Rise Can Rescue The Hero In Persona 4: Golden

By Spencer . May 9, 2012 . 1:00pm

Rise is going to be much more helpful in Persona 4: Golden. She has a new persona and a bunch of new abilities – like joining the team during an all out attack.



Cheer Up, one of Rise’s new abilities, in action and Rise teleports in for an all out attack.



Rise Check analyzes enemies before a battle begins.



When an enemy exploits one of the protagonist’s weak points and he gets knocked down Rise can help him back up with another skill.



Rise’s new evolved persona Kouzeon.



Players can also catch bugs at the shrine, which can be used as fishing bait.


Persona 4: The Golden comes out on June 14 in Japan and is slated for a fall release in North America. Check out Famitsu’s article for more screenshots of the game.

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  • Prinnydoom

    I am liking the sound of this rise gonna be a lot more useful and i am also liking that 3rd screenshot ^_____^ Maybe now i’ll get knocked down on purpose nah i kid >_<

  • papuruka

    As weird as some of the new Persona designs get, I actually like Kouzeon’s. Something about the space telescope as its head and the orbits circling it just tickles my fancy :B

  • “Rise can’t attack. Oh, except now she can.”

    I’m glad the team is adding to her repertoire in this updated port, but at the same time it makes me more disappointed in her not getting to be playable in the arena game, and more annoyed at the types that try to pull the claim that she “can’t” become playable for various reasons.

    • Linhua

      … may I ask what some of those reasons were…?

      … I can’t believe I missed this discussion… = =;; …

      • All of their reasons pretty much amounted to “she wasn’t playable in Persona 4 so she’s not allowed to be playable in this fighting game either.” Some tried to claim she has no experience fighting, others tried to claim her persona not currently having known combat abilities means it couldn’t evolve to have them for the game.

        The only argument any detractors made that was anywhere close to reasonable was that Rise doesn’t have a known weapon and therefore Arc System Works may not be up for deciding what kind of weapon she’d wield. Other than that, it amounted to nothing more than those people trying to force anyone that would like a playable Rise into accepting their personal opinions that she doesn’t deserve to be playable and dressing it up like it’s not just their subjective biases against her.

        It’s not special to the Persona 4 fighting game either. It happened with Makoto in Blazblue before she became playable, and it’s still happening to Kokonoe in that series while she remains unplayable. Such people come up with fail excuses for why fans of those characters shouldn’t be allowed to hope for their favorites becoming playable, and in the case of Makoto, as soon as she became playable, there was dead silence for opposition to the change. Suddenly everyone started acting like it was a given that she would be playable and saying great things about her. And the crap the Makoto detractors used to say was about as fail as what’s been said against playable Rise, e.g. that Blazblue “can’t” have another part-animal character because Taokaka is already there, or that we’ve never heard of a weapon she would use.

        • Linhua

          … wow… very lengthy and very informative… I liked that. I was just thinking about Kokonoe when you mentioned Makoto. I haven’t heard any news about the new characters but i’ve been hoping for Kokonoe next.

          … that’s about the only argument I saw as valid as well though… her not having a type of weapon in her hand… and it’s sad because after all this time ever since I saw her in Persona 4… before she joined my group… i’ve been trying to think of something myself that would fit her style… hoping that she’d be in the main party… and nothing ever came to mind… nor did she ever join the party… u_u …

          T^T … I have never learned how to properly think outside of a box…

          … but in response to the response you gave the other guy up there… THEY WERE ACTUALLY THINKING OF PUTTING IN DOJIMA…??

          … lol… well then why not Nanako-chan as well… XD

          … seriously though… so long as this game will have DLC… there is hope…

          … because the way I see it… with all the new things that’s been going on in Persona 4 The Golden… between all this new stuff Rise is doing… and the new girl Marie… I certainly hope the fan bases get big enough and people start demanding these two in Persona 4: Arena.

          … that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you, Takeba… nor am I giving up on you!!

          … by the way… thank you for taking the time to share with me some of those Rise arguments.

          • Yep, there was a concept of adding Dojima in as a surprise fun addition that the team decided not to move forward on.

            And it’s no problem sharing those Rise arguments with you, it gives me another chance to vent my annoyance with guys that seem to go out of their way to act like tools. :) It’s fine if they personally don’t want her to be playable, same with any character, but it’s a lot different when they’re being mean-spirited enough to trash hopes for playability that fans of the character may have.

