Capcom: Street Fighter X Tekken Sales Lagged, RE: Operation Raccoon City Steady

By Spencer . May 7, 2012 . 12:55am

mh3gJapan gobbled up 1.6 million copies of Monster Hunter Tri G, Capcom reports in their end of 2012 fiscal year report. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Street Fighter X Tekken sold over one million units too. Capcom says while Operation Raccoon City performed steadily, Street Fighter X Tekken sales lagged.


Monster Hunter Frontier Online for PC and Xbox 360 also showed steady growth.


Update: See actual sales of Street Fighter X Tekken and Operation Raccoon City compared to Capcom’s forecasts here.


For the next fiscal year (the period between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013) Capcom will focus on releasing “major titles” for the overseas market. Capcom points out Resident Evil 6 and Dragon’s Dogma as two key titles for global expansion.


Capcom reported 82 billion yen in sales ($1 billion), down 16% from fiscal year 2011. Operating income for fiscal year 2012 is 12.318 billion yen or $154 million (down 13.8% from FY2011) and overall Capcom posted a positive net income of 6.723 billion yen or $84 million (down 13.2% from FY2011).

  • Souji Tendou

    I’m surprised at the fact that people actually bought RE: ORC.

    • landlock

      It’s actually a pretty fun game if you give it a chance and especially if you like the characters and setting of the Resident Evil series.

      •  …so you are essentially saying that “If you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy it”
        Right…niche sale

        • SirRichard

          Resident Evil’s hardly niche, mate, it’s a million-selling series and has enough weight to act as a system-seller for many people. With that in mind it’s unsurprising that ORC’s doing the rounds, regardless of quality.

          • …the fact that ORC sells well is more than enough to prove that it is indeed niche sale

            I am not saying the whole series is niche, I am saying the PATICULAR ORC is niche

          • SirRichard

            I’m still not seeing it. It’s a team-based third person shooter spinoff to a wildly popular series, and if that’s your definition of niche then it’s a pretty damn big niche.

          •  Niche, as in only Resident Evil fan would buy this game, and not normal gamer due to the less than stellar reviews
            If this game got good reviews, and it sells that much, then nothing strange
            …and we all know Japan and its Bio Hazard fan size
            The proof that the game didn’t sell well in the West at all is the proof of that

      • Souji Tendou

        I’ve given it a chance by trying it for 30 minutes at my friend’s house. And I must say that my impression of the game was beyond “dissappointment”.

      • eilegz

         so its better TPS mechanics than lost planet 2 or worse?

    • Nitraion

      capcom still have “sorcery” power :/

  • Go2hell66

     not suprised about the SFxTK sales, hopefully they learn a lesson from this and realise they can’t BS people with half made games all the time

    • Word, that crap shouldn’t have been allowed by the console companies.  There should be standards on DLC that the developers must abide by.

      • SerendipityX

        I’m beginning to think that in the future we’ll probably have DLC standards that will be enforced especially with all the vocal outcries and divisions.

    • icecoffemix

      They’ll withhold any planned but finished characters from the disc altogether and sell them later instead. I’ll just not buy any capcom fighting game ever, not really interested in them and now I have the more reason to avoid it.

      • Boy, that’ll learn them folks at Capcom! They’ve driven away the coveted “not really interested in fighting games” crowd with this DLC shenanigans!

        Seriously.  It was a bad idea on their part, but saying “I wasn’t going to buy their games anyway, but now I have EVEN MORE REASON not to buy their games” is pretty much irrelevant, don’t you think?

        • icecoffemix

          It’s not “I’m not going to buy their game”


          “I sometimes buy their game” which was the case in the past.


          • Ah yes: “not really interested”=”I sometimes buy their game”.  Of course. How could that ever have not been 100% clear?

            Still, losing a person who “sometimes” might’ve purchased their games probably isn’t having the biggest impact on their balance sheet.

          • icecoffemix

            Because you never have a waking in the morning feeling like playing a fighting game moment?

            That’s true. I don’t really care how Capcom fare either way.

            I’m surprised you care so much about my choice of entertainment though.

          • masterpain22

             They lost me and I have bought a large amount of their fighting games ever since the SNES, does that help your case or do you still have to pick on one person?
            The dislike to the way they managed the DLC is larger than the people that will post here at this site, you can look it up and there is no need to be rude at anyone here.

