God Of War: Ascension Takes Place Six Months After Kratos’ Tragedy

By Spencer . April 30, 2012 . 7:41am

god_of_war_ascension_logoGod of War: Ascension goes back to the beginning of Kratos’ saga when Ares was still alive. Six months after Ares tricks Kratos into killing his wife and child, Kratos is sentenced to torment living with the Furies. Players will see Kratos fight for his sanity with his usual double chained-blades.


Sounds like your typical God of War game, but Sony’s Santa Monica Studio added a new element – multiplayer. God of War: Ascension has online and offline fights where up to eight players can bring their custom Spartan into the ring and duke it out the death. God of War: Ascension will have different weapons and armor for players to unlock.


God of War: Ascension is in development for PlayStation 3.

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  • MrRobbyM

    “Kratos is sentenced to torment living with the Furies”

    I think you meant *Furries*

    • usagi_san

      I think he did mean to say “Furies”.


      • MrRobbyM

        It…it was a joke..


        • usagi_san

          I just realised! :(

          My humour meter isn’t working today. *facepalm* 

  • Nitraion

    sooooo what’s the point
    They are like Kingdom heart game now….

    • d19xx

      Hmm, Kratos already has those chains and he’s emo enough, all he needs are a ton of zippers and belts and Nomura would be proud. GOW – Zippers of Olympus. :)

      • Nitraion

        Lol do we agree that nomura character must ton of have zippers and belt…?

        • Fitzkrieg

           I think everyone with eyes and a functioning brain agrees with that.

          • d19xx

            Pretty much :)

          • Nitraion


    • Hexen

      Because Kratos would go “Simple and Clean” on his rage against by the gods that makes him kill his “Dearly Beloved” family but he has to go first to some ladies like Aphrodite with his “Passion” mini game.

    • doctorpope181


    • Handsome Luigi ♢

      Except that each KH title is relevant regardless if these are numbered.
      At the least these arent moving to a lot of handheld consoles eh?

    • Domii

       Except that GoW games are among the best in the business, meanwhile KH has so many crappy spinoffs that I lost count.

  • Huh? -_- Uhhh…
    Another prequel? What’s there to see? 
    Well, we’ll just see where this goes. 

  • RmanX1000

    I misread that as furries the first time around. I just thought “Well whatever floats your boat… Didnt know Kratos was into that.”

    • Fitzkrieg

      You have seen some of his costumes, right?
      The guy clearly gets off on killing people while dressed as a cow, a fish, and a potato among other things.

  • Furies is greek mythology for punishment for a crime  that will strike the offender with madness without mercy.

    • I’m still waiting for a game that faithfully interprets classical mythology. God of War is basically a 14-year-old Insane Clown Posse fan’s version of it.

      • SirRichard

        Actual Greek mythology can be even more messed up than God of War, what are you on about?

        • The Greeks didn’t fap to violence, for one thing. There were violent stories, and war heroes, but they didn’t celebrate sadism.

          • SirRichard

            But many of those heroes and many mythological heroes were sadistic, on a level equal to Kratos if not worse, with even heroes regarded as good in the stories being more than willing to fight and kill someone over slight transgressions, even going to war over them.

            No, they didn’t jerk to it (as far as we know), and neither does this series. It revels in it, certainly but it’s not quite as fetishistic as, say, the 2010 Splatterhouse.

          • God of War definitely does fetishize violence (not to mention misogyny) in a way that’s pretty disgraceful to the canonical tradition of Homer and Sophocles, among countless others. I can’t speak for Splatterhouse, having never played it, but at least it is representing the tradition of splatter films, for which sick and gratuitous gore would make perfect sense.

          • SirRichard

            God of War definitely has issues about misogyny, there’s no doubt about that, but how is it disgraceful to Ancient Greek literature? It was one of the most patriarchal and brutal societies around (if it could even be called a society, what with all the individual city-states effectively being their own societies), and this is reflected in the writings and legends of the time. Again, God of War doesn’t even come close to how messed up Ancient Greek mythology and the literature surrounding it was, and Homer and Sophocles don’t escape this; the Odyssey ends in Odysseus slaughtering the horde of suitors looking to take off with his wife, for instance.

            It definitely has issues and while I don’t think it goes far enough to count as fetishizing (that word does not look right, at all) violence, I will admit I am biased about the series. Drawing from Ancient Greece doesn’t really excuse the way it portrays violence and women, but it’s hardly diverging much from the source in that regard.

  • I am always up for a GoW game.

  • Prequel?

  • SirRichard

    This multiplayer mode works better than the rumoured Kratos/Deimos co-op by not being involved in the main game at all, at least.

    Always down for a God of War, but still iffy on the multiplayer being there; God of War never needed it, it just smacks of jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Göran Isacson

    … Huh. So it’s not even about his days in Ares service before he went all ashen? That’s where I thought they were taking this whole prequel thing.

    I presume that they’re going to show us Kratos taking a turn for the bloodthirsty and crazy in this game, showing that he was as “nice” as a bloodthirsty Spartan could be before he started hunting down AREEEESS!!1 but then the Furies drove him mad… but still, WHY? What story development can they possibly add in this game? What mechanics will be changed in order to make it worth releasing a prequel? I just don’t see the point to this game as anything beyond a purely Megaman-esque “let’s put out a new game just because we can” reason.

  • Hexen

    I’ll expect some another prequel with that 6 months gap.

  • jakxzero

    So the storyline goes:
    1.-Chains of Olympus
    3.-Original Gow
    4.-Ghost of Sparta
    5.-Gow II
    6.-Gow III

    i only played 4/5 god of wars too bad i don’t have a PS3 to play GOW3 and have all gow’s games on one console

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      Your # 1 and 2 are wrong; just switched them around. Apparently GoW:A is taking place before GoW: CoO.
      Also GoW:Betrayal (the mobile title that came out long ago) is also between GoW I and GoW II, though I forget if it’s before or after GoW:GoS.

  • Prinnydoom

    Hmmm given how god of war is…………………..multiplayer? Like ninja gaiden 3 i don’t see it working >_< Hell what do i know it might blow all the other competitors out the water still i have my doubts.

  • Read the title as Furries. Jesus…

    • takopako

      Freudian slip?

  • Domii

    This sounds pretty good to me. I love GoW3, but it was a bit short, and besides the extra challenges, it barely had re-playability. So this will be perfect for me as long as they find the balance between a great single and multi-player addition.

  • I’m not sure about this. The main story is finished, we know Kratos served the gods of Olympus in hoping for his nightmares to be erased.

    Aside multiplayer, what is there in GoW:A that we haven’t seen yet in any other?

  • dahuuuundge

    After the third prequel, I’m just tired the God of War franchise. The story is over already. There is no point to explain how pissed off and angsty Kratos is before God of War 1.

    • AnimusVox

      I’m a God of War fan and I can agree with this.
      This is just for milking purposes now.

  • takopako

    i couldve sworn that the devs said “Kratos’ story is over”. i thought that they would be brave/edgy and give the story to someone else for a change. at least a new god of war or something…

    • GamerKT

      The tragedy refers to him killing his family, not his own death. Read.

      • takopako

        Are you kidding me? i said nothing about what the tragedy is…i commented on how the developers said(upon GOW3’s release) that it’d be the end of kratos’ story. you’re the one that needs to learn to read before he picks arguments on videogame news posts… -_-

    • thebanditking

       Technically his story is over, this is just a prequel to the already known events. imo its just a way of dragging out the series while they figure out where to take it next on PS4.

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