Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Has A Clothes-Changing Job Change System

By Spencer . May 2, 2012 . 4:31pm

bravelyWhile Bravely Default: Flying Fairy isn’t a Final Fantasy game, it sure feels like one. Jump announced Bravely Default will have a job change system just like The 4 Heroes of Light and before that Final Fantasy V.


Jobs are tied to, surprise, crystals and one of the earliest crystals from the Eltania Empire unlocks three jobs. Monk, Black Mage, and White Mage are confirmed for Bravely Default.


The Nintendo 3DS game is slated for release in Japan sometime this year.

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  • Paradox me

    I loved 4HoL’s job system. Hopefully the game uses a more traditional turn-based battle system though. Or, if they’re sticking with the AP system then at the very let let me select specific targets.

    Other than that 4HoL was just great. Really can’t wait for Bravely Default.

    • Herok

       Well in a way you could pick targets since normal attacks always started on the left and magic on the right

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Regardless, it’s still retarded that you aren’t able to choose specific targets yourself. I mean, why NOT allow the player to choose his/her own target? What could possibly be beneficial about giving the player LESS control in combat? 

        If they’re going to use tried-and-true gameplay mechanics, they shouldn’t mess with them for the sake of messing with them.

        • icecoffemix

          “What could possibly be beneficial about giving the player LESS control in combat? ”

          Nothing but an increased artificial difficulty.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Needless to say, there are (much) better ways to increase difficulty than through controls. But I’m preety sure you’re aware of that. =P

          • icecoffemix

            Of course I agree with you, the artificial bit denote my contempt with the practice actually.

          • Exkaiser

            It doesn’t increase the difficulty in any respect.

          • icecoffemix

            Yeah, right. It’s just a major pain in the ass.

          • Exkaiser

            It’s not even a pain in the ass. It’s barely noticeable in the game it’s in.

            I don’t really think it’s anything to complain about, as it doesn’t impact gameplay in any meaningful respect (except in making Berserk much less useful, as I mentioned elsewhere), but most people seem to be upset more by the principle of the thing rather than the effect it has on gameplay.

          • icecoffemix

            It’s just feel dumb to get limited like that for no apparent reason at all, it doesn’t even make sense.

        • Herok

           it never bothered me because my characters were really powerful

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Great. But personally, I’d rather have more control and less powerful characters than the opposite.

          • Herok

             fair enough, there were times when I wanted to kill certain enemies but that just meant using spells that were extra powerful that used more points.

    • Exkaiser

      Honestly, I don’t really think the lack of specific aiming affected 4HoL in any meaningful capacity (except that Berserk was much less useful than it would have been otherwise). For my part, I hardly ever notice that I’m not actually selecting targets, since the way the game aims for you is what I would have done anyways.

      (Now, if 4HoL was a bad game to begin with, the lack of targeting would probably have been unbearable, as in Lunar: Dragon Song…)

      That said, I don’t know why, if they didn’t want a direct-target system, they didn’t just jack Dragon Quest’s monster-grouping system.

      Either way, I’m all for a sequel to 4HoL. Most fun I’ve had with FF in a long time.

  • drproton

    This is my most anticipated game. 

    Announce localization, damn it.

  • Anime10121

    So basically, people said they wanted new IP’s from Square other than Final Fantasy, because they’ve been “milking it death”, so Square makes a new Final Fantasy without being called Final Fantasy.

    WANT!!! :)

  • Herok

    If this has a sweet 3ds to go along with it consider it imported

  • soundz alot like Final Fantasy for a game dat’s supposed ta be a new IP.

  • VenerableSage

    Does Square have no one, NO ONE on their development teams that’s creative anymore? If you’re going to make a new IP, at least come up with different names than “jobs/classes,” “Monk,” “Black Mage,” and “White Mage,” even if the classes are basically similar to what you’d expect those names to be. That way, it would at least SEEM like it wasn’t just a (spin-off) Final Fantasy title in a different sheep’s clothes.