          • XiaomuArisu

             How about “if I find the game interesting,I will wait for the complete edition”
            Thats how I do it.Buyed Dragon Age Ultimate Edition and gonna buy Batman AC complete edition and will wait for Mass Effect 3 directors cut.

          • icecoffemix

            I dunno. There’s other companies out there, my time is limited to play games and who knows if I discover even more fun game if I tried the underdog companies who at least treat their customers with more respect than the like of Capcom?

          • raymk

            Reading comprehension had noting to do with what you said.  You can’t get that out of what you said earlier.

          • icecoffemix

            Yeah yeah.

            Because “not really interested” equal to “I’m not buying their game ever” to you. Okay.

  • Aim for 2 million MH Tri G worldwide sales by releasing it outside of Japan Capcom! 

    I was gonna make a wall of text about this East and West game state of mind developers/publishers have, I’ll try and simplify it.  Apparently there are games for the world and games for Japan. It’s a shame since games for Japan used to be games for the world. I’m pretty sure all the money wasted on crap like the Lost Planet series could have funded localization and advertisements for a couple of handheld games. (AA, MH, MML3)

    I’m not saying Capcom is dumb for attempting to make new I.P. That’s awesome but once your series bombs does it really need a second and third game? If they announced Dark Void 2 my jaw might just completely separate from my mouth.

    • landlock

      Let’s be honest if the sales were there for AA and MH in the west they would release them. They’ve givin’ both series’ a good go in North America and Europe.

      The sales clearly don’t meet there expections it’s not like there not releasing them just to be mean to the west. Lost Planet 1 and 2 both sold about 2 million copies each.

    • boundries_san

      Umm Lost Planet series is one of the series that i love lol and i am quite sure not crap here. If it is a crap series, we will probably never see the upcoming third series here.

  • Wen Pin Chua

    Both games do not live up to their respective franchises’ glory. I’ve seen and tried both games and within a few hours I knew that they simply cannot make it

  • UMvC3 and seems now this. If they cannot meet the expected sales target for their current installment of fighting games, then the future for Darkstalkers 4 could be bleak, or, Darkstalkers 4 would be Capcom’s “last” fighting game for a while.

    Though it still depends on the sales figure trend to determine if said fighting games are still feasible.

  • ivanchu77

    Not surprised about SFxTK sales

    *When it was released the market was completely saturated with fighting games

    *The DLC on disc fiasco motivated a lot of hardcore fans to boycott the game

    *The average joe that doesn´t go to forums is bitter about capcom releasing sequels in small periods of time like UMVC3 or SSF4.

    I just hope this doesn´t affect the release of future fighting games, because it was Capcom fault for being greedy assholes and not the consumers, if you want money you have to earn it doing a good job, not abusing your fans doing a rushed buggy crap and DLC abuse and expecting sales just for the brand name, we aren´t stupid

  • RE:ORC have it fault and technical glitches but it’s a pretty decent game better then SFxTK just leave my tekken out of this.

  • jc0111

    Let’s see what is wrong with SFxTK:
    – It got released at a bad time, when fighting games were numerous.
    – A good 25% of the game is locked and must be paid for, when it should just have been unlockable and usable from the get-go.
    – Lack of fan favorite characters on both sides.
    – Bad Box Art Mega Man is a sick joke.
    – ALL guest characters are paper-armored, as in they have the lowest HP counts in the game, rendering them barely usable.
    – The gem system is mandatory, instead of being toggle ON or OFF via an option.
    – The online has serious issues, like lag and missing sound effects.
    – The local team matches are said to be available in the XBOX 360 manual, but it is not present in-game. Furthermore, Capcom will NOT fix it.
    – The mecanics themselves are flawed, with difficulties to link attacks and special moves, the near-uselessness of Pandora Mode, which can KILL YOU under 8 seconds and the fact that you cannot defeat opponents quick enough without getting a Time Out.
    – They said that updates will be via only DLC, but since they had to put it on the disc first, that statement can insinuate that no major DLC will be available in the future, mostly new characters.
    – Tekken characters had been poorly translated into the SF4 engine.
    – The game is basically SF4 with Tekken characters added.

