If You Like Ys, You’ll Dig Trails Of Nayuta

By Spencer . May 11, 2012 . 2:31pm

Falcom shared a longer video of Trails of Nayuta. Yes, it’s a Trails title, but it plays like a Ys game with dungeon gimmicks and real time combat. Players control Nayuta’s sword slashes and techniques with two buttons. The other two give Noi commands like casting spells and using Gear abilities.


Trails of Nayuta comes out for PSP on July 26.

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  • Anime10121

    Man this game looks AWESOME! Loving the character designs and general art direction!  I’ma have to see if I can find any of the localized Ys games, anyone got a good recommendation on which one to start with? Hopefully XSEED can see it in their heart to try and localize this one too. PLEASE? Give ya a cookie if ya do :)

    • MrRobbyM

      Oath in Felghana on Steam is a perfect place to start. I prefer Ark of Napishtim on the PS2 though. There’ also one or two Ys games on the PSP but they’re a bit different. I prefer the more classic style Ys games(the first two mentioned) but that’s just me.

      I hope they localize this too. It looks fun and it’s pretty detailed for a PSP game.

      • Anime10121

        Cool, thanks, I’ll try to find the ps2 one and try it out.  I gotta buy a gamepad before I get the one on Steam though it DOES support controllers right?

        • MrRobbyM

          Good choice ^_^ I forgot to mention that Ark of Napishtim is also available on the PSP but without the voice acting. About the Steam controller support, I’m not sure. I don’t use steam that often but it probably does. If not, you could always use a PS3 controller and download joytokey or similar programs to use it.

    • Zal_Yagun

      Story is very loosely connected so any order is fine, but gameplay wise You should try to play in this order (english releases) 

      -I & II for either the DS or PSP

      -for III  go with Oath of Felghana (Falcom’s version of III) for either PSP or PC
      – VI aka Ark of Naphistim for PC or PS2 > PSP is the worst case (suffers bad loading times)
      – Origins, English PC version out soon

      – SEVEN for PSP 


      -IV was not developed by falcom and no English versions , they are working on one for Vita using YS SEVEN’s system
      -V No english version
      – YS Strategy for DS can be ignored. Crummy RTS taking place in the YS world.

      • neo_firenze

        Zal is pretty much right on, with one exception – skip Ys I&II on DS, it’s a not very well done 3D remake.  PSP I&II Chronicle is easily the best English language official release of the first two games.  The originals are actually still pretty fun too, and you can get Ys Books I&II from TG-16 on Wii Virtual Console. 

        And to expand on Ys VI/Napishtim:  It is really best on PC, but it never got a North American release on PC so to play that in English you’ll have to use a fan translation patch from the Japanese version.  PS2 and PSP versions did get official North American releases, but each has its flaws.  PSP has some animation cuts and loading time issues (though it’s improved on PSP-2000/3000 model systems), but does have the original sprites.  PS2 version has some odd 3D character sprites, and I really prefer the originals. 

    • XiaomuArisu

      I buyed Ys I&II ,Oath of felghana and seven for psp and didnt regret it.But you should know that everyone of them plays differently.I&II no attack button,oath jumping and slashing,seven no jumping but slashing and skill learning with a three person team.BTW every game has its own stories(only expection would be I&II but ist sold togheter)and Adol Christin is always the hero who gets all the girls.

  • Lenne

    guess its time to start saving some money to import both Nayuta and Sol Trigger. :P

  • Godmars

    Looks great, but I hope they put it on PSN/ make it playable on the PSV given how the PSP isn’t doing nor is treated well in the West. The US anyway.

    • JazzyMan123

      I pretty certain all PSP games are required to be put up on the PSN as well.

  • I just miss how Ys used buttonless melee combat.

  • thebanditking

    I am fine with how this looks but I appreciated how Ys and Trials has different game play so I hope one of them uses a turn based system again soon.

    • JazzyMan123

      Well, Falcom is working on another Legend of Heroes game that we’ll all see sometime in the future.

