New Dragon Ball Z Game For PS3 And Xbox 360 Is The Final "Budokai" Title

By Spencer . May 17, 2012 . 10:15pm

Update: The report from V-Jump was a false rumor. The only Dragon Ball games coming out this year are Dragon Ball Z for Kinect and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection.


Dragon Ball Z for Kinect isn’t the only Dragon Ball fighting game Namco Bandai is working on. V-Jump announced a new entry in the Dragon Ball Sparking! series – better known as the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi line in the West.


Dragon Ball Sparking! Omega is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (aka Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Meteor in Japan) and will be the final "Sparking" game series.


The magazine says Dragon Ball Sparking! Omega will have the most characters in the series. Dragon Ball Sparking! Omega is slated for release this winter on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • The title of this article is misleading. This game is a “Budokai Tenkaichi” one, not “Budokai.”

  • WingsOfEternity

     Hopefully this is a true successor to Tenkaichi 3, all the recent DBZ games have been “meh” or just simply dissapointing

  • Muffum


    Was considering getting Tenkaichi 3, having only played 2 before, but I guess I’ll just see how this pans out.

  • Xapth

    I feel like ever since the original Budokai games were finished, these games have started to lose their “spark”, heh heh heh.

    I guess it’s unavoidable, since you can only make so many DBZ fighting games like this before they start to feel very, very similar to each other… and yet I play them anyways.

    Here’s to hoping this final one brings something new to the mix.

    …Still waiting on that Dragon Ball Online MMO.

    • Draparde

      As in for the MMO to come out in English?…or a better one in general to come out? (i have no idea if the current one is good/bad..never played it) 

  • Dzo

    Maybe they’re deciding not to screw up this time… At least that’s what I hope…

  • Shadowman

    Last one huh. I haven’t even been catching up to the other DBZ games so I might get the last one.

  • FlameEmperor

    Please…….. Let the gameplay be like the budokai series on the ps2…….Please….

    •  No.

      • FlameEmperor

         So you prefer a DBZ game built around QTE’s?

  • I haven’t played any DBZ game since Tenkaichi Budokai 2.
    Back in PS2 day I used to play with my friend, he and I play a lot of games, Suikoden, .hack, SvR.
    Too bad since then he quit console gaming T_T.

  • SoulEmbrace2010

    Final “final”? About damn time. Maybe I get it.

  • Bio_liquid

    Ehhh Beef up the combat a bit so it isn’t sooo “cloney” and you got me sold

  • I sure hope it tones down the QTEs. An expansive character creator would be extra cool, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    •  Tone down the QTEs? Remove them b!tches!

      • Christopher Nunes

        Actually I quite liked the QTE’s in UT, but I think they could’ve done them differently… kinda like the B3’s feature with the Attack and Defense gauge. 

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Even more characters than any of the previous titles? It is obvious that the developers just aren’t learning. The problem here isn’t limited roster. In fact there is way too many characters with a huge bulk of them being useless additions to the game. The real issue is the dated gameplay. It really needs a true overhaul and there should be a lot more variety to the combat and unique features to each character. No I’m not talking about some really simplistic cancel system that makes characters slightly more unique, but some real property changes. 

  • If the developers are going back to their roots and picking up where they left off from in Tenkaichi 3, then I’d say that we’ll FINALLY have a enjoyable DBZ game! Those wanting a Tenkaichi 4, be happy, but also be weary as well. The developers of DBZ have great potential in making awesome DBZ games, but the last few titles haven’t been “Over 9000”.

    But since this is the last tango, and Goku is about to head off with that tear jerking good bye, these developers better stomp the floor, summon Shenron, move heaven and earth, and make something worth my 60 bones.

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    tenkaichi 3 had sooooo many clones I rather them go  back to budokai 3 style and put important characters only we dont need like 200 characters with 90% of the roster being clones 

    • Unless DIMPs is offered a ton of money, have the same creative team, doesn’t hold back on content and gameplay, and step up from Burst Limit…Then any hope of a update Budokai 3 style DBZ game will forever remain a simple but awesome dream T.T

    • did you forget the last budokai game was Dragonball Evolution

  • Arcm

    Please god put Master Roshi back in this series. I know he’s not that important in DBZ but I love that old pervert, and the thought of going online with him to harass other players with sounds very tempting.

