Persona 4: Golden Adds Bug Catching Mini-Game

By Spencer . May 8, 2012 . 9:31pm

imageAtlus added another mini-game to Persona 4: Golden. The PlayStation Vita version will have bug catching, a popular hobby with kids in Japan. Players can use these insects for the fishing mini-game.


Famitsu also revealed Rise will have an evolved persona too and we’re not talking about Kanzeon. Kouzeon is a new persona created for Persona 4: Golden.


Persona 4: Golden comes out on June 14 in Japan and is slated for release this fall in North America.

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  • Great first of i didnt want to buy it because its just a ps2 port. now i almost feels like an big new expansion can’t wait to play it

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      yeah they keep adding stuff to it lol

  • RmanX1000

    Is it annoying that i proclaim how much i want this on every article about it? I think i proved my point. I dont even care about bug catching, but hell yeah im excited.

  • sherimae1324

    i…..i…….i want…..this g……. onichan…… ^_^

  •  Bug Catching Mini-Game: An experience that’s a little more intense.

    Uh, right, Shadow Rise.

  • CirnoLakes

    Gah, why won’t this game hurry up and be released so I have an excuse to buy and play Persona 4 again?;_;

  • Oh man, if it’s even half as addictive as the one in the Pokemon games is then I’ll certainly be spending quite a bit of time on it. Especially if it’s linked with the fishing mini-game as well! :)

  • Holy crap, they just keep adding things. @[email protected]
    No wonder they don’t have a female version. The game would probably just explode if there was.

    •  I dunno if they really added much

      a mini games, some palette swaps, bike attacks, some character who seems irrelevant to the plot (or so it seems). . . and that’s about it.

      It’s not like they’re remaking the game, like they did with P3P (which they didn’t feel represented the original title, despite being ironically a vast improvement of it). They’re just doing a port, and like most ports; it’s just a few bells and whistles added for newer players who skipped out on the original game.

      • Dantis

         As far as enhanced ports go, they’re adding a pretty significant amount  (Compare it to other ports on the Vita, like MvC3 and NGS+), but it’s still only an enhanced port. I would say that P3P and P3FES both added a lot more in terms of raw content.

  • Angeru_Lito

    some of this aditions seem like padding to me , but the original game was so good that they really didn’t need to add too much stuff , that said I would like to have an in game Fusion list or something not knowing wich Persona fusion makes that specific persona you need for some of the Margaret quests is really annoying I think that would be more usefull than some bug catching minigame or maid costumes. 

  • Nosajk

    I really want a PSVita just for this game :( 

  • Oh come on…….

  • Nice the more i hear about this the happier i am. I am guessing October or September then based purely on the themes of persona it would perfect drop date.

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