Final Fantasy VII And Final Fantasy XI Retrospectives In Famitsu Next Week

By Spencer . May 9, 2012 . 12:18am

ff7Famitsu will have a special feature next week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy VII’s 15th anniversary. The magazine will have a look back at these influential titles and include a code for a Cloud item set for the Square Enix social game Final Fantasy Brigade.


A special feature for Kirby’s 20th anniversary and a Dragon’s Dogma feature will also be in next week’s issue.

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  • Christopher Carmona

    My mind went to remake when I saw Final Fantasy VII in the title. Hoo boy, that was a rush. 

    • Stranger On The Road

       every FF7 fan would pay good money for a remake of the game (plus hordes of new gamers), but alas, all we get is our minds playing tricks on us when we see the FF7 name in the title of an article :-(

      I opened the article with hunger for news of the remake!

      • Anime10121

        I wouldn’t, because I know it’ll never happen and actually be the same
        game. There is NO way that a game as ambitious as any of the PsOne
        games could still be made in this day and age with PS3 quality graphics.

        There is FAR too much dialogue nowadays and with Square wanting their
        releases to be as high quality as they can graphically and sound-wise, I cant imagine they’d leave it unvoiced. Another thing is the games back then used prerendered images as backgrounds vs. rotatable cameras, so in that since they have to create MORE assets that weren’t even apart of the original game.

        Trust me when I say I’d rather have pre-rendered backgrounds instead
        of fully rotatable cameras as I feel that would have made XIII a better
        game, at least artistically, but reviewers would DESTROY the game in
        reviews for being outdated. Many already have a vendetta with Jrpgs for
        not “evolving” enough (even though Call of Duty and sports continue to
        garner praise every year when they make even less changes).

        tldr: FFVII on PS3 CANT happen if they want to live up to gamer expectations nowadays.

        •  So you’d rather have what amounts to walking against a green screen in a film, instead of a built set? Both are completely intangible.

          Your reasoning is flawed.

          • Anime10121

            No my reasoning is not “flawed”, just a different opinion than yours, which is exactly what yours is also an OPINION.  Prerendered backgrounds are just a different form of artistic direction and IMO the Final Fantasies that were designed with them hold up a lot better than those with rotatable cameras. 

            Although Im not entirely adverse to having FF games with fully 3D worlds either, but if they are going for something linear like XIII was, I think it would have benefited from a X style camera versus a fully rotatable one that just shows just how linear the world really was. 

            You get to see this beautiful world and environments yet you are stuck on one path (Its almost like teasing, since you can see this full fledged world, and yet you are still stuck on the path that the developers set for you). That game would have benefited so much from a preset camera that guided the world along with the camera like FFXs (which was just as linear).

          • Testsubject909

            Fixed cameras also provides more ease in making secrets and hidden stashes or characters and paths, not to mention that it holds a similar effect as animatronics in Cinema.

      • Testsubject909

        PS3 only FF7 remake at a base cost of 90$ new with a 120$ Limited Edition version that comes with 100 page artbook and behind the scene interview DVD and 180$ Special Limited Edition metal casing with figurine of Cloud on his Bike with his sword and Materia fake-crystal necklace with 20$ DLC Extra Chapter to connect the game to the many spin-offs, epilogue story chapter and extra boss-fight with 2$ Alternate costume DLC and 2$ New weapons and New Materia DLC = All sold out and incrementally high profit for Square Enix and sudden increase of sales for PS3.

        I’d expect that. Yes, even at the inflated price tag of 90$, which is why I noted that down.

        Would it ever happen? Hah! Hell no. I repeat, my faith in Square Enix’s capabilities are pretty much dead.

  • CirnoLakes

    Final Fantasy Brigade…. how… underwhelming..

  • FF VII jinxed on me. Everytime I came back to play it, I can’t get past disc 1.

    •  I’m curious, why is that? Technical issues? Disc problems?

      • No its my own problem. I always get distracted.

        • Anime10121

           Well you’re kinda missing the best part of the game.  It gets WAY better after the first disc is over.

          • Yeah I need to play it again, the only FF I’ve beat were FFI,FFIX,FFXIII,FFXIII-2 and Crisis Core. I played others too but I was half ass back then.

          • Anime10121

            Well as long as you’ve finished IX youve earned my respect as that is still IMO the best game in the series by far surpassing VII:)

        • Testsubject909

          Want me to link you to a Final Fantasy 6 LP? Or two different LPs of Final Fantasy 6?