    On one hand, yes, there’s name recognition; people generally know what to expect when they see “White Mage” as a name. But, there are also such things as creativity, lore, and NOT BEING LAZY. -_-

    • Suicunesol

      I don’t know about lazy. They’re going for a classic feel, so they chose classic names.

      Also, I’m afraid I can’t really consider the game a new IP when the game is FINAL FANTASY in every way but name. You got crystals, jobs, turn-based, world map… it’s basically Final Fantasy V-2.

      • VenerableSage

        “Classic” is one thing; simply pulling the same old names that have been used in an existing franchise (that this doesn’t seem to be a part of) for the past 20+ years strikes me as not willing to take the time and brainstorm new names. It is possible to come up with new names that give off a classic feel, after all.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Of all the things that could be said to lack creativity coming from SE these days, I think this is a pretty pointless complaint. Mind you, I’m not saying you’re wrong or trying to block your opinion or anything, but it just seems way too minor to be worth complaining about.

          What’s the difference between “Monk” and “name reminiscent of Monk, but not Monk”? To what end would they waste time doing “similar but different” when their entire intent was to ape classic FF elements? Why beat around the bush?

          Picking “Swordsman” over “Warrior” or some such wouldn’t make it any more creative when, at the end of the day, you recognize it for what it is regardless.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Perhaps not in our minds, but the term IP really has only ever been meant for business purposes.

        Honestly, I’m not worried about the IP if the game is good. I always like seeing “new” IP, but overall its nothing big to me. Being that the FF series is moving further and further from those old FF staples, in some ways more than others, I find it rather fitting that Squenix is establishing a new “FF” IP built on the old standard. That’s just me though.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Yesss. Now SE, just confirm a US release…

  • I hope to God that they take more inspiration from FF5 than from 4HOL. SE has come so far and evolved their series to the point of near perfection with FF9, then it seems that they have just slid down into an inescapable blackhole.

    • Anime10121

       Agreed although I’d prefer something more akin to 9 than 5.

  • Uhm. I have been wanting this game since it was announced at the very first Nintendo Direct last year. I anticipated all news, bookmark the gaming art, like Bravely Default’s Facebook page, and followed them on Twitter even though I don’t know Japanese and just rely on the untrusty Google Translate. So far I have liked all the news.

    But this particular news seems a little bit off for me. For one, the crystals. For 2, the job system, and last, the jobs. They all scream Final Fantasy. Now I play the Final Fantasy series as well and I love it. But it seems to me the BD: FF will be having some key concepts from it, and I don’t know what I should feel. Just my two cents though.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I didn’t think about it til I read all of that together, but it should be noted that FF is in the initials lol.

      More and more, I think this is simply meant to be a love letter to old FF fans in exchange for the main series moving further and further from the original style.

  • Hmm, if they’re going to be Final Fantasy without being Final Fantasy, I wonder if there’s going to be a a Dragoon class? Or summons/espers? Is everything going to be more or less the same?

    •  Dragoons are seriously underrated.

      • Yeeeeeeeeessss~! They’re one of my favorite FF classes. Jump’s not always the most useful, but when they are – they save lives. LIVES.

  • I want THIS as much as KH 3D and FF Type-0 . Where is the EU/US release date ? Do it Square Enix, just do it ! :D

  • Awesome, I love job systems! Hopefully the jobs this time around will be more classic. I think the jobs in the 4HoL were cool, but to have traditional jobs would be much better and fitting imo :)

  • This game looks EXACTLY like Four Heroes of Light. Except in 3D I guess…
    I swear that grey haired boy is the same character from 4 heroes.

    • Belphybear

       The two games have the same video game artist: Akihiro Yoshida. He also did the artwork for Tactics Ogre, FFXII, FFT and the FFTA spinoff games.

  • A FF5 job like system, thats great a must buy.

    • kylehyde

      That’s why I’m very excited for this game. I loved FF5 and their job system.

  • Neckbear

    Bravely Default feels more like Final Fantasy than current Final Fantasy games.

