New Trails Of Nayuta Video Is A Tour Through The Game’s Detailed World

By Spencer . April 27, 2012 . 3:01am

The world in Trails of Nayuta may be flat, but the areas aren’t! A new play video from Falcom’s upcoming story action RPG shows Nayuta and Noi running into a lava place and rolling up a ladder(!?).


Falcom’s PSP game puts both characters in battle. Nayuta attacks with weapons and melee techniques. Noi has spells and Gear Skills.


Trails of Nayuta comes out in Japan on July 25.

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  • DAY ONE!!!

    •  I second this CLAIM!!

      • Zenkaider

        Freaking third THIS CLAIM!

        Games like these are worth every penny.GO FALCOM!

        • CycloneFox

           Everyone, please buy Trails in the Sky and show Falcom that we would absolutely buy games from the Legend of Heroes series. Trails in the Sky is really one of the best games. And I really want the other Trails games, too.

  • sherimae1324

    just as i expected!!!! keep it up FALCOM!!!!

    …..and please… dont left the VITA behind… pleaaaaaaaseeeeeeee!!! ^_^

  • icecoffemix

    Whoah that made climbing ladder, which is about the most boring thing a game could obstruct you, trivial, probably better than Pandora’s Tower way (which could be the best if not for the pesky camera).

  • Ravage27

    The scale and detail of the environment is really impressive

  • Nyandroid

    Pretty sure that’s an elevator. Thought it was a ladder too at first though. XD

  • Nyandroid

    Pretty sure that’s an elevator. Thought it was a ladder too at first though. XD

  • Let it come to the west 2 it looks cool

  • MrRobbyM

    Localize and release it a digital version as well and you got my money.

  • Guest
  • CycloneFox

    The track at 0:43 sounds exactly like “Beach of Nothingness” from Xenosaga Episode I’s soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda (also known for his great soundtrack for Chrono Cross)

    The soundtrack from TLOH: Trails in the Sky was really great. I hope that more games of this great series come to the west. I’d even say Trails in the Sky is one of the greatest RPGs ever made.

  • This game is looking so cool.Apart from great action like ys from what I have seen so far this also has some great ideas as well,I mean name one developer who would have thought that you can roll up the ladder!!I often get frustrated how the character moves one step at a time on a ladder.Now I can just roll over it.

    Mark my words this game is going to put DMC AND GOD OF WAR TO SHAME.

  • brian yep

    Damn these developers making neat games on PSP that will likely never get official english releases.

  • Very colorful, and I like that.

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