          I know for some it’s hard to just choose to go through some of those older games, and that’s one way of experiencing them. I know of two excellent LPs. One is blind, the other is complete with an interesting challenge. Both are very fun and entertaining LPs to listen to and they’re episodic in nature so you can take it at your pace on the side and pretty much get nearly the whole experience of playing the game.

          Oh and, I’m replying here so to make it easier for you to reply to me.

          PS: One of those LPers has a lot of Final Fantasy games LPed.

          • No thanks.
            I want to play it myself maybe a year or two or maybe not at all.

  • Setsu Oh


  • LustEnvy

    The way Square-Enix is right now, they’d butcher an FFVII remake.

    Cut down and simplify the content and plot. If you compare today’s Final Fantasies with those of old, you’d see that there is very little in the way of plot. FFVII had a lot of stuff going on in the world, with many missions. All of that wouldn’t fit into S-E’s new method of making games. They’d just hide the lack of content with pretty graphics or DLC. All the cool missions would be gone.

     That being said, I’d still give them all my money. I’m emotionally invested in most of the characters, as you can see by my avatar.

    • Anime10121

       As I said earlier there is no way that Square could ever make a remake and keep it the same game.  You say that the new method of Square is to “hide lack of content with pretty graphics”, well since FFVII its always been Square’s way to push graphics boundaries on consoles, I mean that IS the reason people want a FFVII remake, to make the game more “pretty”.  There would have to be far too much work done to create a game like FFVII in FFXIII’s quality (and you know if they ever made it fans would want, no expect it to reach the quality of XIII and the VII tech demo). 

      No HD console game is any where near as big or ambitious as Square’s psOne console games (Tales of Vesperia is close, but people wouldnt accept that art style for a  FF game). Making a psOne quality RPG with FFXIII quality graphics would cost a LOT. People constantly complain and cry about a FFVII remake but fail to realize that it would cost WAY too much to recreate, and there is no guarantee that they would make that money back. 

      People want a remake sure, but customers are fickle, if they dont get it exactly the way they want (say Clouds voice from a trailer is not exactly how they envision it), their minds go straight to “I’ll wait for a price drop” or “Ill buy it used” not realizing that waiting for price drops is basically saying to retailers that this game is not worth the asking price, meaning they wont order more, and thus Square ships less copies.

      • komiko12

        Before a FFVII remake, a FFVI remake should exist first. I hope that they would also remake it in FFXIII standards. But I think they would also have difficulty as FF6’s world is also large. They have to recount the memorable scenes in it such as the Apocalypse, Opera scene and Terra’s awakening among many others. They would have to render the Epic bosses such as The Warring Triad and Kefka.

        I think FF6 has the about the same dilemma as FF7 so before they could attempt to remake FF7 they should face the challenge of remaking FF6 and 5 that would satisfy fans.

        • Anime10121

          But that’s just my point, a remake of any game pre X is nigh-impossible to make and recoup the funds used to make it.  I would also like a remake of VI, VII (although I’d still prefer a sequel to a remake to finally finish what the compilation started), VIII, IX, and throw in Xenogears for good measure in XIII quality graphics. 

          But it wont happen because Square’s not made of money and with western media (and the sheep who follow them without forming their own opinion, or even worse changing their opinion based on preconception/media reviews) damning the company for any and everything they make nowadays, there is no reason to take such risks when it’s not guaranteed to succees.

          • LustEnvy

            Yes for sequel. I’ve been waiting. The Compilation is not over… I’d greatly prefer a sequel than a remake myself. but seeing as the sequel could come many, many years from now… I’m not expecting one in a long time. Look at FFIV: After Years, lol.

          • komiko12

            Yes, the gap between IV and IV:TAY is long. I guess the sequel would feature Sephiroth … again. I don’t really know why Sephiroth is famous. If his wilpower is strong, as shown in Advent Children and all that Geostigma stuff, then why did he became insane in the first place?

          • Anime10121

            I know right, all that build up of Genesis (with the excellent Crisis Core, ending in Dirge of Cerberus, and the copies in Before Crisis) all setting him up for a return appearance, I’m deeply saddened by the fact that the compilation has yet to see a conclusion yet.  They probably are as scared to do a sequel as they are to do a remake because people will bash the sequel if its shaped like X or XIII and not like the original was.

            @komiko12 The sequel would more than likely feature Genesis and Sephiroth (considering Sephiroth died in AC saying “I will… never be a memory”) although honestly I’d prefer just Genesis, as I’m kinda sick of the moma’s boy.