    For shame, Square.

    •  shhhh, Square doesn’t want to confuse their fans about this!

  • Tales Narikiri Dungeon?

  • U.S release= Day-one buy

  • Paradox me

    Just throwing this out there: Bravely Default was conceived as a sequel to 4 Heroes of Light. At its core, it is Final Fantasy. Flying Fairy (“FF”) is a nod to the game’s origin.

    Who knows why they decided to spin it off into its own IP or why they’re sticking with classic Final Fantasy job titles, but does it really matter?

    • (copypasta~) Actually it is/was an FF game

      they just thought people would find it too confusing if FF was like FF again

  • riceisnice

     It’s nice that Square is creating non-final fantasy games for diversity. But they could have disguised it better.

    • Actually it is/was an FF game

      they just thought people would find it too confusing if FF was like FF again

  • jj984jj

    Please don’t suck! Hopefully Silicon Studio can do a good job so that all this Yoshida art can be put towards something worthwhile.

  • Let’s hope we hear some news about this at E3.  

  • woot

    I love it when the class system has a visual effect on the characters overall appearance

    Please let us have Red Mages! I need my awesome hat!

  • I wonder if this will actually sell.

    4 Heroes was, in my opinion, an awful game and this game seems hell bent on recreating the same kind of awful.

    The mixture of established FF cliches, pastel colored chibi characters and settings, and dreary music combined with a completely unchanged standard turn-based system made 4 Heroes one of the few games to genuinely have me falling asleep at every turn.

    If the most innovation Square can pull off is changing the title, I’d like to say no thank you to all of this.

    •  I can understand why people were upset with 4WoL, it lacked the charm of older titles, and came off as something rather different. It was archaic, but didn’t have the nostalgia value to help it move past some rather silly concepts that bogged down older RPGs.

      From the looks of it, the combat is nothing like 4WoL, and the visuals seem to be a big step up (they look more stylized, and less lazy, like they did in 4WoL). Other than that, just try to be a bit patient, and we’ll see if this is the real deal retro FF game we wanted from the start.

    • Dantis

       What I find annoying is that the actual art for the characters looks great. I see no reason why they aren’t represented in that manner on screen.

      • Suicunesol

        Chibis are cute. It might be a Japanese thing.

        Also, short and stout versions of adult characters is a staple of the classic Final Fantasy titles, right up to Final Fantasy 9. As we said before, it takes much inspiration from them.

      • Reno Evangelista

        It’s hardly the chibification that bothered me. I don’t understand why people seem to demand realism in games that are already fantastical in setting to begin with. I thought the FF3 and 4 remakes were just fine with the same style. It’s a stylistic choice, and given Square’s propensity for equating better graphics with better gaming, it’s a welcome change.

        What bothered me in 4 Whatever was something about the way the characters were rendered, lacking in detail, and the way they just seemed to blend into the screen to make it feel like I was staring directly into a pastel colored sun. The awkward angles and cruddy writing didn’t help it any either.

  • Well, at least nothing’s “final” this time around.

  • Bartholomew

    Wow. Some developers just seem hellbent on not trying anything remotely new.

    What a lazy, poor excuse of a game. The Japanese can keep this crap.

    •  W-rpg are more crap, they do not offer job system for a whole team, it’s always a loner gameplay where hero is always alone, that’s boring imo.

      • There are Japanese RPGs that have lone heroes as well. Demon/Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania to name a few. 
        Those games definitely aren’t crap either.

      • There are Japanese RPGs that have lone heroes as well. Demon/Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania to name a few. 
        Those games definitely aren’t crap either.

      • amagidyne

        If you by “WRPG” you mean “Bethesda’s output and some European RPGs”, then yes. Otherwise, go play Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment you philistine.

      • Bartholomew

         Doesn’t sound like you’ve played many WRPGs.

  • Guest

    I have missed the job system.  If they have dragoons and summoners, I will be ecstatic!  I really hope Square brings it over or I will be very disappointed.

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