    • yoUNg_grOUp568

      you cant count bad box art megaman as why the game sucks. All  you fanboys kept on bitching that they want megaman and capcom gave you guys megaman. And you must be pretty bad if u think it’s difficult to link attacks and special move. and you dont have to have gems on. If you played you realize you can just not put them on. ANd capcom did a pretty good job putting tekken characters in a 2d fighting game, when they are usually 3d

      • You cant count Megaman, but all other points are valid. More than there should be for a game that was hyped quite a lot. It is just my opinion but Capcom really didnt do anything compelling in the recent years. Asura’s Wrath was okay, and Dragons Dogma seems promising too, but we still dont see any kind of new Monster Hunter for any Sony console/handheld and Resident Evil 6 looks like it will keep the Action design like 5 instead of being Survival Horror. You know that it is a bad sign, when they want to appeal to CoD Fans.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           appealing to CoD fans was what RE:ORC was made to do but for the most part you where right on a few points. RE6 has split paths for lean and chris, Chris is action and lean is more survival horror.

        • yoUNg_grOUp568

          its not all valid, like you dont have to play with gems you can choose not to use them and tekken and street fighter r 2 different fighting games with different styles. SO putting tekken style  fighting in a street fighter games is difficult, but they did a good job. And this game is not just sf4 with tekken character, it is a pretty different style of play.  Again like i said before, you must be pretty bad if u think it is difficult to link combos. Also just cause the guest character kinda suck doesn’t mean the game does, you dont like them then simply just dont play as them or dont buy the game in general, the only one i agree on is the dlc thing

      • Zertan

        Oh please. No one wanted that Megaman like the new Dante.

      • jc0111

        Yes, I DO count BBA Mega Man as something wrong with the game, especially after seeing what he and Roll could have looked like, as revealed with early concept arts. See attachments. THOSE would have worked for BBA Mega Man.

        You know, after the cancellations of Legends 3 and MM Universe, the exclusion of Mega Man in MvC3 and the alternate X costume for Zero, you’d think that Capcom would try to please MM fans with a suitable thing. BBA Mega Man is NOT a suitable thing; it’s just a mockery of how Capcom NA marketing screwed up Mega Man 1, not to mention that in SFxTK, he’s a total wuss. You think THAT’s gonna quell the rage that MM fans have toward Capcom ? Of course not, MM fans want the REAL Mega Man, they should have used Mega Man exactly like he was in MvC1 and 2.

        I also fail to understand they went for BBA Mega Man, who’s often associated with MM1, when fans think MM2 is the better game…

    • I can agree with some points you made such as disc-locked content, no major DLC after and the problems with the 360 version. But the rest of your argument looks like as someone who didn’t tried to understand the game.
      Saying the game is basically SF4 with Tekken characters is completely wrong as both games have a completely different flow and mechanics.

      The mechanics also work very well, but it takes some time to understand how they work. They are nowhere near to be flawed. It has been only a few months since the game was released, people are still learning how to use the mechanics of the game and extract more damage from combos.

      As for characters, that was a given. They can’t put every fan favorite in every crossover. The insult to that was to lock 12 fan favorites in the game.

      The game itself, the fighting, is great. The way Capcom handled the game was lame.

      • yoUNg_grOUp568

        Thank you…..

    • raymk

      The lack of fan favorites wasn’t even the problem that can’t get every character.  Tekken side did have the most popular characters all of them,some are just DLC lol.
      You also can’t count the tekken characters being poorly translated there’s no way they were going to be perfect in a sf engine. 
      Also being that its a capcom game why shouldn’t it be sf4 with tekken characters? Which even then its a lie cause if it was just that people would have liked it more.
      The BBA megaman argument was stupid though, people didn’t decide not to buy because of him and the creator of megaman wanted him in the game.

  • Disc-locked content =/= Downloadable content

  • videoman190

    Most of the SF characters are already in SFIV and GEM system just makes people feel like they are cheating. The Roster is to worst in Fighting game history! Guess what Tekken X Street Fighter will be way better than this.

    • raymk

      The roster isn’t no where near the worst in fighting game history.  Its actually one of the best and they game people exactly who they were hoping to see.  The only reason it did bad was cause of the on disk crap they pulled.

      • videoman190

        You are right about the disc locked content. But I don’t like the roster because should be in the game in the first place like Karin for example! Also most of the Street Fighter side are already in SFIV and it has a lack of the newcomers from Tekken 6! One more thing the English VA’s for the Street Fighter side still suck!

  • Of course sales will lag WHEN YOU HAVE ON DISC DLC!