          • Jirin

            Eh, I’m not a fan of sequels that have to retcon the original to justify existing.  Like, if they ever made an FFVI sequel, it’d have to be “Oh nevermind, the espers aren’t really extinct, hey magic is back yaaaay!”  

            Retconning major plot points of the original to cause a sequel is not only a bad story, it weakens the original story.

      • LustEnvy

        Actually, I agree with you almost completely. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned Tales of Vesperia. Vesperia and to a lesser extent, Lost Oddyssey are the closest that we will get to a current or future gen JRPG rival PSOne RPGs in overall content. Tales of Graces F also fits, but that’s not REALLy current gen (I don’t count the Wii as current gen, and ToGf is just an improved Wii game).

        Not that they can’t make a new Final Fantasy like the old PSOne JRPGs, but S-E is just not willing to sacrifice their baseline for graphical quality, and as you said, to make a game as pretty as FFXIII, they absolutely can’t afford all the content that games like FFVII had. It’s a double edged sword.

        Frankly, they can make a new FF just like a Tales of Vesperia with realistic character models, but it wouldn’t bode well, outside maybe being acceptable to the masses if it was on something like the Vita.

        Personally, I’d prefer it if they did, but you know people. The tech demo didn’t help AT ALL, as that is the level of quality the masses expect for an FFVII remake. I bet it’s a major reason why the FFVII remake just won’t happen anytime soon. They knew they’d be over their heads.

        And yes, FFVI should come first, and that’s probably an even BIGGER game than FFVII.

        • komiko12

          Woohoo! if they can pull off the FF6 remake then I think they can do the FF7 remake or the sequel.

          By the way, I’m interested to see what a HD Terra riding a HD Magitek Armor would look like.

          For me this image screams Final Fantasy and I wonder how they would represent it in the remake

          • A FFVI remake for Vita with Dissidia graphics and models. That’s all I need.

    •  Thats not a founded accusations.

      The reason why Final Fantasy plots have become so much simpler and “Weaker” is because during production, scenario, combat, and over all asthetics were in fact tackled first. The plots have never been cut down since X, just not built up. The story is often built around the aformentioned aspects. Final Fantasy VII was not built entirely this way. Why would they cut it down? They have working formula for VII. They’ll just build the game around it, just as they did originally.

      Frankly from an unbiased point of view, the “Old” Final Fantasy games aren’t any better. Characters with really simplified dialogue, and even simpler background. The characters in the ground breaking Final Fantasy VI could all have their stories summed up in about 5 minutes all together. They’re not deep games, even for their time. The only thing they’ve ever had ahead of the curve was excelent use of hardware resources.

      • Actually, the claim that they weren’t deep games “even for their time” is false. They were rather deep for when they came out. FF4 was the first game in the series to feature a love story, FF6 was the first time you had a huge cast and most of them getting quite a bit of story development. Yes, you can sum up their stories in about 5 minutes… but then you can sum up just about ANY story in about 5 minutes. Because that’s what summaries are for. Other games of the time were either about as simple or even moreso.

        And story is more than just “Here’s what this one character did at this one point.” There’s also lore, and concepts, and world-building. All of these things and more enrich an RPG story-wise. That’s one of the big things the older games had going for them. Enough time and effort was put into them to make them actually seem like whole worlds full of things to explore. The world map and airship were especially helpful for this, since they let you see everything from above and even explore new areas. Whereas recent Final Fantasy games just use the airship as a sort of teleportation hub, which makes you feel like you’re restricted to exploring dungeons in a subset of the world rather than seamlessly exploring an open world, even if all the dungeons are woven together.

        I think the mistakes of recent games aren’t so much “the plots are simpler and weaker,” but rather that they increasingly lose any sense of what makes Final Fantasy what it is. FF13 suffered from making it all about science fiction rather than mainly magic with technology mixed in, forcing the player to stay away from towns, severely cutting down on exploration and minigame opportunities, and obsessing purely on portraying the characters. Magic, exploration and minigames are all integral parts of the series that aid world-building, which is part of the story.

        • A really weak love story. Cecil and Rosa’s love just happens to be there, and is as cliche as any Knight X Damsel In Distress. Its a really poor example to start your argument with.

          I still say you all are embelishing things to be greater than they really were. Its only because its been the same tired cliches over and over that people are complaining. When its done first, its fine. Afteward, its noticable.