    • I would love a fighting game of all Dragon Ball characters without “z” or “gt”. 

  • Go2hell66

    sick and tired of all the tenkaichi clones, can we go back to budokai 3 style fighting, there hasn’t been a decent dbz game since IMO

    • SLick123456789111

       ^What this guy said.

  • MrKappa

    If this is like the real Tenkaichi and not the hot garbage that was Raging Blast or “Ultimate” Tenkaichi then all will be good with DBZ again.
    Tenkaichi 2 was the last good DBZ game imo so I hope they can learn from that and apply.

    • kupomogli

      You didn’t like how detailed the story was in Tenkaichi 3?  The gameplay was the same as the second game, but man if the event sequences didn’t just make the game that much better.

      Raging Blast wasn’t as good as the others, but still a good game.  The lack of content is really the only thing I didn’t like about it.  In comparison to the rest of the Tenkaichi series there was pretty much no content on Raging Blast.

      Ultimate Tenkaichi, however?  That game is complete garbage, for sure.

      • MrKappa

        When it comes to T3 I speak only of the combat. The camera was locked and terrible, some moves where changed for the worse battle-wise and some visually(Burst Rush) and everything just felt much weaker.
        I found it funny that Goku was finally balanced to not completely suck in T3 but it was too little too late.

        Technically it is the better game but to me it just really felt like a downgrade because of all the little things and it is probably the one and only game off the top of my head where I can say all the little changes screwed the overall experience.

  • Thank God. I hope they’ll get a new developer with fresh ideas. Tenka’s been going on long enough.

  • Please make more DBZ games like the legacy of Goku trilogy.

    • That’s never going to happen. Those games were developed in the U.S.

  • Spider-Man

    Finally! Can’t wait to hear more news. I hope there is no QTE. Not interested in character creators, too. We all know the story of the DBZ games, but I still enjoy story in my DBZ games. (Mostly the what if battles.) Oh, I think we should get a Super Saiyan Bardock and Raditz. >:

    • Guest

      I’m excited for this too! but seeing as I’m an avid fan of the DB series I really don’t think there should/would be a Super Saiyan Raditz.It wouldn’t be canon besides Raditz was one of the weaker Saiyan (he even admitted it himself!) and Bardock has been officially confirmed to be a Super Saiyan so I’m fine with that. Hopefully they won’t include Broly,man that guy just can’t die.

      • Spider-Man

        With all the what if transformations in previous games, I don’t see why not. Budokai 2 has Buu absorb Frieza, Cell, Yamcha, Tien, etc. I don’t think Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta and Broly are canon, but there they are. These games are fanservice games. They don’t have to stick to the canon 100%. 

        Also, Broly is a fan favorite. He’ll never be left out. 

  • Chaheezor

    Damn. I jumped for joy when I saw “Budokai”, then hit the floor crying when I saw “Tenkaichi” attached to it.

    Not buying another Spike Chunsoft Dragon Ball game ever again.

  • Truner Razer

    Raging Blast was horrible control-wise (seriously, I couldn’t win the demo and I’m a pretty good BT player), and story-character wise.
    Ultimate Tenkaichi, while looked great, decided to take out everything that made BT good. The battle was really effed up and honestly, custom characters aren’t that great either.
    Seeing as this is a continuation to BT3, I have high hopes for it. BT3 had 161 characters, and a really big story mode spanning from DB to GT, with movies thrown in. Seriously, if they could include everything in this game (for example, DB and GT didn’t have as much spotlight in BT3 as DBZ), with every movie and OVA story thrown in, this could be the best fighting game ever made.

  • Ridho Siregar

    FINALL–eh, it’s awkward to write that word exactly above one. But… End of TENKAICHI reign of DBZ games!!!

