Square Enix Has Pockets Full Of Gil Thanks To Deus Ex And Final Fantasy XIII-2

By Spencer . May 14, 2012 . 2:32am

deus1Last year, Square Enix posted a net loss of 12,043 million yen or roughly $150 million. Square Enix reported a turnaround this fiscal year with 6,060 million yen ($75.75 million) in net income.


Yoichi Wada, President and Representative Director of Square Enix, attributed the profitable year to increased sales of major titles like Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Wada also said the company continued to expand with web games and smartphone titles. Sengoku Ixa, an feudal Japan simulation game created with Yahoo! Japan, and social game Final Fantasy Brigade were cited as two other strong titles.


While arcade, merchandise, and publication sales were down, the game division went up 11.9% with 71,871 million yen in digital entertainment sales.

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  • Loved both games.
    Surprise me at E3!!!

  • GreekGod88

    i enjoyed FFXIII-2 much more than 13 and Deus EX was simply amazing
    but i didnt bought any dlc maybe im gonna get sometime the missing link
    Im sure we will see FF13-3 in 2013 but i hope Versus comes sooner than 13-3

    • Me too on 13-3. I bet a lot of people will hate about this lol. Need moar Lightning <3

      • awaiken

        Meh at lightning, snow is a douche but he is funny and entertaining. I’ll be buying the snow episode that’s releasing soon. I’ll skip the lightning

        • I haven’t bought any DLC since Omega, Lightning and Amodar. For the episode DLC gonna watch them on youtube, lol.

      • komiko12


  • awaiken

    Make that cheddar square. Let the haters hate

  • LustEnvy

    Now for them to release a Final Fantasy that can actually live up to the name. It’s been over a decade.

    • Brandonmkii

      Hey, FFX-2 came out 9 years ago!

      • LustEnvy

        As I was saying… OVER a decade ago. Everything after IX has been horrible to decent. X was decent to me, but failed to meet the level of older FFs. FFX-2 was a shallow, nonsensical game with added Final Fantasy features. I didn’t care for it. I skipped XII as I’m not a fan of really open world type games. XIII and XIII-2 were meh, and I feel it’s silly to think they felt anything like FINAL FANTASY.

        • Anime10121

           I hear what you’re saying, as IX was the BEST FF to me, and with that being said it would be extremely hard to top it, but X-2 NAILED the gameplay.  To this day there has been no FF to surpass X-2’s battle system.  I agree that X was OK and XII was boring to me, XIII was meh, but I liked where they went with XIII-2 as it felt the closest they’ve gotten to FF since the psOne era, (even moreso than X imo) although it still has a LONG way to go til they reach their pre PS2 days.

          • LustEnvy

             The gameplay was the saving grace of FFX-2. Sadly, Final Fantasy for me is more than just story, or just gameplay. It needs to have both. FFX-2 did not.

  • hongisfire

    But, Square enix is Sunk. Or so hater says

    • Domii

      I love Square, but am I the only one that’s more interested in their western titles this year?

      • malek86

        Me too, but to be honest, I still kinda consider them Eidos titles rather than Squenix ones.

      • Anime10121

         I am too, but that’s only because all they have this year ARE Eidos titles barring KH (which I’m GRAVELY anticipating) and FFTheatrythm (which I’m not anticipating at all, only rythm game I’ve EVER liked was Parappa the Rapper). 

        Eidos has Hitman and Tomb Raider two big console titles, while Square only has handheld titles releasing  (not counting FFXIV because technically it’s already been released).

        • Domii

          Don’t forget Sleeping Dogs

          • Anime10121

            But thats not being developed by Eidos though.  But yeah it’s sad that Square has more western titles releasing (on consoles) than their own developed games.

          • Domii

            Yeah, but they’re still publishing it so they’ll make some bank on that too. I also agree with you on the route SE has gone. They have so many intellectual properties they could capitalize, but just don’t. And the whole Versus13 situation has killed my excitement for it already. It’s too bad though, because Vs13 was gonna be the first FF game I would of bought since FFX.