          • I’ll grant you that the love story could have been more thoroughly fleshed out, and it’s one thing I had wanted to see more of in the DS remake. Compared to today, its expression is a lot more basic. But for its time, it was groundbreaking and deep.

      • Jirin

        More is not necessarily better when it comes to video game dialog.  Writing a great video game story is, in my opinion, the art of maximizing the story to dialog ratio.

        A compelling world that fleshes itself out with unique visual detail does more to make a video game story interesting than half an hour of cutscenes.

        FF6 characters have less backstory, but I care about them a whole lot more than Lightning and Hope, because their characterization is very efficient.

        Isn’t it weird that FF6 was the first RPG to let you choose your party?  That was once a feature rather than a basic expectation.

    • Handsome Luigi ♢

      You forgot something:
      > Vincent and Yuffie? DLC!
      > Ruby Weapon? Pre-Order DLC!
      > Emerald Weapon? Pre- Order DLC from other store!
      > Alternate Miss Cloud costume? DLC!
      > Apocalipse sword (Or dare I say Ultima Weapon)? DLC!
      > Secret chapter on Nibelheim – Zack’s death? DLC!

      Yeeeaaaahh….. *goes back to PSOne’s VII*

      • I don’t understand, the FF XIII didn’t have any kind of DLC and they just started with XIII-2 because people asked for it. And now they get treated like Capcom?

        • Anime10121

           I know what you mean people were constantly complaining Square was “behind the times” for not creating DLC and when they do, they’re condemned for it.  A lot of people just like to hate on Square because it seems to be the cool thing to do nowadays.  At least they actually created their DLC AFTER the game was made unlike Capcom who charges people for stuff already on the disc.  Square actually creates real DLC and it has so far been done correctly (optional stuff like costumes, harder bosses, side stories).

          • Handsome Luigi ♢

            Not quite, DLCs like costumes and extra characters totally unrelated to the game like Gilgamesh, Ultros and Typhon, Pupu are actually extras. Now when they sell canon chapters, characters related to the game (Especially the main protagonist) and sidebosses now there’s a problem there, these are extras that was always there on past Final Fantasies, getting the game with all these extras are around 100$, it’s getting ridiculous. But oh well, that how I feel about it anyway.

          • Anime10121

            But none of the side side stories released so far have been related to the main plot.  I mean any additional scenario is going to be a “canon chapter” because its made by the original team, but Sahz’ chapter and Snow’s chapter (at least what’s known of it) have no bearing on the main plotline in the games.  They are just extra information if people wanna know about it. 

            The Lightning episode is the only one we so far dont know much about, but I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that this is NOT a conclusion to the game as many have been saying it is.  If you finish the game there is no way that this can be a conclusion, its more than likely showing what happened to Lightning that made her in the situation she is in at the end of the game.  It was already explained in game so this dlc is just letting us play through it, thus still being a side story (albeit with a little more importance than most sides stories but a side chapter nonetheless.

            I still see nothing wrong with side bosses being DLC, I mean the game
            already has plenty of extra content/side bosses by itself so I’m not gonna say
            anything about that.

        • Handsome Luigi ♢

          Not as criminal as Capcom but yeah, they are getting a bit abusive with it, Im okay with DLC costumes and extra characters totally unrelated to the game such as Gilgamesh.

      • icecoffemix

        And you forgot something:
        > The ending? D*EFFIN*LC!

        Or maybe they’ll cut the portion of the game after Cloud become disabled to offer it as DLC later, cliffhanger baby! (as oxymoron as it is since it’s a remake, I could see them doing that lol).

        • Anime10121

           The ending to XIII-2 has never been confirmed to be DLC, that was just rumors people started based solely on the fact that the game ended with To be Continued and the game having DLC.  The Lightning DLC is NOT a conclusion to the story, if you paid attention to the ending you would know there is no way that it could be.

          The only thing To Be Continued means is that they planned another game after XIII-2, remember when Square USA bought the domains to FFXIII-3?  It wasn’t for no reason, they planned to make a 3rd game after this one, whether or not that’ll still happen considering people’s undue hate to the game (many hated it b4 it was even released even though it is by far better than XIII) is still up in the air.

          • icecoffemix

            You know what’s sad though? It’s the people’s general acceptance to it.

            I think it would have not been that bad had they said it upfront that they’re planning to make x number of FF, with continuous story like .Hack did.

          • Anime10121

            It is sad though that most people are so adverse to having to form their own opinions or to think things through on their own that they accept the opinion of vocal minorities as fact.