  • Luna Kazemaru

    NOt like I didn’t see this coming lol but surprised at RE:ORC tho. It’s an ok game online but way to may bugs.

  • eilegz

    with disc locked content, and serious issues in tournament game, people will not buy this…. watching shadowloo showdown and season beating this weekend it was horrible game, americans in general played to win a timeout, while asians its trying to kill with cheap combos.

    Very unhype in general. they screw up here and they need to fix it…

  • It seems the bad reputation for SFxTK clearly affected Capcom sales.
    The game itself is great. The combat is great and the online works except for the sound. The gems was a risk they choose to take and in a few weeks you could see some really interesting technology with them. Overall, the game is great and unique. There really isn’t another fighter like SFxTK

    That being said, Capcom handled the game in the worst way possible as far DLC goes. It clearly created a bad reputation for the game.

    The DLC was probably a deal with Sony to push the Vita version. The bad thing was the fact that everything was already on disc. This clearly makes the cracked version embued with more value than the original one. That’s a sad fact.
    Even worse, people that want to play with the extra characters still have to wait months before getting them by legal means.

    Even worse is some overpowered gems that are actually being released by Capcom, some paid, others not. While the first ones kept the game still somewhat balanced, the new ones don’t. It can lead to a horrible attitude of “pay to win”.

    Hopefully Capcom have learned with SFxTK and will never handle another crossover this bad. I truly hope the next crossover will be another great fighting game without any scandal to push it down.

  • Even though expected, this article does cause me more than a bit of concern. Sure, SFxT had the huge DLC fiasco and it’s good to see people voting with their wallet on such an issue. What concerns me about this though? That RE:ORC is a -BAD GAME-.

    I mean with SFxT you have a number of “principle of the matter” argument points, be it gems or DLC characters. On the other hand though it is at least a fun game. You can sit down, and for the most part play a rather enjoyable fighter when you’re not griping about bad box art megaman or the aforementioned points.

    RE:ORC on the other hand just feels like a buggy, shoddily scrapped together game. The length is absurdly short (with an obvious attempt for selling more of it, as evidenced by the latest DLC) and gameplay itself is rather lacking.

    As said, I’m glad to see people voting with their wallets. It just bugs me though that Operation Raccoon City (from the sound of this article) did better, sales wise when it’s such a -bad- game. (As opposed to SFxT which while having a lot of kneejerk points, is still at least a good or enjoyable game.)

    • I guess its like with Duke Nukem Forever, People knew it was going be bad but still wanted to play it to see, sad thing is there wasn’t much to RE:ORC and its more surprising it did some stupidly well…meh

    • SerendipityX

      So I’m not the only that thinks we should be more worried over RE:ORC? I’m really hoping that Capcom just doesn’t take this a sign of what gamers want more of.

  • I’ll just wait for an Ultimate StreetFighterxTekken version. Hopefully, all DLC is unlocked already WITHOUT having to pay additional fees for add-on characters!

  • I said this over on andriasang, but Capcom really did deserve the losses, and they deserve far more in they don’t change their ways.

    They got hopes up with Megaman Legends 3 after finally announcing something fans waited a decade for. They then drafted up plans to try and make people buy a DEMO of all things to “prove” they want the game, and after they canceled the game, turned around and tried to blame fans for “lack of interest.” Then, they handed the next Devil May Cry over to Ninja Theory for a reboot, and when Ninja Theory received criticism for the new direction, NT went out of their way to insult fans of the Devil May Cry series AND elements of the series itself, particularly Dante. Ninja Theory has shaped up since then, but it’s still a black mark.

    And then there’s Resident Evil 6, where so far Jill and Claire are completely excluded despite the game being the most important one of the entire Resident Evil anniversary. Pretty much trying to say that Jill and Claire, the female half of the first two games, don’t deserve equal respect for their parts in the series existing today. Combine that with women generally treated like nothing but secondary support characters for the men in RE5 and RE:Degeneration, and Jill and Claire purposely portrayed as being “replaced” as partners by the disposable new women, and it’s no longer absurd to say the current RE team is incredibly sexist. Before this RE6 crap, such thoughts could be shrugged off as paranoia; now, it’s the only logical explanation for treating the two most important women of the series like nobodies when it comes to a game meant to be the pinnacle of the anniversary.

    The first paragraph’s problems are far, far worse, since they show outright contempt for their own fans that supported their company still being around until today. But the issues in the second paragraph certainly don’t help their image.

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