Atelier Ayesha’s Premium Box Includes Framed Illustration

By Spencer . May 20, 2012 . 11:10pm


After packing crystal paperweights with three Atelier games, Gust decided to create a new kind of bonus for Atelier Ayesha. The premium box has a wood frame and a 13.5cm by 17cm illustration. A booklet with a world overview and, of course, a copy of Atelier Ayesha is also in the 10,290 yen ($130) limited edition.


Ayesha is on a quest to find her sister who has been missing for years. One day, Ayesha sees her in some old ruins and sets off to find her. Marion Quinn is surveying ruins in the area. She’s a government official who often gets unreasonable tasks from her superiors. Described as a career woman, Marion has a lot of guts even though she’s kind of small. Ayesha runs into Marion while she is analyzing nearby herbs. After the two meet, Marion will give Ayesha information.


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Harry Olson holds a lot of clout in town since he’s on the town council. Gold and silver don’t catch Harry’s eyes, he’s interested in relics from the past. Some items that other folk believe are worthless have a certain charm for Henry. As a collector, Henry has is familiar with items Ayesha finds exploring ruins and can provide advice about goods if you visit him.


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More screenshots of Juris, Regina, Keithgrif, and Wilbell – Ayesha’s friends at party members below.


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  • neetloaf

    Eh, it’s not appealing enough to even consider getting, especially for a hefty price like that. But I do have to hand it to Japan… unlike the States, they never fail to put the SPECIAL in special editions.

    • puchinri

      Indeed. I like the book with the world overview, but I can’t say I care much for that wood/picture frame. But they do make things pretty special. x’D

  • xXDGFXx

    the more i look at this, the more i wonder why tales of xillia’s textures weren’t as crisp. The visuals in this game are crisp and vibrant, they’re also easy on the eyes.

  • This game looks fantastically good! Just keeps on getting better and better! Gust is really going from strength to strength at the moment as well which is awesome. :D

    They’ve often made fun games that have flown a bit under the radar but have since started to come to the fore and their popularity is soaring and the production values on their games keep getting higher. They still manage to do that and be humble which is great.

    Really looking forward to what the future holds! :D

  • That certainly is one unique premium bonus! The game looks great, and I’m really excited for it, but I’m not sure there are going to be any characters I really like (I want some Tantris or Sterk types)… Then again, I guess we haven’t seen the full cast, so there’s still time for that.

  • Carocaro4

    I don’t know if I should complain about this but I will.
    Okay the freaking characters 3D models looks absolutely gorgeous but the 3D backgrounds look like they haven’t improved much since rorona.I’m just saying.sorry if i offended the guys over there at gust. I love your games gust I do but I’m OCD here with those 3D backgrounds! 

    • Lol I see I’m not the only one thinking that dood. Though in the end you have to admit, since the BG isn’t super-duper-friggin-fancy it does make you appreciate the characters’ designs more. 

      • Carocaro4


    • puchinri

      Yeahhh. They look nice, and I like the designs of some of them, but even for the game to be focusing on a general/smaller area or whatever, it just feels empty. It doesn’t feel like there are many places or like they’re very developed. Which is kind of a stark contrast to everything else about the game so far.

    • Ladius

      With the budget they have and the dimension of their company (less than 20 people there) it’s already a miracle they can manage that quality of character models, I don’t think we can really expect them to build games that are able to rival with high budget titles on every level.

  • Crevox

    The art is amazing in this game

  • puchinri

    I was wondering when all this would show up here~. I’m loving the look and sound of Marion and Harry. The cast is shaping up wonderfully to me. 

    Marion still looks a bit young for her age, putting aside her shortness, but I think her appearance somehow perfectly suits (what we’ve heard of) her personality and job. I adore how quirky and sincere Harry looks to be too. I’m really excited for the cast, even if nothing else.

    I’m really enjoying the diversity in the music too, so far. And the voices are fun too~. (It’s also funny that the youngest girl sounds a bit like the oldest so far.)

  • Guest

    *looks at Marion* Omg she looks almost like my BF’s sister! $130 for the limited edition huh..DAMMIT!! even though I only want it because it is limited, MY WALLET iS EMPTY! I’m indebted to people and working overtime just to finance my gaming lifestyle. Argh >o< why??? Gust! I demand you localise Ayesha sometime near December when my wallet becomes rehealed and refreshed!

  • Alas, I can’t afford the premium box, though I’m not overly interested in it anyway. Therefore I have the regular first press on preorder. Trying not to wish the time away till it’s released though, I’ve still got P4 Golden to get through in the couple of weeks between its release and the release of Ayesha :3

  • That witch’s hat is massive. O_o

    • Neko Kawaii

      Doesn’t want to get sunburned

    • Shadowman

      Doesn’t want to melt in the rain.

    • Darkrise

      For cuteness sake.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Saw these over the weekend. Its Looking pretty amazing. I’m so going to import premium box. Can’t wait…only a little over one more month!

  • Göran Isacson

    Harry has one slick-looking ‘stache, but… how old is Marion supposed to be? Seeing some age-variety in the ladies wouldn’t be wrong, since all the dudes look soo different from one another…

  • MrRobbyM

    So does that mean Harry isn’t playable? :( I rather switch him with pretty boy over there. Never played an Atelier game like this before besides the first Atelier Iris. This might be my first if they don’t botch the localization.

    •  If i have to guess he and Marion would be DLC like Pamela in Meruru

      • MrRobbyM

        That’s kinda lame.

  • AzureNova

    Well, that box sure is different. I don’t know about $130 dollars worth of different, but different nonetheless.

  • Muffum

    I’d buy this in a heartbeat, but… money. What little I have I have already spent on preordering other games. So tragic.

    It’s a shame, too. I love the Atelier games, and this one in particular looks so pretty.

  • Ladius

    This Atelier could very well have the best jrpg cast (at least from an aesthetic standpoint) in recent memory, I really like what Gust is doing with the Atelier series and how they’re improving it with each new entry.

    The limited looks nice, too, but that was always the case witht this series.

  • CirnoLakes

    I… I… I want it!

  • Darkrise

    I would buy it if I’m not broke…

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    No Pamela, no buy.  :p

    Just kiddin’.  I’d still buy it… just to hear them say “BARREL!!!” over and over again.  :D

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Oh no! x_x I just realized importing means I wont get to hear Pamela’s english VA. Oh god…
      If she’s even in it.

      • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

         I hope so…

  • Barrit

    This game looks so good. What a long way from Rorona.

    • Without the overwhelming success Rorona experienced both in Japan and in the West this game wouldn’t have been made. That said it is shaping up to be an excellent game.

      • Barrit

        I bought the premium of Rorona and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, even with its flaws. The characters were full of personality. I think that’s what hooked me, plus I liked collecting items to create better weapons/armor.

        I still need to play Totori though, which also looks like a vast improvement over Rorona, and I have Meruru being shipped to me right now. This game looks as nice, if not better than Meruru. I’m very impressed by the screenshots and I’m glad this type of game can succeed and be localized!

  • Subaru

    So is the guy called Harry or Henry? The article above seems indecisive ;P

    Gameplay trailer is out:

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