          • Linhua

            … = =;; … yeah… I know where your venting comes from… and I can empathize.

            … earlier in the development of this game before we caught wind of Elizabeth and Labrys… I ran into a few personal Haters of Yuka-tan who rained on my parade with their so-called ‘bad experiences’ having her in their party. I’ve never had those said experiences and even if I did and what they were saying was true… this is a fighting game… she’s certainly not gonna be dropping any Dia Spells on your Candy ass so what’s the problem with having her in…? … if anything… that’s your chance of kicking her ass.

            … I know that haters are going to hate…

            … @[email protected] … but geez… let the supporters support…

    • Göran Isacson

      Well, if she can only attack NOW maybe that info wasn’t really available to the guys at ArcSys who are making the fighting game? Hence they were still thinking she wasn’t a fighter?

      • Thing is, at one point they were even considering adding Dojima as a playable character. Which means even if Rise isn’t a fighter in Persona 4, then if they wanted to and it was permitted by Atlus, they could make her playable.

        • “Thing is, at one point they were even considering adding Dojima as a
          playable character. ”

          Yeah, ok,  the guy in that interview was clearly joking. Not sure how the Nanako mention didn’t tip you off.

          • If it was genuinely meant as a joke then I’ll apologize for getting things wrong, but what I read suggested that he actually was considered for the game as a playable character. The Nanako mention is something I would expect from Arc System Works, especially considering characters like Platinum and Taokaka in Blazblue.

          • The interview described that he gave a chuckle and said “Atlus would never allow that”.

            He was joking.

          • And that can be taken at least two ways. One is your way, that he was joking about adding Dojima and figured it’d be obvious. The other way is that he chuckled because he finds the idea amusing himself just thinking about Dojima in action, but decided not to do it because he expected Atlus would turn it down.

            That also highlights one of the problems with pure text, particularly taken out of full context. Without other cues, you can interpret text multiple ways and get the wrong idea.

  • OverlordZetta

    This just seems like making Rise into an Easy Mode.

  • Some of the things are kinda easy mode.. but at least her being able to help out in an all out attack is as close to her being in my fighting party as I’m gonna get ;_;

    • Linhua

      T^T … I know how you feel… *sadness*

  • It’s got a telescope for a head.

    • Yeah, I kinda preferred the satellite face myself.  But coo-coo-cool, I guess.

    • papuruka

      It’s got a SEXY telescope for a head.

    • What are ATLUS smoking this time? Not tht I complain.

  • Crevox

    Why is Rise naked

    • RmanX1000

      Welcome to JRPGs. Would you like that Persona 4 Golden with a side order of fan-service?

    • The_Real_Oyashiro

       I think you meant to ask, why she isn’t naked more often? ;)

      • *waves dollar bills in the air*

    • For gameplay purpose…… Who am I lying….

  • Making an easy game easier.

    •  There’s a new higher difficulty level. And besides, party members don’t seem capable of using items in battle this time around so at least they’re balancing it out unlike P3P.

      • Maniac didn’t really do much for P3P so I’m not expecting much.

  • Shadowman


  • vileBrenman

    wow naked glowing Rise another reason this i worth buying

  • Finally something remotely useful in this port lol

    seriously, it took them months of padding just to release an actual new gameplay feature that didn’t include bicycles. . .

  • AuraGuyChris

    So this week is Rise’s National Appreciation Day?


  • I wonder about Teddie…
    I hope he gets some attention too!

  • That’s no…port…it’s a space…telescope.

    • I do believe the word you are looking for is head space boner.

  • I feel like we hear something new about this game every week. It’s crazy. 

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    im wondering how the game has been tweaked to keep the good balance and strategy the original had adding all these features, but they did great with the versions of P3, my only concern now is that some of the new features seem a little too meta, wich can tone down the inmersion and seriousnes you took the game story.

  • Nosajk


  • RIse! <3<3<3


    Ohhhhhh yeaaaah….. … Wait, what? Oh. Right.

    Now we have telescope faced persona!? And how Rise doing an AOA? And SURELY dat teleport skill could come in handy earlier?

  • Triplicity/3LeafIvy


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