Exe-Create RPG Dragons’ Odyssey Now Available For iPhone And iPad

By Ishaan . May 6, 2012 . 10:30am

Remember Exe-Create’s PC RPG, Dragons’ Odyssey? The game is now available in both English and Japanese for $12 on iPhone and iPad. Dragons’ Odyssey starts when an angel named Escude ignores god’s orders not to interfere with human disputes and descends to the world below. God then commands two of her trusted servants, Kunah, the son of the fire dragon chief, and Riel, daughter of the ice dragon chief to go retrieve Escude.


Kunah is a melee type character that uses weapons while Riel is a magic user. Along the way, they also meet a bunch of other characters, Kunah can form relationships with various NPCs to unlock different events. The game has multiple endings with different characters as well.


Aside from the main quest, the game also has a cooking and crafting system, which you can use to create new items. You can also build a restaurant and eventually establish an entire town around it. You can grab Dragons’ Odyssey here.

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  • Zoddin’ Apple! Wit all dese RPGs comin’ ta Ipad, now i gotz ta buy one o’ dem just so i can play some ‘o dese gamez!

  • neo_firenze

    Hmm, is this the first English release?  Just checked Steam and I can’t find this game (or anything else from Exe-Create).

    However, I did just buy the iOS version.  Worth noting that Exe-Create also made Across Age on iOS, a Secret of Mana style action RPG which is quite good.  It’s not listed as same developer in iTunes though, they had a publishing arrangement with another company.

    At any rate, iOS really is getting very interesting for fans of traditional JRPG-style games.  It’s not just ports with shoehorned touch control (*ahem*Square-Enix). Arguably more vibrant than the console/3DS/Vita scene.  I tend to prefer to play these kinds of games on the larger iPad, but it is cool that you can take the same game on the go with an iPod/iPhone. 

    Some of my highlights on iOS:

    * Kemco (yes, THAT old Kemco of Shadowgate fame) is doing great work on totally traditional RPGs.  They’re really nailing touchscreen control too (look at Grinsia for a great example), and English localizations are surprisingly great. They give strong support to Android too.

    * Chaos Rings (from Square-Enix and Media.Vision of Wild Arms fame) really is top-end console quality good, and the next S-E/Media.Vision project (Star Burial Dragnir) looks interesting.

    * Korean dev Gamevil puts out some quality stuff at a prodigious pace, and often for free (Zenonia 4, their newest release Illusia 2) or $0.99.  They have in app purchases but they really aren’t necessary (just quick power-ups and gold, reduce grinding, that kind of think).  Their sprite work is some of the best around, period.  Their translations are sometimes janky Engrish, but that only adds to the charm for me. Sometimes their controls aren’t perfect, but they’re getting better (Zenonia 4 is about the best execution you can hope for with a virtual d-pad). Gamevil does give me a sense of excitement and passion though, which I’m not getting as much of in the traditional console world these days.

    * Mage Gauntlet is my latest love, 16-bit style action RPG (Mana/Zelda) done so, so well.  Excellent controls.

    * 100 Rogues is a very good Western developed rogue-like, a lot of critical acclaim. 

    * Kairosoft is a Japanese dev you may have heard of from Game Dev Story. They have lots of other similar games. They’re a little bit of a one-trick pony with their micromanagement sim games, but it’s a pretty good trick. They have super charming sprite work, and support iOS and Android.

    •  The game released on gamersgate a while ago. Wonder why it hasn’t been release on Steam yet. And do they have an english website? I can’t find it

    • I’m getting on the Kemco love train now too.  I liked Shadowgate quite a bit back in the day, and now I’m playing through and enjoying Eve of the Genesis on Android.  I mean, visually it’s nothing to write home about, but the characters are charming and though the battles are simple, they’re plenty entertaining.  I like building/customizing my character skills too.

    • neetyneety

      Indeed, the iOS platform has been a great place for RPG gamers (especially fans of the old-school kind) as of late. There are actually quite a lot of rouge-likes if I remember correctly, and yes, Kemco and Gamevil are some of my favorite devs for iOS RPGs too. Chaos Rings (the whole series) is a prime example of top notch work on the platform. Sacred Odyssey (by Gameloft) is also another great RPG that I love. It’s somewhat Zelda-ish so I recommend you check that out if you haven’t yet. Oh, and War of Eustrath is nice too if you like SRPGs.

      Oh, good news btw if you liked Across Age, I’ve heard they’re planning to release a sequel this year. Loved the first one, so I’ve been waiting for that sequel with bated breath ever since.

  • JustaGenericUser

    I’d buy it from GamersGate if they would just get rid of the DRM.

    EDIT: Also, I don’t know if it’s because of the resolution or what, but I like that this version keeps the window/menu mostly at the bottom of the screen instead of the PC version that had a giant border around the gameplay screen.

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