Mysterious Trails Of Nayuta Girl Was Sleeping Inside A Casket

By Spencer . May 18, 2012 . 12:41am

trailsDengeki PlayStation has another blowout on Trails of Nayuta and the magazine revealed who the mysterious girl Falcom first revealed when they announced the game. No, she’s not the main character either. You play as the young lad Nayuta who travels with Noi.


Kureha is the white-haired lass and she has been sleeping in a casket for a very long time. Nayuta meets her in the game, but Falcom doesn’t say what happens after their encounter.


The seasons change as you play through Trails of Nayuta and Noi, the fairy that follows you, has different spells depending on the season. Nayuta can combine attacks with Noi’s magic for greater damage. Players will be able to control the seasons at some point in the game. Switch from say spring to fall, may change the layout of the map, monsters you fight, items you find, and possibly the story branches.


Nayuta uses a sword to fight and he can learn new skills after you clear a stage. Players can input commands for different attacks like Spinning Swallow, a multi-hit attack on nearby enemies, and Kamaitachi, a strike that sends an enemy flying back. Nayuta can also increase his "knowledge" stat which ups the number of attacks he can do and his ability to evade.


Nayuta and Noi can team up for Gear Craft skills. Cooperative moves like Gear Buster let players break obstacles and Gear Drive has both characters spin so fast they can climb walls. (Ah, that’s how the two characters rolled up a ladder!)


Players will find ingredients while exploring the world. When you return home you can give the food to Arsa, a girl who watches over Nayuta as if she was his mother. She makes bento boxes players can take on the field, which can recover HP or increase the amount of experience you earn. The effect depends on the ingredients you bring to Arsa. If you find a recipe book Arsa can learn how to make special bento boxes.


Trails of Nayuta comes out for PSP on July 26. Falcom posted a scan of the article here.

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  • klkAlexar

    Damn! I want this! Too bad there doesn’t seem to be chance that it will localized. Why do they keep making awesome games for a handheld that’s supposed to be dead!?

    • Phlo

      Probably because it’s still outselling the Vita in Japan.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        While that is not a wrong statement, fact is they could easily release the game on PSN and both Vita and PSP users could benefit from it. The reason this game will never be localized isn’t because it’s for the PSP, it’s because it belongs to a niche audience. Sad, but true~.

        •  There is still a possibility as Ys games have been released over here but given the death status of the PSP on the West makes it highly unlikely. I believe if any risks are taken by falcom it would be for the Vita.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            The one taking the risk is the publisher who invests resources translating the game, in Ys and TitS’ case that’d be Xseed. Not Falcom. The point is that regardless the platform these games are made for (PSP, Vita, hell..even the old DS) the factor playing against localization isn’t the platform itself but the fact they are more like niche games. Trails of Nayuta won’t make it to the West because of that, not because it’s for the PSP~.

    •  That is because the handheld is not dead at all in Japan. Japan has been receiving PSP games from every week to every month. The games keep selling well while in the west there have been literally no releases and no interest from PSP owners.

      Shining Hearts, Akiba Strip, Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra, Hatsune Miku 2nd, and of course Monster Hunter Portable 3rd are examples of what are selling like hotcakes in Japan.

      Aside from this upcoming game there is the game I’m waiting like crazy, Digimon World: Redigitize. There is also Fate/Extra : CCC and tons and tons of japanese psp games to come. They will continue and continue to do so while none come out to the west.

    • 猫 黒

       If the Trails in the Sky get a strong reception, we may get all of them localized… eventually.  Although I’ll probably be dead or dying by the time nayuta gets here.. ='(  Damn, that season mechanic sounds so delicious.

  • icecoffemix

    Holy damn Falcom! oO

  • Is it wrong that I want this game in my pants?

    That’s what we do to things we really want, right?  Shove them in our pants?

  •  I hope the main heroine is this white haired girl…. not the childhood friend one, I had enough of childhood friend thank you.

  • Well, it’s time to learn Japanese. 

  • Well the protagonist for the game has been outed as necrophiliac. You heard it here first people!

  • Oi, just like dat bitey humie Barnabas!

    Humie Translator Robot: did he- did the ork just reference Dark Shadows?

  • PSP = probability of it being localized decreasing to 0.1% :(

    WHY I ask thee WHY!!

    Oh well. Yet another reason to learn a new language.

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