Tales Of Tactics RPG Coming In July, But Only For Android Devices

By Spencer . May 14, 2012 . 10:47pm


Namco Bandai is bringing the Tales of characters you know and love into a crossover tactics game, but you won’t find Tales of the World: Tactics Union on a console or handheld system. This Tales game is made for Android and it will be distributed by cell phone service provider KDDI.


Like other Tales of the World titles, this game has a handful of familiar characters. So far, these characters are confirmed for Tactics Union:


Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia
Norma Beatty from Tales of Legendia
Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss
Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear from Tales of the Abyss
Rubia Natwick from Tales of Tempest
Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia
Sophie from Tales of Graces
Asbel Lhant from Tales of Graces



Two new mascot characters were made for Tales of the World: Tactics Union. Terun looks like a star and Nahato has a moon head. Famitsu has artwork for both characters here.



Tales of the World: Tactics Union uses touchscreen controls for moving characters on the battlefield. The game will be free to play with downloadable items available for purchase. Users will also need to subscribe to KDDI’s Smartpass program to access the game, which costs an additional 390 yen ($5) per month.


Tales of the World: Tactics Union comes out on July 2nd.

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  • AceWildCard

    Wow on android that’s awesome :D finally something That’s not exclusive to apple + its tales of’ related ;D

  • Go2hell66

    *throws iphone out the window*

    • boundries_san

      *Catch it and sell them immediatly* PROFIT!!!

      • MrRobbyM

        *iphone 7000 comes out right before, barely make any money off of it*

        • boundries_san


  • Hmm, Tales of the World title leaves me with doubt for localizing considering the last few but I’m sure it sure seems like an awesome game

  • boundries_san

    How i love my X-peria Play here.^^

    *Troll face* To Iphone owners.^^……… Uups i also own 1 Iphone here.

  • After playing some Tales of Graces. They really need to make a legit crossover fighting game for this series. It’d be too perfect and every main character (‘cept Luke, stay free forever) will have Demon Fang.

  • Nitraion

    i wish its PSN/Vita title..

  • Ouch. A Tales tactics games sounds so interesting, that it hurts to know that I can’t play it.

    But it’s okay, I guess. :’) I guess having Guy “Brilliant Overlord” every enemy across six squares in a straight line will just stay a dream then.

    • That would be great. *Sigh* And Jade’s Mystic Cage would (I insist) hit everything. Yus! Totally not cheating…much.

      Maybe one day they’ll make a proper Tales of Tactics game. And bring it out in English. We can dream.

  • Ryan Baer

    Is this the game they were hyping? If so, I’m disappointed.

    • Nitraion

      No i think they release this and another mothership game……
      this is just sidedish game this is july release date, the 19 days game is june

  • SetzerGabbiani

    If this “free to play/buy items with real money” is the model that is going to be the norm in the gaming industry, it might finally be time for me to get out.  I just hope that paradigm doesn’t come to traditional handhelds and consoles.

    Also, smartphone gaming…though an SRPG lends itself better to a touch screen than a fighter or platformer or FPS, etc.

    • What’s the difference between paying $60 up front and paying probably significantly less than that over time to play only the parts of the game that you would have anyway?

      • It’s the way how free to play is skewed by some companies. Free to play generally means “without a subscription”, not “It’s free to play under the other payment subscription plan you have to get.”
        I don’t mind smartphone gaming, as long as companies don’t do the flocking maneuver in which they shove all their eggs into that basket.

        It’s the same bad habit under a different puff of smoke. Least with the $60 product you have the opportunity to get your money back by other means, like selling it to someone else, trading it, etc. Not to mention that it’s actually been proven on cases where the F2P model actually costs people more than buying a console style game to get any heavy benefits on some products.

  • ah, phone games, how you elude us so. . . and kill the battery lives of those who have them

  • Ladius

    Looks great, I remember many years ago there was another Tales game based upon this concept, Tales of Tactics, part of the Tales of Mobile lineup. On that subject, I would really like to know more about Tales of Breakers, that game looked interesting years ago but it would be forever lost unless they portremake it, which is as unlikely as it gets.

  • Guest

    “The game will be free to play with downloadable items available for
    purchase. Users will also need to subscribe to KDDI’s Smartpass program
    to access the game, which costs an additional 390 yen ($5) per month.”

    lol so it’s not free to play. Oh how sneaky this gen has become..

    • Hraesvelgr

      Pretty much every “free to play” game is never actually free to play.

      • Mike Pureka

        Not really true; The traditional “free to play” model is that the game IS Free to play, but bits and pieces and/or cosmetic/convenience stuff need to be purchased.

        This, on the other hand, is apparently “free with subscription to our service” which is…not free.

    • I gotta say, I hope this isn’t actually the future as so many predict.  I quite like companies putting out a product and saying, “We think this is worth 60$.  How about you?”  And if I agree that the value they offered is a good one, I trade my 8-9 hours worth of work (I’m 19, make minimum wage) in exchange for their product.  I don’t like being coerced, manipulated, or downright tricked into handing over my money bits at a time.  Why does it seem that companies and their consumers are getting more and more antagonistic to each other?  You’re the creator, I’m the consumer.  Present to me a reasonable value proposition, don’t treat me like a piggy-bank that needs to be shaken in order to extract money.  
      ramble ramble ramble

  • CirnoLakes

    Darn these androids taking over the world!

  • malek86

    Too much Rubia lately. That Tempest remake must be coming soon.

  • RmanX1000

    Vesperia PS3??? *leaves*

  • As with all JP Android market games, this will be region locked orz. Such despair

  • keithmaxx

    When I read “Android” I went “woot!”
    When I read “au-KDDI” my brain went ka-splat. :(

  • Looks shiny and interesting!

  • DeaththeKidXIII

    Whatever happen to the disgaea android that we never got? This is good news hope it gets localized.

  • Defeats the purpose of “Tales”. That’s it.


  • WHAAAAAT?! DAmm! yo quiero T___T

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