            Most (game) studios never divulge information about sequels like that though until they are confirmed for development, because games get cancelled all the time and plans end up changing.  MGS, GOW, Halo, Devil May Cry, and multiple other games series have never said that THIS title is the definitive title in the series and there will be no sequels after this.  People should have expected sequelitis when Square announced the Fabula Nova Christallis saga.

          • icecoffemix

            Because those games have “to be continued” stamped at the end. -_-

            People should have expected sequelitis when Square announced the Fabula Nova Christallis saga.

            No they shouldn’t. Even SE itself stated there’s no direct connection between the years known Fabula title.

          • Anime10121

            Well maybe it was just me, I expected at least one of the games in the compilation to get a direct sequel (wasn’t expecting a trilogy but oh well).  I believe if a XIII-3 does get released and it improves upon XIII-2 like it did upon the original, we’ll FINALLY have a real FF game to release this gen (acts as if vs. XIII doesnt exist since Square acts the same).

            Edit: Oh and about the “to be continued” thing yeah you’re right that they dont say it at the end bluntly but most of the time you can still tell that a sequel will be made (like KH1’s original cliffhanger) just because they dont out right say it doesnt mean you cant tell. They never tell you about a sequel until they see how the game does. And I still think they meant it as a surprise, however when people started trash talking the game they may have changed their stance on releasing a sequel.

    • Unfortunately, I do not have a source to verify this information, but I recall that at some point when an FF7 remake came up in an interview with someone at Squeenix, they said they would do things like remove the Honeybee Inn portion of the game.

      In most cases so far, Final Fantasy games getting remade have come with vast improvements that actually make the games better in most ways. But, those remakes were also outsourced. Which meant those dev teams needed to prove themselves, and they carry a different design philosophy from Squeenix themselves.

      Unfortunately, current Squeenix has been horrendous with spinoffs and sequels. The “creative” teams at Squeenix seem to approach IPs from old IPs from the Squaresoft side pre-merger with no respect. Whenever they get their hands on established worlds and characters, people like Toriyama feel like they’re such “geniuses” that they need to play god and completely change everything about the source material to fit half-cocked ideas they dream up. It’s so bad that even when making a main numbered title, FF13, Toriyama felt like he had to cut out most of what makes Final Fantasy what it is.

      Because of that, I expect that if an FF7 remake were made, Squeenix would approach it as something they should do themselves, not outsource. An inevitable consequence to that, based on the above, is that the team working on the remake would be so full of themselves that they would think they need to “improve” the game by completely removing some content, adding nonsensical crap in other places, and even completely rewriting scenes from the game to make the characters look and act differently. Suddenly we’d have scenes like Tifa and Aeris wearing Honeybee Inn costumes to Don Corneo and a minigame where they do a mating dance for him, or Scarlet removed from the game and replaced with Elena or Cloud’s mom. An FF7 remake would be a great opportunity to add new scenes that add to the lore, but Squeenix’s past decade suggests they’d use it to completely change everything people love about the game.

      • Anime10121

         The reasons the other FFs have been remade so many times and have added so much is not because of the outsourcing, and more because 1-4 were completely simple games in every aspect of the word (5 could be thrown in there as well).  VI and everything after have vastly improved graphics and bigger plots, with far more dialogue hence the reason they have not, and probably wont be remade, they’d take far too much effort.

        And when you’re talking about them being horrendous with their spinoffs and sequels, I dont agree at all. I’ll give you the 3rd Birthday (which I KNOW is what you’re mainly hinting at since you so despise that game) which was handled poorly, but that was because the original Parasite Eve games were based upon Hideaki Sena’s novel.  Square probably doesn’t have the rights to use that basis anymore so thats basically why 3rd Birthday is so different and plus Toriyama sucks as a director and writer and shouldn’t be put in charge of anything else (although XIII-2 was vastly superior to XIII, its just because he seemed to have looked at a check list of every thing that was wrong with the original). Also I’ll give you Dirge of Cerberus, but in that respect they’ve never done a third person shooter and HOPEFULLY the mechanics in vs. XIII will be better for that reason.

        But the rest?  FFX-2 (while the story can be dismissed again thanks to Toriyama) had the BEST battle System of all FF’s to date and is worth playing for that alone. Crisis Core although the gameplay should have been better, the story and music were perfect.  FFIV the After Years, even though it was stylized in snes graphics, I still felt that game was great after finishing it.  The Kingdom Hearts sequels (BBS, COM, II, and DDD) have been great and even the side games (Days and Re:Coded) were fun games, even if a little unnecessary.