          • Anime10121

            Well I’m not going to go so far as to say the vs.XIII situation has killed my excitement for the game, (as its still my most anticipated game this gen) impatience shouldn’t be enough to deter you from a game that you would enjoy otherwise, but Square Enix as a whole only developing 2 titles so far on this generation of consoles is freaking ridiculous and utterly disappointing.

            I still like Square’s Japanese titles and hate that 90% fall on handhelds (which I still buy because they are still good games, but would prefer to play on a home console).  I dont know what they are gonna do when the next generation of consoles finally start to rear their heads if they still dont have a handle on this one yet (probably going to go the WiiU exclusive route since its relatively similar in power to current gen Ps3/360 consoles).

          • Domii

            I find it really hard to believe that Square had so much trouble figuring out these current consoles. As they are one of the top five biggest companies in the industry therefore obtaining the resources to develop for this gen consoles is nothing for them, oh and capcom did it so why cant they? I think their biggest problems come from the management standpoint, just look at all the silly things they have done in the last couple of years. Although buying Eidos was just brilliant.

  • malek86

    Good for them. I guess the sales of FF13-2 weren’t as low as we believed. Either that, or they actually expected it to sell as it did, and therefore budgeted accordingly. After all, I imagine it couldn’t have costed as much to develop, since it uses the same engine as FF13.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      I think its like the sequels to assassins crees, where the sequels sell less but the profit margins are higher. So it probably was cheaper and all that dlc.

  • komiko12

    Never thought that Final Fantasy Brigade was a “strong title”.
    Hope that they use the profit to make better games.

    • Anime10121

       It got like a million players about two months after its release.

  • Hopefully the extra cash is put to some good use, some new interesting IPs and perhaps a 3DS FF V and VI 3D remakes akin to FF III and IV on the DS? That would be amazing :)

    • Domii

      I wish they show some love for the Vita too.

  • Arcm

    Nice, I enjoyed the hell out of both games despite all the hate they got on the net.

  • Nein Gluck


    • I actually wouldn’t mind that, I got a asus transformer and would be nice to play a port of Chaos rings or something.

  • riceisnice

    Let’s hope they can turn around Final Fantasy XIV too. I really want to enjoy that game

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Theyll probably makes tons this year ff14 2.0, kingdom hearts 3, ff versus xiii and handheld spinoffs.

    • Domii

      What planet was I when they announce release dates for all those games you mentioned?

    • Anime10121

      Wait, WHAT!?!?!?
      KH3 and FFvs.XIII have been announce for release this Fiscal year, when did that happen?

      ps. No matter how bad we want these games to release this year, they’re not, KH3 still hasn’t even been announced yet, and it wont be announced until vs.XIII is done.

    • FFXIV 14 2.0 is coming out between November/December but the other two games you mention don’t have a release date because versus is still in development and KH3 is well nothing announced about it.

  • Nice to hear that FFXIII-2 did so well, while it’s not the perfect Final Fantasy that a lot of people wanted, it was still very entertaining and doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets.

    • no perfect in anything. People were expecting something like FFVII quality which is itself not so good. People really don’t know what they want =/

      • Really? I thought they were expecting something better than FXIII. And from what I hear, it was.

        EDIT: Also, people that expect FFVII have long lost hope. Except maybe just a twinkle. Juuuuust a twinkle of hope.

        • I don’t want anything to do with FFVII, I’m already fed up with the game. I never actually completed the game coz I was stuck on the final boss. Well that was when I was 12 years old and I’m 20 now so…I probably start playing it again to see why people is so hyped for a damn remake ever since the tech demo. I doubt it was anything special to hype for a remark but whatever =/

          Anyway FFXIII-2 is better than the previous game only because it fixes a lot of issue the previous game had like linearity or the amount of time it actually tells you how to play the game which was in its bear minimal along with other stuff not worth mentioning. The only reason why people didn’t like the game much was because of the ending (which imo 99% of the people didn’t even see and only heard it from people who seen it but don’t know what they are talking about), the “optional” DLC and the monster system which was pretty well done but people didn’t like it because they rather have unnecessary human character tagging along the two main character. Really they just trying to find a reason to hate the game because it wasn’t the ideal game they were hoping for all this time.

