Cave Cancels PlayStation Vita Shooter And Social Game

By Spencer . May 15, 2012 . 10:23pm

imageCave announced they were working on PlayStation Vita games at Tokyo Game Show last year. Both titles, a Sengoku themed social game called Shirotsuku and an unnamed shooter, have been canceled according to Famitsu.


"When we announced our PlayStation Vita games we mentioned one of them is a shooter. We’re just getting started on it so there isn’t much I can say about it at the moment," Makoto Asada, Game Development Manager at Cave, said in an interview with Siliconera. "Any platform we release a game on whether it be Xbox 360 or Vita we make our games specifically for that platform. The shooting game we make for Vita will be a title that matches the characteristics of that hardware." Asada said the shooter was an original game, not an arcade port.

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  • Code

    rar, disappointment! Hope everything is okay with Cave and this is just part of streamlining and not a sign of something worse o~o;; That being said, looking really forward to getting my hands on Akai Katana, which I’m really hoping knocks it out of the park and they have good success outside of Japan with it >w<;

  • Go2hell66

    gah well that sux…
    at least they didnt let it drag on before cancelling it(unlike some other companies…)

    as long as they keep the iOS games coming i’m ok with this

  • xXDGFXx

    I don’t recall any cave game being or announced for/on any of the latest PS platforms so whether cave puts one down doesn’t phase me anymore. The only game that had Cave involved in the PS game was neptunia mk2 and that was because it was a cameo chara.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Akai Katana Shin.

      • xXDGFXx

        well, that’s one. Still hard for me to not feel a bit bitter since it took so long for just one title to end up on a PS platform. I bought some of their games on the IOS, but as fun as they are, me no likey touch screen controls.

  • I’m just gonna quote what I said on GAF.

    I was gonna say, people seem to be missing the bigger point here. Cave is not having good times and things aren’t looking good for them right now.Two less Vita games, sure. But as of right now Cave has got like zero going on for it.

    Their stocks are also plummeting rapidly and they’re closing their store as well.

    At this point Cave is beginning to resemble a walking corpse.

    • Code

      Thanks for stopping by oAo~ I wasn’t entirely sure about just how bad this was, but this is really sounding scary T3T;; I like to believe if a company like G.Rev can survive as long as it has, Cave will surely survive too. But yeahh this is really sounding bad T_T; Hopefully Akai Katana will rekindle something! I’m surprised things could deteriorate what feels like so suddenly T3T;;

    • Go2hell66

       thats horrible, always wondered how they got by selling nothing but schmups

    • malek86

      Their COO also just resigned. I smell a restructuring.

  • kupomogli

    A dime a dozen shooter with more repetitivity than an average fps.  I can live without it on any console I own.

    • boundries_san

      Wut thats only u lol. Many of us still love shooting game here lol and it is not repetitive here lol. It is mean to be challanging where u can feel the stress for keep dying on the same stage on the hardest difficulties.

    • You’ve changed your target of complaint again, I see. An entire genre this time? Quite a catch.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I’m guessing a cute flying witch on a broom or one who just floated in midair was his nanny growing up and she always forgot to change him.

    • Code

      Not everyone’s thing obviously, especially if your not into shmups. Simply put, people enjoy a certain feel from Cave shmups, so most of Cave’s shmups carry these traits. Although it’s a rather unconvincing point; if you were to ask anyone who’s played both Dai Fukkatsu and Dai ou Jou, (both in Cave’s Dodonpachi line) or Deathsmiles and it’s sequel if they felt even remotely similar, I think it’d be a pretty unanimous no. There was a phase with Mushihimesama and Espgaluda II where I felt they were on the repetitive side but that was years ago now.

    • SH3


      Try a little harder next time.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Thats to kind.

        • boundries_san

          Lol so he is a regular troller here????

          • Luna Kazemaru


          • boundries_san

            Lol. This teach me to avoid feeding the trolls again lol.

          • @theworldofnoboundries:disqus
            Well… “feeding the troll” is a bit of a misnomer here, because he just drops comments like this and never looks back or reply – as far as I know, anyway.

      • From my experience, he’s incapable of being more sophisticated than this.

  • Crevox

    Just give me touhou vita and we’re set

    • Julien_N

      CAVE has nothing to do with Touhou Project, you know? =P

      • Crevox

        I am fully aware of that

        • Julien_N

          I see. ^^
          Anyway, if I remember right, ZUN declined the offers to port the Touhou games to the PS3 (Was it Rockin’ Android that made the proposal? I think it was them…), so a PS Vita Touhou is very unlikely. Moreover, given the console’s dimensions, it would have to be not a port but an horizontal STG, or a Chaos Field/Radirgy Noa/Ketsui Death Label-like vertical shooter that plays on a YOKO screen and aside from HrtP, ZUN hasn’t really approached this display.

  • boundries_san

    Hmm it seems Cave is not doing so well here and here i am one of their fans.
    Hope that Cave will be able to do well in the future here or if worst come to worst, hope that some company will want to support them one or another way.

    • Julien_N

      Let’s hope they won’t suffer the same fate as Irem, now forced to produce pachislots games to survive and see their virtual console shooting games removed from the service one after the other…

      • boundries_san

        Yeah it is  sad that Irem, one of my favorite game maker for creating Spelunker and R-Type series is reduced to that state.T_T

        I keep hoping here that Nintendo is going to help Irem to regain their previous glory here lol. Who knows we will be able to get new R-type game for 3DS……. which sad due to how low the chance we will see that happening.

        • Code

          Yeahh Irem and Nintendo don’t exactly have much of a connection now a days o~o; I’d love to see that or anything happen to get Irem out of it’s slump. rar, sad stuff T3T~ 

  • the_cynical_gamer

    Such a shame. Akai Katana’s release only barely eases the pain, but the future for Cave themselves is looking bleak.

  • This sucks…..i not, i dont care western games…I WANT JAPANESE GAMES FOR JAPANESE PEOPLE.

    Where is Ricotta, Type Moon, Russell, Alquemist, 5pb, Circus, Cyberfront, Kadokawa, Marvelous????

    THAT companyes are the importants, why not make games for PS VITA? WHY????

    • boundries_san

      …… Cave is Japanese company here lol.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      WHy has this guy not been banned lol. Get out of here where that Japaneses >western crap.

  • canarinta

    I’m disappointed about the shooter, but the social game I couldn’t care less. We don’t need any more of that…Farming Shogun game.

  • thaKingRocka

    I’m disappointed, but the Vita hasn’t really set the world on fire, and I don’t blame them for backing out. I’m just surprised since they’ve never really been ones to shy away from a smaller user base.

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