The Legend Of Heroes’ Legendary Made For Vita Mini-Games

By Spencer . April 27, 2012 . 10:26am


Falcom released a bunch of screenshots of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Evolution, an enhanced port of the PSP game from Patapon developer Pyramid. On top of adding extra side-stories and upping the graphics, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Evolution utilizes Vita features like the touch screen and tilt control for mini-games.


Darts 501

trails22 trails23


CoroCoro (slang for "Rolling") Misshu

trails24 trails25 trails26


Clock Memories

trails50 trails52 trails55


Falcom also released more screenshots of the main game…


trails11 trails12 trails13 trails14 trails15 trails16 trails17 trails18 trails20 trails21 trails6 trails10trails8 trails9 trails7 trails19 trails28 trails29 trails30 trails31 trails32 trails17 trails18 trails19 trails20 trails21


… and stills from the animated movie. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Evolution comes out in Japan this August.


trails33 trails34 trails35 trails36 trails37 trails38 trails39 trails40 trails41 trails42 trails43 trails44 trails45 trails46 trails47

  • CycloneFox

    Everyone must buy Trails in the Sky. The game is not just awesome (and one of the best JRPgs ever) but it would help to make Falcom to bring more games from the Legend of Heroes series to the west.

    • Falcom doesn’t brin games to the west, publishers do. Xseed in this case and seeing as how TitS sold poorly the chances of seeing any other Sora no Kiseki game translated, at least from them, are next to none~.

      •  Well they are actually currently translating TitS SC, though it’s only at 20% completion. We’ll have to see how they decide to release the game though.

      •  Well they are actually currently translating TitS SC, though it’s only at 20% completion. We’ll have to see how they decide to release the game though.

        • zazza345

           I’m sure if they’re using Steam, I will not support any efforts from them. DRM, no thanks.

        • zazza345

           I’m sure if they’re using Steam, I will not support any efforts from them. DRM, no thanks.

          • ShadowWolf

            dude…….Steam is fine, most DRMs suck granted, but at least Steam tries to be as friendly as possible about it.

            and to put it another way, it might increase sales by simply being on steam.

          • zazza345

             It’s not “friendly”. I need their frigging client installed even if I’m playing offline (not to mention regionalization and price fixing – the fact that they’re allowing the publishers to do so is bad enough). Also you need to authenticate even for physical releases.

          • thebanditking

            You think it sucks now just wait, its only going to get worse. Digital Distribution is a very pooryl designed model and one that is designed to empower the content publishers not users. There will come a point where you will loose access to your entire library, no company is bankruptcy proof. That said my comment is directed at DD as a whole, Steam is pretty reasonable but your right about the client, also it does little to help those of us who don’t want to/like to play games on PC.

        • MrKappa

          God dang, they’re still working on the second one? I wanted this one so bad but I don’t think it will happen now.

        • JazzyMan123

          Sorry, but where did you get this? XSeed doesn’t give out percentage progress on their projects and Tom said that the 20% is a complete fabrication.

        • XSEED does NOT give out progress percentages on their games, and they never have. I’m calling BS on this, unless you can point out your source on this statement.

      • Darrel Daley

        Xseed said in an interview that they might consider continuing the series on Steam if things go well with the Ys games.

        • xXDGFXx

          nooooooo! RPGs are more fun on the go D:
          I mean, it’d be awesome for them to do good, but they should continue with the portable D:

  • PoweredByHentai

    Damn it AmiAmi, hurry up and list the Limited Edition so that I can order this already.  Grrr.

  • Auragar

    Never played Legend of Heroes…is there any order that they need to be played in. I am interested in playing them.

    • Dokurochan

      The Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) trilogy should be played in order as they have a continous story. Unfortunately only the first part of that trilogy has been localized but I would highly recommend you play it if you like turn-based RPG ’cause I personally consider it to be one of my favourite games.

      There’s also the older Garghav trilogy which consists of Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch, Tear of Vermillion and Song of the Ocean. This trilogy has no story connection with the Trail games and they also don’t need to be played in order as there are only loose conections with other Garghav games. The Garghav trilogy aren’t as good as Trails in the Sky and they also suffer from poor localizations but I still think they are worth a look.