    Just get a new developer and get something new! I’d love if they’ll use a visual style similar to the original Budokai series, with the gameplay style of the budokai tenkaichi series, story mode like Budokai 3 (Budokai 3, WITHOUT Tenkaichi) + minigames like Infinite World, it’ll be a PERFECT DBZ GAMES!!

    • Truner Razer

       The story mode of BT3 was pretty big.
      However, since we moved to the next generation, I would like to explore a bigger world. You know, like in recent Naruto games? Being able to fly/run around places, missions to do… I’m not a fan of minigames in fighters, I would prefer having a really hard and challenging (in a good way) mission mode where you have to beat up others in a certain way, with a certain character.
      Also drop the animated cutscenes. Burst Limit styled cutscenes would be the best. You could really feel how powerful the characters were in that game.

      • Ridho Siregar

        Yeah, that would be technically like the console version of Legacy of Goku series. But with fighting-oriented gameplay.

  • omeganeko

    The last dragon ball z game i bought and still play here and there is budokai 3. I did like tenkaichi 2 as well but every game i have played since that just seems….off.

  • hopefully it makes up for the rather blah line-up on the current gen consoles. I mean, the Tenkaichi series of DBZ games weren’t perfect, but as soon as they hit the PS3 and 360, and lost their original developers, they’ve been steadily going down hill.

    I also kind of hope; if they even consider it, they fix that horrible character creation system. . .

    • What are you talking about? Each game this generation has been made by a team that did them on PS2. Budokai Tenkaichi was developed by Spike. Raging Blast was developed by Spike. Ultimate Tenkaichi was developed by Spike. DBZ for Kinect is developed by Spike. This game will be developed by Spike.

    • MrRobbyM

      Spike came in starting wiith Budokai Tenkaichi.

  • SLick123456789111

    . . . & yet still they continue with the 3-D gameplay from the Tenkaichi iterations as opposed to the 2-D Budokai Playstation2 games.

    Unfortunate . . .

  • Setsuna ♥

    Final “Budokai” game ? What kind of obligatory DBZ game will they throw at us every year to come then :x

    I’m hoping this is true, latest games felt like they recycled the old stuff. As a DBZ fan it hurt to see them butcher the franchise.

  • MattUK92

    I really hope it has just an updated version of Raging Blast 1’s Graphics.
    As I feel they were really Authentic to the Anime.
    Raging Blast 2’s were, okay, too glossy and 3d looking. 
    And Ultimate Tenkaichi’s were “terrible!”

    And I loved the style of Raging Blast 1’s Character selection. How it actually showed you the 3d Character, and the outfit changing.

    • Kenay Metcalfe

      I agree with an updated RB1 graphics engine. however I loved Ultimate tenkaichi’s. RB2’s was definitely a little off. Regardless I’m just glad the series is making a true comeback.

  • EmptyStar

    Very cool. I have complete trust in them.

    I really hope to see Babadi and Androids 14 +15 again, as well as the special and ultimate attacks that the Raging Blast series had (imo they were the most detailed and immersive. Team Attacks were great if you ask me.)

  • Guest

    Why? I’d rather a port of Zenkai Battle Royale, Super DBZ 2 or Burst Limit 2.  I swore they said Ultimate Tenkaichi was their last one…

    • kidhyuga

       Spike said that was the last game THEY were making.

  • LittleMofreaky

    I’m so going to get this. I wanna play as Piano!…

  • KyoyaHibari

    There is a god…

  • Christopher Nunes

    Honestly I loved the Tenkaichi series, it was the closest to DBZ in terms of anime with the battles and such and Tenkaichi 3 was my favorite such it included so many dream battles as well!

    If this “Final” Tenkaichi Budokai includes all of the previous 161 characters and including new ones, I want the female Shadow Dragon from GT to be playable (we need more female fighters in that series) and possibly Adult Chi-Chi as well, with updated fighting styles and such it would be the best Tenkaichi game ever! And I hope they do something stellar with the Story Mode, Budokai 3’s was the best with the World Travel and Tenkaichi 3 has the best Story Mode of the Tenkaichi series so I hope 4 includes very something more better!

    More What If stories as well?

