some form. It’s not like they’re censoring it, and the game would’ve never come out here otherwise.

        And what ‘crap’ are you talking about?

  • Haohmaru HL

    i wish they made animation specially for this opening, but it definitely looks like some cuts from cutscenes just like 90s american cartoons which is kinda lame

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