Namco Bandai’s Next Rurouni Kenshin Game Is Coming To PSP This Summer

By Spencer . May 1, 2012 . 4:00pm

imageJump clarified the news about the new Rurouni Kenshin game and, yes, it is a new title. It’s a sequel to like last year’s PSP fighting game, Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story Saisen.


We’re still waiting on specifics, but we know the sequel to Rurouni Kenshin: Saisen will be available in Japan this summer.

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  • KyoyaHibari

    Er…given what Aoshi00 has said about the first game, I’m a little worried about this sequel…

    • Aoshi00

      The title definitely banked on fans’ nostalgia, and we feel cheated.. Not gonna get fooled twice despite being a huge Kenshin fan *.*… sigh another PSP game.. I’m just interested in Watsuki’s new Kenshin shorts and the live action movie at this point.. don’t have much hope for the 2nd part OVA either :(…

      I’ll sell my game to someone for $20 lol.. the button pic on the main page is nice though..

      The Hunter x Hunter remake really surpassed my expectation though, quality episode week after week.. if Kenshin series + Jinchuu were to be remade w/ that quality I’d be all for it :)

      •  Is the game really that bad ? I’m traveling to Japan and I’m sure a Rurouni Kenshin game would interest me. So what’s so bad about this game ?

        • Zenkaider

          It’s just a mediocre fighter,banking on the fans nostalgia and some of the fans sentiments to have a portable Kenshin game…that’s it.It would be fine and dandy,if the game wasn’t so rushed and had some parts that made the buyer feel scammed…like the jumps.Namdai brings Banpresto to help them…WHY THE F- didn’t they keep them for the development of the whole game?

          Long story short,it’s a nostlagia fighter,a mediocre one at that,that won’t work twice for the fans.And the sad thing?Namdai knows it.The game still hasn’t achieved a “best status” like previous games of the series.

          If you want a good Kenshin game,get Enjou!Kyoto Rinne for the PS2,which is truly excellent and perhaps pick the RPG[Juuyuushi Inbou Hen] for the PS…if you fell like it.Just don’t pick the godawful fighter…whatever action game that was for the PS.

        • Aoshi00

          All in all it was just quite an awful game (I was hoping it would be at least decent, wishful fan thinking), the chars move slow and clunky, what little voice acting there is sounded weird (Kenshin sounded like a woman, the sound director was probably asleep), the amateurish anime portraits on the VS screen look like they were literally drawn by 5 yr olds, bad music, limited char animation/models.. no save feature in the middle for story mode, overall just boring and not fun to play at all.. it’s obvious absolutely no effort was put into it, a quick cash-in even for an anime game..

          If you were to see it in bargain bin in Jpn for 1,000 yen, I would still advise against getting it..  what’s puzzling is this game didn’t sell, so why a sequel, think the fans are fools :(…  I could sell you mine for $20 and I would feel bad about it lol.. I was doped by the cover art, nostalgia, and the Watsuki pics from the pre-order bonus pamphlet.. 

          Here’s some reviews from Amz Jpn..

          Honestly I really want this out of my collection…


      • Zenkaider

        Seems like Namco Bandai tries to keep a high profile for the currently running series,which could explain the quality remake of HXH.Kenshin’s probably their quick cash-in of the year unfortunately.

        Though,if the HXH game is as good as I imagine,I’ll hate Scamdai for life[that is if THIS RK game sucks].

      • KyoyaHibari

        Yeah I’ve been wondering about the other Kenshin projects, so is Watsuki do 2 new manga short series or w/e? There’s that cinema version which is based off the live-action movie and then there’s chapter 0 which gives more insight on Kenshin’s past relatively around the first episode of the OVA I think, (I noticed a screenshot where Kenshin only had his one scar mark) CMIIR. Also, how’s Shin Kyoto-hen too? It doesn’t sound too good, but that’s understandable I would think. Trying to condense a 30-odd episode arc into 2 half hour segments and from Misao’s point of view no less, sounds disastrous. I wonder who came up with the idea though, I mean, if the idea was proposed to Furuhashi, I’m not sure even he would be able to handle it, but if it was his idea then I’m surprised he wanted to pull this off. So anyways, your thoughts on that?

        As for the live-action movie, the production values seem good, the action looks astounding and it seems like it would be a fairly good adaptation of some of the main parts of the story, but the acting looks crappy. From what I’ve seen of the trailer, Takeru Satoh can’t seem to pull off Kenshin’s genuinely naive and cheery look, his expression and reaction towards things is too serious/mild. However, when it shows him as the cold Battousai Kenshin, he doesn’t look stern and lifeless enough, just kind of mysterious. With Emi Takei as Kaoru, when I saw how she initially confronted Kenshin calling him Battousai and swinging at him, I facepalmed. Her facial expression was so childish and weird and her attack looked like it had no meaning or conviction behind it whatsoever, not to mention her voice was just…ugh. I’ll see how it turns out though, it was only a 2 minute trailer after all, so it couldn’t showcase it’s full potential. 