    Since Spike made the Tenkaichi series and the Ultimate Tenkaichi game, I hope they included the Character Creation System and IMPROVE IT! I’m happy to be able to make my own DBZ character and fight along side with the DBZ cast, but limited to 3 characters AND only male Saiyans? If I had to be stuck with Saiyans give me a Female option as well! I pray they let you make a Female character this time around and possibly add in the Human, Namekian, and Majin faces as well. If an online game can do it with limited resources, they sure as hell can put it on a HD console.

    I would like if the Costumes for the CaS will be piece by piece instead of one outfit set, I like to mix and match my dude’s outfit. Also more variety for the Light and Heavy body types with moves, the Standard one was like the PERFECT fighter for Super and Ultimate moves which made it a little unfair to the other two types.

    Maybe the can re-write GT story with the Hero character playing a part of it, or have the anime GT and a special Hero Mode for the CaS DBZ Fighter with the GT cast. Actually what about the Giant Ape and other giant characters? Will they be removed from the roster as playable character seeing as UT did the giant boss fights?

    I really hope they can improve BT3’s gameplay AND improve from UT’s features, UT was promising but a LOT of miss and poor execution on that part that could’ve really set the game apart from the rest of the series.

  • at this point they should just make up arcs and characters lol

  • I really hope, like desperately hope, the combat will finally go back to tenkaichi 3; it was utterly perfect and even though a few characters were more badass in T2 (bardock, ssj1 goku), it had by far the most satisfying combat the series had yet to offer.

    Raging blast sadly threw out all of the extended combos, and while raging blast 2 brought a fraction of it back, the game became saturated with cinematic bs instead of just straight up fighting.

    However, seeing as Omega seems to be a true sequel to T3, being essentially T4, some faith has been restored in being able to waste away countless hours again with a fantastic DBZ simulator.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    I swear I heard that Ultimate tenkaichi was meant to be the last. then they announced Kinect, and now another one. As long as it’s good I don’t mind but my hopes are low for that after playing Ultimate tenkaichi. the tenkaichi series has so much potential for this generation. I kinda feel like we’ve been given sub par DBZ games since Tenkaichi 3. hope to see some more news on this soon (:

  • Solomon_Kano

    I hope this is more in the vein of Tenkaichi 3 than anything that followed.

  • British_Otaku

    So this is “Spike’s last game” huh… I thought that was Ultimate Tenkaichi or that they were going to crash and burn with their greatest disappointment yet on the Kinect this year…

    I have no hopes for this game due to Spike’s poor performance in general and how the PS/360 duo seems to have made both Spike and Dimps (to a much lesser extent but yes) incapable of providing content (too much work on the graphics? I don’t know for sure), good fighting mechanics and character variety ranging from the separation of techniques to the number of characters…

  • hey siliconera, are your source good enough ??? 

    just check this out

  • Quiet Bozo

    This sucks that its fake :(

    • dill

      how do you now

      • Quiet Bozo

        I checked, they were mistaken for the arcade Zenkai Battle Royale Updated version, but look @ the good news at least we are getting Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi HD Collection XD

        • dill

          what for the xbox 360 and ps 3

  • dill

    so is it real are not 

  • dill

    is it are not

  • Couldn’t they just make a HD collection with, say, 5 dragonball games in each? It would’ve spawned dozens of collections anyways.

  • dill

    this is on fake are trow it is posaball it code be trow are fake we jast have to wat thay did say it fake ather people saying it is fake but ther is a 
    Dragon Ball Z Sparking in jape on ps 2 but the us are europe can pot it on ps 3 and xbox 360 so we jast have to wat

  • OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! My dream came truuuuuuueeee! Namco Bandai listened to me!! AT LAAAAST!

    • British_Otaku

      Sorry to burst your bubble but this news is fake and the source translator admitted it. To cap it off, the only DBZ game at E3 was the lovely Kinect project.

  • Hasib

    i wish they would make a 3d rpg open world game for dragonballz. Think legacy of goku but for 3rd gen consols, it’d be so sick. I’m tired of these fancy street fighter type games.

    • They an MMO game called Dragonball Online that’s an rpg.

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