      •  That’s cool. I wanna see more about Trails in the sky/zero/blue-verse. Not that I complain about Nayuta, Im totally fine with this game anyway.

        • JazzyMan123

          Exciting isn’t it? Who knows where the next LoH game might take place? Erebonia? Calvard?

          Well, wherever the next game will take place, we’ll all be there to enjoy yet another ride from Falcom.

  • Jirin

    Looks interesting.  Also looks like it’s not the kind of game you play for the story, so importing and playing with a walkthrough is an option.

    I adore the combat in Ys games.  All action RPGs should move that quickly and give you that much control.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that levels are too powerful.

    I’m curious what that pink haired fairy thing’s role in combat is. Years ago I thought through ‘The game I would make if I could make a game’ (As many gamers do), and the idea I came up with was an ARPG that moved as fast as Ys VI but had a little pod you could throw around like in the R Type games. If you can control that pink haired fairy and use her strategically in combat, then *this is that game*.

  • Lookin’ good there.
    I’ll definitely pick this baby up when XSEED brings it over to the States.

    • JazzyMan123

      Well, they have a high chance of doing so, though I doubt the market in the West would be so kind to yet another PSP game..

  • Wow this is the ultimate mix.Story of trails action of ys can’t wait for this one.

  • Zenkaider

    And now I know what I want for summer as far as games go…who am  kidding?Now I know in general want I want fir the freakin’year!

    Good show Falcom! :) Haven’t been this excited since Ys 7 and Ys Vs. Sora no Kiseki.

  • superlocke

    Yes, I am buying this. For certain. I’ll have to wait and see if theres a release by XSEED because I have a vita and cant import PSP games anymore :/ but here’s hoping!

    • brian yep

      You should be able to get it on japanese PSN, assuming it’ll be sold digitally.
      Or just get a cheap used PSP?

      • superlocke

         Having to wipe my vita every time just to login to a jap acc on it? no thank you.

  • This game seriously looks amazing… but I’m not sure it plays as much like an Ys title as it does Zwei II. Granted, the line between the two is thin, but from what I’ve seen in this and other trailers, this game appears to use an updated version of the Zwei II engine. In addition to the whole idea of mapping one character’s attacks to certain buttons, and the other character’s to a different set of buttons, there’s also the brief flash of a food screen at 1:46 that shows both a health AND an experience value associated with food items in the game.

    The Zwei series’ biggest claim to fame, you see, is its experience system, where enemies drop food items that give experience only when eaten… but if you hold out for a while and manage to collect 10 of the same food item, you can exchange those for 1 of an exponentially BETTER food item — like, say you have some pieces of cheese that would give you 10 experience apiece when eaten, but if you went into town and traded 10 of them for 1 grilled cheese sandwich, you could eat that to gain 1,000 experience. (And if you managed to collect 10 grilled cheese sandwiches, you might be able to trade them for say, 1 pizza that gives 100,000 experience when eaten.)

    It may not sound like much, but it has a very unique effect on gameplay in that it actually encourages you to stay low-level for as long as possible, since the longer you can hold out, the more experience you’ll gain. As such, it’s kind of like the “anti-grind” battle system.

    And if Falcom has indeed adapted this system into their newest Trails game, you guys are in for a real treat. It’s a lot like Ys, in that it’s fast-paced, challenging and often chaotic… but the separation of different characters’ actions into different buttons, as well as the food system, make it a notably different experience and — at least in my opinion — an equally amazing one.

    I, for one, can’t wait to play Nayuta no Kiseki, since Zwei II is one of my personal favorite Falcom titles. ;)

  • looks good to me…..cant beat a ys-like game.

  • Göran Isacson

    Am I the only one who thinks the song they’re playing here sounds like those awesome 80’s anime themes? The woman doesn’t sound breathy or even high-pitched but really strong and confident, it’s music that really gets you pumped for adventure! Also, gears. Tons and tons of gears.

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