        I agree that Toriyama COMPLETELY approached XIII the wrong way as I remember when they were still doing interviews pre release, that Toriyama was boasting about changing/dismissing every staple the series was known for (even saying the victory fanfare was unneeded) and saying that as long as his “story” was good enough, people would still love it, guess what Toriyama you were wrong.  While the game itself is far from bad, its still nowhere near the quality that Square usually delivers in a FF game.  As long as they use a different director, the series is fine. Tetsuya Nomura, Hiroyuki Ito, Kazushige Nojima, and Daisuke Watanabe, are all competent Directors/writers that can lead the series in a positive direction.

        And as for the reason they wont release FFVII? I dont feel like repeating it as I feel I already stated that reason well enough in my reply to Stranger on the Road.

        •  Oh, I’m not saying those games were remade because of outsourcing, but that those games were remade in ways that were respectful toward the source material because they were outsourced. An external developer has more to prove than a company that can just slap their name on a product and have people singing their praises.

          I didn’t know Toriyama actually boasted about throwing out all the most important staples of the series. I’m not surprised one bit though, if he did actually say that. Through FFX-2, 3rd Birthday and FF13, I came to notice a pattern with him of taking the source material, scrapping tons of it and either making a sick mockery of the prior game(s) or treating it as if he’s just making a new game with familiar names and faces. He’s a very irresponsible, unprofessional person that shouldn’t even have a job in the industry, let alone one as high as writer or director. I’ve come to imagine Toriyama having yakuza connections or giving special favors to Wada in exchange for further employment. It’s one of few ways I can sometimes laugh off him actually remaining in a position he doesn’t deserve.

    • Jirin

      It’s not that they cut down the plot.  It’s that they add an overwhelming amount of dialog in the plot and streamline the path through the plot so you never get to discover the world on your own, and thus form far less of a connection with it.

  • epy

    I wish there was a FFXI Offline. I want to experience the story of the game, which is apparently very good, but I avoid MMOs like the plague.

    • Guest

      Same with XIV ever since I saw that one trailer with the trio looking at the cards at the pub

      • komiko12

        Speaking of that trailer, I hope that the guy in the vid would be part of the storyline in which he has about the same importance as Prishe in XI.

        Then, he will be the representative of FFXIV in another Dissidia game because he has plot signifiacance

        • Well FFXIV story is pretty far along already but there are quit ea few other interesting characters. Like the leader of the Grand Companies.

    • Anime10121

       Always wanted that too,  as I’ve heard the game was a masterpiece. But I bought XI for 360 (my first and only MMO), played the game for my free trial and could never get into the format the game was in.

    • andre.fobbe

      Not sure if this would matter to you, but I’m currently preparing for a FFXI-based webcomic emulating a manga drawing style.
      It will follow a self-designed main character as he progresses through the story of FFXI from the original Shadow Lord storyline to WotG and possibly the mini-addons, as well. The webcomic will be a serious-themed adventure comic devoid of any MMO or game references (i.e. the comic characters will treat others and the world as if it was “real”).
      So at the moment, I’m brushing up my drawing skills and writing the first few chapters of the storyline, as I’m aiming for a relatively high quality webcomic (though, unfortunately, I’m by no means a professional artist). It’s a long-term project, so preparations are going to take quite a while, but I’m hoping to start it up sometime next year or the following.

  • sigh i love final fantasy so much … blessing and a curse at the same time

  • Kitestwinblades

    Anniversaries usually give hope of a remake or at LEAST some kind of tribute, but I think I’ll just go back and play the original FFVII and watch Advent children for like the 20th time or so. I would LOVE a remake but they practically gave us everything ELSE for FFVII XD I can barely argue with that. So cheers to the anniversary and I can only hope that square surprises us. 
    Whoa, Kirby is 20? Heh Imagine him trying to inhale around 70 years old XD

    • s07195

      I’d say that it’d be more of a wheeze by then.

      • Testsubject909

        I’m pretty sure he’s ageless. If Kirby survives 70 years. Considering how he’s only become capable of inhaling even harder on the Wii, in 50 years from now, he’ll be swallowing a Katamari whole and spitting out a planet.

        • Kitestwinblades

          LOL XD Man… some star warrior. So now the prince feeds him and- OMG, IT ALL MAKE SENSE NOW! That’s why you keep going back to the planet to roll up more stuff. Regurgitated levels. 