          EDIT: Damn that was long, I didn’t proofread it but I’m sure you get the gist.

          • boundries_san

            It is not like FF7 is the best FF. It is the first FF that most of gamers played with which causes the series to be called the best FF here.

            If u ask me, i love FF 6 and FF 1 more than the other series lol.

          • Not sure if I played FF6. Was that the one where one of the battle you had to use some command called blitz? 

          • Anime10121

             THIS, SO MUCH THIS!!!

            I too agree that FFVII wasn’t all that great (this coming from someone who completed the game back around the time it came out).  I still think it was one of the most generic FFs ever released, with the main character having amnesia, villain burning village, villain being hailed as hero only to go mad, etc. etc.  It was a good game but nowhere near the masterpiece people claim it is.  FFVIII had a better story and FFIX far surpasses both as THE best FF IMO.

            In regards to what you said about XIII-2 I agree completely.

          • IX was the best for me.

          • SerendipityX

            I spent most my time laughing (when Aeris died) and suffering through the story. I hated everyone except for Vincent and I had to go find him. >.>

            Gameplay was pretty good (a bit boring though) in FFVII. lol

          • Guest

            I don’t see what’s so great about FFVII either.  There are a few characters in the original game I like, but most of the main cast I don’t like or don’t care much for.  And the story just seemed out there.

            While FFIX was good I didn’t like the character design, or Zidane at all.  Other than that it was good.

            FFVIII is my favorite FF for sure.  I liked all the characters and the story was really good. (^_^)

          • Kefkiroth

            Hell yes. Thought I was the only IX fan here. Music, story, everything was great.

          • icecoffemix

            So there’s no way a person who really played the game to the end hate it? Right…

          • Wrong, I never said anything about it being impossible for someone who played through it and hate it. I only referred to the people who hasn’t played it and hated it because of word of mouth from friends or article which slander (not the correct term I think but whatever) the game because they weren’t satisfied with the ending. If I was to say the game is crap because the ending never satisfied me, would you decide not play the game and started to hate it? It’s similar to the saying “if all your friends jumped off a bridge then would you too?”. If they don’t like the game because of it’s DLC which is totally optional, fine but if you start hating it for something you have not experienced yourself i.e playing through the game and knowing what you worked up to then they are just a sheep following the herd. As for people who hate it because of other reason…I don’t know, I guess it depends how credible their opinion are. What I’m saying is I don’t care for people who based their opinion on what they are told. I’m just saying loads of bull here but whatever, I try not to make people who read my comment misunderstand.

            EDIT: Again I didn’t proofread.

          •  Imma let all of you finish, but FF6 WAS THE BEST FINAL FANTASY GAME OF ALL TIME!!

  • Domii

    With Hitman, Sleeping dogs, DQX, and Tomb Raider coming out later this year and early next year, Square is gonna need some life jackets because they gonna be drowning in cash!

  • Oi, Square Enix! where iz da Final Fantasy 13 Versuz?

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      why you no read nomura’s interviewzzz

      • Anime10121

         Maybe because they all say the same thing, be-it this year or 3 years ago:P

        Nomura quotes
        “More information will be coming soon.”
        “I have announcements but I cant announce when Im gonna announce them.”
        “New things take time to get right.”
        “I cant wait to show you what it looks like now as the game looks phenomenal!”
        “This game looks much different than what you saw last year!”

        • SerendipityX

          At this point I’m positive the game doesn’t exist. And it’s just even more proof that Squenix really have no capabilities with this generation’s hardware.

