I Wonder How I Can Be A True Maiden, Square Enix Teaser Site Asks

By Spencer . May 1, 2012 . 1:24am

imageA new teaser site for an iPhone/Android game asks, "How can I be a true maiden." No other details were offered other than the title is slated for release this summer.


Square Enix has been expanding the kinds of games they develop, for example, by entering the otome market dabbling with games in their Ultimate Kiss line.

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  • kroufonz

    I’ll be interested if only this for more traditional platform (console/handheld/PC)

    • Have you played SE’s Chaos Rings for the iPhone?

      • kroufonz

        it doesn’t have anything to do with quality , i am not comfortable playing (reading) for long time using phone. there’s lot of factor like griping the phone, the touch mechanic without proper button, and battery (also chaos ring is different genre)

      • The Chaos Rings series is honestly one of my favorite rpg series in a while. Original, entertaining and engaging, this series manages to beat many modern console rpgs to the pulp.

  • CirnoLakes

    I, too, am not a convert to Android or iOS platforms.

     I’ve got to say though, this looks pretty darn cute. I’m not gonna lie, cute stuff helps sell me games. The term “maiden” is especially creepy, though. As it’s basically just another word for “virgin”. I don’t know if 乙女 or otome is much better. It does seem to just be a common word for “girl” and not “virgin”. After all, games for girls are just called “otome games”.

    Either way, “how can I be a true maiden” sounds pretty creepy in English. And I’m not sure what that sort of thing would even mean in Japanese.

    • kroufonz

      most game often use “shoujo” word for “virgin” tough, otome usually refer to girl

      • It literally means young/little and woman respectively – Wikipedia

  • If this is an otome game, the screenshot doesn’t sound convincing…

    • kroufonz

      if this otome game we’ll be seeing 3 bishie’s in the art instead of three girl. the art style pretty much confirm it  isn’t otome game. also lots of bishoujo game have words “otome” in the title.

  • True Maiden? wots dat? I’m gonna have ta consu- consu- ask one o’ da Weird Boyz wot a ‘True Maiden’ iz.

  • This has nothing to do with the other SE game for iOS/Android announced for the summer, right? With the Wild Arms character designer responsible for working on the characters of that game? I hope not, since that would mean yet some more SE iOS/Android lovin’.

  • Jirin

    I agree handhelds and consoles are better than iPhone for gaming.  But the iPhone has the advantage of being in my pocket every time I have a long bus ride.  I’ve been meaning to look into some of S-E’s iOS games.  

    Not necessarily this one, I have a feeling if people saw me playing it over my shoulder they’d make unfriendly assumptions about me, and stop letting me near their children.

  • pockystix

    . . . eeyup

  • [insert joke about bowing to the patriarchy here]

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