          I would say “Kirby… you sicko” but, the games are so much fun to play that the ONLY thing I can do is be thankful that Kirby doesn’t have teeth or poop.

  • Göran Isacson

    Wonder if this will actually have something interesting, like say, interviews with some people who worked on it that can bring some new insights to the table, or if it’s just going to be a reiteration of stuff everyone already knows.

  • Handsome Luigi ♢

    Yaayz, a VII tribute! They’ll speak how it became ridiculously famous and how it became the company’s safe money!
    *Next years*
    Hey… how about a VIII tribute!? :3 IX tribute? :D No? Okay :C

    • thebanditking

       I too would love for S-E to revisit FF8 and 9 with follow up stories, sadly I doubt they ever will.

      • Handsome Luigi ♢

        Well, Id be very pleased if they would talk about plans of remakes or at least create new artworks on their anniversaries. VII got CGI artworks on it’s past anniversary and when VIII and IX anniversaries hit these were totally forgotten, they just released their games for the PSN (which it was an inmediate buy for me) but that’s it, they didn’t even spoke about it :C
        About sequels… I dunno, I personally didn’t liked what they did with VII, after AC Cloud was never the same and Im quite afraid what would Nomura do with my childhood :S

    • Testsubject909

      It is getting a bit annoying that all they seem to be able to gush about is Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy 7.

      And I love Final Fantasy 4 and enjoyed Final Fantasy 7… But damnit, they need to focus on the whole, I mean jeez…

      • Anime10121

        Can not agree more, Square seems to think the series is composed of nothing but IV, VII, and XIII.

  • Jirin

    Can you believe we found those graphics impressive once?

    • thebanditking

       Once Sony gets PSOne support on Vita replaying these on that OLED will impress me all over again.

    • Testsubject909

      Yes. I easily can.

      I began my gaming since the Atari and Commodore era.

      I can do better then believe. I know we found those graphics impressive.

      • Jirin

        They were the most technically advanced graphics we’d seen in a video game at the time, but they weren’t an aesthetic advancement over 2d graphics, yet.

        It’s surprising how easily we ignored the aesthetic problems on the grounds of the technological advancement.

        • Testsubject909

          We still do…

        • Testsubject909

          edit: Great scott, would you stop double posting? *smacks Disqus with a tuna*

    • puchinri

      It’s kind of funny. I’m playing through FFV+VI and my boyfriend is replaying VII, so as I compare the two, I feel myself preferring the graphics in V and VI and wondering how much I enjoyed VII’s character models. But I do love how many of the backgrounds are handled. They have a nice, paint-y aspect to them at times.

  • I loved FFXI and I liked FFVII too. FFIX is still the best in my book though.

    • akiko_sakuraba


    • RmanX1000

      Someone who doesnt obsess over VII? What has this world come too?

      • Handsome Luigi ♢

        Uh… became more opened to other good/better games on the series?

    • Eilanzer

      IX was good…but VI was perfect…I still remember every moment in that game…Opera House…Cyan family poison…KEFKA…Locke “treasure hunter”…KEFKA…Badass Shadow…The music…Celes in the island…KEFKA /o/

  • thebanditking

    VII is easily in my top 5 RPGs of all time, but its not my favorite Final Fantasy, mine is VIII.  XI is also a great game, honestly there are very few entries in the series that I did not enjoy.

    • akiko_sakuraba

      I loved VIII, but especially IX, which is always ignored.

      •  FFIX was the best experience I have had with a Final Fantasy game. I enjoy others as well but that one stood out for me.

      • Testsubject909

        9 is no longer “Always Ignored”.

        It’s always being portrayed as always being ignored, but quite honestly at this point, I’d say Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 3 is always ignored… I’m not talking about Final Fantasy 4 or Final Fantasy 6 either. I really mean Final Fantasy 2 and 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

        • Anime10121

          2 is ignored because the general consensus on that game was the gameplay just wasn’t that good (cant say much for the story because I dont remember much about it) and 3 basically has NO story at all (the DS remake tries to rectify this but there still is no depth to the plot) and is all about the gameplay  much like 5.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    Now we’ve just got to wait for the remake of VII, if all of the creators can all decide to do it. -_-; Don’t they realize the MONEY they’d make?

    • AoNoise

      With SE as it is right now, I’d rather have them not go anywhere near FFVII.

      • tesuji2

        I honestly dont want a remake either. At least not from sqaure. I have no doubt they would mess it up badly.