        Hunter X Hunter 2011 is shaping up fairly well, but I still love Furuhashi’s version better, the pacing in the earlier episodes to draw out the dark psychological complexity of Togashi’s initially simple exam tests was splendid. I felt the 2011 version rushed over them too quickly making them lose intensity and meaning. The 2011 version pulled off the final tournament and the Zoldyeck Home arc well though, the pacing needed some improvement there. The actual setup for the final tournament was strange though, having it all be a recap to Gon, losing some of the suspense when it came down to Killua failing and such. Plus, WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DO THE CHARACTER FLASHBACKS!? We’ve get a recap episode every 13 episodes, but we still don’t have the backstories for Gon and Leorio yet like there was in the original. Other things that bother me about the 2011 version are the music and tone, the music is really awkward and doesn’t match the scenes too well, but I LOVED the original’s music which was really enchanting and also frightening at times. In the earlier episodes of the 2011 version, there was a lot of blood omission and some of the more gruesome/dark scenes were toned down a bit, but I’m hoping it gets a big change once we reach the Yorknew arc, I have high expectations for it. So all in all, I’m enjoying the 2011 version, but it hasn’t captivated me yet, but given that I love Hunter x Hunter, I’ll continue watching to see where it goes. Hopefully we’ll see the Chimera Ant and Election arcs soon (and I’m hoping Funimation potentially grabs HxH from Viz and licenses the OVAs and new series too given that they recently acquired Level E) as well as a new reimagining of RuroKen with an improved Jinchu arc for the anime supervised by Watsuki :).

        • Aoshi00

          The Shin Kyoto-hen OVA was about 45mins long.. so w/ 2 parts it would be only an hr and a half.. some of the drawing is nice, but it was extremely condensed and the action was very short & weak.. it was not told from Misao’s point of view at all, she’s just there in the story, started from Misao on the road searching for Aoshi, met Kenshin, Soujirou broke sword, steamy Shishio & Yumi sex scene (interrupted by Usui lol), Cho fight, Aoshi dicing Okina, Kenshin met Yahiko & Kaoru again.. many things were skipped and changed for a more realistic approach..  One cool thing was the TV series’s original soundtrack was rearranged and used.  I don’t think i would get the 2nd part on blu-ray..  nothing like the classic Tsuioku-hen or Seisou-hen OVAs (some might not like the latter).  The voice acting by the original cast was well done though (nothing like the PSP game), everyone sounds almost the same except Yahiko sounding older, and Shishio sounds a little off.. If I had read the Amz reviews first I wouldn’t have bought it..

          Yeah, live action is either hit or miss depending on the casting.. like they nailed the Maison Ikkoku live action special, but the recent Ranma 1/2 live action was cringe-worthy..  I haven’t seen much of the live action Kenshin trailer and only familiar w/ the actress playing Megumi and Saitou :).. I just thought they would pull it off since period drama is pretty common..and nowadays they have good CG to make the fights look good..

          I really like the 2011 Hunter anime, I can’t wait until Saturday every week :). The different direction is stylish and the animation quality is extremely good and consistent for a straight 30 episodes now (just wow), the older series’s animation quality was good but only for certain episodes. The 4th exam told in Gon’s flashback was actually exactly how it was in the manga, the older series just expanded a lot on it. Overall the new anime’s pacing and art design stick closer to the original Togashi manga.  Of course I loved the old Furuhashi Kazuhiro/Goto Takayuki series too, in fact after I watch a new HxH ep every week I pop in my DVD to watch the old episode side by side to compare :)  I agree, the old series’s soundtrack was too good, suspenseful, scary, & exciting.. at first I thought the new soundtrack was too lighthearted, but they got some good music later on, especially in the Killua arc w/ some gothic chorus and now Heaven’s Arena.. the cast also uses a lot of veterans for even side chars so it’s interesting to see who gets to voice whom.. actually some scenes are more violent than the old series and vice versa, like you see Gon cut his eyelids for the butlers’ coin game, and the Hanzo fight actually felt very vicious.. and Hisoka only brought back the cap of the dartblower in the old series after he killed him, in the new anime he brought back his whole body, in the manga Hisoka threw his decapitated head next to Gon.. it’s cool how the three are all different..

          If they redo the whole GI and Dodgeball arc w/ this animation, it would totally surpass the old OVAs (the animation quality of the OVAs took a dive after the TV series).  I have high hopes for the Chimera Ant and Election arcs if they continue on like this..  I’m watching HxH 2011 every week now w/ Kuroko no Basuke & Medaka Box, both have amazing animation.. there isn’t an exciting basketball manga/anime since Slam Dunk.. and Gainax always does a stylish job adapting manga..

          P.S. I’m not sure what the new Kenshin shorts are about, but just interested in seeing Watsuki using his current Embalming art style on the old characters :) his females are a bit weird nowadays though, just not as cute and feminine, but he’s good at drawing wacky evil guys.. like Lord Cadaver and other Frankensteins..

          These are the covers of the new bunko-ban style.. Hiko & Aoshi look so cool :)

  • Guest

    Shoulda known…  : /

  • Rav

    Wasn’t too impressed with saisen, they need to make a game like Enjou! Kyoto Rinne on the PS3

  • Zenkaider

    Oh boy…hope it’s a sequel in name only…as in,NOTHING in it is a sequel to that mediocre farce.Nostalgia works only once Scamdai,not twice.Better think about it and appoint a capable developer for the game.

  • epy

    Don’t know whether to be glad Kenshin is still not dead after the new mediocre releases or be sad that the franchise will be disgraced further. I’m still somewhat optimistic that they realize their mistakes and will release a quality product, but I’m naive like that.

  • Visa Vang

    Hiten Misturugi Ryu…
    SOU RYU SEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      RYU SEI KEN!!!!!!!!

    • Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu


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