          • Anime10121

             Yeah it’s taking them (and many other Japanese developers barring Capcom), far to long to develop their engines for this gen’s consoles.  Its the reason I’m not looking forward to Next-Gen at all.  I mean if its taking this long to develop this gen, I cant imagine the sad state of affairs they’ll be in nextgen:(

          • SerendipityX

            I’m very apprehensive about next gen. Especially since I’m just picked up a PS3 last winter and need to get caught up on some games. Not to mention lately I’ve been really picky about games. It’s like my hobby is dying a very slow, excruciating death and I’ve got it on life support. ^^; 

  • zaedaus

    with all “must have story related DLC” they released, it doesn’t suprise me

    • Anime10121

       None of the story DLC has been “must have”, its all been explained in game and only been expanded upon in the DLC (at least thats the case with the Sazh DLC as no one can judge the others as they HAVEN’T been released yet, though they look to be following the same template).

  • igotareallybigthingwithcars

    Oh Siliconera, you are so “punny”

  • Guest

    Still in the hole by 75 million

  • icecoffemix

    So despite the less than its predecessor sales it turn a profit to them? I guess all those DLCs and the reused assets really help.

    • Anime10121

       Of course it was going to turn profit, most sequels re-use assets from the previous game, and considering the major thing that’s taking so much time on this gens Final Fantasy’s (the engine) for the regular XIII was already done, and XIII-2 basically used the exact same system, there was little work to be done.

      • Givemeblood…Nyaa

        I would bet more then half of FFXIII-2 was from the 30+ hours of rejected content from XIII.

      • icecoffemix

        And that’s the point of my post.

        You’re saying like it’s a given it will not flop do make me chuckle a bit though, guess that show how I am in minority regarding FF nowadays.

        • Anime10121

          But it WAS a given that the game wouldn’t flop, regardless of how “bad” the game did in western sales, with most of the work already done for the game already (due to assets and the engine from XIII), Japan’s sales alone probably turned a profit.

          • icecoffemix

            Just because it has Final Fantasy name is it?

            That’s what made me chuckle.

          • Anime10121

             No not just because it has the Final Fantasy name to it, but because contrary to the vocal internet negativity it gets (for being a sequel to a game no one asked for) XIII-2 was actually a pretty good game.

  • How much are they losing with the development of Versus XIII?

    • Anime10121

       That’s taking into account that the game is actually being developed:P

      …I want to give Square more money, they wont tell me when to give it to them:(

      • Givemeblood…Nyaa

        nvm wrong place :)

  • Godmars

    Never getting rid of Wada at this rate.

    Worse I hate the idea that XIII-2 made them money. Means there could be a XIII-3. 

    • This was my thought exactly. :/ 

    • SerendipityX

      IMO I think you should hate that XIII-2 made less money than XIII. XIII-2 was an attempt to get back to the FF “true” formula.

      • Anime10121

         Exactly, I never got the hate for XIII-2 when it’s more “Final Fantasy” than the original XIII ever was.

      • Godmars

        I hate the fact that XIII-2 exist. That the resources that went into it were taken out of XIII. That generally Square had no idea what to do with HD consoles and yet pretend that they did.

        • SerendipityX

          If I remember correctly there were a lot of internal problems surrounding XIII’s development, so stuff was cut out. I even remember reading a long time ago that it had been 50% done on PS2 before fans started clamoring for a HD FF (Not sure if that’s true) and SE decided to overhaul the entire game (which is why it took so long, I guess?) At this point I’m inclined to believe that they really have no idea what their doing with HD consoles (outside of graphics) especially when they had Tri-Ace help with programming in XIII-2.

          • Godmars

            I’ll always contend that the “old” Square would have focused on one game engine then tweaked it for 1-3 games. Not announce wholly differing projects at the same time only to throw in another seemingly from out of nowhere. 

            The one thing that S/E does do is emulate MMOs, copy FF11, and I really wish that would stop.

          • landlock

            The tri-ace thing doesn’t really mean anything companies especially Japanese outsource things all the time if you check the credits for example Media Vision (Wild ARMs) did work on Tales of Vesperia for NB.

          • Godmars

             Except we’re talking about a literal direct sequel. They had the majority of resources complete and in house, and yet had to call in help to do a few tweaks. 

          • SerendipityX

            I’m focusing of the fact they worked on the programming and that Tri-Ace was the one who made the tweaks the battle system, etc.

          • Anime10121

             Um if I remember correctly Tri-ace made the maps not anything dealing with the battle system.  You can see Tri-ace’s footprints all over XIII-2’s map design.