    •  Why make money on a surefire hit when you can repeatedly push games that suck and are doing poorly (FFXIV for example).

      • Solomon_Kano

        Why spend money trying new things when you can spend much more remaking a game most have already played.

        •  People having already played a game doesn’t automatically mean they will not buy it (otherwise HD remakes would not continue to be made, and they are).  Also are you trying to say that remaking an existing title costs significantly more than making a brand new title?……..

          • Solomon_Kano

            No, I’m saying this particular game would cost more than making a brand new title.

            Frankly, and I say this as a huge fan of the game, a lot of people are oversimplifying the issue of remaking FFVII. Note that Square has not made a Final Fantasy on the scale of their PSOne efforts SINCE their PSOne efforts.

            Between the tech demo and FF XIII’s high quality graphics, there’s a level of visual quality expected of the remake. That would cost tons more to do in FFVII’s more open world. Then we have voice acting and other things that the series has picked up to add. That’s just on a technical side, and I’ve not even really gotten into anything significant there.

            Past that, the fact that so many different groups would want different things out of a FFVII remake almost assures that anything they do wouldn’t be enough. I’ve condensed the hell out of my argument on that subject, but if you’d actually care to discuss it beyond “I want it and the internet wants it, so that must mean it’ll sell” then I’m good for it.

    • Testsubject909

      They stated before something along the lines of “Making a modern day remake of FF7 would take upward of 10+ years!”

      No joke. With a bit of google-fu on the subject, I’m sure you could find the article. It’s either on Kotaku or here in Siliconera.

    • Maybe this is something they’ll address in the famitsu article. I personally think it’s because FF7 doesn’t translate well into modern times. The turn based system might have to be changed because it’s slow. They’ll probably have to render all the backgrounds now. Let’s not forget that FF7 is a pretty large game, and that means production costs will be huge.

      Also, I’m really worried that SE will attempt to “add depth” to all the characters and screw them all up. I know Crisis Core didn’t really mess anyone up, but Zack’s sacrifice got really exaggerated since the first game. I don’t want to know what might happen if they were given the whole game.

      • Eilanzer

        dude…crisis core was perfect and Zack sarifice was the most awesome moment my psp ever experienced O_o

        • Yeah, it was cool. But I can help but notice that it took a whole army of guys to kill him in CC, but only a couple in FF7. I’m saying if they decide to remake FF7 completely, everything’s probably going to be characterized differently.

  • Testsubject909

    You know… out of all the Final Fantasy games that would require a retrospective.

    Final Fantasy 7 is not one of them. Goodness, that game has gotten so much exposure. A retrospective is hardly anything to celebrate or to use for the purpose of celebration. A full out retrospective of the ENTIRE Final Fantasy series would’ve been far better… And you know who’s done that? Gametrailers. And I don’t care much for Gametrailers either…

  • RmanX1000

    Is XI really still relevant? 

  • Solomon_Kano

    Much as I love retrospectives on anything, is there really anything more we need to know about FFVII that hasn’t been said prior?

    • Handsome Luigi ♢

      Nomura: Did I’ve mentioned Cloud was initially meant to be a chocobo?
      Interviewer: Reeeaaaally?
      Nomura: Yeah, Sakaguchi-sama disproved the idea though.
      Interviewer: Do you have any plans about it?
      Nomura: We’re thinking it over.

      *Years later*
      Final Fantasy VII – Chocobo Edition
      Coming Soon!

  • Tom_Phoenix

    The thing that I find funny whenever a possible Final Fantasy VII remake is brought up is the assumption by some people that the remake would be made for an HD console. 

    Square Enix has already stated why such a project would be completely unfeasible. Not only would it be extremely time-consuming, the costs required to carry it out would be astronomical and the resulting sales probably wouldn’t end up justifying such an expense (yes, an FF7 remake would probably sell preety well, but it’s worth keeping in mind that FF7 was a product of it’s time; there is no way a remake would have the same impact as the original did). Overall, even if a remake DOES appear, anyone expecting an HD console release is (more likely than not) setting themselves up for a disappointment.

    If Square does end up remaking the game, they will most likely do it on a handheld platform. Afterall, that IS where most of the remakes have appeared so far. While it would probably still be a VERY expensive project even on a handheld, the (relatively) low development costs and the lack of an HD display would still make such a project a lot more feasible.

    Besides, an FF7 remake wouldn’t need cutting edge technology to make the game look better. Even a late PSX/PS2 level remake would be a significant improvement over the original.

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