Midnight Purple 3DS Blooms In May

By Spencer . April 30, 2012 . 7:05am

3dspurpleNintendo has another 3DS color coming and so far this one hasn’t been announced for Japan. Midnight Purple 3DSes will make ways into stores on May 20, the same day Mario Tennis Open launches in North America. Kind of brings back memories of Nintendo’s translucent purple Game Boy Color.


While Japan doesn’t have purple 3DS units yet, they have Ice White and Cobalt Blue colors. Both regions have Pearl Pink, Flame Red, Cosmos Black, and Aqua Blue colored 3DSes.



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  •  brb double dipping

  • Tylor Makimoto


  • jakxzero

    Oh my god that’s a good looking 3DS so sexy with that purple lingerie


  • Now I just need green and I’m sold. 

  • RmanX1000

    Guess Nintendo is appealing to the niche ‘pimp’ community? :P

    • cj_iwakura

      The Shikigami community approves, that’s for sure.

  • GreekGod88

    ill wait for 3ds lite 

    • Herok

       3DS lite isn’t going to happen, There is no need the 3ds wont get any smaller, there are no design flaws like the ds phat and they wouldn’t add a second circle pad seeing as all of 5 games use it

      • Suicunesol

        There are a few design flaws.

        1. When you close the 3DS system, the bottom and top screens tend to touch each other. This wouldn’t be an issue if the screens were the same size, but they aren’t, and unfortunately the plastic border around the bottom screen can damage the top screen if you slam the system shut (much like people did with the DSLite, except DSLite could handle it.)

        2. The Circle Pad tends to loosen up after repeated use.

        3. Short battery life, which is a flaw in itself.

        Another iteration will come one day. It always does. Always.

        • Herok

          1. I have never had this problem because I always close it gently, but I could see how this could be a problem for young kids.
          2. I have had my 3ds since launch and never have had this problem and I use the circle pad for all games including ds ones so is it just a defect in some models or is it just unnoticeable?
          3. alot of things in the market don’t have extremely good batteries but I have never ran out of battery with my 3ds, plus this is an easy problem to fix if you are constantly running out there are many ways to Improve battery life like turn on power saving settings or just buy a 3rd party battery for $20
          I say they aren’t making any new iterations is because Nintendo said it isn’t unless they make a 3ds XL or something like that and this is believable since it took seven years for the game boy to get a new model.

          • It was a different gaming era when the gameboy was released. Nowadays it is common for companies to release new itterations every year. The new 3DS doesn’t need to have anything besides a second analog stick and it would sell like cupcakes. Just look at Apple – they release the same product each year with minor changes and people buy those time after time. Nintendo could easily add an inch or two to the screen, tighten some bolts, add the second analog stick and call it the 3DSbuy or something. I’m not buying a 3DS until they incorporate that second analog stick. There are only 5 games supporting it because companies don’t want to use that ugly huge Stick Pro expension thing. It sucks.

          • Herok

            Well in any case there have been and always will be accessories for handhelds and The circle pad pro is one of them, I don’t see it being built into the handheld anytime soon since its unnecessary, the 3DS doesn’t need a second stick because it has touch screen and the second stick would really only be useful for shooters. More colors and no changes mean Nintendo won’t pull an apple and are in for the long run The case with apple is they aren’t selling a game console they are selling a multipurpose device that can play games since gaming isn’t its primary focus they can release a new device each year since gamers are not there primary market.

  • My mom favorite color but sadly not mine but if they have it in a green color then I gladly trad mine blue one for a green one. 

  • “Kind of brings back memories of Nintendo’s translucent purple Game Boy Color.”

    I had one of those back in the day :D Still have it here on my bedroom. Actually, I found it and it still works :)

  • I’m looking at this and I want to RAGE so badly.


    Excuse me while I ragequit on life.