      • hongisfire

        Funny how brand recognition work. It’s sold worse than FFXIII because FXIII is bad. Not because the game is bad. I Wonder SE can preserve FF until FFXX.

    •  Dude, don’t even joke about things like that lol.

    • alexis cortes

      Yeah and if there’s a XIII-3, It will also come out before Versus XIII.

    • hongisfire

        Then FF has turned into Pokemon. It Super Effective!!!
      Seriously, I’ll laughed my ass when that happen.

  • Nice to See that SE is doing well. Now Release Type-0 for NA/EU and announce info on Versus XIII already D<

  • Neah

    Hey SE

    What happened to Versus 13 ?

    I’ve re~watched the trailer for that game more then a billion times just to remind myself that I haven’t been imaging the entire thing. 

    • Göran Isacson

      Tetsuya Nomura made a recent statement for an interview regarding the 3DS Kingdom Hearts game, essentially stating that he’s super-duper sorry but it takes time to “create something new”, and he wants us all to be supernice and wait patiently just a little bit longer.

      • Neah

        We’ve been waiting for soo long its painful but waiting a little longer now won’t hurt. 

        I’m for games taking their time in the development as long as the end product lives up to our expectations and can save Final Fantasy.

        I just hope they know that Versus 13 is like second place in my most anticipated game ever in this gen (first being The Last Guardian).

  • Congrats to Eido…. I mean, Square Enix! :)

    I want to know how much of past Eidos’ properties contributed to the profit of SE. It should be a lot though, for “outside Japan sales”, I mean.

  • AzureNova

    Square Enix is a big ol monster lol

  • I’m sure they’ll be making a lot of money when that Final Fantasy X HD port comes out. Of course, I’m still hoping to see a XII port one day. My poor XII, always just an afterthought to most of the Final Fantasy fanbase…

  • Klarktastic


    • Anime10121

      Every other studio this gen has embraced DLC, so explain to me how it is a crime when Square does the same.  The game itself was far meatier than most single player games, clocking in at about 25-30hrs for main plot and 40-50 for sidequests and ect. 

      And dont give me the crap about them releasing major scenario DLC, because all of the scenario DLC released so far has been explained in-game and only expanded upon if you wish to know more via DLC. 

      The new trailer for the Lightning DLC has confirmed what I expected all along, that it just expands upon Light’s fight against Caius before the end of the game.  The game (if you completed it) already explained the outcome of the fight, and the DLC will just expand upon it.

      • Klarktastic

         Did said  anything against DLC? I actually own quite a bit of dlc for the game. All I meant to say its that dlc is the reason they are full of gil.

        • Anime10121

           Oh then my bad.  Im so used to seeing people dog Square for utilizing a method to gain more profit that most developers have been doing all gen on ONE of their games that I misunderstood your intent and for that I apologize.

          • Neko Kawaii

            Dlc still sucks >:L. Still having trouble putting money in the wallet crap ._..

    • canarinta

      I have no qualms about decent DLC, but…

      What’s up you game otakus, neets, and foreign nerds, let’s get some skin going on, only XXX yen/dollahs/whatevercurrencyjustgiveussome~!

  • Paradox me

    Good, I say. Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 found an audience whether folks like it or not, and although I’m not part of that audience I’m glad it did well.

  • Look at that! SE got profit thanks to two single-player only games.

  • Now if we could just get a sequel to Deus Ex: HR* everything’d be great.

    *I know it’s a prequel to Deus Ex but what’s wrong with making AU’s?

  • canarinta


  • Umar Kiiroi Senkō

    its hard to accept DLC some times but at the end of the day its where things are going. at the very least the DLC that is being released for 13-2 adds actual value to the game. unlike the color-sets-like DLC you find in fighting games and other genre’s because my initial belief was that DLC was to add value not cut out game content and then sell it to you at a later stage as “DLC” i guess that is why I always had a problem with it. but congrats to SE!! Deus Ex Machina … i mean HR (too much mirrai nikki) was an awesome game!

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