      • Auragar

        Sounds… a bit confusing. lol I will just play some games. I won’t worry about story too much. lol Thank you lol.

        • Just play Trails in the Sky. You’ll be fine. The first three are pretty awful, an you don’t need thm to enjoy Trails. The rest of the series aren’t in english.

          • Auragar

            Hmm ok then. I will download it to my Vita some time.

          • GGear0323

            the basic idea is this: Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) is a trilogy on its own (First Chapter, Second Chapter and The 3rd). all three games continue the same story and can be lumped together if you want (though that would be a horrendously long game). only the first game is actually in English as of right now. after those three games, you have Zero no Kiseki (the one this article is about). it is a sequel to the Sora no Kiseki ‘set’ and now that it is getting a Vita update, there is a small (very small?) chance it could get localized at some point. then you have Ao no Kiseki, which is a sequel to Zero and since it was just released in Japan last year, i won’t even bother to think about what is going to happen to that game. 

            all in all, you really only have one choice right now (Trails in the Sky ‘First Chapter’). you could play the totally unrelated games that Dokurochan mentioned. they are not bad but not really worth spending a lot of time or money on unless you are looking for something to play and can find it cheap. 

  •  We should start a petition to get Atlus to localize this.

    • JazzyMan123

      Shouldn’t really bother with Atlus since due to the size of the script they are avoiding the game like it’s a plague.

      Plus they only localize games made by Atlus Japan these days.

      And if Atlus really wanted to do this, they would have picked up the license for the Trails trilogy a long time ago.

      • Guest

         Atlus is localizing Dragon’s Crown by Vanilleware. Plus they localized the European made Cursed Crusade

        • JazzyMan123

          Ah well, I concede they are localizing other non-Atlus games these days, though honestly Cursed Crusade is pretty bad.

    • thebanditking

      Agreed, Atlus would be my choice especially since this game is is completed so they would not have to take the risk of multiple releases like with TitS on PSP. Goes without saying that Atlus and Aksys are the only options left as XSEED will just screw it up and release it on PSN only or worse PC.

      • JazzyMan123

        Well, good luck convincing Atlus and Aksys to pick this up then since this game’s script is way bigger than SC which itself contains roughly 3.5 MILLION characters. Here’s an example, Lloyd alone takes up 1,200 pages of dialogue and that’s just one character in the game.

        And Zero is the sequel to the Trails trilogy with several plot points coming from there so jumping right into this is gonna confuse you.

        Not to mention Ao which is the sequel to Zero and the biggest game Falcom ever developed. As well as XSeed still having a partnership with Falcom and all.

        Regardless, any company who decides to pick this up are going to have to invest significant amounts of time and resources and who’s to say they won’t drop it?

  • Hours

    I love the Trails series so much. You can announce SC any day now XSEED.

  • ShadowWolf

    @auragar:disqus zazza345 (cause it won’t let me reply)
    Let me put it another way.

    its either Steam, or one of the less……….functional, DRM.

    • Auragar

      Hmm? O-o

      • ShadowWolf

         like Origin…… don’t want this on Origin.

        plus more people use Steam, therefor more people will see it and buy it.

        • Auragar

          How is this related to the article? This just seem to came out of no where.

          • ShadowWolf

             go down the page a little, the post you responded to was another response to another individual (it wouldn’t let me reply to the post)

          • Auragar

            I still don’t get it? Sorry.

  • As always:
    Damn the Steam. I WANT PSP VER.
    Comply with your promisses Xseed.

    At Zero no Kiseki:
    Fabulous. If Xseed (I prefer ATLUS too) release the new trilogy here (ocident) i will buy in “day one”.
    So, after the good ova will be a movie?
    I surely watch. 

  • ShadowWolf

    @Chris Thomas the person i originally responded to said that if this was on Steam, he would not support it, i was trying my posts were in response to him on how unreasonable that is if it was the case, saying how it could be worse.

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