Marvelous AQL Is Making Money

By Spencer . May 10, 2012 . 11:59pm

imageAs separate companies, Marvelous Entertainment and AQ Interactive we having a tough time in the market. Together, they seem to be doing OK since Marvelous AQL reported 10.4 billion yen in sales ($130 million) and a net profit of 3.5 billion yen ($44 million).


The developer/publisher noted that overall video game sales in Japan and there were less million selling titles. Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin shipped 190,000 units in Japan. Marvelous AQL also published Grand Knights History and Senran Kagura during this period.


In the future, Marvelous AQL plans to create new original titles and intellectual properties. Kaio: King of Pirates and Soul Sacrifice are two of Marvelous AQL’s upcoming games.

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  • akiko_sakuraba

    I’m glad they’re doing OK. I’ve loved them since I was young.
    Edit: Although I’m still young. XD

    • Givemeblood…Nyaa

      Compared to the universe we are still young even at 80 XD

  • Givemeblood…Nyaa

    It’s nice to hear some good new for once and at the same time this prove a compagny can still survive nowaday even without countless DLC or disk locked content and all **** like that…

  • CirnoLakes

    It is certainly good to see people involved in Harvest Moon doing well.

  • PoweredByHentai

    How Marvelous.


  • Chim_era

    So Harvest Moon is bringing in the money to support new projects.
    Really looking forward to that, hopefully they will make it to Europe.
    I just wished they would innovate HM a little more. I’m really hoping someone will say: ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to let the player open up his own shop like all the other villagers?’

    Please Marvelous please :p

    • puchinri

      The Wiiware game sounds like a nice little experiment that might lead up to that at some point. Wind Bazaar had elements of that too, right? It’d be nice to finally be able to have your own, permanent shop in a full title. You could have like a general store or a grocery store. Or something.

      But in general, I’d just love to see them get more innovative in a lot of regards.

      I also kind of wish that they’d let ArtePiazza do another futuristic HM title. A more polished, larger scale one that has the romancing.

      • Chim_era

         The Wiiware game is unavailable in Europe and I bought a card espencially for it ….
        And Grand Bazaar was fun and new but while you had the market all of the rest was more limited than previous games (except for the windmills)

        I don’t know it’s just that they can but in so much to make the games more interesting and I just find it a shame that with every new game they add something small but they also leave previous things out?
        However my first HM was the gameboy version so I can’t really complain.
        THAT really was a crappy game although I probably played it the most out of all games :p

        • puchinri

          Yeah, I know what you mean. With the Wii titles alone, I really felt that they changed up too much between them, and the way things are traded off between the games is a shame.

          Maybe the next gen will bring back and keep more.

  • Alexander Aubert

    seeing grand knight history name hurts my heart

  • puchinri

    A while back (quite some time back), didn’t they say they would be playing it safe, so to speak? Whether or not I remember that wrong, I’m glad that MMV AQL is doing well, and I hope it keeps up for them.

    While I also can’t say I care for some of the games they’re working on/publishing now (and a couple they have recently), I still hope they’ll make some good sales on everything and stay in the good. Hopefully, we’ll see HM expand and grow a bit more again and also see some really interesting titles from them.

  • Congrats to them… I’m hoping to see what kind of new IPs they’re gonna make…

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