    • Barrylocke89

      I’m confused as to what Kingdom Hearts 3D has to do with anything. If you’re waiting for KH3D to come out in America, the Purple will still be out then. And if you imported KH3D from Japan, then you wouldn’t be able to run the game on a Purple 3DS anyways (if you read, the Purple 3DS isn’t a color that Japan has announced)

      • It doesn’t. Purple is one of favorite colors. And having to play one of favorite series on a handheld that’s my favorite color who make me ecstatic. It’s all about personal preferences.

        • Barrylocke89

          So you’re…happy? I’m still really confused by your first post saying that this news (combined with KH3d already being out) is making you rage.

          • I’m happy now, lol. I was raging because I was impatient that I should have waited for the most part. Meh, oh well.

  • AndyFe

    Like I have said before that is one sexy looking 3ds, this would look very nice next to my Gameboy Color. If I can transfer my info from my current one to this new one I would definitely get this.

    • Herok

       actually you can transfer data from 3ds to 3ds so it wouldn’t be a problem to swap.

  • So suddenly purple is cool? Why didn’t anyone like the purple GCN when it was first announced? XD

    • AuraGuyChris

      Because it doesn’t have that glistening, glittering, sexy purple.

      • I think it was the handle. =P

    • Code

      Haha, the same thing crossed my mind >w<; It's a shame, I liked Nintendo's indigo purple. 

    • MrRobbyM

      I always liked purple. Especially the ‘cube and GBA. I wish they would do that or yellow instead. 

    • I loved my old purple Gamecube… until I had to replace it with a silver one. But I still have the purple controller, which I use in its memory. :D

    • I’ve wanted a purple one since the system was announced…

  • XypherCode

    hmm this can mean the next iteration of the 3DS is still a long way…XD next year maybe :)

  • I think I just found the 3DS I’ll nab when Etrian Odessey 4 comes out…

  • Well, now I’m very glad that I haven’t gotten a 3DS yet! This just might be the most beautiful color on a handheld yet… And it’ll match the paint in my room, lol.

  • aoihana

    I don’t usually double dip, but when I do, it’s Midnight Purple. (*^ワ^*)

    Seriously, I’ve learned my lesson after my Ice White incident, so I’ve made a promise to myself that i wont get a Vita until:

    1. A white Vita is released, which I hope is this holiday season.


    2. A Hatsune Miku themed Vita is released with the new Project Diva, which I doubt now given the system sales.

  • Placido


  • It was only a matter of time. There has been various purple systems released by Nintendo.

    Game Boy Color – Grape
    Game Boy Color – Atomic Purple
    Game Boy -Jasco – clear purple (has Mario artwork)
    Game Boy Pocket – Purple
    Game Boy Advance
    Game Boy Advance – Grape (Target Edition)
    Game Boy Advance – Yomiuri Giants (clear purple)
    Game Boy Micro – Purple
    Nintendo 64

    There are probably more that I am forgetting.

    Waiting on the purple Wii.

  • You know what would be sexy, Nintendo? A second analog nub. 

    But I’ll wait, lol.

    I’ll wait for Ice White!!! 

  • YEEEESSS…. YEEEEESSSS… All my virgin sacrifices worked… I am getting this…

  • This is why i waited.


  • Strain42

    I was just gonna get the Aqua Blue because I like to get the console launch colors but…ooooohh…purple <3 I may have to reconsider.

  • PenguinChan1119

    OMG I just might sell my aqua blue one in order to get this one I haven’t had a purple nintendo system since my game boy color i got for my eighth birthday.

    • Krisi92

      Too bad, because there were purple GBAs, and the original GameCube color is purple, too.

      • PenguinChan1119

         I got my GBA as a present back in the day. The person who bought it for me mixed up my color preference with that of a cousin so I ended up with the pink one as opposed to the purple one. Game cube is one of the only nintendo systems I never had.

        • Krisi92

          Too bad, it had some great games. At least the Wii can play them as well.

  • SuperSailorV

    It’s so beautiful…

    I still have my clear purple GBC! With the battery door missing and everything…

    • PenguinChan1119

       I also have my purple GBC also with the battery door missing and everthing. I even have the copy of Pokemon Yellow that came with it XD, I found them in my junk draw like a month ago.

