Soul Sacrifice Is Keiji Inafune’s PlayStation Vita Title

By Spencer . May 8, 2012 . 8:30pm

image50 Back at Game Developer’s Conference, Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune said he was developing a PlayStation Vita game and it’s the "true fantasy" title Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has been teasing. Famitsu reports Inafune is designing the game and that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan isn’t working on the game alone. Marvelous AQL is also developing Soul Sacrifice. Toriyama and Motomura from SCEJ are producing the title. It isn’t clear if the Toriyama mentioned is Teruyuki Toriyama who worked on Folklore and Demon’s Souls.


In Soul Sacrifice you play as a wizard who is a slave to a cruel magician. You can cast spells, but need to sacrifice items. Players can give up items they collected for basic spells, but powerful magic requires a payment… in flesh. Artwork shows the wizard with his hand in his mouth and pulling chunks of flesh and bone (it might be his spine?) out to cast Excalibur. Other spells require like Gorgon turns your eyes into laser shooting weapons and Gungnir covers your body with bones. Players will fight monsters who, Famitsu says, were people until overuse of magic transformed them.


Soul Sacrifice is slated for release this winter. The game is said to have 1-4 player support via ad-hoc play and Wi-Fi.

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  • >Marvelous
    >Yasunori Mitsuda
    >Possibly Teruyuki Toriyama 
    Hrnnghhh my heart

    • CirnoLakes

       I must say, Yasunori Mitsuda is an amazing composer.

    • CirnoLakes

       I must say, Yasunori Mitsuda is an amazing composer.

  • James Beatty

    It seems kind of cool. I don’t like the whole “payment in flesh” concept though. 

    • Why, because it is for once innovative and not your usual lolmagic-yadayada ?

      • I don’t know…

        I like legs so that I can run around and avoid attacks… Sacrificing a leg or two just to cast a powerful spell is generally not a good idea..

        • xXDGFXx

          Give up a kidney and your arm. You only need one of each to survive!

      • Probably cuz it’s Nightmare Fuel and just not a pretty mental image.

  • MrRobbyM

    Go on…

  • Can’t wait to see more of the gameplay!!!

  • Woah…that sounds extreme.
    I like it! :D

  • That’s creepy…

    At least I know that SCEJ is not only publishing it but co-developing it…

  • Mmmm… Sounds DELICIOUS ! :D 

  • dahuuuundge

    mite b cool
    I’m glad Inafune is finally working on games other than Neptune.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    This sounds like an insanely awesome premise while also being completely batshit crazy at the same time. Though hopefully you’re immortal (-ish), cuz you’d run out of “ammo” real quick if you were in a real tough fight…

    • My thought goes to the concept of Souls – probably being able to sacrifice them, just as the title implies, while maintaining a vessel or something. 

  • Stranger On The Road

    I like how it sounds; although, I hope it will still be fun solo.

    now it does make me wonder, when my character uses too much magic and turn into a monster, will I continue the game as a monster? Will there be a chance to redeem my character? Or will I have the option to make my monster stronger by destroying villages! (which will make this game be the grown-up version of ‘Overlord’).

  • dat soundz alot like da chaos humiez.

  • eilegz

    now i hope it get localized UMD and digital, with compatibility with vita

    • sherimae1324

      the vita has no UMD!!! onichan!!!

      • Christopher Carmona

        I laughed more than I should have at this.

      • Guest

        Zero: B-But George W Bush and Dick Cheney confirmed there were UMD’s!!!


    • Kevadu

      Very few Vita games are not compatible with the Vita.

  • d19xx

    Do I get the enemies powers when I beat them? :D

    Seriously a bit disappointed that it’s not a Souls game. But I am still interested in what Inafune can do with this title.

  • boundries_san

    Keiji Inafune production??? MUST BUY TO THE MAXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!

  • neo_firenze

    Anybody who isn’t at least a little bit excited by what we’ve heard of this game so far is either a truly cynical bastard, or just irrationally hates anything related to Vita/Sony.

    Very, very high on my list of upcoming Vita games of interest.  

  • Christopher Carmona

    Aww yeah, very interesting. Gonna give this game a buy. 

  • And now this sounds like Darker than Black, only difference being that there’s not just one specific sacrifice made to use a special power.

    One teaser trailer that showed a short clip of a slow sword swing  with the “feel of 60 fps” does nothing to interest me.Inafune’s name being dropped doesn’t say anything about how the quality of the game might be, but Yasunori Mitsuda gives me the impression of a decent soundtrack.

  • This sounds AWESOME and TOTALLY CRAZY. I don’t own a Vita yet, but if this is fun playing alone… I might consider it on the future. And I love the art.

  • icecoffemix

    Realistic and actually sounds interesting!

    IRL ritual (not that I’ve been on one) you don’t sacrifice intangible thing like “life force” or “willpower”. You need material things and flesh, though you don’t need to use your own flesh, rip that bastard’s heart out.

  • Hmm. I’m a bit more tempted to get a vita with this title and help Sony prolong their impending bankruptcy.

  • Zenkaider

    Marvelous AQL + Keiji Inafune with a Dark Souls and a bit of original setting,to make a dark medieval fantasy game on the VITA,with RULES about magic?

    That’s some good stuff here people.I hope that casting spells isn’t the only way to attack though…the player might become a monster before he even reaches the end of the game.[Worst case scenario where there are areas and enemies that don’t have or drop items…or the player chooses to do a no-item run.XD XD XD]

  • badmoogle

    So the rumors were true but i’m surprised that Marvelous is also behind it since it doesn’t look like their kind of style.
    I like the concept (or comcept :p) and i’m very interested to see how this plays out.So far it looks like another game that could make me buy a Vita.I wonder when it will be released… 

    Edit:Btw Anoop from Adriasang says Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama will be writing the music.And it is indeed Teruyuki Toriyama from Demon’s Souls.

  • Göran Isacson

    Interesting concept. I wonder if flesh is a finite resource, or if you’ve got some kind of Neverdead-esque regeneration thing going on. The spells sound pretty cool from what I’ve heard, but the method… could be quite interesting to see in action.

  • Domii

    Hell yeah!!!

  • thebanditking

    Hmm…I am definitely intrigued by this. There could be some really interesting game mechanics if all that “sacrifice” items/flesh turns into actual game play as it might make for some interesting/tense risk vs reward moments.

  • Darkrise

    Sounds very original, I’m interested!

  • AzureNova

    Inafune!!!!!!! >_<

  • SirRichard

    The 3DS gets cutesy animals, the PSV gets enslaved wizards tearing their own spines out through their mouths to cast dark magic. Inafune knows how these things work, apparently.

    In all seriousness, can’t wait for it. It’s a very grim setting and what we’ve heard has a lot of promise. Here’s hoping we get to see it in action tomorrow!

  • The_Real_Oyashiro

    Looks wicked!

  • Sounds cool. 

  • I bet there will be endings based on how much magic you use.
    Little to no use – best ending
    Moderate use – neutral ending
    Extreme use – bad ending

  • Raharu95

    … This will be my third vita game after Ragnarok Odyssey and Disgaea 3

    •  What a coincidence! Exactly the same with me. Playing Disgaea 3 now, gonna pre-order Ragnarok Odyssey soon, and will be buying Soul Sacrifice as soon as it releases stateside (which I’m sure it will).

      • Raharu95

        Go JRPGs!

  • About time the Vita got some steam!

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