    • rebecasunao

      I still have my pink GBC! When I was little I actually wanted a clear purple one, but only because my friend had one like that. Kids… tsk tsk.

  • Smashlampjaw

    I want a Chartreuse one. lol

  • I still want that Gundam 3DS model, but Nintendo loves to region lock it’s games/systems so it’d be a nice ornament to play an occassional import on only <.<

  • Barrylocke89

    The only thing that would be sexier than that purple 3DS would be a Special Edition one of a series I like, or MAYBE the Cobalt Blue.

  • PersonaBull

    Does…does anyone want my Zelda one?… ):

    I’m pretty genuinely sad I don’t get this sexy color happening. Hopefully it’s a color scheme they keep long enough for me to find a reason to get one without ditching my poor Christmas present (yea can’t actually part with that, none for you).

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    *jaw drops* Want now. brb donating blood

  • Muffum

    Well, damn.

    So would’ve gotten this had it been announced a month ago. Alas, I am now stuck with my (albeit very manly) pink 3DS.

    • rebecasunao

      Pink is actually a really manly color in my opinion!

  • i wanted the white one…but now…i may have to reconsider *A* ohgodsosexy

  • rebecasunao

    Screw you headache, now I want a 3DS

  • jello44

    I hope they release that orange one. 

  • Solomon_Kano

    Dagnabbit Nintendo! I remember being disappointed when the 3DS came out because none of the cooler colors from E3 were out, but now you’re just slowly letting them creep up on me!

    Now I don’t know what color to get :/. Do I go for the blue? The long-awaited purple? Or do I just wait and see if that sexy green one gets pushed out too? So… tough…

    • Placido

       I know. Watch a nice tea green one come out…. And I won’t have it. I WANT A GREEN ONE~!! NOT MY RED ONE! XD

      • Solomon_Kano
        • XerosBeat

          Looking at it is making me thirsty… but it’s… beautiful. T-T

          • Solomon_Kano

            I think… I think this is what they wanted.

            They entice us with games to make us want a 3DS sooner with “meh” colors, then they send out the colors we want after we’ve already made our purchase so we’ll want another! The clever bastards!

  • its quite fabulous!

  • rurin

    I wish these came out before I bought my aqua blue 3DS…sigh.

  • Elemiel


  • dahuuuundge

    Maybe I’ll get a purple 3DS and a green 3DS just to play games on both region

  • HeatPhoenix

    Char Aznable Red 3DS rules supreme!

  • puchinri

    Uffu~n/ Buuhh / omgyes. My purple 3DS really happened! I love you so much Nintendo!!! ;o; TTATT

    This is wonderful. I’m kind of glad I didn’t try to get a 3DS sooner, even though the wait has been hard. First chance I get, when these come out, I’m snatching one up.

  • So… Sexy… I might sell my blue 3DS just so I can buy the purple one…

    • thebanditking

       I would use a bit of cauation if I were you. Especially if like me you have a launch unit. The reaosn being that Nintendo has begun changing the materials for the 3DS and the newer top screens use a lower grade plastic which gives the screen a slightly yellow tint the launch units did not have. You don’t notice it if your buying one for the first time but I own a Aqua blue one and the Limited Zelda bundle and there is a noticeable difference. I don’t have pics off hadn but google it for the DSLite and you will see what I mean.

  • XerosBeat

    It comes out on my birthday! AWESOME. It’s a nice color as well.

    It’s time I get a 3DS, as the DS is going more obsolete as time goes on… :(

    I could only wish for someone to get this for me, but alas it will be out of my own wallet… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME… *cries manly tears*

  • thebanditking

    hmmm I am tempted to buy this for the color alone. I wonder how close it is to the E3 pics from 2010, as if its the same color (sans the colored slider) then I will likely need to own this. I had the solid purple gameboy color back in the day and it was awesome, I regret not having it anymore and this would fill that space nicely. Now if only amazon would start selling them again (seriously whats up with that?)

    • Now if only they’ll make one in Gameboy Yellow…

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